Posted by: dawnatilla | December 24, 2012

Puddy, please tell me that is not a ‘smart meter’ in the banner! and can you give me any information on these things?



  1. This is all way way over my head I would respectfully ask if you could tell me how to cancel my membership I have tried to do this by following the instructions under “join” on the dashboard I tried to contact puddydunne via e-mail it didn’t go thru several times I tried thankyou

    • jeislord,

      You don’t have to cancel your membership.

      Simply be on your merry way.


      • Thanks for your response I am also troubled by the article or post if you will that seems to make Israel out to be a villain I am a christian and I firmly believe Israel is to never divide its land and if the current administration does as have previous administrations have this country will suffer consequenses as it has in the past. My references for this claim can be found in a book called As America has done to Israel By John P. Mcternan. Bless you and yours Merry Christmas.

        • Dont let the door hit You in Your zionist ass on the way out.

        • Yes, do be on your psycho merry way.

          > “…to make Israel out to be a villain…”

          You complain jeislord, but ma’am/sir, Israel is a VERITABLE villain. You have identified the delusional Zionist paradigm your mind is locked in.

          You have unmasked your automaton “self”: an unthinking bot for the repulsive and vile system of your beloved psychopathic despotic rulers.

          And if you try to smear us with your limp old slur of “antisemitic” all I will say is that it is a pathetic handwaving ruse, and an absurd excuse for an argument. If you don’t know the brutal history of genocidal maniac Israel, then you are sleepwalking.

          Take your wacky whack elsewhere, or suffer further rebuke for your unconscious blither. Go drool over your Scofield mythological grimoir and dance with your fucked up demons.


          • betta recognize!!! damn served up hot…just saw this 🙂

    • Jeislord, I do not have you listed as member. Are you trying to cancel your wordpress account? I do not have you listed as a twitter follower or a email recipient either. Did you have another handle?

      You can reject and close your WP account by yourself. It appears you have nothing in your own blog. Just delete it.

      Go to tools and select delete blog.

      BTW, we are all villains.

      • Yes Puddy all of us are villains,

        And for some truth feels like a blunt instrument laid up side the head.


  2. Dawn,

    Guess we’ll have to wait for Puddy to speak up on the ‘smart meter’.

    I’ve never seen one personally.


    • Tell ya what Dawn,

      Just put this in your browser and see what comes up:

      > FOCUS AXR-SD


      • Did You notice the hog nose on that thing? No on the meter.

  3. Korn I noticed the pig snout on both the meter and the Hasbara oinker that dropped in.

    Behind every great fortune there is grand larceny…to paraphrase DeBalzac

    Behind every great massacre lies that hand of Zion. This may be veiled by many layers of interconnections, but the linkage is verified by open information when viewed from a lucid and sane frame.

    Rather than begin with the boots on the ground in linking Sandy Hook to Zion, let us begin at the top of the foodchain in Connecticut; The Senator representing Israel in a charade as representative for the state of Connecticut.

    For a connect the dots exercise see this article:

    Here you will see the lines of puppetry running all the way from the ground in Sandy Hook into the hands of the main contact to the seat of Zionist power, one Joe Lieberman, a henchman of Zion for decades.

    The agenda or the protocol and nomenclature for this cabal is clearly stated and clearly understood. Let no pretenders exclaim otherwise.


    • You anti-SHE-mite ! Get it ?

  4. So many mistake the dialog planted in their heads by the maimstream media, and all the other institutions of this system for “reality”.

    They fail to see how elementary it is that even petty crime is the product of an engineered stratified social structure built by a strategy of tension, the choices of desperation are fanned by the system itself. “Crime” is simply another ‘industry’ in this pathological society. The symbiosis between the cops and criminals is obvious as Hegel’s dialectic.

    To pretend that this isn’t manipulated by specific guidelines is to play ‘Make ‘Believe’. Crime is necessary at every level for the criminal elite. It shouldn’t take a gumshoe or a racket scientist to figure this out. But you’ve got to pop your head out of that little box of conformity in your head to see this.

    It’s simply wake-up or die stupid like a lamb at slaughter.



    Yes it is and I have one. I got it because I did not want the liability of dog bites and trespassing.

    I have a faraday sheild and I wanted it anyway for research. I have an optic probe and I can now monitir the system for security reasons. It’s a project I have started since the termineter program has become available. It’s a hack program and allows advance system operators to monitor their own system.

    The effects of Radio mc wave is a health risk if not sheilded properly. But your home is full of scalar magnetic smog and fields. If concerned spend a hundred

    It’s simple and has two magnetic range, elec and radio/microwave band testing.

    Dawn, please ask the questions in a comment versus a post for continuity and so subscribers aren’t receiving them. Thanks.

    • hi Puddy, ok my 3 phase digital power meter shat n died on the water heating side of its digibrain about 6 weeks ago, so I have no hot water, since its summer I can bucket bath but its a pain.
      nice decent sparky has offered to find a non smart meter if he can to replace it for me,
      however..its a long wait so far
      How to construct a viable faraday cage to shield the bastard?
      it would be on a wooden wall near where I sit on pc and also in line with me in bedroom for sleeping,
      bad bad muy bad.
      soo what do I use?
      metal mesh placed over a new wooden backboard? full metal jacket with only a small forward away from house exit point?
      the state govt mandated forced installation with no opt out available:-(
      I just sent installers away with a stream of abuse and wrote n blasted the state govt dept. felt better but no real use long term they will enforce..
      I d love a jammer to really give em brainfarts:-)

      • The Korn-tech low-tech answer,,sledge-hammer !

        • surely the filth would come and arrest?

  6. Puddy, is this faraday cage around your entire home or just around the meter? I’d like to look into this technology since the smart meter is making me feel dumb these days! Lucky me got all the no sleep, heart palpitation etc symptoms…….and it ain’t good!

    • See the response.

      As you all should know by now the PTB can run any application or surveillance directly through the power lines. They do not need wiretap or cable Wi-Fi hack. There can be survelliance in your lamps, fridge, TV or your laptop/pc. Spychips and other GPS locating can be in your luggage as easy as your new car.

      There’s no limit to what they can do as far as surveillance. Cell phones are obvious but if you think the cheap toys you buy your kids from WalMart don’t have this technology you are missing an important piece to the puzzle.

      Are they watching or listening to you? Absolutely. Are they assaulting you with their products? For certain. Are they collecting massive amounts of data and processing it at terabyte speed. You betcha.

      Samsung Korea? No Samsung China!!

      • I have to laugh at the pun, It’s all Manufactured Consent 🙂

  7. You have to check interior walls. You are getting magnetic fields from your homes wiring. What’s dangerous is published.. Buy or borrow a tri-meter and go through your house.

    If wired well you’ll not need to do much. If you have hotspots, move from where you spend time (ie. bed or PC desk) The smart meter just needs backing if you are getting high readings through the wall. If you choose to opt out have the backing put behind the meter before install.

    There usually is about 4 to 5 feet of serious mag scatter around the hotspots. If you have mc ovens they require about 6 feet of safety. Do not stand by it while it’s running.

    Check your monitor, power strips and television. It is not necessary to Faraday your home but everyone should have a metal can with lid for a radio, shortwave, laptop and other circuit/chip driven items you will need after an emp event.

    If you understand and have read about the psychotronic assaults and eperiment such as Iraq Slam Dunk and the Utah State Prison experiments and others, you may want to consider a safe room – Faraday tent, cage or entire room.

    What the warning signs are varies but research is around and symptoms are variable depending on the cycle/Hz and intent.


    • Thanks for the smart meter links. They hooked me up this past spring while I was at work. They refuse to remove it. I have some orgon on it and in my pillow case………not sure if it’s helped. Sleep is hard to come by. Gotta get a tri-meter reading as it’s probably 8 freet from the head of my bed. Fighting big brother to remove it is fruitless so far, but the NH coalition against smart meters is still on the case trying to pass opt out here. I’m hopeful, kinda..
      Ok, off to read the links. Thanks again!

      • You can buy a dumb meter and have electrician change it, but I would just shield it. Find someone with the meter and check your house for hotspots, they are dangerous and troublesome.
        Keep me posted MsD.

        • would you rely on an app on a smart phone?

    • thank you for that information Puddy…oddly I just saw this. I no longer am checking wordpress by mobile.

  8. Sandy Hook
    Lauren Rousseau’s Car Riddled With Bullet Holes In Sandy Hook Parking Lot?

    • wow!!! going there now…who is this person?

    • when I used the app “TinEyeReverse” search, which pulls up all instances of web usage for an image…there are zero results, not surprising.

  9. Agenda 21 Is Being Rammed Down The Throats Of Local Communities All Over America

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