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Sonny Archuleta – Aurora: Tying up the loose ends


I got a tip from one of my sources inside Colorado Govt. I still have some interest in the new capital for the coming world order.

I was attacked by the PTB recently with a drive by EMP and it took out my lights and blew one computer to connecticut. Anyway, I am only suffering a two day migraine since.

Suicide by Committee

On January 5, 2012, there was another episode in Aurora.

Four found dead inside Aurora home, including gunman shot by police

Read more: Four found dead inside Aurora home, including gunman shot by police – The Denver Post

Sonny Archuleta [age 33], Aurora Killer: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

“Archuleta’s violent death isn’t the first for his family. In September 2011, his brother, Patricio, was shot and killed in west Denver. He’d had a criminal record of drug and assault charges and had been out of prison for three years at that point.”

Morrison Road murder victim identified

Pat died on 9/3/11

What I was told matched this account as well though there is little play on it in the googleplex. This was what I was searching at the time the fireworks started.

[The map was apparently designed by 33 yr old Denver graphic artist Sonny Archuleta (Son Butcher), killed in Aurora CO (Aus= “to shine” Colorado=Red River) on 1/3/13 in an apparent Police Sting Operation (He walked in on already dead members of his family; his brother murdered a year ago). The map was apparently released 12/14/11 by relative of Aeister Crowley, Nathan Crowley a production designer on Christipher Nolan’s Trilogy Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. Exactly 1 year in advance is strange. Also on 12/14/11 a sacrificial find containing the bones of 42 children at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotuhuacan was published. The Gotham City map was released with Red Circles, Red Squares and Red Dotted Circles depicting the number, age and sex of alleged victims of Sandy Hook (Joker’s Card). Getting rather strange to say the least!]



  1. Over 10 years experience as a Designer/Graphic Artist. I am working towards a goal of having my own special effects studio in Colorado. I want to get on a game company on the West Coast preferably in Portland Oregon or Seattle Washington and work for them for long term. Eventually I want to come back to Colorado and have a family business.

    Animation, Landscape Design, Concept Art, Texturing
    2010 – Present (3 years) Aurora, CO is an online butique for infants and toddlers and even a few to 10-12 years of age.

    another five sacrifices. Rusty hook never sleeps.


    I remember the vietnam stories of POW, three or four days of meth and lysergic cocktails and telling someone your going to kill them like you did their brother. The map laid out in his brain, coming to tems with the whole scheme, knowing he was being set up. That’s MK-Ultra and government gang stalking at it’s best.

  3. Some powerful info here. I didn’t get to read the entire breakdown of the expose’ link on Aurora/Sandy Hook because I’m getting ready for work but damn, it’s fascinating.

    Some of the facts he brings up which I missed are that Emilie Parker’s aunt, in a radio interview, stated that “Emilie was such an inspiration to her two “older” sisters.” Really? Her aunt made such a glaring mistake ? My sister has three kids. There is no way I’d confuse which kid was the oldest.

    Also, I like his take on the fact that these glaring inconsistencies could have been on purpose to finally and fully shut down the first amendment. Get those who don’t have a clue calling for prosecution of those of us that do. Didn’t know there was a petition started to do just that regarding we “Sandy Hook Truthers”. Pitting neighbor against neighbor…….. East German stasi tactics.

    Looking forward to spending my Friday night reading the rest. Woohoo! I’m such a wild party animal 😀

    5 stars for this one Patrick 🙂

    • Emilie Parker’s aunt, in a radio interview, stated that “Emilie was such an inspiration to her two “older” sisters.” Really?

      They passed it off as Mormons, sometimes refer to sisters as older or some other ridiculous explanation. I heard that one and passed it off as a complete and utter fake aunt reading a script with no contiunuity.

      Take a look at MK Ultra butique??? link. Think the tats on Mr. A are somewhat sycophantic for superheroes? Wow, that was a lot of pain for pile of shit. Poor dude. He has my sympathy.

  4. Btw, PD, I meant to ask.. How are you feeling? Migraine gone I hope?

  5. Better Deb, thanks.


    Actor/cop Cassidee Carlson?

  6. Security guards not on duty during fatal ‘Dark Knight’ showing says Wahington Times:

  7. Dear Mr. Dunne,

    Your article was interesting, and I’d like to learn more.

    Please don’t take the following criticism personally. I would like to see more effort into making clear when posted text belongs to someone else both with a name or alias of the author and, if you have it, a URL.

    I bring this up because I am a bit confused as to whether certain passages are yours or not in various articles or postings. Consider that giving credit where credit is due is not only right but is a form of personal protection. Plausible deniability regarding what words others write that you felt deserved a wider audience so others can judge, which doesn’t have to signify agreement.


    • Look for [ ] brackets/links and “”marks for their info. The rest is mine.

  8. Stephanie Archuleta ID: 8802021
    Alias: N/A
    Birth date: 12/17/1987
    Complexion: N/A
    Education: N/A
    Ethnic Group: N/A
    Eye Color: BROWN
    First Name: STEPHANIE
    Hair Color: BROWN
    Height: 5′ 1? (1.55 m)
    Inmate Status: DISCHARGED
    Last Name: ARCHULETA
    Middle Name: N/A
    Weight: 155 lb (70 kg)
    birth_state: NM
    facility_region: ABQ DRUG CRT UNIT
    last_known_city_state: ALBUQUERQUE, NM
    nmcd: N/A
    offender: 449054
    probation_parole_officer: JACQUELINE GATLIN
    religion: UNKNOWN

    Is this the same woman?

    • No, the woman on the top is obvious Venusian, and the one on the bottom is obviously from La Puente California, where they do not accept immigrants from Venus.



    What the fuck is this scrambled gumbo??

    The author of this page writes like a chattering schizo on crack.

    I can’t make heads or tails of it, and I am not spending hours to decipher this monkey scrawl.

    If info on Archeleta is hidden in this scramble somewhere, please pick it out and highlight it for us.


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