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AC-DC 360 Spin – CNN doing damage control

cooper little Miss Mockingbird_

CNN’s resident CIA asset Anderson Cooper has devoted a segment of his show to the Sandy Hoax Hook. So much good information has been put out highlighted by the FAU Professor James Tracy posting.

Congratulations to all the awakened masses who put together a highly complex and detailed agenda, false flag staged event in the likes of 911 and tore it to shreds.

Agent Cooper focused on the weakest points of the case as expected and then paraded some hack book salesman to call CT’s paranoids.   I think I will submit to Mr. Tracy, COTO’s support for his attack by the al-CIAda’s CNN network.

Please help me by putting in the comments, all the best points and links so that we may offer it to Prof. Tracy and I will make a CD to send to him. Hell I may send it to Washington as well.  I’m sick of NWO Virtual Reality, how about you?



  1. Im going to have to see the piece because Im not sure whats going on. His show was about how weak the case is…or? Ill be back

    • Cooper pointed to the photo of Emilie and the dress on supposed younger sister. He mentioned the Crisis Actors as well.

      He did not mention

      1. No eyewitness to Lanza as killer
      2. The rifle in trunk and not at the scene
      3. The 2-3-4 handgun changes
      4. The other suspects – one in camo in the woods and reports from police radio of the purple van and masked nuns
      5. Batman Gotham map with Sandy Hook and Aurora reference
      6. The Allison Wyatt – Lily Gaubert scam
      7. Uncle Gene Rosen and his actors guild card
      8. The Connecticut Phelps family being the Sextons from Florida
      9. The laughing Father and lunatic ME Carver
      10. The staging, no children in the school and staging scene with nuns after the police report
      11. Dark Knight Rises’ Prop Master Scott Getzinger Died in April 2012 Car Accident From “Non-Life Threatening” Injuries

      and I need coto to give me more. I want a compilation.

      Heres Prof Tracy’s blog

  2. Puddy,

    The Cooper–Mockingbird page is delicious…but is there a URL for the segment of Coopers show you are talking about??


    • Not immediately but I will as soon as it is available pal.

  3. A little more on Alex Jones via Black listed News as the old saying goes, “Let the show go on”.

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    Guest Post: Alex Jones Proves Again That He Is A Creation Of The Corporate Media
    January 11, 2013
    Print Version
    Source: Lee Rogers

    By now many people have probably heard about or have seen the on air confrontation between CNN talk show host Piers Morgan and radio host Alex Jones. The discussion between Morgan and Jones if you even want to call it that largely consisted of Jones behaving like a loud mouthed monkey as they debated the different sides of the gun control issue. This bizarre incident like other media spectacles that Jones has been involved in seems to be nothing more than another staged event to further the personality cult of Alex “Jim” Jones and to boost Morgan’s pitiful television ratings. Unfortunately, there are many people who still believe that Jones is an honest man promoting freedom and fighting corruption when past history clearly shows us that this is not the case.

    Simply put, Jones is a creation of the corporate controlled media. The reach of his Austin Texas media platform has only been made possible due to the fact that over the past decade he has been promoted by the likes of big name media outlets such as Fox News, CNN, ABC and countless other radio and television platforms. Without the support of these big media platforms, there is no way this man would be in the position that he enjoys today.

    For the past few years his web sites have been regularly linked to by Matt Drudge’s web site the Drudge Report which reaches millions of people on a daily basis. Drudge’s connections to the media establishment are well documented which is not surprising considering Drudge is Jewish just like the people who run the vast majority of these big media enterprises. Jones has even been a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM a nightly syndicated radio broadcast for over the past decade.

    With this type of support, it is obvious that Jones is just as phony as all the other dirt bag shills we see on the big television news channels. Over the years there has been an increasing number of people getting news and information from the Internet who are no longer believing the propaganda rubbish on the big media outlets. As a result, it became necessary to fund and support an operation that appears to be outside of the mainstream but in reality exists as a controlled opposition front. The Jones media operation is exactly this and it is becoming increasingly obvious that this is the case based off of this latest stunt on Morgan’s show and previous stunts like the insanely ridiculous Charlie Sheen interview a short while ago. Although many people have probably forgotten, the Sheen event literally put Jones in the center of what was at the time, the biggest tabloid news story in the United States. It resulted in his media operation receiving promotion from all of the biggest news and entertainment shows including an invite on ABC’s talk show “The View” which is watched by millions of people.

    There are countless other reasons why this man and his operation are completely untrustworthy but let’s look at one that is most applicable to what happened on the Morgan show. In 2010 Jones completely disrupted a pro-gun rights rally in Austin Texas by using a megaphone to shout over people who were speaking to an audience of second amendment advocates. The only reason why someone would do something like this is if they are completely insane, a paid operative, a jealous egotistical freak or all of the above. His actions at this rally also bring into question his integrity in supporting the second amendment as he alone managed to ruin what looked to be a successful event promoting gun rights.

    What really sucks about this recent fiasco is the fact that if we take what Jones says at face value, he is correct on many points about firearms and the second amendment. Several people including a fairly large number of Jewish Congressional figures and Jewish media whores are calling for bans on assault weapons and other ridiculous restrictions on firearms. It is painfully obvious that if law abiding citizens do not have the means to defend themselves than the only people who will have weapons will be criminals and uniformed goons representing the government. This means that crime will increase and the government would be able to exercise authoritarian rule over its disarmed citizens which is probably exactly what these crazy individuals really want. Look at how the media humanizes the recent alleged shooting events that have occurred in the United States but how they gloss over innocent people who have been killed by overseas drone strikes per the order of the Obama administration. It proves that the media only humanizes a story not because they have empathy for injured people or the loss of life but only because they have an agenda. The current agenda at play is clearly designed to generate public support for any number of gun control measures. The media seems particularly interested in promoting a draconian piece of anti-gun legislation that is being primarily pushed in the U.S. Senate by the disgusting freedom hating Jewess Dianne Feinstein.

    Unfortunately with Jones acting like a rabid foaming at the mouth gorilla on the Morgan show it has given these pussy gun control advocates all sorts of propaganda fodder. All they need to do is show people the footage of the interview and there will be many who will likely agree that if an irresponsible man like Jones is advocating the second amendment, than perhaps gun control measures should be reconsidered.

    The bottom line though is that the whole thing just reeks of a stunt from start to finish. Never mind the crazy nature of the interview, but even weeks ago you can see how this was being built up with Jones endorsing a petition to deport Morgan from the United States. On top of that Jones would claim that after the interview paid goons working for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg were making veiled threats to him and that his life was in danger. This is comical considering he’s previously made similar claims with supposed guys in high and tight haircuts from the U.S. Army following him around. According to his own statements, his life has been in danger countless times yet nothing has ever happened to him so why should we believe him this time around? His websites would even make a big deal out of his alleged encounter with the TSA during his travels to New York City for the interview. Even more ridiculous is the fact that Jones stated that his appearance on the Morgan show made a Jewish CNN producer cry right after the interview ended. Clearly the Jones media operation has been attempting to squeeze every last bit of attention they can get from this by promoting these absurd stories.

    As much as Jones should be loathed, Morgan as a media figure should be equally as despised. Why the hell is there some jackass Brit on a primetime CNN slot telling Americans what policies he thinks should be implemented here? The last thing Americans want or need is another media propagandist on television, let alone a propagandist who isn’t even an American. Morgan’s links to the much publicized British phone hacking scandal have been well documented and widely reported raising serious questions about his ethics. In fact the ethics of both Morgan and Jones are deeply in question making it even more likely that they would collude to engage in some form of chicanery.

    To reiterate, this appears to have been nothing more than a staged media stunt that benefitted the establishment in every way possible. Jones made second amendment advocates look insane, it drew massive social media attention to Morgan’s horrific news show and now more people know who Jones is with his website being plastered all over the media. In fact the stunt was so successful that Alex Jones became the number one trending topic worldwide on Twitter for over a day. If Jones was really against the establishment do you really believe they would be giving him this much free press coverage, let alone allow him to spend several minutes ranting about the second amendment on a prime time cable news broadcast?

    Please do not support Alex Jones or anything related to his operation in any way. He is a creation of the corporate controlled media and is only pretending that he has no associations with them. He is nothing more than an actor just like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and other stooges who wear fancy suits that talk in front of a camera.
    This is a man who once claimed that the Arabs run Hollywood despite the fact that Jewish interests dating back to the early part of the 20th century have always run Hollywood. This man is nothing more than a Judas goat leading everyone to slaughter. It is truly unfortunate that we will likely see many more of these media spectacles involving the likes of Mr. Jones as he takes his place as the new Rush Limbaugh.

    • Bottom line – Jones is correct, but he’s “crazy and scary”…

      Big deal.

      I am not used to having to defend Jones, because personally I don’t much like they guy, and I have been clear enough about that here.

      But this isn’t a personality contest, this is war, one tacitly declared upon the people by it’s government.

      Maybe when push comes to shove y’all will appreciate some “crazy and scary” guys on your side.


    • No one is more critical of Jones than I. I was incensed with his 911 BS prediction, when it was Wm Cooper who was getting fed the intel.

      When Cooper was called the most dangerous man by the MOST DANGEROUS man Bill Clinton it was at the point where the CIA was forced to take the leading role in wave generation, controlling the CT frequencies.

      We should all be operating on AM and shortwave as they have complete control over the grid. The same one that is polluting our minds with dangerous EMR, flicker-cycle and frequency cellular disrupting.

      • I know PD. You were on him from the beginning. It took me a while to figure out what his agenda was. I figured it out and now I too can see. Like SH, AJ and PM performances were staged for his now very large viewing and listening audience.

        That article posted by boomer & veri from black listed could have been written by me. He says exactly what I was saying after watching Alex act like a mad man and discredit ALL of us that know the truth. He is a shill for Israel, who as we know are the controllers.

        He did more to kill the second amendment than any anti gun liberal could ever do with his wild eyed performance.

        • There is only THEM and you. I and everyone else should ASSUME modus operandi disinfo but dig for the kernals, plant the seeds, avoid puting them in linear vectors and placing them in proper order. Even WE are suspect. This is a exercise only in the law of one. Three is the triad, six the triple cross and nine the determinant factor.
          It’s from where you can predict, rearview see remotely, reposition the current point and move appropriately to zero point.

          • Patrick, it’s what I’ve been doing all along. I listen to all of them…disinfo or not…Jones, Rense, what’s his name from coast to coast..all the blogs and alternative news sites. I am suspicious of nearly everyone;) Yes, always searching for the shining object and making sure by further “mining” that what looks like a golden kernel of truth doens’t turn out to be pure fool’s gold.

            • Rense is a whack job from the gate. Talk about Jesuit Vatican Assassins.

        • “He did more to kill the second amendment than any anti gun liberal could ever do with his wild eyed performance.”~JG

          The 2nd Amendment as well as all the others, plus the entire Constitution has been dead for more than a hundred years.
          You can’t kill something that is already dead.

          I think Alex Jones is a buffoon as much as anyone else here, but I also think that the whole episode doesn’t mean shit in the overall scheme of things, the agenda speeds on like a locomotive. It is decided – it is diktat, there is no government there is no Constitution…everything is bloody theater.

          Why even think about it? Just deal what is afoot.


    • Here is why I could give a CRAP about Alex’ s associations with things we are not supposed to trust .1. He continuously gives out information that is more truth than fiction,regardless of INTENT.2. He works his ASS off every single day.3. If someone is taking the time to warn the public about FOOD issues and HEALTH issues, and they are actually quite true , I appreciate it. You see I for look at the WHOLE picture. In this world, the roles of those in our path and quest truth, are not so black and white . the messengers do not need to be perfect, or pure as the driven snow, inorder for them to contribute to the awakening and experience of humanity. No one is inside anyone elses head and therefore we cannot judge their intent regardless of existing circumstances. that may lead us to do so.

      • I agree with what you have just said Nicole.

        I couldn’t have put it any better.


        • When are we going out ? 😉

          • You’d have to take a long airplane ride – cuz I ain’t the one that’s gonna be TSA’d…{grin}

            I would love to meet you in person though…



            • yes it would be nice 🙂

              • Well, anytime you feel like coming.


      • Yea no kidding Dawn.. but we should call them when we find out they are actually working against, shouldn’t we?

        • indeed….:)

          • You are safer to have an account and play the part. They like to think thay know you. I always say I “Love Alex Jones” but do I really hate him?

            I’m a liar, they’re a liar ….I’m just spreading the truth. There is a war on for your mind, INFOWARS.

    • That was an excellent reply by Reality Check.
      Thank you for posting it Veri.


      • Yea good fact checking reality check. Too bad Alex didn’t research those facts when going up against an English anti gun guy, huh? More proof that this whole performance was STAGED. Instead of throwing those facts in his face AJ actually got facts WRONG same as Piers Moron. Alex resorted to grade school name calling….yea intelligent move AJ or is that “intelligence” move?. Nice job for the Mossad Alex

        • Do not go gentle into that good night,

          Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

          Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

          Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

          Because their words had forked no lightning they

          Do not go gentle into that good night…

          ~Dylan Thomas


          • A Farewell to Arms (To Queen Elizabeth)

            HIS golden locks Time hath to silver turn’d;
            O Time too swift, O swiftness never ceasing!
            His youth ‘gainst time and age hath ever spurn’d,
            But spurn’d in vain; youth waneth by increasing:
            Beauty, strength, youth, are flowers but fading seen;
            Duty, faith, love, are roots, and ever green.

            His helmet now shall make a hive for bees;
            And, lovers’ sonnets turn’d to holy psalms,
            A man-at-arms must now serve on his knees,
            And feed on prayers, which are Age his alms:
            But though from court to cottage he depart,
            His Saint is sure of his unspotted heart.

            And when he saddest sits in homely cell,
            He’ll teach his swains this carol for a song,–
            ‘Blest be the hearts that wish my sovereign well,
            Curst be the souls that think her any wrong.’
            Goddess, allow this aged man his right
            To be your beadsman now that was your knight.
            ~George Peele

            For Piers Morgan from Puddy

  4. The entire Sandy Hook event has bothered me since day 1.

    The man running in the woods. Is he the same guy that the little kid witnessed being handcuffed and put into the back of a police car? What of him?

    The nuns and the maroon/purple colored van. What of them?

    Lanza’s mother.. a teacher at the school, no, not a teacher, a substitute teacher, no, not that either.. no record of her having ever worked at the school.

    A security system installed in this very upper middle class neighborhood but no video of a skinny kid in protective gear, armed with several weapons crashing through the front window? Where’s the evidence?

    The shadows (plural)witnessed in the hall. The kids hearing doors being kicked or the janitor working on something but not gunshots. Again, where’s the video?

    Mrs Lanza is a survivalist who was detached from her sons. No, she was a prepper who ordered guns for her autistic son and took him to shooting practice with her. Odd, no other prepper gear or food was found in her home. So, what’s the real story on Adam’s mom?

    The fact that they reported Ryan Lanza as the shooter. No it was Adam with Ryan’s ID on his person. Ryan hadn’t seen his brother since 2010. Why did Adam have his ID?

    THere is no evidence that Adam Lanza even existed in the past 2-3 years.

    Police said they found a body in Ryan’s apt in NJ. Then no more mention of it. How in the hell could that be a mistake “amidst all the confusion” when this took place in another state??!

    They constantly changed the number of guns found. I think final count was four handguns and the long gun. Adam was allegedly found with 2-4 handguns near his body which weren’t the “murder” weapons.

    THe long gun which was the alleged murder weapon was found in the trunk of his mother’s car which turns out NOT to be his mother’s car but belonging to some small time criminal. What? How did the murder weapon get in the trunk of any car after Adam allegedly killed himself? ALso, the cop that found the rifle manhandled it to the effect of wiping off all other prints. EVIDENCE DESTROYED.

    THere are SO many things wrong with this whole scenario… the goon like ME who seems to not know much of anything about the autopsies he just conducted. Sheriff Vance obviously ignoring reporter’s questions.

    What bothers me most being a mother and grandmother is the behavior the parents they put before the cameras. ESPECIALLY Emilie Parker’s father and Grace McDonnell’s parents with their smiles and fresh faces full of no tears, no bloodshot eyes, no circles from lack of sleep. Then there is the “hero” teacher and Jessica Reko’s mother, again all fresh faced, scrunching up their faces and pretending to wipe tears where there were none.(like Obama).. Yea, tears dont’ always come but pretending to wipe them or scunching up your face to pretend you’re crying is not necessary for grieving parents who just lost their child a day or so before.

    Add to that the fact that only a few of those parents got tv air time. The rest were each sequestered in their houses with a cop at their door. For protection? No, so they couldn’t talk to the press or maybe sneak out to find their child’s body.

    Which leads me to the point that not one parent was asked to identify their child’s body. In fact, they were not allowed to see them at all. The “victims’ bodies were whisked away under cover of darkness of night to an “undisclosed location.” Then the parents were shown a photo of their child and then taken to a “funeral room” with a white coffin and told their son/daughter was inside. WHY? Parents are called upon every day to identify their children’s bodies.

    SO in short conclusion. We have NO proof Adam Lanza was the shooter. We have NO proof there was only one gunman. The murder weapon was found locked in a trunk AFTER the alleged perp killed himself. The only people that saw any of the dead bodies were the “authorities.” The “parents” that came forward looked well rested and either very happy or PRETENDING to not be very happy.

    Where are the photos of the crime scene? Where is the video? They don’t even mention having stills or vids. But mostly where are the bodies of the dead that even the parents were not allowed to view?


    • Great points Deb, I am adding them to the numbered sequence above.

      • Thanks Patrick.. there are SO many.. I can’t even remember them all..

        • Keep adding them here and any new ones. The dossier must be an accumulation and the common denominators consistent.

          • Yeah, nice coverage there JG.

            Another phase of the “investigation” of the investigation is this…as you know. But there is a proper time to apply it:

            Step Back, and Out. Shift from Micro to Macro.

            As with 9/11 or the many other FF’s up to Today, a plethora, a deluge, an amalgam of evidence is accumulated, of inconsistencies, of non-sensical occurrences (the wiping down of that gun in the trunk for instance), of changing or botching or omitting standard forensic principles (9/11 — shipping out the steel to China), strange omissions, bizarre conflicting statements, etc, etc.

            So we stand back, and look at the Big Picture with all the little dots and line connected or not. And by standing back and grokking the layout, we can assess patterns, patters of obfuscation, patterns of media manipulation/propaganda, and rabbitholes with dead ends foisted to confuse the picture and the watchers.

            9/11 is a watershed and excellent example of an “inside” job with a ton of “players” playing their bit parts to mess with people’s minds. Anybody that’s spent any time at all looking at that event, knows the gov “storyline” is psyop cottoncandy bullshit. Hence, the perps who benefited can be noted, be they MIC related, cronies of administration creatures or others, Wall Street corps, TPTB, foreign leaders, legislators and rule changers in-the-money-or-power areas, etc, up and down the lineup of criminals.

            And when we stand back, we also ask Cui Bono? Always. As time goes by, this will always come into focus more clearly.

            Anyways — applying critical thinking and observation, along with instinct, common sense, research, a cynical view, and a few other standard characteristics, will serve very well for sleuthing out the Truth from the chaff.

        • Hahhaha. so true!

  5. AC-DC 360 Spin – CNN doing damage control

    3-9-6 = 18 = 9
    360 = 9
    360/9 = 40 c

    • “everything is a number, even ecstacy is a number..” Baudelaire

  6. A theatrical presentation of the blockbuster movie… “The Sandy Hook Hoax” ( No oscar winning perfomrances here.)

    • Love the binary reference. It comes to school automated call systems, text and the null. Nothing but data mining, frequency sequential circuit clock operations, linguistic keyword repetition and holyrood tropes. in 3-6 virtual beats.

      The 911 timeline was better done. They are getting very sloppy which is not a good sine.

      • Yea, I agree 9/11 was better done albeit still sloppy but a MUCH bigger operation to control..

        Are they more careless because they are hurrying or more careless because they know still so many morons are not paying attention and they just don’t give a damn?

        • Agree, stupidity is forgivable, sloth, a crime.

  7. I have to tell you all that I am under the disqus imprisonment/containment.

    I can no longer comment under any wordpress blog other than ours. I have tried on a dozen other DISQUS driven ID censor system blogs which WP is connected as well as the Media driven blog sites and my comments are going to the graveyard at Langley.

    Recently Rappaport’s blog, James Tracy, CNN and Washington Blog have failed to record my comments. This occurred shortly after my telephone conversation with the FBI in Georgia.

    Last night was a real clincher when my cellphone which is now going from Verizon to an extended network status in the triangulation with a third system.

    I am preparing the prediction for 2013, but in reality it’s goiung to be the swan song of my third identity. I’ll have to come back as a new and improved cia strawman as i fear this one is near dead.

    • Oh brother…whatta drag…good luck with all that. I think things are going to get “complex” for all of us in the upcoming months…

      “Goin’ faster than a roller-coaster”~Buddy Holly

      So buckle up.


      • Sorry to hear that Puddy, that’s very cruddy. I hope you can find a “work-around”. Perhaps another human being or virtual can post your input under a pseudonym?

        On the bright side, that means that the controllers are getting hurt by Truth, by words, by ideas. To the Dorks who are brainwashed Bots, attempting to subvert humanity and freedom by “force” — y’all are IDIOTS! Your bosses are tyrants slave owners, and YOU are the slaves (yeah, even if you get a paycheck). By the way, YOU know too much being “in” the grid, “in” the system. What do you think happens to You when They gotta take out the trash? Do you work for nice guys or assholes, or worse? Your job security ain’t what you think it is.

    • Ive never been able to comment on Rappaports blog, I thought he didnt allow comments.

  8. Hi Peter. We really miss you buddy. How are things down in the land of Disney?

    • Peter… so good to see your face again! and especially to read your rant on my strange sound post.. brilliant as usual in your every man style 🙂

  9. As an example, the authors (like myself 🙂 ) at COTO crew are , delivering truths and we all mean well. But if someone were to do some digging, maybe they would find a bunch of things, that in THEIR perception, indicated we shouldnt be trusted for some silly reason or another. and therefore, our blog shouldnt be ” trusted” . And then people would be missing out on COTO knews!!!!

    • “that in THEIR perception, indicated we shouldnt be trusted for some silly reason or another.”~Nicole

      It’s already happened to me – not here on COTO but elsewhere, when Maxipunkus used my stint in Hollywood special effects to frame me as an “insider”…

      We can all be defamed if the rhetoric is clever enough. Take care around beancounters who have filed away your every word dated and time stamped.

      Let the fizz bubble off before going into hysterics about every little detail about someone. I don’t like Jones for his foghorn delivery. I am somewhat leary of his now huge enterprise – that sort of operation demands ‘going along to get along’ of anyone who has grown that size. And yet, especially in his DVD movies, Alex has done a great job of spreading information.

      So take that as it is, and ignore his self promotion antics.

      I don’t want to talk about it anymore because it has become a divisive issue here with COTO.

      So let it go.


  10. Ok I exaggerated on the continuously gives out good information my piunt is, I used to listen to alex iones and it never hurt me any. True I never go there now but I appreciate the small role his radio station played in my path.

    • For example, for my Xenotransplantation article, I referenced an article hat PrisonPlanet had writen about it. We dont have to buy the whole kit and caboodle. We just pick up whats useful.

      • Wise gal Nicole.


        • THANKYOU HR always make me feel like ANYTHING other than a buffoon myself. Much love and respect .<3

          • I believe it is beneficial (in certain ways) to check in on sites like inforwars, etc., and read the headlines of the stories, sometimes the stories, and often the comments. That’s how you take the “pulse” of folks, or at least a certain slice of the population that posts. The 2nd Amendment issue is a good example. Alt web sites commenters are very vociferous on the subject. Then you contrast with MSM reports, etc., and a certain picture emerges that is useful in your own formation of what’s going on.

  11. I agree Dawn. I listened to Alex every day for years. I liked his style except when he would yell and cry and even liked his voice. He seemed all about truth and breaking the left/right paradigm. However, the past two years I’ve noticed that he’s going a more right wing route. That bothered me, a lot

    . During this past election he was, for anyone with a brain to notice, trying to get people to vote for Romney. I also noticed that whenever Israel is brought up or their involvement in 9/11 he brushes it off with ..”yea, they do bad things, they all do bad things” and then changes the subject. Without ever bringing up how many men in the highest positions of govt have dual citizenship and are pushing the Zionist agenda. Where’s THAT truth Alex?

    Then this debacle with Piers Moron. Will can say it doesn’t matter but it’s pushing THEIR agenda forward not helping our cause.. So in that sense, it IS important.

    Alex has for the most part, put forth VERY good information. He sure woke me up to things I knew nothing about. People here, including PD warned me that he was disinfo but at the time I didn’t see what his agenda was. Now, every day it’s becoming more clear. I rarely listen to him anymore and tune in once in a while just to see who he has on. Yesterday it was Mancow… a despicable creep along with both he and alex singing the praises of another despicable creep Michael “Weiner” Savage. Gimme a break……

    • Word ! We have alot in common I think. The obvious to the very subtle I detect a similiar perceptive similiarity with us beautiful one.:)

    • It’s part of the nature of real human beings to love. That’s the basis/axis in the s curve of life. They have made our super-conscious a CONscience. We reject and deny that which we want to love even when it is exposed to the light as interference to true love which they abhor.

      When they are ready to unveil the truth, it will be more lethal than the 9mm. A crushing force of betrayal, abandonment and fear. When the ego is all you have and it is murdered, so are we if we don’t get to that most perfect place hidden, the one we might see as the vanishing point, if we are truly in sync and paying attention.

  12. Patrick asked for our input on the Sandy Hook incident. Where is the COTO input on what he asked? This wasn’t supposed to be another discussion on the merits or demerits of ALex Jones…

    Anybody have anything relating to PD’s request?

    • I don’t have anything on Sandy Hook that you and Puddy haven’t already mentioned JG.

      All I have is an ever evolving opinion.

      My firm and steady state opinion is that we know what agenda it was meant to set off…and THAT is Obvious to the Coalition.


      • Puddy can grab links and vids, etc. from recent posts on Sandy Hook here at COTO, willyloman’s done some work, and others.

  13. It’s pretty obvious that this is all a stage act set out in real time to keep those of us that are looking offside. I don’t think it takes any stretch of the imagination by the crew here to draw a conclusion that this is being done not to destabilize us (they might have us for a moment) but anyone that’s arrived at a WTF moment. The thing to do here is learn real history, not the textbook junk and ditch the tinfoil hat CT moniker. I use that as my talking points should conversation come my way. I identify myself as an info junkie and got here because I asked the question and had to find the answer which is an ongoing one as I’m able to grok it. COTO is one of the sources where I come to feed and give back to. My findings are in conversation, arguing with those on the other side of the shift is a waste of time. What they respond to is knowledge. Thanks Willy, your impact is appreciated.

    • Well thank you Veri. I appreciate that comment, and the friendship that has developed between us.


    • Glad to have you here V. Always nice to charge up with folks before you go out into the Borg. Thank God they move slower than us.

  14. If ever there is a true history of the world told, it won’t be Hitler and his Nazis, nor Stalin and his communist Russia that will stand out as the major evil of the postmodern world, it will be blood-crazed Amerika, from the founding to the present and beyond that will be recognized as the real maniacs and culprits.


    • If ever it comes out that both were creations of Wall St. and our owners.

  15. I’d always support the CNN blog and Infowars. It’s dynamic while obvious a ploy to divide and conquer. The truth is without fear. No fear no society or higher order.

    No higher order includes the overclass, i-nine controllers and the currencies under them. I just piss on them after I steal their wine. Being drunk on power is not much different than wine. They are a sloppy bunch as of late.

    Hillary fell to a concussion, her inebriation was so intense. 2016 dreams of Ovule position. Giddy Medical Examiners and Padres abound.

  16. Sandy Hook Exposed by the genius Moe Howard.

  17. haha…makes more sense than the official story…

    “curly’s a dope” ..:D

    • Hee hee, love it and you got the point right on Deb. Let’s all just laugh and let the ridicule infest their intellectual facades until dry rot occurs.

  18. Since we are talking fakes, Julian assange anyone hahahahahhahahahhahaaaaHAHA

    • What a easy spot that turned out to be. A real dud.

      I hope the “top out of sight” class can come up with better cointelpro than the alleged little date raper. I was waiting for the bank info he promised until I realized they all admit to Drug laundering. It’s legal if you have a charter.

  19. Oh shit…another young computer genius has been sacrificed…Suicide? I think not…suicided is more like it. Read the comments…. the majority suspect foul play by the govt….the walls are crumbling…

    Reuters) – Internet activist and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, who helped create an early version of the Web feed system RSS and was facing federal criminal charges in a controversial fraud case, has committed suicide at age 26, authorities said on Saturday.

    Police found Swartz’s body in his Brooklyn, New York, apartment on Friday, according to a spokeswoman for the city’s chief medical examiner, which ruled the death a suicide by hanging.

    Swartz is widely credited with being a co-author of the specifications for the Web feed format RSS 1.0, which he worked on at age 14, according to a blog post on Saturday from his friend, science fiction author Cory Doctorow.

    RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary, is a format for delivering to users content from sites that change constantly, such as news pages and blogs.

    Over the years, he became an online icon for helping to make a virtual mountain of information freely available to the public, including an estimated 19 million pages of federal court documents from the PACER case-law system.

    “Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves,” Swartz wrote in an online “manifesto” dated 2008.

    “The world’s entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations. …haring isn’t immoral — it’s a moral imperative. Only those blinded by greed would refuse to let a friend make a copy,” he wrote.

    That belief – that information should be shared and available for the good of society – prompted Swartz to found the nonprofit group DemandProgress.

    The group led a successful campaign to block a bill introduced in 2011 in the U.S. House of Representatives called the Stop Online Piracy Act.

    The bill, which was withdrawn amid public pressure, would have allowed court orders to curb access to certain websites deemed to be engaging in illegal sharing of intellectual property.

    Swartz and other activists objected on the grounds it would give the government too many broad powers to censor and squelch legitimate Web communication.

    But Swartz faced trouble in July 2011, when he was indicted by a federal grand jury of wire fraud, computer fraud and other charges related to allegedly stealing millions of academic articles and journals from a digital archive at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    According to the federal indictment, Swartz – who was a fellow at Harvard University’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics – used MIT’s computer networks to steal more than 4 million articles from JSTOR, an online archive and journal distribution service.

    JSTOR did not press charges against Swartz after the digitized copies of the articles were returned, according to media reports at the time.

    Swartz, who pleaded not guilty to all counts, faced 35 years in prison and a $1 million fine if convicted. He was released on bond. His trial was scheduled to start later this year.

    On Saturday, online tributes to Swartz flooded across cyberspace.

    “Aaron had an unbeatable combination of political insight, technical skill and intelligence about people and issues,” Doctorow, co-editor of the weblog Boing Boing, wrote on the site.

    Doctorow wrote that Swartz had “problems with depression for many years.”

    Swartz also played a role in building the news-sharing website Reddit, but left the company after it was acquired by Wired magazine owner Conde Nast. Recalling that time of his life, Swartz described his struggles with dark feelings.

    In an online account of his life and work, Swartz said he became “miserable” after going to work at the San Francisco offices of Wired after Reddit was acquired.

    “I took a long Christmas vacation,” he wrote. “I got sick. I thought of suicide. I ran from the police. And when I got back on Monday morning, I was asked to resign.”

    Swartz also had been a fellow at a Harvard University research lab on institutional corruption, according to his website.

    Tim Berners-Lee, who is credited as the most important figure in the creation of the World Wide Web, commemorated Swartz in a Twitter post on Saturday.

    “Aaron dead,” he wrote. “World wanderers, we have lost a wise elder. Hackers for right, we are one down. Parents all, we have lost a child. Let us weep.”

    (Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis in Los Angeles and P.J. Huffstutter in Chicago; Editing by Colleen Jenkins, Doina Chiacu and Philip Barbara)

    • The Phoenix project has come home to roost in AmeriKa.

      Expect many more of these ‘stories’ of “natural causes” or suicides.

      Remember the RT story of the assassination teams being let loose.

      Monkey see monkey doodoo.


    • A victim of the technocracy, one for the pyres. Or the Steve Kangas, Jeane Palfrey or Danny Casolaro of 2013. The Patent Wars will be ugly America, be prepared.

      • I thought of Deborah Palfrey while reading the article and the more recent others as well. Suicide doesn’t fly with this kid. He had guts and he had a voice and a story to shout from the rooftops.

        They didn’t want his message out so they offed him…end of story.

        • It’s serious business. Watch Zuckerberg in any interview. The poor schmuck sweats .40 caliber. The kids so oily under the camera I think he’s just come out of the deep fryer. Poor little rich kid, one wrong move and it’s body bagging.

          • Is it me or do Zuckerberg and James Holmes resemble each other?

            • Dont get all Goldbuggy on us!

  20. This Fulford site info covers a bit of ground. The Romney related stuff is interesting. So is the African stuff, especially when we reflect on the recent announcement of US to send mil boys into many countries there. Spreading democracy and freedom is heavy weight to haul around, ain’t it? Scroll down for the info

    • Hard not to love Ben’s optimism. He’s all about Hope though. Time to prep me thinks. The fall of les miserables will not be the fall of the invisibles.

      Romney’s not dead, just mad and dangerous. He was the shot I had predicted to be heard around the world . Not a good year for my big events.. A close race was not there as 186 million amercano’s are on the govt dole in some shape or fashion.

      ‘Not I’ said the duck. ‘I don’t get aflac or a free cell phone.’

  21. Never saw this one

    • I never saw it before either and now that I have I don’t know anymore than I did before.

      And the Halloway one is just as stupid.

      Yea, Sandy Hook was a psyop and so is this shit.


      • Uncle Pedophile Gene Rosen “The Cable Guy”

        • Wow Eugene’s been busy. There’s that and then his pet service business and I guess in between that and acting gigs he performs his psychologist duties that they attributed to him for his appearance as an “emotional”witness on the teevee.


  23. Ha! It’s a match game Gene Raygun.

    • gag me with a spoon…

      Copycat Goldboogers invade Youtoobers


      The junkmen have arrived…


    • hahaha that guy does sound like the very FAKE Robbie Parker. Funny, made me laugh. Robbie we got your number, jackass. You’re a very bad actor or a very bad father. My guess is the former….FAKE.. bad performance… go back to crisis actors for more training.

      • I heard that original broadcast from Area 51 live on Art Bell Coast to Coast the night it happened.

        The telephone call actually goes on for some time…and then the guy freaks out and splits — calls back later with more whiny woowoo…

        Bell didn’t seem to know what to make of it. But he said he knew the line that called in was actually from Groom Lake.



        • Cooper was on Groom Lake. Area 51 was all about cointel MISO ops. Still is and Utah as well as Dulce.

          When the beancounting is actually exposed we will find that the government made our tax dollars stretch and had very little waste.

  24. Meet Psyop Actress Chloe Anderson – Aurora

  25. This ones for Rogue]]

    SMOKING GUN – New FAKE Parker Family Photo

    • I saw this before at Truth and Shadows.

      I can see it’s photoshopped. I don’t doubt that. But what does this mean?

      Obviously one of those portrait studio pics with fake backdrop. A bail of hay for a prop. Perhaps Emilie blinked or yawned or looked away, but looked great in another shot, but everyone else looked didn’t look as good.

      It is not “tainted evidence” it is a touched up photo. Now in the digital age, a photo touch up is more than airbrushing a bad complexion. I have myself done replacement spots in group photos working at Meridian Art Group in GA.

      I did a lot of extreme photoshopping there. This goes on in photo studios across the globe.

      So what is it we are to take away from this, that there never was an Emilie Parker? I thought it was supposed to be Emilie on Obama’s knee…

      The consistency of the conspiracy theory is as lacking as that of the original story. I don’t buy either, the official bullshit, or the majority of the “critical” bullshit.


      • Will, you obviously know nothing about these family photo studios. They take a bunch of photos in case the kid blinks or one or the other doesn’t look good. They do NOT photo shop people in. I’ve had enough of these done and so have my kids to know how they operate..

        I don’t know what it means but I know this is not sop for photo studios that do family portraits.

        • “Will, you obviously know nothing about these family photo studios.”

          Really Deb?

          I have done this type of work myself. It depends on how sophisticated the techs are doing the finish work.

          Emilie’s pic is obviously from the same shoot. The very slight variance in contrast is not enough to claim different.

          You don’t know what it means, and you don’t know what is standard operating procedures at every photo studio either.

          So am I saying there isn’t anything fishy about the Sandy Hill psyop?


          But this photo doesn’t mean anything unless you can come up with something it might mean, and then that is merely supposition.

          Why all this nitpicking with trivia here?


          • Trust me Will, the studios where families get these types of photos done are not high tech. Did you work at a “Picture People” studio in a mall? Cause that’s the type of place parents take their kids to for photos. AND if they went to a more formal, more pro type of studio, the photog wouldn’t photo shop..they’d take pix until they got the perfect ones.

            Come on Will… you know this. And nothing is trivial in an investigation.

            • Then what is the significance of this pic if it’s not trivial?


        • I can’t do anything at this point but focus on the agenda that Sandy Hook lit the flame for.

          The event itself in indecipherable.

          The agenda is crystal clear.

          I’m through with this crap the you simply cannot KNOW.


        • Dear Ms. JerseyG,

          I agree that the photoshopped family photos are curious. Indeed, most professional photographers take lots of images to get the right shot, which is even easier to do in the digital age with no film to develop.

          Even at the hands of a skilled photoshop operator, photo modifications of the extent that family members are inserted can be a time consuming effort. This translates into money. Could even exceed other costs.

          The significance of the discovered photoshopping? Instant family legend.

          Gee, with face morphing software, older sister “Emilie” could be created out of thin air from pictures of the little sisters.

          Many have rained on September Clues’ (and Let’s Roll Forums’) parade and their 9/11 SimVictim analysis, partly because it is embedded in the video fakery and image manipulation realm. To the extent that those forums push it (“False in one, false in all”), they set themselves up to be discredited. But that doesn’t mean that individual nuggets of truth in this “manufacture of victims and their back-stories & legends” aren’t valid… and aren’t being used again with Sandy Hook. [Fake-victims were proposed in Operation Norwood, albeit with the 1960’s equivalent in technology.]

          The best victim is the one whose “image & advertising” can be PR controlled to offer continued service the overarching agenda item. Of the kids, Emily is the only name even I know by heart; the only one in the lime light. Time will tell what public issue we’ll see Emily’s parents championing in the media.


  26. Good timeline and questions. The obvious one is what is the big picture and reason to perpetrate such a fraud or frauds? Because it’s your will to fight for your freedom and mind and that like 911 you will allow even greater and greater lies to happen without resistance or force. Feel like pawns yet?

    • That’s a very good summation of the inconsistencies. He did leave out the original reporting of a dead body found in Ryan’s apt…..I’m sure there are many others..there are just too many to remember ….

  27. Benjamin Fulford was kidnapped by the cabal for hite efforts. according to many, he is cloned. Fulford is amazing…very cool guy. hes a trained Assassin as well.

  28. No Of course I dont have proof.

    • I have proof – but sorry I am not at liberty to say.


  29. From:


  31. Damn nice find boom! So many predated web pages in so many cases that we’ve seen all over the web. Way too many to be called coincidences. This video u posted takes the whole cake!

  32. Very Interesting isn’t it? Like 9/11, there’s a hill being built into a mountain of incriminating information that “things aren’t what they’re purported or seem to be”. Perhaps a Landfill garbage dump growing into a recognizable hill over time would be a better analogy.

    • Daisies will grow from manure

  33. The memory hole is a rabbit habitat. Notice CNN and only CNN who has confirmed Psyops involvement with the military during Clintons reign and Kosovo is the only one hoaxing the hoax.

    Where are the others? Waiting for Obama to spring the Blind Sheik and the blind masses. I see the new economy now. Buy/Sell with the mark, toxins and lies until the Internet becomes our intranet. No reality, no truth, no meaning.

    I had to take a break in the mountains today and focus below the chemtrails to see something even resembling truth.

  34. Aye! Beautiful Mountains to behold. Wish I was there a’walkin in them with you!

    Yeah — Many need a “break” right now. And yes, they’ve been spreading the chemtrails “above” the lower cloud layer, as precip has moved in. Bastards! Don’t think we don’t notice.

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