Posted by: jerseyg | December 31, 2012

Ken O’Keefe – Sandy Hook False Flag Psy-op

In your face truth.   The hypocritical Hollywood elite get taken to the wood shed.  Way to go Ken !



  1. Ken tells it like it is…COTO knows.


  2. Every time you are rebuked for saying “fuck”, remember that you are still answering to the rules put upon the Anglo-Saxons by the Roman Empire.


  3. It has to do with Latin. The use of Latin was enforced on the population of Roman occupied Britain during the days of the ancient Roman Empire.

    These laws on the use of Latin were mainly enforced on the most personal aspect of life, such as the use of the toilet, intimate relations with one another etc…

    The point I am making is the psychological effects of this is still deeply ingrained in our modern society. The “proper” terms for all of these bodily functions and products are STILL the Latin.

    Of course my reason for bringing this up is that we should free ourselves from such programming, as it creates a knee-jerk response of frailty in those who have not rejected such processing.

    It also has to do with the fear of death. The fear of admitting the mortal functions. Read: The Fear of Death, by Ernst Becker.


  4. Small minded self absorbed gossiping nitwits, snitches, and stooges; das Amerika.



    To COTO and all of our visitors.

    2013 looks to be a real zinger. Hold on to your hats.


  6. Spot on Deb. kudos to Kenny. 2 million in Iraq a drop in the bucket for Africom. It’s from the Golden toilets of Holyrood East and West and the sewer line that runs the gauntlet between them that suck from the same bank accounts. The sheeple then eat this shit, day after day and told to love it and they do.

    Fuck the actors and their liberal lies. Leave the sheep dip behind as well and get to the high ground for the septic tank is ready to blow. I made my resolution last year. NO MORE! Come to my door peddling your shit and I’ll show you a real royal flush.

    ….he’s a turd world man.

  7. lol turd world man………….good one.

    Here’s some more hypocrisy:

    • That was Korny’s quote. I stole it for this night. Happy New Year to Korn, Boom and Mr. M wherever they are.

  8. Happy New Year Will, Patrick and all of Coto and the awakened world…the rest of you can go pound sand !

  9. Great New Year’s header PD ! 🙂

    • A coto new year to you too beautiful. Great video and you made my night. A wide awake new year to all the awakened around the world. Our day is coming.

      • Ahhh Patrick…thank you 🙂 Yes, our day is definitely coming 😉


    This is a good positive rap to end the old year on and begin the new…


  11. Happy New Year COTO friends!

    This is for HybridRogue1 — just ran across it. Maybe you’ve already seen it?

    • Happy New Year Boomer,

      Thanks for thinking of me friend, yea I have read that, it is a puddin’ dunkin’ for the official story…gee, seems we have compiled quite a few doobie doo

      Let’s have a scrappy 2013 – hold the line.


  12. Oh Yeah — A whole lotta chemtrails in upstate SC today. The military never sleeps. They dose the most.

  13. Photobucket

  14. I had the same face yesterday 🙂 A picture speaks a thousand words.
    Great story there Deb.

    I’d title it a 2012 hangover.

  15. That’s what I was thinkin’ too PD. That title is perfecto 😉

  16. This one’s for you Patrick. One of my all time favorite songs by The Church. Somebody made a pretty interesting video to go w/the song…

    PS: See if you can spot Bill Clinton in one of the crowd scenes …..

  17. The latest from “DHS Insider” — Ulsterman Update on Events.

    There are a number of OPS in here that ring true to the sound of the bell starting the next round. Plans, Agendas, Ops, and Actions are playing out before us, as the Controllers direct this sick strategic Play. READ IT!

  18. Happy (ahem) New Year folks. Only “happy” isn’t exactly what I’m expecting. How about a “safe” new year or “sane” one, although even those words seem farcical.

    Had an interesting outing yesterday with the Infowagon. Meet the producer of Tell Tale Heart. Had a rather long conversation with this man who recently meet Obama and had a conversation with Biden. Much of the stuff he laid on me was some of the most radical of predictions and events these ears have ever heard. Might truly be one of the most interesting people I’ve meet in a long time. I would try to articulate some of them, but I need to have another conversation to make sure I don’t misrepresent what he was saying. I’ll try to get him to post here some of his message and what he himself has planned.

    The good news with this is he wants to collaborate on doing some seminars and presentations. So this could be the boost I was looking for to launch my project into the stratosphere. We shall see.

    Other than that, everyday I go out on the streets with this thing it becomes another experience. A few of the posters and fliers I’m making are hitting nerves and hot-bottoms and have been sparking some heated exchanges. It’s a wonderful thing to witness for a professional shit-stirrer.

    I been surprised how many people I’ve been talking to believe that these shootings are false-flags. Even people that are not prone to conspiracies are scratching their heads over the similarities and coincidences. Seems the facade of the false-flags is wearing thin.

    Anyway, here we go COTO, falling further done the funnel into the void. We, as the aware, have only a faint hope that our predictions do not turn out to be true. We know as realists that nothing lasts forever, and that nothing built on deceit lasts long. An ill-wind blows and this house of cards is falling. My heart goes out to the innocents that are going to suffer, and my rage is stoked upon those that are the enablers of what is about to befall us. This beautiful blue-ball is about to turn red with blood, and our fate has been sealed. We can only hope for divine intervention, for anything man has planned will only further our own demise. But wishing for divine intervention is to realists is an insult of sorts.

  19. Forget Happy New Year then…Happy life forever after M:)

    That guy you met sounds pretty interesting. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say either from his own writings here or yours.

    I too am shocked by the number of people that question Sandy Hook. Like you said, non conspiracy theorists. Even if you just paid attention to what the lamestream media told us from day 1, you’d see how the story consistently changed and how there is no video or still photos of the inside of that school of the day of or after the event to be found anywhere. Only the dumbest of the dumb would find that normal.

    SO happy to see you are well and that you keep keepin’ on with your infowagon. Stay safe 🙂

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