Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 16, 2013

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Goes Viral

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Goes Viral




  1. Yep, this many views sure is viral….

    Like 24,713 Dislike 5,321

    and the likes outnumber the dislikes.. That’s one for the Sandy Hook Truthers! yaaayyy hahahahha AND it’s got over 3 mil more views since I watched yesterday even though they have that warning that you have to click through which may scare some viewers away.

  2. Somewhere in my “Sandy Hook-’em” travels, a video commentator said (paraphrased):

    The Sandy Hook school updated their security last year with surviellance cameras at entrances and whatnot. I can understand them not wanting to show pictures of bodies and gore, but just show me the MF-ing video of the alleged suspect shooting his way or breaking his way into the school…

    And after hearing the Coroner talk and his boastings of this big “thing” that FEMA brought in that velcroed into place, I don’t recall seeing this in any of the aerial shots that are remarkable for the clarity of the cars and people, but not the trees.


    • “The Sandy Hook school updated their security last year with surviellance cameras at entrances and whatnot. I can understand them not wanting to show pictures of bodies and gore, but just show me the MF-ing video of the alleged suspect shooting his way or breaking his way into the school…”

      Yup, we all know how easy it is to smudge edit video, the trees are an example, these videos could be seen/aired by simply smudging the results of the shooter while showing the shooter{s}.

      It is obvious these tapes are in lockup for the very same reason the video from the Pentagon are.

      But as far as the timeline goes, I think postulating the trees for the emergency triage center [tent] doesn’t hold. This video is very early on, they are just putting up the yellow tape. I think it is too early to expect to see the triage tent.

      I think there is something more sinister hidden in the woods. I’m still thinking the movie set thing for the whole area, the Batcave, maybe large props stored there…[??]


  3. A caller finally brought up the HOAX angle on the local news channel this a.m. The media personality guy said he’d read and heard about this “angle” but he doesn’t bring it up himself. Conspiracy Theorists are Idiots doncha know? Anyways, the caller was allowed to mention 3 or 4 of the inconsistencies, and the media personality told listeners that if they wanted to learn more they could Google Sandy Hook Hoax or YouTube it and there’s all manner of info floating around. So, that’s good to know, its being kicked around some…

  4. Hey Puddy have u Heard of a Mr. Cati on youtube? Does his own theories which areboth astonishing and somehow a bit off. He made the vid ” the achilles heel of the nwo” . He names Jackie as a Mk’d shooter, with all sorts of trigger men. Its REALLY GOOD. But not all his stuff is gems. Was curious if u had seen anything of his.

    • No Nicotilla, I have not. Find it and post it. I love the extreme as I am an exteremist. No ones out there further than me. Soneday I’ll give you my take on what exactly is at the antarctic station and why they claim to be drilling for a water reservoir.

      Rogue, “werph aucht”

  5. When i say trigger men i mean Mk triggers.

  6. Something I just posted on The Memory Hole blog:
    .. .. .. ..

    hybridrogue1 on January 16, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    To: Allan Sidio,

    It is obvious. You have tipped your hand, you are a public relations man for the Gun Ban Agenda I was just speaking to.

    Consider the following word:

    Do you know what that means?

    Liberty is not the INVENTION of revolution.
    Liberty is the DISCOVERY of the enlightened mind.

    Do you comprehend what the above notation on liberty means?
    It means it has always been since the beginning of the race, that each individual has had the rights of liberty, which are in fact the means to our own existence. Without these inherent natural rights a person becomes a slave to others, and then eventually to systems as “civilization” “progresses”.

    These rights are not given by the authors who wrote of them on parchment, they are not granted by governments nor majorities, they are ubiquitous with human life.

    If you do not find these truths to be self evident, then someone has turned out the light of full consciousness for you.


  7. I continued my thoughts above and posted this as well:
    .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

    ‘Cue Bono’ – “Who benefits?” – classical critical thinking; the primary question to be asked about why an event has occurred.
    The truth is easy to prove simply as it is the truth. If anybody doubts that Sandy Hook is impetus to fulfilling an agenda long planned for then they haven’t been paying attention.

    Design masquerades as Diagnosis in this political game of deception. The diagnosis is actually the script and architectural plot to the continual process that is the agenda. Only those with a very slight grasp on the machinations of political power can have missed this. It is in the public record and any sane and lucid construction of the record proves this as modus operendi beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Almost all events that have substantial political reaction are planned to achieve that ‘reaction’. A close look at history reveals this beyond reasonable doubt as well. But where is that history today? It is in the name of this blog, it has been thrown down the Memory Hole, for the reasons that Orwell articulated; “Those who control the past control the future. Those who control the present control the past.”

    The majority has been fed a synthetic past, so they will accept this synthetic present, and go willingly forward into a synthetic future.

    All who doubt this have been indoctrinated into doubting the truth, and feel pangs of guilt to even consider looking at things that prove the process I speak to; the Hegelian Dialectic.


    The synthesis arises from a rhetorical compromise of the thesis and antithesis, the new synthesis is now the thesis, and inherent within it an antithesis. This is the chain that links the gears of the machinery that runs society. It has been so since the concept of Left and Right was introduced by Hegel in the mid eighteenth century.

    This dialectical process has been used for centuries vaguely articulated as “divide and conquer”. It was simply Hegel putting the concept into a philosophical formula.


  8. Good stuff Willy. Like your explanation of “inalienable”. As an addendum to your dialectical discussion, take a look at this piece by Brandon Smith —

    The question begs for many, “Do you get out much?”. As in, step out of the Matrix World. Go for a hike in nature, turn off the neon for spell. Existence in the plastic and asphalt world, or any space where you’re “walled in” for real or even virtually, blinds and dumbs beings to the diabolical dialectical working its “magic” on their heads.

    Maybe…first you Escape. Then you see. And then you comprehend. And then you cannot go back without “knowing”.

  9. Interesting still shots at Sandy Hook – notice one of the shots with an intensive care ‘stretcher’ being hand walked down the street, must be at least a quarter mile from the school. WTF??

  10. Firetruck from Detroit? Was Ted Nugent the fire chief?

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