Posted by: veritytwo | January 10, 2013

Zion- juana- the Nutty Yahoo Headlines Birthright Rally

Check this sheeple rally out. Back in their birthright place after 3 to 4 thousand years? Try the 740 AD conversion to Talmud and far from Palestine. That’s a much closer to right you Khazar prick!!



  1. His 100 million dollar pledge is our foreign aid tax money. And they danced at 911. That’s your world America.

    Today in Israel Israel a car exploded near Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on 10 January 2013; the incident occurred at the corner of Menachem Begin Road and Shaul Hamalech Avenue in the central part of the city. Local news media quoted eyewitnesses as stating that a man on a motorcycle planted a device on the car, which exploded shortly thereafter. Police officials believe that the incident was a criminal, rather than a terrorist, act; the bombing appears to have been an assassination attempt on a mob boss. The targeted individual is a known figure in the Israeli organized crime world and has been the target of multiple assassination attempts in the past.

    Isn’t the government there mostly terrorists? Mob boss? Call a spade a spade.

    • The girls appear to be real “map readers” What a scam. Worthy of American Psyops.

      • Yea, I’m sure they are going to med school to be brain surgeons.

  2. Kyaks one and all…

    Psycho canoes.

    Some day wipe mappy ass off face of desert…make nutbread outta Yahoo.


  3. I love Max’s videos. These people are so arrogant they have no clue he’s mocking them.

  4. More zionist love..

    • Makes a statement in regards to Sandy Hook and a self serving agenda don’t it.

      • Sure does !

    • These fuckhead yids sure make it easy to despise them.

      Too stooopid


  5. David Icke explains what it is… Rothschild zionism. Thank you David!

    • I’ve posted the Kay Griggs videos several times. I hope everyone has seen them. It’s not clear whether she is still alive. I doubt it and some actor is playing her online.

    • Yea we know what Rothschild Zionism is..

      …most of them.


  6. The chosen in the holy land throwin up il-cornuti, what a good Twilight Zone episode.
    If they had ever caught on he was givin em the razz they would have beat the shit out of him, or worse.

    • You say “Twilight Zion”???

      Hey, I’m all for it.


  7. Just Kidding!

  8. Haha… I love how he started his presentation.

    I paid to view this live the day Icke was in Wembley. I was glued to the computer all day..told fam & friends not to call that day. His message is a good one. He leaves nothing out that we talk about here unlike others we listen to. None of these bastards are let off the hook that I can see.

    If he’s disinfo, I don’t see what his agenda is. If he’s a reptile, I want to be one too. His message is to get off your knees and stop complying w/ the evil ones and to love one another and become one with the universe.. Yea, bad stuff to be sure. I must be brainwashed by the lizard man.

    Thanks for posting Patrick 🙂

  9. Love the header PD. Yea, whatever happened to the nuns and van?? And the guy running in the woods? And the shadows seen in the hall? AND THE VIDEO OF A GUNMAN ARMED WITH SEVERAL GUNS CRASHING THROUGH THE WINDOW??

    • They were all actors Deb, don’t you remember?


      • I didn’t say ALL. But yea, many actors were involved. It’s quite obvious when you review all the written material and videos.

        • Yes I agree, it’s obvious. By ALL I meant that the whole thing was theater, and we see the consequence of that final act of PR.
          Whether anything at all happened at Sandy Hook, or nothing happened but a TV show, the result is the impending attack on the people which will be began with this attempt to disarm them.

          “When are the AmeriKan people going to get angry?”

          When it’s too late.


    • I call it the song of Bernadette 🙂 -Dohrn

  10. They should have smoked a joint at Zion-juana instead of booze and uppers. Here’s a sober thought of the problem of attacking Iran being instigated by the criminal cabal focused in you know where.

  11. New Boss at the CIA: Brennan’s “Legal Framework” for Drone Killings

    “For the last four years,” Obama announced from the East Room, “as my Adviser for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, John developed and has overseen our comprehensive counterterrorism strategy – a collaborative effort across the government, including intelligence and defense and homeland security, and law enforcement agencies.”

    This is Newspeak, their “comprehensive counterterrorism strategy” is no less than a strategy of comprehensive world wide terrorism. I am disgusted by the revolting hypocrisy of AmeriKa.

    And they say “gawblesamurkah” while dancing in blood…


  12. We need more nuns ~~!!!

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