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Sandy Hook – The Documentary 2013 Official



  1. More BS

  2. “They_LIED_ About Why The Kids Died.. NBC Admits __NO__”Assault Rifle” Was Used In Sandy Hoax, & Feds DAMN Well Knew It”

    This “story” only escalates on the BS scale by the minute…

    Can Americans not come to the Obvious conclusion that — this False Flag and subsequent “story” and “investigation” is so full of lies and inconsistencies as to incriminate the entire Media googleplex, all of the “players” on the ground at Sandy Crook, all of the khazar politicians screaming for the 2nd Amendment to be shot in the head, neck, and body in broad daylight by faux People’s Representatives committing treason against their oath, the Constitution and Bill of Rights and common sense?

    This debacle is the zenith of FEAR MONGERING and INSANITY on the part of a long, long list of ANTI-PATRIOTS zionists.

    Can we all be appalled now and hold their feet to the fire of a real investigation, that actually is tied to accountability for one’s actions contrary to the present laws of the land and on the books?

    Heap scorn and outrage upon the heads of these insane creatures!

    • Boom, BS is an understatement.. They said 4 handguns were in the school and NO long gun. So the looney tunes ME comes out and states emphatically it was a LONG gun that killed the kids which was found in the car. HOW can they dispute this now after the fake ME… the one to do the autposies (ha) declared a long gun to be the shooter’s weapon? BS BS BS!!!!!

      AND.. how the hell did that skinny little autistic kid manage to carry all those guns into the school with ammo???? Oh my god, this story is falling apart by the second.

      • This “story” has hobbled on pegged legs ever since it crawled out of the swamp of the gun grabbers imaginations. Same for Holmes Batman theater BS, the Sihk Temple (4 shooters in dark clothes according to the one witness on video…’course that’s conveniently ignored and forgotten), the kid in the mall, and going back to the Norway Breivik “lone shooter” hokum.

        Of course, if a person only gets their snews from the MSM; why, the spin sucks them into the contrived problem, preps em for the reaction, and spits out the solution in a made-for-tv-zombies balderdash.

        I’m sick of all of it. I’m sick of the sheep grazing and the cows tipping. But mostly, I’m sick of the psychopaths and their ilk.

    • NBC NO ”Assault Rifle” Was Used In Sandy Hook…But is this NEW?

      The four handguns thing was talked about days ago…

      I want verification that this is a backflop…ANYONE??


      • Will, I’ve been trying to suss this info out. This is all over the alternative blogs but I can’t find the actual NBC report saying it was the handguns and not the long gun.

        OK, after going over all these posts, it seems they are reiterating how nbc had consulted with the police and other authorities to document that the handguns were used.

        • I saw the NBC report, but to my knowledge that was BEFORE Carver’s coroners report…

          What we need now is whatever the final determination is, Carver’s Rifle or the Fed’s Handguns.

          And like everything else to do with this case why isn’t this made clear once and for all??? damnit.



  4. Part 1 is back up. I think he took them down because he’s adding new info. He’s done a great job.

    • Yeah PT1 is all stuff we covered.

  5. There is a bunch of great stuff by Amanda at the end of this thread:

    And y’all should see and comment on the anti-2nd Amendment tirades of a couple of so called “Truthers” at this site:


  6. Excellent job. Great stuff. Send it out to your entire email base. I did. Thanks JG.

  7. I am angry – not simply with the standard TVZombie automatons, but with the supposedly enlightened “Truthers” who have now taken this Neoliberal wussy stance against the 2nd Amendment. I wrote this, and have posted it to Truth and Shadows…but McKee seems to have suddenly taken a dive, right in the middle of a heated debate on this issue. I have three unmoderated posts that have sat there for almost four hours now. This is the last on posted about twenty minutes ago:
    . . . . . . . . . .

    It has been clear from the very beginning that there were differences between the industrializing north and the agricultural south int the 1700s. It is also clear that the Constitution was drafted to create a Federal government, not a National government. It was also clear at that time that “citizens” were citizens of the various states and not citizens of a national government.

    It is also clear that the Federalists were disingenuous in this federal plan, and intended a centralized National government to emerge via “practical politics” – that is the ‘rule of men’ and not ‘the rule of law’ to eventually nullify states rights by increments, the disingenuous ‘drip by drip’ process that all despots use to manipulate change that cannot be forced upon a people all at once.

    It is not to defend the indefensible institution of slavery that I attend to these remarks. It is to point to the reality on the ground that the South faced in this struggle.

    However this is no longer the 18th century and the Federal government is no longer a federal government but a National government that has built by intrigue and deception to finalize itself as indeed a despotic national security state, bringing the fears of all who feared an all powerful government throughout the entire history of the United States.

    That this tyranny is here in our face at this very moment cannot by seriously denied. Now to fall back on the excuse of the hypocrisy of the ‘founding fathers’, to demand that the people now allow themselves to be disarmed by this clearly tyrannical government is a compound hypocrisy that is fatal. It is fatal not only for the fools and hypocrites that hold this view, it is fatal to those with enough sense to see what is happening before their eyes.
    It is too late to curse the slave owning founders without also damning ourselves to slavery ourselves under this “Homeland Security State” a panoptic police state so in your face that you have to be criminally naïve not to see it.

    I just read Thom Hartmann’s Neoliberal jabberwacky on the history of the ratification of the Second Amendment. It is bullshit because ALL of the Bill of Rights were challenged by various parties for a great many reasons. The Federalists themselves did not want a bill of rights at all, making the disingenuous argument that future generations might argue that these numbered rights were the only ones. But this argument was made because of there designs for tyranny not any real concern for rights. Madison solved this with the Ninth Amendment. The Federalist lost there pretense, and were forced to concede as there was no rational argument left to leave out a bill of rights.

    We are here today under the yoke of an ever tightening grip of a totalitarian police state. And now there are these moronic arguments made against the Constitution – which in fact is the ONLY instrument that grants legitimate authority to any in the federal government. It isn’t only the right to bear arms that is under attack, it is all of our rights to liberty.

    It has been pointed out by those who understand the architecture of political power that the Right and the Left, now the Neocons and the Neoliberals are the pincers of the Hegelian dialectic cycle that drives the nation and the world to the Total State, Hegel’s dream of the nightmare of “the State as God”. We stand or kneel at this threshold now, this very day.

    For myself I intend to stand defiant, and I pity the conscience of those who will in their turn kneel to this tyranny.


    • Hi Willy, I too have been waiting 5 hours+ for more comments to appear over at T&S. I am also aghast at some of the ‘regulars’ take on all this. The good doctor at Mem hole seems to have taken a break also.

      • Sometimes it seems that Craig gets antsy when the topic gets too hot…it is the greatest frustration when he just ducks out like this.
        He has done it for more than a whole day before….

        Tracy didn’t say anything on the blog but “thanks” to a couple of people who simply gave their support. I suppose that may be because he wrote his position clearly enough in his essay in the first place. Personally I don’t mind him staying out of the fray, and really appreciate that he unmoderates those of us who are passed for publication the first time.

        If Craig has to attend to other business, it seems he could leave the blog unmoderated for a time when the argument is raging…he could always reject anything “outrageous” later when he returns….that is really my only peeve with him.


      • Al,

        I hope you post something too…I don’t want it to seem that just AdamRuff and I are adamant about these points…

        Rappoport has a piece that is on the same wavelength I am here, but he lays it out in more detail:


  8. BOOMERS VIDEO ON BOA POLICE STATE – Your security is their priority?
    What a joke.

  9. Published on Apr 25, 2012

    [Kelly McMillan, the Director of Operations for weapons manufacturer McMillan International Group says ‘Bank of America’ no longer wants to do business with his company. Why? Kelly believes it’s because his company makes guns. Welcome to the new freedom in a fascist USSA.]

    This was before Aurora and Sandy Hook. The process started 4 years ago.

  10. I get it, this system isn’t mine, I’m the system’s.

    All the sudden more than a half-hour ago now 10:00PM my time, Adobe Reader just buldozed its way in and started UPDATING my PDF – no mention of how long this would take just BOOM here we go…so it begins by removing the old PDF…and this goes on and on and fucking on…

    So I’m thinking “wait…if I stop it now, what happens? Am I without a PDF system? It took the old one out….???”

    So instead of taking a chance on that, I let it keep going…but it seems to finish one thing…and then SLAP it’s off drilling the machine with another load of crap…meanwhile, I am writing this and can’t send it till this shit is through… I know that because it crashed my gmail that I tried to send…and it was then I noticed that the Adobe thing was running…..

    EVERYTHING belongs to the system…even ourselves…I hate this Brave New World.


    Finally forty five fucking minutes later….keeyryst on a cracker!

  11. This time I came here through the Home page…
    when it opened the announcers voice said;

    “.. viewer discretion is it is it is it…???”


    I had to reboot the poot anyway…everything was just stuck…like molasses.

    What a wonderful night it has been…


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