Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 9, 2013

Audit the Fed-Audit the Government





I don’t know about everyone, but the rusty hook tetanus and state-sponsored flu assaults are really just fodder and fireworks for the real boom they will be lowering soon. Walter Burien exposed massive enron style accounting and offshore city and municipal slush funds for most states.  Along with the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act and the lack of any audit on it. I’d suggest that we do not consider giving an inch on any of our rights.

While the debate goes on regarding interpretations of the BOR and Constitution, the Declaration of Independence carries enough weight for me to tell them to STEP OFF.

But I would suggest a massive movement to both expose the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) and the full court press on Audit the Fed if they pass any legislation or signing statements in regards to gun restriction and make sure we follow through. Alex Jones, Drudge, Occupy, Ron Paul, Rand Paul and every other free thinking constitutionalist citizen should send the message. But at least be aware of the real reason for the gun grab. They fear you and they fear you more armed.

I also remind you that the reason for this is the takeover and cost to pay the assassins, police state, administrators, drone technicians, courts, prisons, FEMA and burial expenses. I will not elaborate on the purchases we have seen over the CAFR PONZI as COTO already KNOWS!

Taking the guns just saves them money and time, two things they have been stealing from us for a century. Go ahead and give them more of both if you wish but this free man is Dunne!



  1. The CAFR estimates over $600,000,000,000.00 is in these CAFR offshore havens. Six hundred billion. How much has the Fed printed, loaned and interest collected for a hundred years?

    George: Martha, get my gun.

    • Aye, I’m familiar with CAFR and Walter Burien’s expose’. Any American with a few brain cells firing can grok that “WE’VE BEEN ROBBED BLIND” from the inside out. Its as Obvious as the sun shining through the chemtrailed skies.

      Its good to see “CONgress” has a rating lower than Cockroaches according to some recent poll. Considering we ain’t heard shit from them on the ramrodding of Constitutional Rights, and the shitstorm swirling ’round D.C. and the latest willful and pre-planned drone bombing of the 2nd Amendment…I guess WE THE PEOPLE can just figure WE’RE ON OUR OWN, and those CONgressional cockroach feces are milling about on the poop deck of the Pirate Ship-of-State!

      Yawn…exactly as expected from the worms.

  2. ‘Doomsday asteroid’ Apophis whizzes past Earth

    The ‘Serpent of Chaos’ has done a fly-by. This is the time we have been waiting for. Full Press Chaos. Do not discount this timing. Watch for next Wednesday 1-17-13

    • I suggest 1-11-2013 = 333 is a naughty number.

  3. Biden Says Obama to Use “Executive Action” to Restrict Second Amendment

    On Wednesday during a press conference with attorney general Eric Holder, vice president Joe Biden said president Obama is considering taking “executive action” to restrict the Second Amendment rights of the American people.

    Amazing that asshole Holder doesn’t have a problem enhancing the Mexican druglords and CIA assassins with their fast & furious semi-autos and hand grenades. Hey Eric you f-king traitor, did Barry come up with that Bonanza or was it actually Little Joe?

    I think Hop Sing gonna whack his Pee Pee.

    • “Executive Action” to Restrict Second Amendment”

      Yes, diktat will be the ticket the legislation is just a secondary cover.

      Nothing tricky needed for the reply of freedom loving people, simply do not comply. No muss no fuss just sit on your stash. Don’t be loud and in their face…it’s like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

      Walk softly and carry.


  4. Audits? Aw ditz??

    You’d need a tank to get to those records…it’s long past time for audits and legal actions, or calling your congress. Redress? Fuck it, this hoax system needs termination.


    • It would have to be an election ticket or proposition. It will be election fraud in 2014, that will likely have Israel in war mode. Obama want to provoke it. So does Russia.

      I was suggesting a tax strike occu-pi…@

  5. Former FBI agent missing in Iran photographed in Guantánamo jumpsuit

    ~ Apropo ~


  6. Now, when I went googling for binocular pictures the other day for the recent post, it also occurred to me to google “feral hog hunting”. It is quite amazing to see how many Americans like to go hog hunting in the bush. I ended up with a number of pics showing the interest out there for that kind of “sport”.

    If folks put that kind of energy and expense into stalking and hunting feral hogs, then what is this huge crowd going to do with their skills when they see its “open season” on… well, feral pigs that have been at the trough too long and are racing head long out into the unknown threatening to slash and devour the hog hunters family and kin? I’m wondering about this. I thought about doing a post, but I’m thinking pictures might just be too strong of a portent for the lawless feral hogs. But, they best be considering what armed Americans will do when cornered. These hog slayers look serious as death to me, and they’re just “sportin”.

    My oh my — what a clusterfuck the guv has driven The People into…

    • “feral hog hunting”…Yea Boomer, big deal in south Georgia.
      As I said, I worked in a taxidermy shop in Thomasville.

      I did the detail work on several heads and a couple full mounts. These beasts are virtually prehistoric in stature, amazing tusks. Dangerous too…might be the “thrill” of it, although an express rifle is really putting the deal of shooting fish in a barrel.

      Now if someone to take one of these on with a Bowie Knife…I’d be impressed.

      But back to your point…yea, once the other shoe is dropped and a real insurgency develops, we are talking the last stand of the forever war. There will be blood.


  7. What we need is Iceland’s blueprint. They said enough and NO we’re not doing things your way and they won. Anyone have that map so that we can follow along? We need bankster, corporate and political heads to roll NOW.

    • That’s a great idea as well. Prosecute with a zero-tolerance.

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