Posted by: veritytwo | January 13, 2013

Angels And Demons Revealed

Here’s info from “Forbidden Knowledge” that’s well known to the crew that fits right into the current threads being explored here.




  1. Well, seeing as how I started this one. May as well put this out as a follow up.

  2. Too long for my present facilities to handle Veri…


  3. Sorry Willy, I knew that. First one was narrated by Patrick Macnee about the hidden powers above and not with religious overtones. You’ve got the picture anyhow but was presented in an interesting way that had clarity. The interlinks are good here, if I had a way to get it to you I would.


  5. Hmmm, Walmart is not going to order any more ammo to restock their store’s shelves…

    • Yup, what good is a gun without ammo…

      Of course Walmart would fold instantly to the agenda.

      It will be interesting to see what unfolds as this all goes forward.

      Just how much resistance do you think we can expect from the AmeriKan Sheeple?

      We wouldn’t be here now, in this panoptic maximum security state if the sheeple had any balls.



    • Not even CHINESE AMMO !!!! OMFG WHAT is this woild coming to ? Besides arma-freekin-geddon ?

  6. BOOM!

  7. Youse geyes r fun nie. No chinese, no russian, no israeli ammo.

    And no Rogue1, the sheeple have no balls. The rams do, but they seem to be hiding behind the sheep. Jest Blue Balls everywhere.

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