Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 8, 2013

We Already Know the “Routine”, We’ve Seen the “Play”, and Reruns Suck. You Didn’t Think We Believed Any of It Did You?

Cuomo SHADDUP! How Many More “People’s Reprehensible’s” Are Going to try to Shoot THE PEOPLE in the back by Shooting Down the 2nd Amendment? What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t you comprehend?

Behind Every Blade of Grass

Behind Every Blade of Grass…

Our Children are Watching You

Our Children are Watching You

We Have Watched You Steal from US and Enrich the Bankers and Your Cronies

We Have Watched You Steal from US and Enrich the Bankers and Your Cronies

We Have Watched Your Financial Crimes Impoverish This Nation

We Have Watched Your Financial Crimes Impoverish This Nation

Guess What?  YOU are Under OUR Microscope

Guess What? YOU are Under OUR Microscope

We Watch You Sanction Chemtrailing of our Skies and Environment -- and Lie to Our Face About it!

We Watch You Sanction Chemtrailing of our Skies and Environment — and Lie to Our Face About it!

Other Nations Have Been Watching You

Other Nations Have Been Watching You Too!

WE are Tactically Ready

WE are Tactically Ready

You Have Been Made and Tagged

You Have Been Made and Tagged

We've Been Scoping You Out, and Taking Notes

We’ve Been Scoping You Out, and Taking Notes

You Cannot Hide Behind Positions, Power, or ill-gotten Wealth -- They are but a Smoke Screen, a Wisp of Nothing to Hide Your Nakedness

You Cannot Hide Behind Positions, Power, or ill-gotten Wealth — They are but a Smoke Screen, a Wisp of Nothing to Hide Your Nakedness

What We've Learned is Incriminating!

What We’ve Learned is Incriminating!

WE the People are Everywhere -- THE PEOPLE ARE AMERICA!

WE the People are Everywhere — THE PEOPLE ARE AMERICA!

You Cannot Escape Our View!

You Cannot Escape Our View!




    No Exit


  2. Did anyone else see the video of Alex Jones verses Piers Morgan?

    Poor “dignified” Piers was pummeled by that nasty gun owning caveman.

    It’s a scandal, Alex should be locked up for voice volume violations.

    Alan Dershitwits was afraid to come out of his dressing room…poor poor man…{er whatever}

    Great theater, if nothing else Alex knows theater.

    A lot of so-called 2nd Amendment advocates are simply “horribly embarrassed” – saying it was the worst moment for gun rights in history.
    Hmmm…I thought the worst moments were legislative when gun rights were taken away??

    Oh well…the beet goes on while the turnip looks on in envy.


    • watchit:


      9-3-6 pick up sticks


      • Yeah, watched it for the theatrics. Pretty funny stuff. And you’re right with your comment Rogue1 — no one person, group, etc. “represents” the inalienable Rights of an entire people/population to defend itself against tyranny. That ruse, of creating a strawman statuette, then demonizing it, and knocking it down is obvious and worn out. But they still use it. Because people want “idols” or “heroes” or something to look up to.

        It really is as simple as, “hey buster — I have a right to defend myself and family with whatever I can get my hands on and can afford or make!”

        It seems imbecilic to think a group like The Police, or The Government can protect individuals wherever they are. They can’t. Its not their job. It is Everybody’s own job to look out for themselves.

        Plus, just observing how the militarized police conduct themselves, and observing that absolute idiocy of the political class and their inability to manage anything, provides the ready answer. I best watch out for myself and family.

        Like, “Hey New Yorkers, do you trust a shyster billionaire like Bloomberg, or a Cuomo, or a Giuliani with your life?” Go hand em your personal weapons, shake their hand, and go on your way in the wilds of NY. We’ll see how that turns out for you.

  3. Remake Remodel

    Well this thing with Scott Getzinger, puts out a vibe that I am intuiting here that I mentioned back when I first posted about him.

    The intuition is in a hypothesis that perhaps the Sandy Hook area, school and all, is perhaps a studio owned “Live Set” used for Gotham City…or any other modern set film application.

    Some of the housing may be set up as regular residential just for long shots of “character actors”.

    It would take some gumshoe snooping to get to the bottom of this if so. Looking into the financing of the properties might lead to the clues.
    The accumulated evidence in toto has caused me to reevaluate my take on this. It seems very probable that the whole Sandy Hook event was just theater made up out of whole-cloth.

    The United Way Sandy Hook School fund and memorial set up on December 11, three days before the event is the final straw that turned me around – not with absolute certainty, but I now think it’s the greatest likelihood that the whole thing was faked.


  4. As with 9/11 and other False Flags, the evidence leans precipitously to the side of Lies all around. It really is contrasted if you turn on your local news talk show in the morning, and hear the FOX reports telling the latest storyline Lies about the event(s). It is so easy for the shadow people to sell their storylines to uncritical people who only listen to MSM. Rather like the folks lined up at McDonalds every morning thinking they’re getting “breakfast” when its a food “imitation” slow kill mouthful.

    Suggested Reading:

    Lots of folks realize “The Red Writing is On The Wall”. Since this incrementalism to tyranny; a NWO, has been going on for a couple of generations (minimum), we see people with “part” of the Truth. Like this individual here —

    Even being onsite at the Murrah false flag, he appears oblivious of the hokum surrounding Sandy Hook, and other false flags. We can imagine a majority of the population exists in such a condition. Apparently, folks don’t consider the sage advice we have all heard once upon a time — “Never Trust a Liar!”. Or a politician, or a bankster for that matter. For security reasons it must be assumed that 98% of the storylines and such promulgated by MSM and administrators is bunkum hocus pokus disinformation. That’s the starting point. And consider that ALL media are owned. Even alt internet. We really are treading within a Matrix at this time in history. May we all be wise, careful, and use our common sense and experience to navigate the shark-filled waters…

  5. Accused Aurora Shooter James Holmes Bought Ticket 12 Days Before Shooting


    I watched it live and reported it a few posts back. The Dershowitz meme of scary was really ridiculous, but I realize the next event will be grand scale and include deranged armed prison types and the terrorist abroad into one package.

    The Fear is the key and the next one will provide all of it.

    Got to finish the 2013 Prediction – The Hook Line and Sinker. This is certainly not the perfect year of 2012, though the awakening will be realized by all soon enough. Randomness and Black Swan will be delivered 1-17

    • Puddy,

      Pay attention to the dialog at the end of this thread.

      Maxipunk is setting up COTO.

      I warned you about this snake.


      • Yeah. Regarding the JONESvMORGAN debate I had originally been put off by Jones antics and flailing but I realized he was doing what Piers did to other guests. They literally discussed shooting him after he left and some clown made references to his kids.

        It’s a mainstay of neo-liberal psychopathy not to see themselves culpable to/for anything they do.

        Regarding Mr Eleven, a fool and his party are soon alone. What ever he presents is of no interest to me unless it diverges from the sophomoric to the sublime. All he does is add to the hit count and gets us better position and views.

        I’m too busy with staying in business and managing this to worry about his antics or motives. Seems sad if he spends the time here on a vendetta or bruised ego. I won’t read the stuff.

        • Alex fell right into Piers Moron & CNN’s trap. He acted like a loud mouthed, gun toting, wild eyed, crazy tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. He presented himself just as they wanted him to. He did a great disservice to truthers everywhere by his embarrassing performance.

          He could have gotten his points across much better by totally psyching them out by speaking calmly and intelligently (because he is) and refusing to let that ass PM interrupt him.

          I love AJ’s passion.. but that was something else entirely. I’d rather AJ had beat the crap out of PM and Dershowitz in a dark alley after the show myself 😀

          • “He did a great disservice to truthers everywhere by his embarrassing performance.”~Deb

            I disagree, truthers are simply unknown to the TV audience. They couldn’t hear the truth no matter how polite and scholarly one presented it.

            Well I gave my assessment above. I think it is this kind of shocking performance that is needed after all the smooth bullshit TV has offered thus far…pablum. It needs a dose of hot sauce.


            • My take on Jones was that that was pre-planned Theater. What he hoped to accomplish with such a bombastic over-the-top “performance” might remain a mystery. Some people think he’s disinfo. Just suppose that Piers and Jones pre-planned the “problem”/”reaction” leading to whatever the goals were? Piers reaction to the performance seemed too timid and accommodating; like perhaps he expected this rant.

              Anyways, who’s got much time to dissect stuff like that on TV?!

              Neither of those guys represent the population’s views, they’re both skewed by factors within their own bubble.

              • I think that’s a very good take on the “performance” boomer.

          • The guest on AJ’s show today I think put it in context when he said, people aren’t going to remember what the guest before or after said, but they sure as hell won’t forget what AJ said.

            Was it a bit painful to watch? Yeah. But I could sympathize because I’ve found myself in similar positions having to defend many of the truths that we know. Evey interview and presentation I’ve done I’m not happy with. It takes a lot to maintain control in pressure situations when you’re sitting in front of a camera facing an adversary on their turf.

            And not making any excuses for AJ’s performance, but he is an easy target. It’s not hard to push his hot-buttons. It think that’s why they allow him to flourish. They can point at him and say “look at that crazy man.”

            But the point is also no matter what else, he followed no script and shook-up what otherwise is a desolate wasteland of boring and contrived bullshit.

        • Regarding Mr Eleven…fine.

          I’ll let it feed out as it will.


          • Agreed.

  6. Apparently, the U.S. Population doesn’t believe nor trust the “Authorities” by any stretch of the A’s imagination…

    Much todo about doodoo over at

    The hub bub by the A’s and cronies via the media blowhorn is going full blast. The calmer heads across America prevail by going shopping and continuing to stock up arms, ammo, and weapons of any sort they can get their hands on. WHY? Faith in the A’s, and their bleating puppets?

    No, I think it is just that age-old self-preservation thing humans call — INSTINCT! Maybe the flouride and chemtrails and pharma and fast food are wearing off? I dunno. But solid questions like the following are being asked, and the A’s can only show the cards they’re holding in their hands — which are ALL the Constitutional and Inalienable Rights they have Repudiated by pen, fiat, and vice. Now that Americans have been rendered DEFENSELESS “on paper”, by fiat, the A’s are hoping to render Real Actual Patriotic Americans defenseless by removing their only defensive weapons against Tyranny.

    Who is the Terrorist here? Who is “in Treason” in relation to the U.S. Constitution? Who is lawless? Who is acting Tyrannical? The American People have been watching what “spreading freedom and democracy” looks like for the last few years. THEY GET THAT PART OF IT!

    “Anonymous says:
    January 9, 2013 at 11:00 am

    The generals may not carry a .223 rifle barrel,
    but it sure sounds like they’ve begun to carry
    a water barrel for the n.w.o.

    Why do I need a .223?

    Why does h.s.d. need 2 billion rounds of hollow
    point .40?

    Maybe the generals ought spit-out the Prozac,
    shut the hell up, and stop ‘spinning’ the gears
    of the pentagon/n.w.o./state sponsored psy-op
    machine of propaganda, lies and deceit called

    It appears to me that the n.w.o. surveillance
    grid done dug up dirt on all of them. Either they
    carry the fasci water barrel for the n.w.o., and
    grease the machine they spin, or the machine
    will grind-out some more juicy e-mails”.


    Now THAT is a very good question! See — its impossible to lie “logically” after a mountain of lies has been built on the slimmest foundation. We’re just hearing all the Shouting from the A’s, but THE PEOPLE Are NOT Listening! Maybe there’s hope for mankind after all?

    Read: Chuck Baldwin’s piece at

  7. I read that there is legislation afoot to dump the two term limit of the Presidency…

    Obamarama Act 3?

    There’s no business like bullshit.

    Gawblesmurka and zeek hile


  8. That’s a couple of days old, but yes the stinky wind of it has been blowing. The foolish arrogance of this crew is stunning. Yet, their crimes are so broad and hideous that the only move they’ve got left is a suicidal “All In” wager.

    We must remember that “Shock & Awe” was delivered to the Iraqi People under the “Spreading Freedom and Democracy” sound byte, essentially having the U.S. a foreign country declare WAR “to protect the Iraqi People”. Sick ain’t it?!

    Now looking back, and looking at that depleted uranium sand pit of poor human beings, we see exactly WHAT is planned for the American People under the same meme. These creatures don’t give a shit about the people as is pathetically OBVIOUS. Their idea is “your free, now that you’re dead”.

    This should be crystal clear to the American People. This administration is hellbent on CAUSING a Civil War, CAUSING Mass Deaths, probably suiciding themselves in the process. YES — this is Insanity. Let’s hope some military folks step in, and take away Their Weapons — which are only a title, power granted “by the People”, and a freaking autopen to sign their Illegal Imaginings!

    Otherwise, The People are forced to deal with this frontal assault and attack.

  9. Humanity is at the crossroads of the most serious economic and social crisis in modern history.

    Economic warfare consists in destabilizing countries and impoverishing their respective populations. On Black Monday, September 29, 2008 the US was destabilized by the Federal Government of the United States itself.

    And Now:
    “That Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein want to disarm the American people should be considered an act of war against our liberties! In other words, ladies and gentlemen, this is a line in the sand that none of us can afford to ignore.

    Make no mistake about it: it is not just semi-automatic rifles that these gun grabbers are after. Ultimately, they want to take all of our guns. We either stop them now or there will be no stopping them at all.”~Chuck Baldwin

    “Obama Might Use Executive Order to Deal With Guns”~Biden

    Say goodbye to the dreamin’ days, reality is about to slap us all awake.

    One way r’thuther werph aucht. Stupid fuckin’ Amerikans…


  10. Chief of Staff Picked for Treasury, Despite Bailout Scandal

    Jacob Lew (Likud Jew)

    • Yea, whatta shock aye? A Khazar Kriminal is added to the DC Syndicate. A Process of Protocol. The counter ticks on….

      Everything comes to a head soon. Goon squads from the marble halls to the asphalt streets. The curtain raises on another act of Despot Theater.

      No time to be sucking lollipops kiddies.


    • What a surprise eh guys?..another one.. dual citizen, I’m guessing too ? Wonder why AJ never speaks of all the allegiance in govt to Israel? Btw is Rappoport silent on the Israel issue too?

      Methinks after Aurora and SH..both of which many in alternative news are saying were mossad ops, all he, Alex and Mike Adams can talk about is how Holmes and Lanza were on mind altering drugs and the media manipulation of the “victims” parents and tv watchers… hmmm. Distraction from the real perps?……maybe.

      • Its called changing your dirty underwear (Geithner/Khazar criminal) for another pair of equally soiled chuds. The entire stockyard up there needs to be aired out after the animals are processed.

  11. Media fascism is all about trusted television anchors
    by Jon Rappoport January 9, 2012

    “Every civilization and every generation has their defining voices.”


  12. More respect lost for Rappoport. His fawning over Ron Paul in that article is more than sickening. Ron Paul threw his supporters under the bus. He long ago threw 9/11 truthers under the bus. He talks softly and carries no stick unless it’s to shoo his more zombie like supporters into supporting his son’s rise in the main stream republican party. SELLOUT.

    If he were truly the man Rappoport is touting him as, he’d have known enough to get the hell out of the corrupt congress and take his el creepo son with him. But no. He IS one of them.

    • Can’t you appreciate the prescient portions of Rappoport’s columns Deb?

      He isn’t “politically correct” as per the deeper COTO views, this is so, but his observations as to cultural dynamics are quite insightful.

      Aside from the support for Paul this article was quite good.


  13. I can’t seem to post my own post on COTO, sorry for tagging this at the bottom of a current piece. Was reading about this Rapid DNA testing equipment, and thought you might be interested in this.

  14. Boomerang..I wanted to tell you what a great article this was! Well done, layed out and such! I can tell you care about howvthings look graphically as do I. This was a the kind of piece that is also fun to read.

  15. Thanks Dawnatilla! I figured pictures with brief points would say more than a diatribe on the subject. I’m glad you enjoyed it, back at you!

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