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The Question is “Who Do You Trust?”

Must be a speck of dust on the camera lens

Must be a speck of dust on the camera lens

Another Texas rectangle speck of dust -- never mind.

Another Texas rectangle speck of dust — never mind.

Death Platforms Appear In Sky… What the heck are they talking about I wanted to know?


Oh…O.K…DRONES. Aren’t those weapons systems the U.S. uses to terrorize other populations? Shouldn’t they be illegal or something? Ah well. If Torture is legal now, then Drones are dandy too! Good thing they’re on OUR SIDE! I feel much safer now…

“House Reads Out Constitution, Only 74 Members Show Up” Isn’t THAT interesting, considering the 2nd Amendment is being shit-canned today?! Is that legal? ummm…no.
“Embarrassing display highlights disconnect of elected representatives”

Some kid vet up in NC who’s impressed to write and share, picks up his pen and wields it like a sword. Seems he realizes WE’RE ALL in the fight of our lives. Give him a chance to parry.

It IS a WAR for YOUR minds. Because if YOU GIVE them YOUR mind – the rest of you will follow…


1. loyalty to ruler or state: a subject’s or citizen’s loyalty to a ruler or state, or the duty of obedience and loyalty owed by a subject or citizen.
2. devoted support: loyalty to or support for a person, cause, or group.
• The game was a treat for all fans, whatever their allegiance.
3. feudal obligation: a feudal obligation of a vassal to a liege lord.

And you thought WE were all just trying to “get along”? LOL! Considering what you’ve been witnessing, you’d have to admit that the facts on the ground reveal “getting along” is as far away from the Truth as black is from white. Yes, I’ve used that example to illustrate the mind control sold via the MSM, attempts to reverse the two – black is the new white. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is BAD. Dictates from the dictator are GOOD.


Along the road well traveled, there have been left turns and right turns not reflected on the travel map. To the point now, where WE THE PEOPLE see we have ended up in a country foreign to US All. If you haven’t figured out WE’VE been detoured, hijacked, and taken for a “ride” then you must have been anesthetized (read brainwashed). And if you have been paying attention, and think this has been a wild ride, then you’ve not seen anything yet!

Yeah, sure, chill! It’ll all mellow out soon.

WOW!!! This NWO dictator scarecrow stuff is sure coming on fast!

WHOOPS! Senor El Once has pointed out this video is now “Private” and doesn’t work — which is true. So — I have went to YouTube and located this other video (below it) which you can listen to, where a part of the initial video is played. STILL A DEVELOPING STORY — BUT UNSUBSTANTIATED AT THIS POINT.

IMPORTANT QUALIFIER: Just an employee there. Not his fault. Alrighty then! The guy made a computer notation of the lady’s dissatisfaction with the CAN’T BUY auto ban. Thanks for making up our minds for us!

Here’s the 2nd video on this which works (for now):


WE consider everything that’s gone down just since the burning False Flag of 9/11, and we see atrocious ACTS of every kind stomping on The People, while consolidating wealth and power within certain minority groups. Make your own list – bring lots of paper.

Today, the 2nd Amendment is bent over and raped publicly to show YOU WHO can do whatever THEY want – to YOU. That’s WHERE WE ARE AT right now.

Considering the weird stuff in the sky, the technology pointed at The People, the ammo being ordered and hoarded by losers like TSA and HLS automatons, more bank bailouts, and a continuation of the World’s Largest Ponzi Scheme operated by THEM on YOU:

“The Trillion Dollar Trick” by Peter Schiff HaHaHa!!! Those Bank Bailouts leading to another useful idiom for watercooler conversation — TBTF (Too Big Too Fail); that was small potatoes. A little tedious, but get down to the wrap up at the end. Yeah! Why NOT Trust the Federal Reserve. They’re almost Federal or something. A “system” built to HELP humanity. Sure!

Friend, that’s what America is about — Helping Others. FREEDOM to do as your told. Markets of Chinese stuff filling buildings as big as a football field, so you can shop to your heart’s content Wall to Walmart. Yeah, they won’t sell ammo anymore either I’ve read. Good! Self Defense is BAD! Call the TSA and HLS when you have a problem. They’ve got ALL THE STUFF NOW anyways.

Wounded Knee pops up out of the Memory Hole. “Bury Your Guns at Wounded Knee”. What does that mean? I was just a boy when I heard about it. Look how far we’ve marched to a better, brighter new world order, shining in it’s armor, glorying in its acceptance by the masses as their PROTECTOR! There’s enough here to make an educated decision.

The Burning Questions for ALL Americans is – Who Can YOU Trust?






“MEGATRON is the ruthless leader of the DECEPTICONS — DECEPTICONS believe in total domination of the universe and the acquisition of power…and they will exploit anyone and anything that stands in their way. The Decepticons exhibit typical gang behavior, and each member’s loyalty is to himself first”.



  1. Trust in your higher self. Trust in you. Trust in Love. The power of your thoughts. The power of you. And the fact that their reality is not /does not have tobe ours.

  2. Flat drones, really? Didnt know.

  3. Thanks for the comments Dawnatilla. I’ve read where black project technologies are 100’s if not many hundreds of years ahead of what the goyim are aware of. The proof is indisputable regarding mankind being stuck with the inefficient oil-powered engines, providing a generational Monopoly for the Oligarchs. Pathetically pitiful actually. Even improvements to gas engines garner murdering of the inventors by the Cabal. Much less, all the other brilliant technologies that get snuffed and stuffed to preserve the monopoly and slave system.

    Note how in the last few years, there are significantly more reports of UFO’s and other phenomena. DUMBS are for real, but most people would poopoo the reality of the technology.

  4. Dear Mr. BoomerAngcoMesbAck,

    the video link within the article no longer works.


  5. Senor El Once. You don’t need to call me Mr., sir. Thank you for alerting me to the fact of the non-working video. I have given you credit above, and posted another video I found on youtube. In it, the guy plays the meaningful part of the first video to a B of A representative attempting to find out if the story holds water.

    At this point, we just don’t know. So we can’t criticize or use this as an example of expanding dictator dogma. However, we may not have long to wait, aye?

  6. I saw that article with those big square black drones. I don’t ever want to see one of those hanging over my house.

    Reminds me of when I was a little kid growing up in a rowhouse just outside Philly. The Goodyear blimp would float over the tops of our houses silently, blocking out the sun and casting a very dark shadow over the narrow streets.

    Those blimps scared me. The creepiest part about them was how silently they drifted over and left us in darkness as they did.

  7. Well bless my soul…whooda thunkit?

    A gun ban agenda just happens to follow in the wake of the Sandy Hill Shindig shootings…

    I’m flibbergastered, mortyfoid and a’gassed.

    Somebody roll me a universe.


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