Posted by: dawnatilla | January 18, 2013

TINY bone of contention


This caught my eye at COTO dashboard  today.. 

                  category: Pseudoscience: Alchemists & Astrologists.


ahem..Alchemy is mostly  a misunderstood thing…I (and many) liken it to an analogy for transformation of the human soul.  Astrology, while publicly known as newspaper filler and fornew age  flakes  …  IS INDEED A “SCIENCE”, A REALITY, and  A PURPOSELY OMITTED AND MOCKED DYNAMIC OF THE LOCAL GALAXY . word to your mother! 😉


atlant268                                 dont know what this is, but it looks cool

The Antikythera mechanism. 

This mechanism has 30 interlocking gear wheels.. And when you turned a handle it computed and displayed the positions for the Sun, Moon and the planets. It could be used to predict the position and date of eclipses and the planets movements. There were other, much simpler devices, called astrolabes that were used for the same purpose. The primary reason for these devices was for astrology. .




  1. the Antikythera Mechanism is a mind blower. If the generally agreed on date of around 150 BC is accurate, the world’s collective knowledge went backwards for a thousand years or so. Clearly we are not getting the whole story. The Vimanas of India. Waffle Rock (if you havent seen pictures, u gotta google) they try to say its NATURAL??!! just cause it’s a million some odd years old. Baalbek? Stones 400 tons. I’ve been interested in our real history for a while …Atlantis etc., there is just an amazing amount of info out there. Underwater cities off Japan and India! check em out. The question I ask is why are TPTB so afraid to admit shit did not start just a few thousand years ago, Tigris Euphrates etc.??? I got a few opinions but to boil it down, they are eager to make same mistakes

  2. well as I understand it…*they arent afraid to admit it (not to themselves anyway) its more like…these are all keys/clues to the truth *they have successfully hid for all our lifetime and many, many lifetimes before that. these guys were NO JOKE!! but now, *THEY KIND OF ARE!!!

    *the Cabal, Shadow Govt. ,Orion Group,the System, the Man,etc etc

  3. Im in my own world…whats TPTB?

    • TPTB = the powers that be

      • ah! der! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Im going to check those things out you mentioned..:) thx!

  5. have you heard of Biblioteca Pleyades? worth a look. IMMENSE

  6. WAFFLE ROCK IS FASCINATING. what are your theories? to me it looks like a fossilized object..with a crazy device in laid on top due to who knows what! what was W Virginia like in the ancient past? must research!

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