Posted by: veritytwo | January 11, 2013

Friday night gloom and doom break

Hey folks, it’s been a nasty week. Just thought I’d throw this at you. There’s no theme here. This song’s been running through my head. A little merriment?



  1. Friday night was anything but right. Something went down here at 3500 feet.

    I wore this 45 out V. I believe they were Rod Stewarts band ‘the faces’ after.

  2. Yea, you’re right Patrick…still a fan of Stewart’s raspy voice and music.

    Something went down at 3500 fee. WHAT?

  3. Hey V! Sorry I wasn’t ’round to CONtribute on the tuneship. Try this for DOOM & GLOOM!


    Now, let’s consider that WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE! But WE might BURN IT ALL DOWN!

    {JOIN — “FUCKERS ANONYMOUS”. Not a gestalt program. Not an Multiple Ka- I lied- o’scope enumeration} Just straight up enema shots till the mind stops floating on the shitstream of the mainstream. Grok?!

    you’re welcome. its the least I could doo.


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