Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 29, 2012

Project Flicker, Sandy Hoax: Never waste an opportunity

RADIO SHOW – 12/8/12

You can listen to Hatrick Penry [Patrick Henry] try to get this info over to Pete who is a lunatic, like Alex Jones, but he apparently has labeled Santilli as another STRATFOR psyop like INFORWARS/STRATFOR aka Molly Maroney

FOIA Documents

Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS)

Final reports for 20 Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) Investigations, 2005-2009 [PDF 4.2 MB – 12-Jul-2010]

List of Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) investigations closed October, 2008 – January, 2010 [PDF 1.6 MB –

Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

List of all Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations closed 01-January-2007 – 13-November-2008 [PDF 6.9 MB – 16-September-2009]

Department of Defense (DoD) Inspector General (IG) final report and closing memo for Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) Operation Flicker, 2007-2010 [PDF 3.3 MB – 06-Sep-2010]


After research, I believe the 5200 employees represents 3000+ in Pentagon and over 2000 names of high level executives and banker types as well and after researching the .pdf’s I believe it is linked to Sandy Hook and the death of Adam Lanzas Mother and not the cointelpro regarding Libor. This investigation was whistle-blower brought to the attention back in early 2007, long about the time The Dark Knight was on the storyboard. This is the rabbit hole I want to investigate.

Hatrick Penry is on WordPress and I need to get him to consider looking into it as well. Apparently he will no longer deal with Pete after threats from the lunatic Santilli.

Child Porn Epidemic in Defense, Intelligence, other Agencies.
Thousands of Pentagon Personnel Bought or Viewed Child Pornography with Impunity.
5,200 Names involving the Pentagon Paid for Child  Pornography
Pentagon fails to investigate suspected child porn users among employees
Project: Operation Flicker FOIA document.
CNN does not mention the high number of suspects, notice how it is downplayed.



    Nuketown, USA the rise of the Phenix?

  2. I’m still listening to the Pete Santilli show with Hatrik.. damn, Pete’s voice is VERY annoying to me. I prefer AJ’s gruffness over Santilli’s shrillness.

    Anyway, I’m only halfway thru and anxious to hear what happens between the two because so far Pete’s singing Hatrik’s praises cause they both hate Alex..haha.

    Btw, Christian posted that same vid on the black ops game last night on the Sandy Hooked post. Here is my own reply……………..

    Thanks Christian. That sunburst thing is really interesting. Also, Blake missed the meaning of the butterfly(MKmonarch) inside the yellow triangle. One of the best clues. Liked the movie popcorn box too. (Aurora Batman) The books.. I couldn’t read what they said..anyone? The one little “dead” girl drew the picture of the owl which Anderson Cooper held up after the “happy” interview with the smiling parents. (Moloch).

    That painting that looks like the Newtown map is pretty good too… and the one behind it with all the eyes..of course all the number references….right down to the name, .Nuketown… interesting,eh?

    I wish guys wouldn’t pay for their bullshit propaganda by buying their crap Call of Duty games!

  3. Truly, we are being played by the pro’s. If we aren’t in the game, the architects are surely winning. I know what happens to long time conspiracy theorists. We eventually become just like Ted Kaczinski, a prisoner of the technocratic matrix and a pawn for the committee. While the government was killing sacrificial insiders and blaming Ted, he was just like Mel Gibson in CT, trying to get out of the program.

    It’s no wonder that we lie in the valley of the fiscal cliff, when there is so much money spent on these operations. What a budget they can have and all you have to do is agree to play the game and get yourself a radio show and a daily script sent. Pete Santilli is such one of these ‘house shills.’

    I’m ready to retire to a monastery as there is no one going to deliver the truth in front of an audience ever again. 124-578-369, the nines always win and we “go fish”

    before the nine ~ TJK

    • Say, isn’t Kaczinski that same actor that played in ‘The Titanic’?
      I wonder if he was at Sandy Hook?


  4. Venezuela’s Chavez in ‘delicate’ state:

    Yes EMR assault is delicate when your under the cancer wavelengths. Adios Hugo. Give our best to the rest.

  5. Hillary Clinton hospitalised with blood clot

    Yes Hillary you’re going to die, but Magog Bush will live on. Bill made a deal. He’s got his eye on a sportier model.

    • Looking at this pic of Hallarious Clinton, I cannot help but comment on the fact that when you’re ugly inside, it begins to show on the outside more and more as time goes on with the aging process.

      The insincerity of the smile lines are drawn deeper. The actual “smile” becomes a grimace.

      Blood clot? If I were in the guessing business…{grin}…I would say this is a further ruse to keep her story up about that pratfall. But you could be right Puddy, she may be axed from the show entirely. The docs at the hospital surely have their marching orders as to whether she will “recover” or not. Such is life in the fast lane.


      • Obviously, my sympathy for these devils is attenuated, and that for some very practical reasons, as one caught in this time/space continuum with these psychos.


      • She used to have blue eyes. Now the committee members all have black eyes. You can see it in all cases. She’s dead meat.

        True with Magog and Dubya both born with blue eyes and now they are black or dark brown.

        So you can ask yourself if the Sandy Hoax were

        1. No kids killed
        2. Do they kill clones
        3. They kill the Kids (sacrifice) and it’s the parents who are cloned
        4. Are they all reptiles like Icke and do they eat the kids.

        Whatever it is all these ex-blue eyed folks turn black

      • Peace to All here in the name of Jesus. Hillary is throwing up the masonic sign of faith – Which is the pointing finger. If you just learn a few of their signs, you will begin to see these people communicating back and forth all over the media. Your good buddy Alex J is totally down with the brotherhood. (see link with his masonic gestures) I told you before – they love misleading you by making you think you are “in the know”…..meanwhile this code you think you are cracking is just another subtle lie. Why do their eyes turn black you ask??? For heaven sakes – demons have taken over their will and their soul. Demons are ugly. They destroy- .they pervert everything good which God made. They hate all flesh. finger point, fist, pyramid etc.

        • Hey Zeus gal….howya doon?

          Long time no see.

          Just remember, “if you look into the abyss long enough the abyss looks into you…”

          Have a Snappy New Year hon.


  6. Assad will die like Gaddafi – Syrian opposition:

    Yes Mr. Prez, you too will die. Happy New Year and give our regards to Muammar Barry offered your hide to Israel because he can’t give you Iran.

    Remember your line; “wait this isn’t supposed to happen?

    • Gee if Hilarious is canned from the show, who is going to squeal with delight when Assad is pulled into the street and slaughtered?

      Who is going to butcher some classic line like; “We came, we saw, we conqu…{whoops – can’t say THAT…} uh, hmm? Clinton already used…

      How about something short and sweet? “Live like a dog, die like a dog”…

      After all create a dog eat dog world and chances are you’ll be eaten by dogs.

      • Indeed. The rules don’t change nor the laws of nature. They live like Kings and then get pulled from dog dens like Saddam.

  7. Nelson Mandela hospitalized December 2012:

    Sorry Nelson, you’re toast as well. Remember, London likes it done on one side. If they intend on slaughtering Africa for the new year, they can’t have you running around shooting off your trap. Sala kahle.

  8. Bill Coopers, Behold a Pale Horse [1991]

  9. Daddy Bush got out of ICU when the Oak Ridge Boys sang for him. The vampire will live forever.

  10. “Someone” finally claimed Adam Lanza’s body anonymously…

    6:13 a.m. CST, December 31, 2012

    Adam Lanza’s body was claimed several days ago by someone who wanted to remain anonymous, State Medical Examiner Wayne H. Carver II said Sunday.

    Lanza’s burial site also is being kept secret.

    Lanza, 20, killed himself inside a classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on Dec. 14 after a shooting rampage that left 26 people dead in the school, including 20 children. Lanza earlier killed his mother, Nancy, at their house.

    Carver has ruled Lanza’s death a suicide but he is awaiting results of toxicology tests before completing the case.

    In addition he has asked geneticists from the University of Connecticut to study Lanza’s DNA for any mutations or other abnormalities that could shed light on his motivation for the shootings.

    Nancy Lanza’s body was claimed by a funeral home in New Hampshire and she was buried in a private ceremony earlier this month. She was born in Kingston, N.H. Carver would not comment on whether the same funeral home claimed Adam Lanza’s body.

    Peter Lanza, Adam Lanza’s father, lives in Stamford, although sources said he had little contact with his son the past two years. Carver would not comment on whether Peter Lanza or someone representing him claimed the body.

    Copyright © 2012, The Hartford Courant

    • “Carver II”…yea, I saw that on late night TV, one of those commercials to send away for an electric carving knife…Westinghouse I think. Pretty cheap too, around 19.95, as I sorta in a way recall.

      Recall? Who are they recalling. Should Olde acquaintance be denied in the light of the silvery moon?



      • Nope, nope…my mom just told me that the “Carver II” is made by Black and Decker, an “industrial strength” carving knife for industrial strength turkey.


    • Is it anything like the Foreman Grill or the popeil kitchen magician?
      I think so. Who claimed the body? What body?

      But can it core a apple? Oh those damned rehersals…

      • Absolute comedic genius – the chemistry between these two guys.


    • Luke 8:17 – For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

      Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him. KJV

      Few have the faith and the authority under Jesus to do REAL battle with evil because most folks still believe the evil is physical. It isn’t – it operates in the spiritual realm. Only when you walk in the spirit with Jesus can you become an effective spiritual warrior. He exalts the humble and He resists the proud.

      • Eeeevan Jelly Co. Inc. has come with her commercials again.

        “Right, right, yer bloody well right, ya got the bloody right to say..”

        Sangreal, that is.


        • I thought little Adam was buried at sea,,,,tee hee

          • For all we really know, that could be so Korn.

            Nothing is revealed but that they refuse to reveal naught but cloned veal. It comes in chartreuse, heliotrope, and teal.


      • Erin,

        You might enjoy looking at this site, it has some interesting discussion on a topic you seem quite familiar with:


  11. On Eric Zuesse’s Christ’s Ventriloquists: The Event that Created Christianity

    Christ’s Ventriloquists is a work of investigative history. It documents and describes Christianity’s creation-event, in the year 49 or 50, in Antioch (present-day Antakya, Turkey), 20 years after Jesus had been crucified in Jerusalem for sedition against Roman rule. On this occasion, Paul broke away from the Jewish sect that Jesus had begun, and he took with him the majority of this sect’s members; he convinced these people that Jesus had been a god, and that the way to win eternal salvation in heaven is to worship him as such. Paul here explicitly introduced, for the first time anywhere, the duality of the previously unitary Jewish God, a duality consisting of the Father and the Son; and he implicitly introduced also the third element of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost.

    This work also explains and documents the tortuous 14-year-long conflict Paul had had with this sect’s leader, Jesus’s brother James, a conflict which caused Paul, in about the year 50, to perpetrate his coup d’état against James, and to start his own new religion: Christianity.

    Then, this historical probe documents that the four canonical Gospel accounts of the words and actions of “Jesus” were written decades after Jesus, by followers of Paul, not by followers of Jesus; and that these writings placed into the mouth of “Jesus” the agenda of Paul. Paul thus effectively became, via his followers, Christ’s ventriloquist.

    “However, only science can solve problems.”~Eric Zuesse
    . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I left this comment on the thread:

    I am in no way a biblical scholar. However I have been deeply interested in theology for most of my life. I am more of a philosopher than a theologian. I suppose this is why the quotation above struck me as a rather arrogant statement.

    In this postmodern era of ‘technocracy’ the term “science” itself seems to have taken on a form of theocratic and dogmatic character.

    As a social and cultural critic,I would also comment on the term “democracy” to ask, just exactly what Zuesse might mean by this term. I am afraid my deconstruction of Eric’s writings may be quite a bit harsher than the author of the present page.

    I certainly enjoyed reading this piece, a lot of food for thought here.
    . . . . . . . . . .

  12. “We must place our hope in the American people.”~Devon DB

    Hahahaha…well then kiss America bye bye Devon.



  13. Here’s a motive for Adam Lanza’s massacre – Adam was raped by a local, convicted Catholic priest, Fr John Castaldo, when Adam was 6 years old, and was taking revenge against other 6 year olds. Here’s the verified evidence:

    It can’t be proven yet, but it is the best explanation yet for why Adam would want to take revenge against other 6 year olds, since no one protected him when he was 6 years old.

  14. Adam didn’t do it…PERIOD

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