Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 4, 2013

Sorry Chicago


Dedicated to the murder capitol of the USA


  1. BANDS from Chicago

  2. Chicago Transit Authority

  3. Ides of March – Vehicle [Chicago]

  4. Bands from Chicago – New Colony Six

  5. Chicago Bands


    • That sure brings back the memories…can’t say how many times in how many clubs ’round south I sang that song with my band The Oracle…

      Those were the days my friend…we thought they’d never end….


      • Here was my banner song with the .escorts. 1968

        • Yea…Eric had one of my favorite voices from this era…

          that edgy blues sound that only a….oh yea, he was a white kid…


  6. Count Five – Psychotic Reaction

  7. Dedicated to the Liar in Hawaii

    • Totally bizarre….the song, the weird girl dance…Huh…


      • Thats the girls from Gilligans Island. Maynard G Krebs was their pimp. 🙂

  8. Yey’re coming to take us away

    Dedicated to Dr. Demento (for Korny and Rogue)

    • Such a masterpiece of uniqueness…a real classic nutball.

      I used to listened to his show live on KPFK in LA…really great show for being in the flowers with…kwayzee

      Spike Jones used to play on some TV show my dad used to watch…

      Fuggin’ crazy, but so tight, amazing players, and bizarre “instruments”



      • It was a staple in my twisted growth. It along with firesign theatre and Zappa were my advanced studies.

  9. Pulled out the old firesign theatre

  10. in my house, if your talkin windy city, your talkin blues…..the Hendrix of the harp, Marion Walter Jacobs, aka Little Walter

    • Yeah Muddy Waters too. 😉

  11. as Ernie Banks used to say, “Let’s play two”

    • Right CR. We got Kerry and Hagel. A real Mother for ya!

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