Posted by: jerseyg | January 18, 2013

Adam Lanza “fell off the face of the earth” in 2009….

Even neighbors that live on his street, didn’t know him or of him. His own brother said he hadn’t seen him since 2010.

Other things of note….  A computer whiz that was not active online?  A computer whiz that “smashed his hard drive to bits”?  A computer whiz knows how to wipe a hard drive clean without smashing it with a hammer !  ~jg



  1. Yup JG,

    Not only is there zero evidence of Lanza shooting up the school, there is slight evidence that he was even in the area for the past few years.

    As time goes by the official narrative unravels further and further…there is literally nothing there…{??}

    But whatever, “them guns hasta goes”…

    What a nation of gullible nutballs to fall for such a shoddy act.


  2. No dead, no Corpses, no nothing but frequencies. It’s Aurora and Tuscon.

    IS ra eli intelligence the best. They must be laughing at this feeble operation.

  3. btw, the guns aint going nowhere. Just the clips (video) and the thousand bullet points we have discovered.

    1.6 billion rounds of ammo? The gauntlet had better be good.

  4. JG the only way to keep spooks from reading a wiped harddrive is to destroy the rotors in the harddrive. They can get erased info routinely,maybe even from a smashed one. They have lots of our money to spend on that kinda shit. Just FYI

  5. Hey korny 🙂 Yea, I know that. What I also know is that a brainy computer nerd knows better than to smash his hardrive with a hammer to destroy the info within. They know how to wipe the drive clean without that kind of violence..haha I actually did smash my own hardrive with a hammer before I ditched it ………..

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