Posted by: dawnatilla | January 8, 2013

Farmer Suicides

Just a quick thought. I think many of these suicides are mind control suicide commands perpetrated by the cabal.



  1. “I think many of these suicides are mind control suicide commands perpetrated by the cabal.”

    It is clear You have never farmed.After years of drought My ag exemption was dropped costing Me 600 bucks more in property per year. “You should have planted” I was told by the irrigation authority there will be no water until further notice. “plant now” they say. I went to get seed and there is no seed available because of the drought. Every year I must justify My existence to the county,not to mention insects,hail,gophers,fungus,bacterial infections,viral infections,tornadic wind,over 100 degree heat,birds,deer,feral hogs,field mice,tractor leaks oil,wont start,needs parts,flat tires,radiator leaks,hydraulic system leaks and on and on and on. Suicide would end the misery.


      • . I dont think suicide is WRONG OR A sin. But my question now is…is walking the earth until its time to “normally go” is that a detention thing, or what? The. Words sounded tame enough (hindu scrpits) but…..I also believe no one is really sentenced or judged for ANY act while incarnating on earth . Not the cabal either. They play a role too…for the same goal…ALL of us. so…jumping ship …is not cool to me when children endure their role here …they dont have the option of bailing ..anyway blah blau blah bpah . Fucking blah. I love you guys. 🙂

        • Bill Hicks couldn’t have put it any better Nicole.

          Enjoy the ride, you bought the ticket.


          • ah u honor me kemosabe. and not 15 minutes ago I happened to be thinking about that statement I made up there…wondering if I was off mark or some damn thing .( damned thinking! Ill get you yet My Incessant Thoughts!) ❤

    • That makes me sick korny. Monsanto would like nothing better than to dry up all the farmer’s land. Which is exactly what they are doing with geoengineering. F’n bastards !!

    • Hey, you got me.I have never farmed.nor have I ever been cavalier or careless regarding my perceptions on other peoples lives. So yes im sure there are “reasons” far from black ops for depression or despair. Korn is tha shit…but Suicide is fucking lame. You would have done it too? Really? I thinkno matter how hard ones path may be, its just a douche bag move to kill yourself.

  2. waiting for GMO cottonseed

    It's the leading cause of death in India for men. For women it's Pedocide and abortion. But as Korn indicates, it will surely be suicide for farmers. The Chinese are living in Soylent Green and they jump to their deaths in record numbers.

    Those who survive are those who change. It's a transformation much like 1984 where you have no soul, joy or humanity. GMO and the right vaccines will create the perfect borg, I expect in your lifetime Nicole. I am grateful to be middle-aged and under soft kill.

  3. email:

    TSA Statistics

    The T.S.A. disclosed the Airport Screening Results
    June 2012 Statistics On Airport Screening From The Department Of Homeland Security:

    Terrorists Discovered



    Hemorrhoid Cases

    Enlarged Prostates

    Breast Implants

    Natural Blondes

    It was also discovered that 535 members of Congress had no balls
    Thought you’d like to know.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    (I think they had one exception. Dianne Feinstein)

    • That “breast implant” is way, way too low.

      • haha..that’s good 😀


    FAU prof stirs controversy by disputing Newtown massacre,0,4267958.story

    When I sent my editorials on CT’s the SUN-SENTINAL sent the FEDS. My how times have changed.

    • If I lived in Florida, I’d enroll in Mr Tracy’s class.. what an enlightened prof!

      • Tracy is the professor who wrote that excellent piece for Global Research that we liked so much.

        Yea, I’d love to take his class as well.


    • Patrick, what is your theory on the Sandy Hook Affair? Don’t think I’ve heard it in it’s entirety.

      • Much as all Deb, as if we could ever know the truth when the cointelpro will give you ten scenarios. I do believe the “crisis actors ” were there in advance and if people died it was by Poverty Law assassins.

        Mark Potok was on Piers tonight. I miss the alleged child rapist and pedophile Morris Dees. That clown Potok is nauseating to listen to in his little whiney voice.

        They fast tracked the Aurora case to time the Hook event. It is best to have both operating in the same theatre production just as they did in the dark knight.

        Then Piers unveils Abby Huntsman, daughter of John Huntsman. What does she know about the gun rights and issues. Nothing! She’s eye-candy for the Viagra eating TV zombies to masturbate to.

        What a ridiculously obvious and feeble attempt to capture an idiot audience. I’ll bet Morris Dees is cuffing his carrot right now.

    • So much Fakery is being sold as “reality” that its becoming ubiquitous. Like, the Truth, what’s that?

      Consider this accusation regarding Benghazi.

      It doesn’t sound far-fetched now does it? Fast & Furious, all the False Flags backwards and up till now (don’t discount the really ridiculous ones like the shoe and underwear bomber episodes).

      I posted some breaking info on the shart thread below in the comments regarding Holmes and then Sandy Hook.

      If we stand back and observe…what we see is a basketful of F’d up False Flags. The one Smoking Gun in all of it, is the political class & Friends are standing in the Cat Bird seat hoping to benefit from any and all angles. Qui Bono. Only they can’t see ’round the corners, and are so myopic in their hubris and intensity to manipulate events, that they keep cobbling together ratty psyops that implicate TPTB rather than lone wolf perps.

      Its like they’re still trying to pass off the 9/11 Event on 19 middle easterners with box knives, who got lucky? Same thing we keep seeing. Stupid Pet Tricks by the elephants in the middle of the room.

      • It’s his Waterloo I agree. F&F is another, birth cert and fraud makes him a spy. Either carries a death penalty when murder is involved.
        Congress is so corrupt as the program requires it before election fraud and huge money pacs get you elected. Fat chance for anything from Congressional Eunuchs.

        Hagel is getting the heat from AIPAC traitors in congress. Just listen to the dissenters and you know the Liebermans, McCains, Graham and the rest of the swine will be vocal.

        This whole government is a sell out to special K street.

      • TOTALLY!

  5. Why? You’re not having any thoughts are you?

    Stick around, the fun is just about to begin. It’s probably why I haven’t popped-a-cap yet myself. Even though at times it seems like the most reasonable and comforting thing to do.

    Kind of reminds me of a the punch-line from an old Bill Cosby joke. A man comes across a friend who is all beat-up, and asks him what he’s doing, and the friend answers; ” … everyday about this time a train comes along and runs over me.”

    To which his friend asks; “So, why do you stand here day after day than?”

    Answer; “Because I cannot believe this is happening to me.”


  6. Hey M! How you doin my favorite infowar super hero?

    • Dawn,

      M is Laughing Matter in another incarnation back in the OEN days.


      • Dawn can look at the the tab paged Mr. M’s Toons for his talent.

  7. For the record, I am not a farmer, tho I wish I were…exotic crops that is…

    But even tho I don’t farm, I have no intention of committing suicide, or even stubbing my toe if I can help it.


    • HEMP. the crop to save America from global financial slavery. Grow it and live.

      • It is absolutely true, a Hemp based economy could save the world, anything petroleum products can do Hemp can do better and cleaner.
        Plus it is the single most nutritional source on the planet – as well as medicinal.
        Plus it provides fabrics that last longer, and paper products lasting much longer than wood pulp based papers.

        The list goes on and on…



        • Citizen Kane Conspiracy? Railroad-Steel-Paper
          When I played Rock Paper Scissors, I always won as well. Rigged games are like that.

    • ❤ 🙂

  8. With a head concussion and a blood clot, she’ll likely appear as James Holmes at the hearing. It wouldn’t shock me if she has a seizure.


    Surveillance footage shown in court for the first time also showed Holmes lingering by the concession stand for about three minutes before entering theater nine dressed in dark pants, a light colored shirt and a skull cap. He would later be caught wearing a bullet proof vest and a gas mask.

    “3 minutes -theatre 9 =6

    MK-ULTRA confirmed

    • How convenient that there is no video in the theater just the concession stand. Why is it there is never video of the actual crimes? hmmm . ‘MK- Ultra? Hell yea..

    • You mean it didn’t show Holmes’ big kit bag and his long guns???

      He must’ve had it all hidden in his aynole cavity…or in a trick tooth.



    • And that 12 days they’re throwing up there.

    • roger that


    Alex hits it out of the park…just what was needed on this prissy Brit’s show.


  11. 9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Old Evidence) (Part One of Two)


  12. THE ISRAELI MODEL FOR THE ETERNAL WAR ON TERROR (state sponsored hard kill)

    DHS wanting everyone to respond to false flag correctly – July 2012 (note at 4:43 the chinese and arabic on the wall-nice touch)

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