Posted by: dawnatilla | January 18, 2013





  1. Speaking of PIMPS…..check this out.
    BBC sign language tells Deaf children “We F*&K you”

    Mr Tumble uses sign language as well as speech in his program
    Mr Tumble tells the children who watch his program, in sign language “I AM F&*KING YOU”!
    No this is not a joke, he actually says that, in what the BBC call “MAKATON” sign language

    The BBC excuse their continued use of this version of sign language despite the fact that it is not the standard British Royal National Institute for the Deaf Sign language

    The BBC admit they are using a completely different sign language to the National British Standard which is taught to all deaf children in the UK and that they therefore know that the sign in the official National curriculam of deaf sign language means “I AM F*&KING YOU” but the BBC refuse to change it.

    Now consider this from the Deaf children’s perspective
    1. They are just young children
    2. They are handicapped = Deaf
    3. They learn what they understand via sign language
    4. They have no other understanding of the signs other than that which they have been taught
    5. They watch a National BBC “Children’s Program” and they read the sign language as taught in the National deaf sign language curiculum
    6. The BBC’s message tells them “I AM FUCKING YOU” – That is what the sign/s say to them

    The BBC would have you believe that they have done nothing wrong

    I disagree. I think the BBC have done something deliberately wrong

  2. And Barry is too, right? APORN PIMP.

  3. Maybe just a horned chimp? A weird thing while researching Lenin last night…his last pic suposedly, the man looks 24!! Even considering the blgsck and white picture and graininess.

  4. SKY I agree ….it lines up neatly with the inside gossip which infers that the cabals perverse taste has taken a shine to deaf, blind, autistic, and otherwise mentally challenged children . So in keeping with their sick In – your -Face brand of humor and advertising, Id have to say they are fuckng the deaf kids . Literally .:(

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