Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 24, 2012

Banking on Crisis, Banking on Nonsense, the d’Elites Get a Truth Enema.



Disarm Dimwits!

Disarm Dimwits!

Shut Up Grincho!  You can learn something from ME!

Shut Up Grincho! You can learn something from ME!

At the end of Benjamin Fulford’s weekend newsletter posted (I know someone who receives the weekly post), he states, “The situation is less clear in the US but it seems that the Sandy Hook murders have provoked the exact opposite reaction from what was intended. The inconsistencies in the official story, the videos of laughing actors suddenly turning into “grieving parents,” the reports of multiple gun-men etc. have outraged military and law enforcement types. It was, as a gnostic illuminati leader put it, “a fatal mistake.”

However, many of these dangerous and desperate criminals are on the loose and can still carry out other atrocities. That is why we must keep our powder dry and stay alert so that we can make sure to finish the job”.

SO… WE might surmise that trained investigators, police, agency spooks, people that were intimately involved and on the ground in Sandy Hook (and other “thinkers” across the nation) must have their investigatory “hairs” standing up on the nape of their necks as they process the putrid outputs of the MSM and their crony McPhonies.

Good on COTOCREW for raising the BullShit Flag right away. Good on Willyloman for doing the same. Here’s his latest post exposing the NY Khazar bastards like Bloomberg and Cuomo for despicable criminal actions — .

Seriously? Can we not say that New Yorkers and most anybody else with functioning greay matter can see in a New York Nanosecond — the duplicity, the elitist hubris, and dark evil streak of these creatures?

I’m sure Ghoulieish Giuliani will pipe up anytime as well.

See…Predators and Psychopaths cannot help themselves? They’re predictable reptiles.

My Christmas Wish is for ALL THE “WHO’S” in WHOVILLE to WAKE UP to the facts falling all around them that the “Santa” (Satan) Public Figures who seem to populate the important positions of Power, Prestige, and Possessions — are in fact — the GRINCH(es), who STOLE every thing that wasn’t nailed down.

No folks! It ain’t that you haven’t worked hard enough, been good enough, planned effectively, blah, blah, blah. YOU WUZ ROBBED! NOW WHO ROBBED THE WHO’S — WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!

Merry Christmas…



  1. Claps , whistles… Great article. Am sharing this on facebook. Word on Guiliani (sp?) Speaking up . A beautifully appropo piece . peace!

    • And a smart title as well my saavy friend.

  2. Christmas Cheer to you Ms. Dawnatilla!

    • Aaargh ! I just lost a reply , well worded and filled with love. Damn thumb/stupid phone Second try : COTO my apologies for absence. Family opportunities and situation arose and I haven’t been at the pc at all . Very little . AT any rate, all my love to you guy and see you this evening with article . And a small graphic

  3. From that WillyLoman article cited above:

    “If Americans want a society where schools do not, as the one in Newtown did, have to drill their children in emergency lock-down procedures, more drastic measures should be contemplated. Handgun bans, such as those that operated in Chicago and Washington, DC, before the Supreme Court struck them down, would be needed on a national scale. Gun licences, obtainable only after extensive police and medical review as in most other civilised countries, would be needed for hunting and sporting weapons. Tough police action, coupled with an extensive “buy-back” programme, would be needed to mop up the hundreds of millions of guns that are already held. If, as seems probable, this is held to conflict with the constitution, then the constitution needs to be amended.” The Economist

    This part, slinking in the shadows is the most chilling part of this wholly chilling thrust of draconia: “…and medical review …” What is meant of course is psyche evaluations…and it will be implemented to all citizens at the end of the line.

    Your chip from ‘the Beast’ will have not only your slave tag-number, but a timed drip of your sedatives. Don yer holy pajamas and hail Barry, he’s even recruiting the Tooth Fairy for the Homeland GoonSquad.

    Don’t hafta play this one by ear, the sheet music is open to the page…


  4. Hi fellow COTO 🙂 merry whatever..

    re the buy guns back crap, ha ha ha best laugh that!
    Aus had all the well trained obedient law abiding etc etc do just that,
    however the crims and organised crime etc sure didnt,
    they were unregd untrackable
    and still here and being used more frequently than ever,
    and then theres the recently?? admitted corrupt customs officials expediting even more coming in for some years it is now admitted..

    while the public is now defenceless.
    yeah, smart move..NOT.

    recent approvals to allow limited regd owners to hunt feral critters in national parks has the most insane response, someone might get shot. well in near 200 yrs of just that prior to now the acidental self shootings were pretty low the mate shot mate even less.
    reduction in rabbit fox and goats cats dingos pigs etc were enough to help keep them from over running parks and farms.
    but the anti gun and anti any use of parks for anything at all except walking in designated areas crowd of mindless eco/green/super anal control freak fwits are in full scream now.

    bloody Darwin award winners all.
    , I’d love to let em out in a park with all the species they say are fine, with no protection and no mobiles to call for help.wouldnt take long to sort em out:-)

    • Dude buy backs in Mexico are all over da boob toob today. Turn in your gun for a X-mas bicycle. You cant snuff a trafficker with a shiny new bike now,can you?

    • Happy Holidays Oz,

      Thanks for dropping in with your ever prescient observatorials.

      Remember the reign maker is watchin’. The thought police are out of the gate and running just as fast as they can run. They’ll hurry up to snatch away your gun. Here come the warm jets….


  5. Hey Boom I was on the Mex nightly news being interviewed at yesterdays gun show in live Oak Texas. I was explaining to the wets why we have em and what we need em for. They edited My indictment of the regime for the 20 toddlers. At least i got to drop a seed in they ear.

  6. Excellent Observations Rogue1 and Oz. When you stop and think about things for a bit (speaking mainly about sheeple), and look at historical facts and the results, an individual with common sense would conclude a herd of sheeple collectively deciding to become “defenseless” would be one of the most stupid things they could ever do. When you consider that you (as head of your family) are rendering your entire family defenseless at This time, in This dangerous and uncertain world/environment, then you really do need your head examined.

    The gun-grabber d’elites are using the Classic duplicit illogical ploy. They themselves would never consider being defenseless, but they want to convince all of the “marks” that it is a necessary and logical thing to do.

    Yeah — We’re all over that non-floating turd of an idea. They just keep shooting that shit through their media blowhorns, hoping it will stick against the fan blades without causing too much reverberation. Out o’luck shysters!

    Right on KornisKing! Good for you!

    Found a couple of more well shot Darts in the Ass of the donkeys who think they can just rationalize away the 2nd Amendment like they did to other portions with the Patriot Crap and End D’AA:

    “On Guns, the Crazies Make the Laws”, good points wrapped in another pathetic TSA bonehead Action:

    “Guns and the Constitution: “Keep and Bear,” Not “Buy and Sell”” —

    Its getting rather monotonous to point out the ridiculousness of these cheerleaders for rendering entire populations defenseless. They’re like rabid crazy zombies in suits, wearing politician’s rubber masks. Is this Halloween and April Fools all at once? Their entire concept is asinine, and essentially suicidal. No thanks. You all do it first and live that way for a couple of years and we’ll get back to you!

  7. Next up, dead firemen. They are really turning it up in their quest to get the guns, huh?

    Unreal. Kids not working to plan, how about ambushed firemen? What group next to every Americans heart can they murder next? Disabled children? 9/11 first responders? WTF.

    • He burned houses so matches and lighters are next

  8. How obvious is this MK’s nutball? This AMBUSH was indeed one by Cuomo and Blooberg and the rest of the control synicate. This guy was pulled out of the deep freeze for just this kind of occasion.

    Crystal clear

    Human remains found at home of gunman who ambushed firefighters

    Good thing Jesus hasn’t returned yet, he’d be MARKED FOR DEATH.
    -Manufactured Consent

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