Posted by: dawnatilla | January 18, 2013

The Achilles Heel of the NWO by Mr Cati



  1. Compelling Dawn. As for the MK-Ultra and players it is spot on to me. The numerology and the nines as well IMO. Some matters regarding tossed gun seem an issue but it’s premise of ‘at close range’ is my theory. Gun mounted or used in close proximation and specific time. If you find anything else by MrCati, please add. Regards!

    • He has a youtube channel ! But after awhile ,Mr Cati’s .who is relaying his cat vibes thru that sayeth he) videos with too slow a text scroll…( although I MUCH prefer text to most people’s voices, as I am still a judgemental asshole). And quite naturally , isnt as up to date as Coto Crew,HOWEVER, he also reaches areas none have not.aftervwatching this video, my FANATIC FAN self wanted every video to be that good. But sadly…this was not to be the case. Ill grab his sandy hook one next,where he claims the only kids to die were three girls who were sacrificed in a triangular area by highway.(newtown)..and that 3 or was it 4 cabal bastards were present.( evidence..but we dont work with evidence do we? .we work with events and intuition and research and SMARTS :). mr Cati may work with a cloudy psychic stream, IDK


    Pakistan (Security threat level – 5): Reports on 18 January 2013 indicate that the city of Karachi remains essentially shut down following the 17 January killing of Manzar Imam, a lawmaker associated with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). The assassination was the latest targeted political killing in Karachi, events that have on many occasions been a catalyst for protests and retaliatory violence in the city. According to reports, many shops, businesses and schools remain closed in Karachi, and the situation is described as tense. A similar situation prevails in Hyderabad, the second-largest city in Sindh province. Many businesses there are closed, and at least one incident in which demonstrators burned tires to protest against the killing has occurred. In addition to the killing of Imam — who was gunned down along with three of his bodyguards in a drive-by shooting — there were reports of “sporadic shootings” in Karachi on 17-18 January. There remains a potential for protests and/or violence in response to the killing.

    Iraq (Security threat level – 5): Sunni Muslims continue to stage anti-government protests as of 18 January 2013. In the most recent actions on 18 January, tens of thousands of Sunnis are allegedly taking part in protests in Baghdad as well as in predominantly Sunni cities in western and northern Iraq, including Samarra and Mosul. There have been no reports thus far of clashes or violence at any actions.

  3. WOW..

    I can buy it, the part about Jackie Kennedy shooting JFK with a derringer, it is almost impossible to deny seeing this presentation.

    I am not convinced of the time travel aspect however…

    Quite an amazing presentation, thanks Nicole.


  4. Really interesting video. I can see that it’s possible that Jackie could have shot him from close range, however, I do not see the gun either prior to the shooting or when she is supposedly throwing it onto the lawn. She was wearing white gloves. I see a white gloved hand but no gun. Anyone see a gun?

    And what the hell is the pic at 16:58, I can’t make it out?

    As for the umbrella man, and nazi salute guy, I can see that they could be triggers to whoever did the shooting… as for the numerology aspect of it.. well we all know that makes sense.


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