Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 1, 2013

2013: Pre-prediction Graphic

2013: Pre-prediction Graphic

Revolution 9. The all-seeing nines are invisible. Time for COTO to get the physics of the master architects and how they exploit all energy and manipulate ours. Mind, body and the universal Zero point of souls. One major piece of the puzzle and an introduction to Vortex mathematics and connecting the dots of how to obtain unlimited power.



  1. Nice graphic Paddy.

    • Thanks – Happy New year JR. I hope your family thing is all coming along in a good way.

      • These banners that are so excellent, that you create so prolifically are simply a wonder Puddy.

        This new one TIME – EMIT is spectacular.

        Good grief, what a talent.


  2. Yeah, P.Dl — Fine-tuned graphiddy there. Cheers!

    • The frequency is there, the sheeple can’t receive it. We are trying here but it’s a messy hell. The Dark Night is coming.

      1. EMP assault happens this year. 2-9 coming.

      Keep up the momentum Boomer, COTO and the rest of ships at sea.

  3. I want to chirp in here and say what a beautiful graphic this is too.

    All the essential elements in fine proportion and design.

    Bravo Brother Puddy!


    • Thanks Rogue. After my lecture and investigation, this system really nails the numerology, religions and timelines for everything. I am testing this in some predictions and look to be able to zero in on some dates.

      Whatever the ORDER in chaos they use, it has some connection to the to the rule of nine. 911 would be a good start, but I need proof going further back. I’m going to be inundated with homework so we can talk late in the early AM hours this year 🙂

      No sleep for the wicked, no sleep for COTO.

  4. I will throw out another thought as to these Sandy Hook Parents interviews. I think most of us are aware of the TV program on the Creation of a MK Assassin that was done by that hypnotist.

    Is it not possible that these interviewees might have been chosen for their susceptibility to hypnosis? They could have been put under trance before the interviews and given the suggestion that their child wasn’t really dead, that it was all a play that they are part of. So that during filming these people really did think that they were simply play acting a part.

    We have all seen the Robbie Parker video enough times to recall that someone gives him a cue about the cards he is holding. This could have been more than simply a media “your on” cue – there may have been a hypnotic suggestion keyed to the note cards he was using.

    This too is mere speculation, but it isn’t any further out than anything else I am thinking here – this whole part of it is so Kafkaesque that I cannot really get my head around it, other than to put my imagination cap on.


    • Will, anything is possible…they’ve proven that. But the easiest thing for me to believe is that the so called “parents” are look-alike actors OR(what I really believe) that the few people that came forward were in on the plan from day one.(part of the satanist nest?) But again, who knows the truth? Certainly not I. I’m just speculatin’…and my opinion on it could change any minute..!

    • Yes I agree. It is those who are furthest from Zero. It’s their will that must be weak. The alchemy whether PhRMA co or EMR [elf] and hypnosis.

      Same as 911, when those interviews took place.

      As far as Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Mr. Wade or Loughner are concerned, I have doubts on whether another mannchurian are used or just plain assassins but doubt that the stooges ever pulled the triggers. I believe it may be as simple as giving them a Jacobs Ladder cocktail of Lysergic acid and other chemo to have them in a stasis where even they don’t know whether they pulled the triggers.

      As far as the actors, it is outrageous for actors to willingly deceive the people on these events. If they are under MK program I would not rule it out.

      Individuals such as M.E. Carver though appear to be in their right-normal psychopathic states. Are they blackmailed into these situations or just sickos recruited by their sociopathic profiles?

      • With each of these graphic shooting Ops, in different locales, we must take note of not only the “witnesses”, but all of the investigating personnel, forensic, others, and the fire/ambulance, and operating agency folks. What of keeping these people off the scent, in-the-dark, sterilized, and shut up from making either public or anonymous statements?

        The lack of information from these people surrounding ALL of these events is disturbing and quite odd. Pick your “event”, and think of the police audio and scanner banter, the videos of perps or lack of videos, and the officers who were hot-on-the-trail and in fact caught certain individuals? This Sandy Hook event, with men running into the woods, being caught, and then what — released? Is laughably a crock. They’re the only adults caught int the vicinity. They should be on ice until this thing is unwound, yet I don’t see anything of this sort.

        The “Lone Gunman” Patsy “Play” dog show doesn’t hunt anymore. Its been used too much, and for the most part the evidence in these cases (that’s released — where’s the F’ing video on these?) tells even layman lame men that the patsy perps could not have pulled off the Ops. In Holmes case, the guy was too drugged to even function or stand up.

        • Goes beck to the Octopus and the PROMIS software. Danny Casolaro was murdered in West Virginia for exposing the FBI, CIA, Law and court system software to assist them in keeping tabs on honest investigations, evidence and prosecutions. This is right from the Israeli Zionist Committee and we have discussed the New Jersey based AMDOCS, phone records etc.

          The program is simple. The FBI, Law Enf must have warrant to spy? Okay. But do they need it when Israel is the one spying? Short answer is “NO”

          If you are a whistleblower, you have less rights than a murderer on trial. Do you think that is an over-estimation or hyperbole?

          And coto knows but others should wonder why government workers are the highest segment of workers on anti-depressants?

  5. It is a gorgeous graphic that Patrick has put together. Too bad the info contained within is so ugly.

    • If the mystery of creation and the universe is in the math, and the nine is invisible to us but not them then they have the ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction.

      This can explain everything from String theory to Gravity to TimeSpace manipulation and unfortunately everything in the 3D reality. It may also clearly give us the defense we need.

      This science and simplistic rules is currently being vetted and peer reviewed by many. I’m certain Microsoft may already be using it in their Eugenics and ‘New Man’ program. Transformation is now the scariest word in my vocabulary.

  6. Photobucket

    • Sometime in the next 45 days…

      As this officer says, they will pick out, likely high profile individuals to start this gun confiscation. That they will prefer to grab them at home and destroy what preparations these people have put together.

      And, as he alludes to, we will likely see the killer drones in such ops.
      Here comes the Afghan situation – the chickens coming home to roost.

      The info about Holder visiting “law enforcement” in Newtown Conn., not making it public, etc, is a further indication of the whassup.




    Gene Rosen: Member of the Actors Guild

  8. WellAware 1 hits the nail on this one. Giffords Tuscon – Sandy Hook – Kasey/Caylee Anthony




  9. Damn good wrap-up as of today’s info on Sandy Hook:



    • How about Big Ben Fulford

      Ben Fulford: Do not give the cabal time to re-group, we must press home to victory, January 2, 2013

      The recent Sandy Hook murder of children is one glaring example staring us in our faces. The official account is such a mess of contradictions that only the aspartame stoned couch potatoes actually believe that a single autistic child could have carried out all those murders. Early news reports quote a principle who is later listed as “killed,” describe multiple gun-men etc. The dead children are never shown and the bodies vanish to God knows where. There has been so much good research done on this false flag killing by others that this murderous incident is not going to be buried.

      The sudden death of General “Stormin Norman” Schwarzkopf, the rumoured death of 8 other generals, the multiple ailments of Hillary Clinton and other signs all point to a severe ongoing struggle. Both the Navy Intelligence Office information/disinformation site Sorcha Faal and the Mossad site Debka, both say Clinton and some military were involved in a mysterious plane crash. Both sites mention the same things and certainly something unusual is going on with Hillary.


      Very suspicious!!

      • Reads like a “Long Knives” scenario doesn’t it?

        That certainly signals acceleration. Which we all see at any rate.

        None of these people are a great loss__it’s just that the ones getting rid of them are the same caliber psychos they are.
        Internal power struggle of the psychopaths.

        They eat their own eventually…


        • I don’t know why but I like crazy Ben Fulford…disinfo or not. I do think there is a power struggle going on and as Will says they are “eating their own.” Which of course benefits we the resistance.

          I think they may just have overplayed their hand with throwing so much of this crap directly in our faces. SO many people know that Sandy Hook is a hoax. People, that prior to this event didn’t have a conspiracy theorist bone in their body, are on to it.

          They made a BIG mistake by thinking they could control us through the internet. That one backfired in their faces bigtime. It is the biggest tool we have used against them.. they may be tracking us but in turn we are tracking them as well….

          • I tend to think by design. Like Rogue and the stragy of tension, these events along with the massive frauds and thefts w/o prosecution or sentencing delivers a mond-set that will lead to a real triggered event. I believe this will be done with the aid of the MIAC report scenario but I am still researching some info.

            I do agree that Fulford is a must follow either way and I have been since 2006. “Keeping in Step”

        • You read my mind Rogue. Exactly what I think too. I hated the Bush Iraqi con but never could see Stormin Norman as anything but military mind control.

          It appears he could not be co-pted like Patraeus, Allen and others. So it’s death by Breitbart or a Wellstoning like 20 Navy Seals. I mean 19 as one was Palfrey’d to his death.

  10. Gun control isn’t really the issue here. Control – period – is the issue. The U.S. government would long since have taken measures, quietly, to limit the supply of weapons, the 2nd Amendment of the constitution be damned (it’s “just a goddamned piece of paper“, remember?), if it was really concerned with limiting civilian access to weapons. That we’ve seen gun sales increase in the last few days to the point where Wal-Mart is all out of assault rifles is wholly unsurprising.

    The psychopaths in power have absolutely no compunction about using state terrorism, in this case organising the deliberate massacre of innocent children, to control people. In effect, this is little different from what the U.S. government calls counter-insurgency or counter-terrorism in foreign countries, where it attacks innocent civilians to create the impression that they were killed by ‘communists’, ‘terrorists’, ‘insurgents’ or ‘militants’, with the aim of generating public support for the illusion that the common people need a strong, ruthless government to protect them from the ‘evil-doers’. When the common people buy into this manipulation, the end result, as history shows repeatedly, is an overt and brutal police state.


    • Here at Coto we discussed and posted articles and videos on all of what he speaks of and more…except he left out the parents with their fake crying or ghoulish smiles..

      I thought from day one it was all about taking citizens guns as a prelude to the total lockdown for the full blown totalitarian state.

      • I don’t think the author is saying that ‘gun control’ isn’t part of it, I think he is pointing out that it is only one aspect, and that the real bottom line is simply CONTROL …total and complete control;

        Isn’t this a conclusion that COTO comes to as well?


        • Yes, that is exactly what we’ve been saying here 🙂

    • Agreed. Obvious. The gun grab will come long after the financial collapse and the criminals and agenda become so transparent that the public triggers a real Congressional killing.

  11. “Science for many takes second place to metaphysics and superstition.”~Earl Doherty

    Actually a great deal of “science” IS metaphysics parading as science in the postmodern era.

    Consider the ‘creation myth’ of The Big Bang:

    ‘In the beginning there was nothing, then it exploded’.

    And this idea is presented as rational by the practitioners of modern cosmology.
    It should be pointed out that any discussion of a ‘pre-physical’ scenario is necessarily within the realm of “Metaphysics” as this is the very definition of the term.

    How can this dilemma be escaped by the rational mind? To posit an eternal universe without beginning nor end [1≡∞]: All simply is.

    But is such a position gratifying to the curious mind?

    What is known and what is conjecture? I would posit that all is conjecture beyond the awareness of being: I am. This is the only certainty, all else is conjecture.

    The Psychosomatic Universe may very well be true as the heart of this matter – but you are going to have to shed a helluva lot of preconditioning to experience that directly now.


    Vibrations, or waveforms. Particles. What is the source? I would answer that the source is the Source; [1≡∞] ta panta nous__the all mind.

    The “concept” of ‘particles’ is to ground us in the material world, and describe ‘reality’ as material manifestation.

    The “concept” of of ‘waveforms’ is to ground us in the notion of linear time.

    Letting go of both of these concepts leaves only Imagination. Imagination thus unbound means ANYTHING is possible, and EVERYTHING is probable.

    NOW is the moment of power.

    ~Magus Maverik Multiplex Theater [1≡∞]


  12. I had this saved in photobucket since before xmas.I nicked it from can ANYONE doubt that the “Phelps” are really the “Sextons”? AGAIN, no real emotion from parents who lost not one but TWO children? Really? ACTORS.



    • Yeah way too clear and obvious Deb. Great shots there. It’s like living in a Truman Show now.


      The criminals in Congress left tax breaks for Hollywood to the tune of 440 million.

      Now you know why. They are charging us for the Mainstream Media Hoaxes. I’ll bet the actors are not working for scale.

      • $430 million for Hollywood through “special expensing rules” to encourage TV and film production in the United States. Producers can expense up to $15 million of costs for their projects.

        Yep, cut to the bone grandma & grandpas medicare and SS but give hollywood millions… what the f does THAT tell you?

      • Just to clear the record…the Phelps/Sextons didn’t lose two children at Sandy Hook as stated on facebook & elsehwere. While researching their names, I found that they have two children that attended the school. Here is an article quoting the mother:

        Laura and Nick Phelps have a six-year-old boy who is a first grader and a daughter in the third grade, both who got out of the school safely.

        Laura Phelps told CNN her son “said he saw people on the floor, sleeping.” They said their son doesn’t seem to understand what happened while their daughter is more upset.

        They’re struggling with how to tell both kids that their friends have been killed.

        “We’re devastated and heartbroken” for the families who didn’t find their children at the firehouse,” Nick Phelps said tearfully.

        “They all heard and saw things children shouldn’t see,” Laura Phelps said. “It’s unspeakable. It’s like reaching into your insides and pulling them out ..It’s something we’ll get through but I don’t think it’s something we’ll ever get over.”

    • Yup, that has me flabbergasted Deb….they certainly look like the same people to me. This is the first time I have to agree with youon this aspect – something very weird here…


      • I’ve always known actors were used in these psy-ops. That’s why I said ole Ed Chiarini was disinfo.. BECAUSE along with the true actors they use, he mixes in shit like Kevin Costner plays Jerry Sandusky or Tina Fey is Sarah Palin AND the truthergirl.. So when you say they are “actors’, it makes you look stupid like you believe the other crap he peddles….

        • Makes perfect sense Deb.

          There were several “these are the same people” in that video that was just honkin’ crazy.

          But the Phelps thing…that is some real woowoo…

          What a frikkin TWILIGHT ZONE we are dealing with here…


          • Yea, Twilight Zone is right…wonder what Rod Serling would make of it. I watched a bit of the T Zone marathon on New Year’s day. The man was a visionary and a genius. His stories make even more sense today than they did back then.

        • The video posted nails the Sextons and Greenbergs, I give him credit for it. No one here is right all the time, we must glean the fields for kernals of truth.

          I never bought the Caylee Anthony mind psyop either. Yet like OJ was amazed at the mesmerized sheeple and the death threats. This si the beta test for mano y mano civil war. And instigated by bad actors. Fools, they know not what schmucks they are.

          • Yea PD, he gets credit for the Sextons and a few others but he’s still disinfo because of all the other obvious false “matches” he puts forth.

            . As with all the other “agents” that we read or listen too, we take from them what makes sense and dump the rest in the trash bin. That’s what makes us coto, eh?

            • I think he could put that out as cointelpro to ward off real scrutiny. He could be a huge target but likely funded by the anti-zion backers.

              Whether he’s right or way off on Costner, the holyrooders from east to west are dancing with jackals. If you are happy and rich at this point in time, you are certainly in the 1% and in the union of the committee.

              We glean.

      • Will, here is the entire photo album.. have a look…

        • Who are these people – or who are they supposed to be?


          • In the album, if you scroll down towards the bottom you will see a lot of photos of the Phelps/Sexton couple which will further cement in your mind that they are one and the same couple.

            That is the Greenbergs family album which is posted on googles picasa photo website. The Greenberg(sp?) is the family that according to Goldbug goes around impersonating people in govt psy-ops like Sandy Hook (which they obviously did) and the Giffords shooting.

            • Well then I am less convinced than before in that case. I will have to see more pics of Phelps now. Because the pic chose for comparison is the only one that looks so much like the people in the CNN interview, the other pics of the Sextons aren’t that close.

              Sorry if I waver but that is what I see.

              Are there other pics of the Phelps that you know of, other than the CNN video?


        • Why is that well known publicity shot of Giffords in the mix, is she supposed to be one of these family members?

          I still don’t get what this huge assortment of pics is supposed to mean….help me out here.


          • Yea, Goldbug is trying to say the Sexton woman played Gifford.. WRONG… they look nothing alike. I wanted you to see the pictures at the bottom of her and her husband. Their family pix are the last 4 or 5 rows from the bottom. He’s even wearing a cap in a few as he is in sandy hook…

            THEN you have to watch the two vids I posted below. Very good stuff in them.

            • Could you get the moving version of that CNN video of the interview with of the Phelps couple? So we could see them from different angles. I’d like to see the woman looking up, and the guy without his chin stuffed in his scarf.

              In a population of billions there are going to be people that look very similar to one another. It may seem too coincidental for any of us, but this could just be one of those things where Goldboogers found a close match. Especially the guy. The woman is the one I am less sure of.

              I am still at a pretty strong maybe on this, I just want to see more pics of the Phelps before coming to any firm conclusions.


              • Will, it’s been posted here under actors of sandy hook. But here it is again… start at around 8:56. There really is no denyiing that the facial features are exactly the same. The only difference is her hairstyles in those pictures, and him with/without cap and his hairline. Her nose is distinctive and so are her very thin lips….same with his very round features. What are the odds that there would be a COUPLE with the exact same features acting out their parts as grieving (without showing any real grief) parents like the rest of the liars.

                Also Will, please watch the two videos I posted further down this page. The guy does a stellar job.

                • Okay, when did Sexton go bald? Oh I see, he wears a wig normally for the family pics and such, but he’s willing to go bald for his acting jobs…yea, that’s possible.

                  I am through with this type of analysis. You guys knock yourselves out.


                  • You don’t think he can shave his head to LOOK bald to change his look? Really? I thought you were into hollywood fx? That is the easiest thing an actor can do is it not? Even demi moore shaved her head for a part.

                    You could even say he made a point of pulling his cap off so that you could see that he’s bald. LOOK at the facial features. Tell me you don’t see the same nose mouth chin etc on these people

                    I don’t like Chiarini either but that doesn’t mean these two aren’t actors . Don’t let your dislike of the guy color what you see with your own eyes.

                  • What is the great significance of what was said in this short CNN interview? Why should I care one way or the other on this trivial scrap of info?
                    I think if anything it is a set up for people to spin their wheels about, IF these are Greenboogers in the first place.

                    I do not care if you want to pursue this Deb. It’s your time.
                    I think once it is considered that Goldbug is a dumpster, that there is nothing else worth pursuing on that topic. But go ahead and play it anyway you choose.

                    I’m just not interested in this angle.


  13. Common Sense reasoning on the latest FAD (Federal Asinine Diktat).

    As I see it, the Administrator Class has put pen to paper and taken just about every Protective Right from the American population. Check off your list of what Americans have “sacrificed” for Freedom…? None of it was O.K. with Americans. The Patriot Act, NDAA, etc., all rammed through the paper machine of supposed “representatives” acting without restraint.

    So now, Americans are Threatened with the Most Ungodly Act of all — being made Defenseless in the face of a Police State no thinking American has asked or voted for. Dictated to by dictators.

    What is required is a reasonable examination of the Threatened legislation telling Americans “It is Good for You to be Defenseless!”. YOU must decide if failed Administrators are upholding Foundational Laws by enacting new ones to replace them — which render YOU Defenseless in their New Homeland?

    I think this discussion on the following link offers something the D.C. creatures cannot muster — common sense and reasonableness.

    You Decide! Instead of letting some other “Decider” tell you you and your family shall be rendered Defenseless. They offer an insane idea in a violent world. It is insane that this conversation even has to happen. Decide WHO shall keep you and yours SAFE? YOU, or them.

    “And Now for Something Entirely Different: An opinion on gun control”
    by Larry Correia

  14. From my predictions for 2012 – Venezuela fearing the worst amid reports Hugo Chavez is close to death

    missed it by that much. tough ol cuss like Ghadafi

    • I sent this graphic to McKee at Truth and Shadows.

      He said he might be interested in using it as a topper for one of his articles. Would that be agreeable to you Puddy?


      • Will, the Rev 9 graphic? What is the article he’s writing?

        • I think he might be considering it for the article that will be based on an interview with Bain, of the Most Dangerous book kind.

          It would be apropos for that having to do with numerology as it is.

          I don’t know how soon that interview is to take place,,,might be some time before it happens.


          • Sounds interesting… let me know when it’s up, please? 🙂

      • No problemo…

        Tell him revolution 9 is at hand and the nines will become clearer this year 2013 thru 2016 when the deal is done. It’s all invisible now and the reality(visible ) all illusion.

        Nothing is real and like the post from 2012 quoted from Corinthians

        “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

        ~ 2 Corinthians 4:18

        • Will,make sure he gives credit to the artist , k?

          • I will certainly make note of that Deb.


  15. That makes me sad for the people of Venezuela… Viva Chavez! Oh and your prediction was close enough PD !

    • Yeah I’ve heard they are behind schedule. Waiting for Clinton? 🙂

      Fast & Furious now so buckle up.

  16. Ok, continuing on with my Sandy Hook obsession.. THIS GUY IS GOOD… check out his two vids..

    • Well done by the author. Happy to see all the great care in many of these.

    • Well I disagree.

      I hate to be so nit-picky here, but I think this kid is a neophyte doing copycat work based on some cointel expert guidance he has seen on YouStupid.

      I think the drill info is important, especially since piggy-backing drills is often a false flag technique. And I also think the drills are promoted to push hysteria as much as for being prepared. It’s the uber-security thing here again…the strategy of tension.

      But this is all generalized hoopla, and it seems to me more fruitful to stay focused on the particulars of a single event than taking the whole kitchen sing approach and ending up with dishwater.


  17. Start at 1:55 in for a beautiful musical break from the craziness swirling:

    • Beautiful Boom, thanks 🙂 Did you see the movie ? I’m going with my sister this weekend.

  18. No I haven’t seen it JG, but some friends have. My mom sent me the link to the above video. Beauty still blooms in the midst of the fury. Makes quite a contrast doesn’t it, to the doom and gloom marketed by the Administrators.

    I’m now quite sick of the charades being played upon the American People. I believe the evidence is impervious now, showing Sandy Hook as a mixed up, mocked Op. I would like to see a compendium of the evidence (like the vids above, Willy Loman’s stuff, and others — all on a single Thread HERE. Make it go Viral, by using Tags where it can be found by folks and absorbed.

    Cracker Jacks like this idiot trying to take advantage of a “crisis”– will be seen as the crazy ones.

    By the way — I hadn’t seen the coroner, Carver till now on the vid above. That individual belongs in a nut house!

    What we can assess at this point is that the current Administration “knows” all about this FRAUD being perpetrated upon the American People, and amplified through the MSM to set “the Hook”. What is the implication here? It is that massive FRAUD has been perpetrated time and again, to trick the American People. With the goal of completely overthrowing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    A thinking individual would begin to question the Real Truth’s and perpetrators all the way up the political chain of chain of command and through the ranks of Congress and military. From the Murrah building, Waco, to 9/11, and recent mass shootings (or fakery, productions), to everything else like sElections, illegitimate presidents, and this Fiscal Cliff gambit. Perhaps even Hillary’s escape from testifying, and now miraculous “recovery”.

    In the face of such FRAUD, the militarization and Police State ramp up, the financial frauds with no accountability or arrests, on and on ad nauseum; THEY THINK they will trick the American People into handing over their defenses?

    Where are the GOOD GUYS?! The military & police Oath Keepers who can accomplish arrests of the true treasonous bastards? ALL Americans need the TRUTH to see the False oozing and slithering its way into our lives.

    Keep posting COTO and others. This SERIAL FRAUD is going to blow up in the faces of those seeking to destroy this country.

    • Boom, that carver video was posted twice here on coto. Once by dawn and once by me and maybe even one by PD but I’m not sure. Between, PD, dawn and myself, pretty much every angle and inconsistency of this case has been researched and presented right here on these posted articles and under comments.

      One just has to watch the vids and folllow the links on this blog to get the picture of the fakery going on in Sandy Hook.

      • Just be aware that there are edited versions of this Carver video, some edited to make the statements seem even more ridiculous than they already are.

        See and example here, near the bottom of the page are the full Carver press conference and the cointel edited version:


        • I’ve watched the full press conference with Carver. It’s obvious he’s not behaving like a normal ME. WHy? Why does he act so vague when questioned? What’s with the stupid giggling? That’s all in there. He appears not just unprofessional but idiotic. What about his comment on his photographers? Wtf?

          The most glaring part of it is that the gun he said was used to kill the kids was IN THE TRUNK OF THE CAR!

          THAT is literally the smoking gun of the entire staged event.
          Quite a feat that he ran out to the car to put the murder weapon away and then went BACK into the school to kill himself with…..what?? What weapon?? Carver never told us did he? OR anyone else. WHere are these answers? We’ll never get them..same as 9/11.

          Believe what you want Will…but it’s obvious that many of these people shown to us on the tv are ACTORS.

          • I am not saying that Carver isn’t suspicious in this interview.
            I am saying that cutting a vid to have him answer another question as if answering the one they cut from and appear to be blithering is as dishonest as what we are getting from MSM.

            It is the facts and data that are important – the public relations surrounding the juggling of these facts is the important thing to keep track of. Whether Carver is part of the act himself or being manipulated by the cops is something we cannot know from the info at hand.

            That Global Research article goes through the text of Carver’s back and forth with the reporters – it is clear enough from that, Carver is hiding something or being directed to.

            So we agree on that. Okay?


          • Hey Deb,

            I apologize about getting twitchy about talk of Ed Chiarini.

            I will do my best to simply not comment on posts that bring him up.


            • No apology necessary Will. I don’t like Ed either ! But I do think those two are the same ones in that photo album 😉 Even a broken clock is right twice a day…..

  19. From “Jews Lead Gun Control Charge” at

  20. The videos are long, but this young man gets right into Sandy Hook & other important information. His perspective is very clear, and he makes great points.


    Scroll down to see the list: “What was the Nazi process of mass murder? 20 Steps”…


    Second Video — Grok it!

  21. Harry Reid — Changing the rules to advance Change:

    For Hybridrogue1’s feedback:

    Mark S. Mann is back. He’s a cop, he’s in Connecticut and we have a LOT of QUESTIONS about the contradictions and inconsistencies of the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre – and resulting gun grab. **This is Part 1 of 2.**


    • Thanks for the prop master info Boomer,

      Scott Getzinger worked as the prop master for The Dark Knight Rises. He lived and died in Newtown, Connecticut.

      It is hardly remarkable that this guys resume is all in the sci-fi genre. That is the way it works in the industry. Specialists in one field might be over their heads in another.

      Scott was killed from injuries from a car accident. The only thing “weird” I can see here is that these injuries weren’t supposed to have been “life threatening”. However if we dial into the knowledge of how incompetent and what hacks are involved in the medical industry these days is this so surprising?

      People get the wrong leg amputated regularly, they die from stupid mistakes while under anesthesia – death by doctors is an epidemic in this country…

      BUT, Getzinger did work on the Dark Knight films, and there is that tie in with this movie that leaves too many questions to leave anything unturned.

      Being Scott lived in the area, he may have had knowledge of the forthcoming event. I doubt that we will ever know.


  22. If anyone can think — then “Think” hard
    If anyone can process — then “consider” carefully
    If anyone can sense urgency — then “prepare” quickly
    If anyone understands history — then “realize” the similarities
    If anyone thinks they’re alone — you’re not, look around
    Americans ARE the Sleeping Giant — Wake Up! Jan 1 Jan 2 Jan 3

    Read Kirwan’s older posts.

  23. Josh Boston was a Marine deployed to Afghanistan between the years of 2004 through 2005. He is no longer in the Marines but penned this letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein following her announcement to outlaw 120 specifically-named firearms including certain semiautomatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns..

    CNNi reported:

    “Senator Dianne Feinstein,

    I will not register my weapons should this bill be passed, as I do not believe it is the government’s right to know what I own. Nor do I think it prudent to tell you what I own so that it may be taken from me by a group of people who enjoy armed protection yet decry me having the same a crime. You ma’am have overstepped a line that is not your domain. I am a Marine Corps Veteran of 8 years, and I will not have some woman who proclaims the evil of an inanimate object, yet carries one, tell me I may not have one.

    I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America.

    I am the man who fought for my country. I am the man who learned. I am an American. You will not tell me that I must register my semi-automatic AR-15 because of the actions of some evil man.

    I will not be disarmed to suit the fear that has been established by the media and your misinformation campaign against the American public.

    We, the people, deserve better than you”.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Joshua Boston
    Cpl, United States Marine Corps

    • Remember the “i” is always 9. Good letter and clear de’mark’ation of the line. Bravo Corporal! We do deserve better and know they are irrelevant and nullified. Period.


    Welcome to Planet Illuminati: home of the real les miserables


    • Yea well, it is going to be pretty hard to keep the drone killings secret when they start blasting Amerikans on their home turf. Innit?

      Chickens roosting…etc…



    396 – 639

    Mark Zuckerberg? No Mark Greenberg

    Maurice Strong’s daughter Vickie (Strong) Greenberg is married to Michael Greenberg. Their nephew is Jacob Michael Greenberg. Better known to you as Mark Zuckerberg. Get it? Here’s a picture of Jacob when he was younger (left), his brother (right) and their mother (middle).

    The nine is invisible, the triad always in play and the Khazar hex is always present.

    • “Ed Chiarini is an expert in ear forensics and facial recognition, and has done a tremendous job exposing these actors by name.” ~Biggest Secret

      I can buy the story about Facebook and Suckerborg, but this biz about, “”Ed Chiarini as an expert in ear forensics and facial recognition..” is horseshit, we all know it’s horseshit, and I am sick of hearing this horseshit.

      If you want to give the info on the poser of the Greenberg family in relation to Maurice Strong, I see that as valid – but this thing about “actors” is making my ass twitch.


      • Call it horseshit Rogue1! I’d like to know what you think of Obama’s elephantine ears? What’s up with those appendages? They are grotesquely abnormal, like he was awrestler with cauliflower ears?

        But then, I digress. Perhaps he is a Wombat?

        • Ha ha ha…yea those ears, they really look like add on’s don’t they, something very odd that I often wonder at.

          Certain angles and lighting it’s like – WHOOAH! ???


  27. Been out of the loop. Found this on “Forbidden Knowledge” Watched the first episode of “Untold History Of The United States”. Seen some holes especially in regards to Pearl Harbour.

    • Oliver Stone will be paying penitence for JFK for the rest of his career.
      He has gone mainstream lefty ever since.

      He really fucks up the truth on the *Forrestal murder, making it appear as a suicide – against well known facts. He is not a trusted member of the Board of Truth. I’m sure he has been made an “offer he can’t refuse”…

      [* You know the Forrestal story from CONTROVERSY OF ZION]


    • That hits right at the 9. It ‘s hidden Zionist connections are too numerous to post. I will be lecturing people on the the TRIAD that was Israel, Japan and Germany as the mirror to the real axis which was the US, Italy and Great Britain or in the nines it was City of London, Vatican and DC. It is there the real nine gets to the Zero. The parabolic is true. One hole viewed from different points.

      • I Think we found a COTO reader here.

    • Yesss….Abby is terrific…{grin}

      This was a very good interview, and a lot to agree with there.



    • Yea,
      I read the story of how Suckerborg stole the algorithms from a team at the college he attended…a real story of intrigue and agentry, probably the reason he was planted at that college in the first place. He was a “funnypot” rather than a “honeypot”.

      Is that bag of fecal matter David Rocketfarter still alive? He looks like a propped up corpse in that pic of him.


  29. I am going to repeat an answer I gave to another commentator on T&S on the issue of “Actors”:
    . . . . . . . . . . . .

    In my honest opinion, I think the attempt at psychoanalysis on such a small amount of acquaintance – such as these relatively short segments would be a waste of a professional’s time, let alone a bunch of laymen making assumptions on the Internet.

    Frankly, what this would mean escapes me. What is the presumption lead to if it is decided that they are acting, or coached, or not who they are supposed to be? I just don’t see where all of this is supposed to be headed.

    More than anything I see it as a form of confused hysteria, grasping at straws and groundless allegations. I think this is exactly the confusion the powers that be want to promote. Therefore, I think it a better tactic to stick to the anomalies in the official story, the number of weapons, the culprits apprehended and no longer accounted for. The ever changing script of the “official story”, etc.

    And most important is to keep our eye on the ball – the agenda that this is serving, the new gun legislation now proposed, the psychological testing of gun owners, etc.

    We get spin on MSM and counter spin from many counter-intel blog sites. I see this as all managed from a central source. Confusion is the result they seek.

    Take a deep breath and line up the dots that really have significance, let the rest of the bullshit float down the drain.


  30. Whadaya mean, whadaya mean?

    If a charade is pawned off as “real theater” via the MSM blowhorn, and sanctioned by TPTB as “authentic” snews — then the bastards have been caught red-handed (literally and figuratively). We’re past 10 yrs on the 9/11 FF, and the evidence is incriminating. You know, more than most.

    So, planting crisis “actors” directly into a schema such as Sandy Hook, and attempting to pass it off as a real-life drama, whilst immediately assaulting the 2nd Amendment is cause for serious deliberation. I appreciate your skills with regards to Hollywood doctoring, so COTO might expect some “inside” insight into the caper. I think you’re minimizing some aspects of this which may be very important “sign” on the trail left by the culprits.

    Coincidences don’t happen — they’re scripted. The evidence which you feel of importance certainly is most important. Why not “Light Em Up” when the roaches think they’re passing off GAS as oxygen?

    Certainly, and most seriously, we see long-standing Rights being shit-canned with vengeance and disdain immediately following this “event”.

    Again, certainly a pre-planned Psy Op upon Americans — to impose the State’s calumny for rendering the population Defenseless, as the State ADDS to their arsenal munitions, entirely UnConstitutional powers, and arrogates to themselves the Dictatorial Powers? They’ve now moved past the ill-named “Patriot Act” and the NDAA, to the utter casting off of any Laws that may constrain their Operations.

    It is ALL of serious consequence.

  31. Uncertainty in combination with fear and loathing is a powerful formula for a strategy of tension.

    We certainly recognize that if the goal of the PR Regime were to take this Sandy Hook story and present an explanation for all of the anomalies in the story they could come of with a plausible tale to sooth the confusion.

    It would likely be something the critical thinkers would see through, but they aren’t the ones that the general propaganda is aimed at.

    I think it is clear that just enough ambiguity is threaded in on purpose to cause that cognitive dissonant effect in the larger audience, and then for those who are paying closer attention the web is pumped with detail not mentioned on MSM, that is also purposely twitced out and weird. Also there are to legitimate research sites that attempt to sift through all of this clutter and find the holes in the mainstream story, to form some sort of reasonable conclusion as to what could actually have happened.


  32. You’re quick on the draw, mi amigo. I’ll throw this on the fire:

    “Mother, Should I Trust the Government?”
    Kurt Cobb

    • Thanks Boomer I’ll check it out – I like the title.

      My gravitar reads: Government is a Racket.

      So….there you have it.


      • Sorry I missed your call Boomer, I sent you an email in response.


    • A very cool article Boomer,
      I always have liked Silver Bear.

      This one is exceptional.


  33. Con-trap-tion…

    Television, a weapon of mass deception, is surely the greatest tool in their arsenal.


  34. NY Times op-ed, “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution,” December 30, by Louis Michael Seidman

    AS the nation teeters at the edge of fiscal chaos, observers are reaching the conclusion that the American system of government is broken. But almost no one blames the culprit: our insistence on obedience to the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions.

    Consider, for example, the assertion by the Senate minority leader last week that the House could not take up a plan by Senate Democrats to extend tax cuts on households making $250,000 or less because the Constitution requires that revenue measures originate in the lower chamber. Why should anyone care? Why should a lame-duck House, 27 members of which were defeated for re-election, have a stranglehold on our economy? Why does a grotesquely malapportioned Senate get to decide the nation’s fate?

    Our obsession with the Constitution has saddled us with a dysfunctional political system, kept us from debating the merits of divisive issues and inflamed our public discourse. Instead of arguing about what is to be done, we argue about what James Madison might have wanted done 225 years ago.

    As someone who has taught constitutional law for almost 40 years, I am ashamed it took me so long to see how bizarre all this is. Imagine that after careful study a government official — say, the president or one of the party leaders in Congress — reaches a considered judgment that a particular course of action is best for the country. Suddenly, someone bursts into the room with new information: a group of white propertied men who have been dead for two centuries, knew nothing of our present situation, acted illegally under existing law and thought it was fine to own slaves might have disagreed with this course of action. Is it even remotely rational that the official should change his or her mind because of this divination?
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Well now, it is coming out in the open now innit?
    A “Constitutional Scholar” wipes his ass with it…

    And by what authority does this so-called, “government” sit, if the vow to the Constitution is seen as inappropriate?

    As most know here, I am of the opinion that the Federal Constitution was a coup against the Declaration of Independence. I think the Federalists had a tacit agreement that “Practical Politics” {the rule of man} would always trump written law, and the whole agenda was to create a central power to rule as the would from.

    So no we come full circle where this tacit plan is now spoken of openly.
    That’s progress in “a certain sense” {grin}…WTF, it’s 2013, what do you expect in the era of manifest science fiction?

    I read some right wing critiques on this op-ed at Palin’s web site…:Lol
    As if the Republicunts ever paid attention to the restrictions of the Constitution.

    Jokers to the Left, Clowns to the Right, shut up sit down fight fight fight.

    somebody roll me a taco.


  35. I would submit that most here are more accustom to seeing actors in film and on TV portraying ‘grief’ than they are at witnessing real grief in real life and expect some standard “act”, rather than the great variety of human reactions that take place in real life.

    Being ‘conditioned’ as to these expectations there is disappointment in the ‘acting skills’ of those who are in that confused stage of real grief.

    How many of you have cried as an adult? And what was it that brought on the tears? And if this were in public, was there not the tendency to hold back, to feel embarrassment?
    This is a form of cultural conditioning here. ‘Wailing in grief’ is looked upon askance by this pathological culture, RESTRAINT in a “civilized manner”, keeping your ‘public mask’ up is so practiced it is ingrained.

    How many times were you scolded for “acting out” while growing up?

    “Big girls don’t cry” even more enforced is, “Big boys don’t cry”…

    Real life ain’t the movies, don’t expect it to be so.


  36. More Sandy Hook follies for the large pile of FF incriminating evidence:

    Don’t the perps and puppet string pullers realize a huge majority is ON-TO-THEM? Whatever psychos — karma is gonna whomp you BAD!

    • One of my favorite tunes not far off of 50 years old

    • perfectimondo melody for any generation…..


  37. Ditto V! Thanks for the reminder to STOP! Everybody Look — What’s Going Down…

  38. “Deciphering Government Thought-Crimes”

    by Kirwan

    Good Points!

  39. Interesting comments.

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