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Wanna hit an info motherlode?



  1. Very cool song expose’ & great site — Thanks V1!

  2. More Research Into The Sandy Hook Victims or Actors

    Allison Wyatt, also six, right, were shot dead on Friday at their school

    Read more:
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    According to this her name is Lilly and her mother is concerned that her living child is listed as a dead CT child. The mother writes;

    [Dearest family and friends: Saturday afternoon I was made aware that a photo I took on August 14, 2009, of Lily on her first day of kindergarten, was found on multiple Facebook pages (8 that I know of at this time…3:30 a.m.) devoted to the horrific events in Connecticut. Written below the photo was, “R.I.P. to this little 6 year old angel who got killed in this horrible tragedy” and similar captions. This photo, MY PHOTO, of MY CHILD (this sweet, beautiful, alive and well child!), was taken from my Flickr page without my knowledge or consent and is fraudulently being used to garner ‘likes’ for these pages. Before we finally had it removed from one page, it had gotten 187,487 likes and 6,914 shares. I am so very afraid that I will not be able to ‘fix’ this. How on earth can I??? Honestly, this is beyond my comprehension. I need your help…all of you! With the vigilance, persistence, and kindness of family, friends, and complete strangers, we have gotten 7 of the pages to remove the photo. There is still one page out there (I’ll link to it below) that has ignored my messages and repeated postings. if you see Lily’s photo out there, send me the link, report the page to Facebook, and post on that page!!!!! I *never* ‘share’ things on FB, but I am asking you to share this and help to right a wrong. My heart is breaking for the victims and families in the wake of this horrific mass murder, and to exploit and further victimize other children is almost inconceiveable. Cathy Gaubert]

    • Wtf? The article about the mother is suspect as well..Her own home life was odd as she supposedly reveals below..her father lived a “secret life?” Hmmmmm…..what was going on with that family and is there a connection?

      “Yah…that’s what I thought too but apparently my father was married previously and actually lived in Ohio…secret life and all. Weird.”

      “Cincinnati …. Story TOO long to text off my little I Phone… But yes, life is funny and strange. Lies people tell and try to live in those lies. Sad. She seems nice and I would like to meet her. I feel sorry that my parents turned their backs in her at such a young age. No one is talking so I don’t know the real story.”

      As for Cheryl…she had no clue what happened. Her mother is dead, our father is dead, and my mother won’t say. It’s a mystery. We will never have answers…just have to deal with what is.


    • I hate the bastards in those planes. On a lighter note, Arizona wasn’t nuked on xmas…………

      • So Phoenix still stands in the middle of that god forsaken desert..

        I spent a few years in Phoenix…one of the more violent places I have lived.

        I spoze EVERYWHERE is on that violence kick these days…
        Why even sleepy Sandy got hooked.

        When Bain’s book came out, the first thing in my intuit circuits said, “nope…Phoenix will not get nuked on xmas”…

        So they planned to sell a lot of books in a rush and then…?
        The scoop got the poop and had to go to the trash can.


    • That’s the best doc on HAARP I’ve seen PD. I’ve viewed it before but watched it again tonight. thanks for posting.

  4. here in Howard Co. Md (between Baltimore and DC) I sit looking at the weather page of today’s Washington Post. It says today will have a low of 39 degrees in DC and a low of 37 in Baltimore. When i rolled my ass outta bed at 10:15 it was snowing to beat the band, grass was covered in over an inch.

    In all honesty, i was a little skeptical about some similar accounts and their HARP/Chemtrail causation. No longer. And yes, the snow was a weird never before seen type of heavy wet-but-icy crap. Color me pissed.

  5. He was wiping his hands vigorously with a rag soaked in gasoline, washing off the grease from the engine he had been working on.

    “Oh I get it” my stepfather said through his teeth and cigarette, the smoke curling up his cheek to a squinting right eye, “you’re the only sane one and everybody else is crazy. Right?”

    I sort of stood back in my mind…I couldn’t even remember what I had just said to give him that impression. But yes, he was right, that is what I thought in a certain sense. But not “everybody”…no, but most people, and certainly he. I didn’t reply. Having heard it put so bluntly shocked me into sudden deep contemplation.

    I was twelve or thirteen at the time. We didn’t talk much, Ernie my stepfather and I. This had been one of the rare occasions when he asked me about myself, my thoughts and such. Usually he spoke to me only to give orders or to reprimand. He never forgave me for my mother having slept with another man before they had met. By this time in my life our relationship was mutually cold, although I was rarely openly hostile to him.

    My mothers car pulled into the driveway as we looked on from the doorway to the garage. She had come back from the grocery market. I ran up to the car and opened the trunk of the 58 Chevy Bel Air. I trundled up as many bags as I could carry and went to the house with them. My mind was still on what Ernie had said…I would think on it for a long time, I think upon it still.


    • Your stepfather had no clue how right that statement was rogue…….

      • Yea Deb,

        It seems to me looking back on my life that I was born with a sixth sense…a part of being an artist in a way, though not all artists that I know have it in the manner I speak of.

        A lot of artists do get caught up in ‘commercialism’ for the sake of ‘making a living’ at their art. Some get caught up too deep in that going along to get along routine, and they loose that primitive edge that I am talking about.

        The sense I had that this is indeed a pathological society only deepened as I matured and was able to articulate my thoughts better. I have had some “lucky” breaks in my time as well… …remembering Obiwan’s injunction on the term “luck” {grin}.


        • Just a further note on those “lucky breaks”…

          I found that some of my luckiest breaks were in NOT getting what I thought I wanted.

          I look at Chuck Wright now, and his petty vainglorious headspace as a “bass god”, and think, ‘there but for the grace of God go I’.

          And the heart rending breakup with my last X…what a gift it has turned out to be to be away from that psychic vampire. The deep spiritual lessons I learned with that one are inexpressible.

          I’m free!


  6. Love the design

    • What the hell is that?

      Btw, I think my little civic may be floating away as I type this. It looks like a raging river in front of my house….

      • Better run out and get the shotgun outta the trunk Deb…



    • I’ve seen but not worked with the CAD system that builds these intricate ship designs…pretty cool and user friendly, lotsa hobbiests use it now – thus the proliferation of these “UFO” videos.

      The vid from the Bahama’s around 2008 was stellar, all sorts of moving parts as it passed over palms swaying in the breeze.

      Funny thing is, I have seen this one [NY] in illustrations at some design blogs I have visited. Issa hohoho and a hehehe…


  7. Wanted to commend you for this well put together piece here ! Also going to take this space here to announce that now that the holidays are over I will be dedicating my free time to the Xenotransplantation piece I had mentioned. LOve to you all and see you very soon.

    • Roger that Coto-tilla. Fort Detrick and Montauk? Bigfoot, phone home.

    • Love to you too dawn and looking forward to your article :). I was hoping you were coming back.. Gets lonely sometimes being the only regular female posting here!

    • Happy New Year Nicole,

      Looking forward to your article as well.

      Deb, you’re not a “regular female” you are an extraordinary female.

      Love ya COTO


      • that was f**** awesome Hybrid!!!!!

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