Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 7, 2013

Isn’t “Sharting” in the White House Considered a “Cordial” Response?


Al Roker — “I Sharted Myself At the White House”.

YES! Please avail yourself of the VIDEO INTERVIEW “AL-mond Rocca” Rocks the White House!

He says, he sharted himself, then chucked his nasties, and “Went Commando”…at the White House. Now the Shit House. Apparently…

Do Commando’s go chudless? Just asking. This is true revealing news of nothing of importance to life as we know it. That’s the point of their entire sound-bite, shnickerdoodle.

NOW! BACK TO YOUR REGULAR SCHEDULED “PROGRAMMING”. ffffrrrttt…bleep, shlurp, faarrrrtt, KUNG POW!



  1. Well we know the outcome upon being asked if farts have lumps. Cork anyone.

  2. WTF is sharting? Hi by the way and great article

    • Lost in mobile view .

    • Rather lowbrow I must admit, especially compared to your two latest fine posts. We’ll just refer to this as a quick detour of the Universal Stupidos bus sketching past the shithouse, while the microphonehead details the latest executive order; extra cheese.

      • Hey Im just a hack. And I have a great resource! Haha I love your language .

    • The lesson: You are what you eat.And where

  3. He reminds me of Mr Hanky from South Park……

  4. Its a social faux paus…er, a pants full pause…uh, a splatter matter of fact

  5. AL went through some diet which nearly killed him. It must be staples or something. That’ll send you colon into a tirade. Then the dinner of prawns and pinotchet went commando.

    you look like shart weatherman.

  6. Alex Jones is hammering Piers Morgan tonight. It figures the show aired on the night of the NCAAF Championship.

    • “NCAAF”?



      • Natl college athletic assoc futbol – criminal money launderers for higher learning

  7. Hmmm….???


  8. Speaking of Sharting — Checkout the latest proposed “fireworks” on the Holmes’ front:

    The headline on my local isp reads, “New
    Horrifying Facts Exposed in Theater Shooting Trial”

    “FBI: Holmes’ booby trap included improvised napalm
    By DAN ELLIOTT Associated Press The Associated Press
    Tuesday, January 8, 2013 3:04 PM EST”

    In the first paragraph they say this, “An elaborate booby trap system allegedly set up to pull police away from the Colorado theater shooting included improvised napalm and thermite, which burns so hot that water can’t put out the blaze”.

    THERMITE?!!! The Military-Grade Explosive found all over the 9/11 debris field, but not acknowledged on MSM prop sites? “Improvised Thermite”? Why are they injecting this term/substance into the Batman Theater saga…at this point in time?

    Got any ideas on this Twist COTO?

  9. What’s up with the info regarding Pre-Postings of Donation Sites before the Sandy Hook “event”?

    And this piece:

    Whatta mudflap this thing is, with the dual citizen “people’s reprehensibles” treasonously trying to shoot down the sturdy 2nd Amendment, the Batman redoux BS, and continuing Sandy Hook craziness, topped off with Alex Jones ranting all over Piers Morgan and his petty british bollocks.


    • I still don’t think that it is Emilie on the presidents knee.
      They wouldn’t have her out in public at all, let alone with the other two. They ALL had the same red dress, as anyone can see in the family photo.

      The URLs can be set up without anything on them. I have had my personal WordPress URL for months before I was able to post on it, but if you check out when the URL was created it is the same time I began posting stories here – long before anything on the hybridrogue blog.

      So let’s think these things through before leaping to conclusions.
      Another thing to keep in mind is where the URL originates. I don’t know where Rappoport is but he is always a day ahead on his blogs.
      I posted midday on the 12th on one of his posts that read the 13th.

      It’s going to take more than a giggling krakkerbox to convince me that this jawjunker knows what he is doing on these videos.

      Minority Report


  10. Limbark said today, that the Roker sharting snafu was in the Bush Shithouse in 2002. And the stench is still stinking up the place.

    • That deserved it’s own header Boomer ol buddy. Love it.

  11. I think it’s Emilie.

    The guys correct Boomer. You cant access registrant on any of the charity sites. The info comes back as incorrect extension. They are covering up the fact that they were registered before the event.

    Sandy Hook School Support Fund has now received more than $6 million. What a Ponzi.

    Great videos, Boom.

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