Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 11, 2013

Piers Morgan takes a placebo – Reality TV


Hugo Chavez died on December 12th, 2012. I think he got a real flu shot on the 12/11/12 .  Piers , the big pansy, took a shot of saline and still whined.   Too bad the sheeple will take it and die.



  1. Former Air Force Industrial Hygienist Confirms Geoengineering / Chemtrail Reality :

  2. U.S. Government Increases National Debt—and Keeps 128 Million People on Government Programs:

  3. Eric Holder- Public Enemy Number One

    Eric Holder And Connecticut Governor Met Two Weeks Before Sandy Hook

    Project Longevity – Published on Nov 27, 2012
    Attorney General Eric Holder pledges support for Project Longevity

  4. You Won’t Believe Who Romney’s Related To:

    How many Commanders-in-Chief can you get in one family tree? When it’s former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s family tree, the answer is six.

    According to, the world’s largest online family history resource, Romney’s family tree connects him to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Pierce, Herbert Hoover, and both George H.W. and George W. Bush.

    Romney is connected to Presidents George W. Bush (10th cousins, twice removed), George H. W. Bush (10th cousins, once removed) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (8th cousins, twice removed) through Ann Marbury Hutchinson, a key figure in the development of religious freedom in America and early settler of Rhode Island and New York.

  5. Skipped over to COTO from . I don’t even know what to say at this moment. What’s going down all around is absolutely surreal. “Reality” is being so twisted in the manufacturing process of the “producers”, that the bulk of the MSM eating humanity receives Pretzel Logic as their daily ration. Facts and evidence no longer get in the way of real events. Some cobbled-together StoryLine is ginned up and patched together like a Frankenstein Dummy, and sent out into the crowd.

    Its a New kind of “Shock & Awe” being sold to the masses. I’m sickened by the absolute chicanery and manipulation. Who can live in such an environment?

  6. For COTO consideration, by Tony Cartalucci:

    • Full Spectrum Media Control. That’s my take. It’s social engineering at it’s best.

      Does anyone think that they wouldn’t have capped his ass a long time ago? Useful idiot. Bill Cooper was the real deal. It’s too bad like an artist you have to die before your work goes mainstream and your heirs get the money.

      He says it would confirm and validate if they did. Who’s kidding who? Palfrey, Breitbart, Russert, Anderson, etc, etc. After that ape like rant on Piers a heart attack would easily slide by.

  7. Dr “Wizard of OZ’ giving Piers Moron his fake shot just like Oz gets his fake shot on tv. Oz’s wife won’t get one nor allow her children to have one. She also is one of those “snobs” Oz talks about that eats only organic food. TWO HYPOCRITES spewing bs all over the dumb smiling sheep in the audience.

    As for the shot being good for pregnant women… that’s just criminal. My sister works in the lab in a large hospital and the number of miscarriages and premature births rose DRAMATICALLY in those women who took the shot during the last fake pandemic.

    • Give it to children over six months – 693. The baby is protected. Such paranoia fear peddling. I don’t think CNN has reported a true fact in years. Not a fucking single one. What a joke and pack of clowns.

      Piers the porn ragman has sunk to an all time low. Now let’s see his bank account after the Big PhRMA show tonight.

  8. “Chris Hedges is all about defending our civil liberties… until someone brings up the 2nd amendment, at which time he claims we want to preserve the right to own firearms because we are scared of black and brown people.
    According to Hedges, we aren’t concerned about a totalitarian out of control government which he just said is going to start locking people up due to the NDAA 2012… oh no… that isn’t why people are fighting for the preservation of the 2nd amendment in that long list called the Bill of Rights, the right and the duty to defend against a corrupt government… oh no… it’s because we are afraid of black and brown people.

    Hedges’ hypocrisy on this matter is stunning to say the least and assuming it’s “hypocrisy” is being generous on my part.”~Scott Creighton

    Yup, ultimately Hedges has that ‘Leftist–Progressive’ mindset. Like all others he is ‘good’ much of the time and ‘dead wrong’ at others. Let;s hang him from a lampost like Rappoport and Jones…they’re all a bunch of stinkin’ fakes.


    • Actually I think there is a case to be made against Awlix Joans and his media empire, when you have built up something such as this you have to play “Business as Usual” it is simply part of the game – same for Rappoport and Hedges.

      That is why I don’t trust ANYBODY that isn’t as down and out as I am, I’m certainly not in it for money or fame. So I say fuck all the so called leaders of any of these ‘movements’.

      COTO knows.


      • Oh yea…

        Fuck Jeff Rense and Sheriff John too.


        • I usually assume they all are right 50% of the time. Therefore so am I. I try to achieve 51% and that 1% is the key to the 49 that 99 miss.

    • Yep. Hedges is a good writer and divider. Mind-controller or controlled is the question for all the frequency transmitters

  9. so, IS Chavez really dead?
    a site called Blur Brain has a report from Jan 6th of chavez in a coffin but they think it mightnt be for real..photoshopping is too easy.
    going to be a mess if he is,

  10. Oz, so hard to tell in today’s photoshopped world of deception, If he’s not already, he’s soon to be cause the ptb want him in that coffin.

  11. I have no proof, just my reality Oz. Analog to digital tells me so. Of course the man who portrayed him is dead the question is who he really was and was he at all?

  12. CHECK IT…

    • How do you explain it?

    • Velly veird indeed…
      But I liked it.


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