Posted by: veritytwo | December 23, 2012

Yosemite Sam Yahoo and the Cartoon Bomb Revisited

Max Egan & Ken O’Keefe- False Flags & The American Interest.

Max Egan & Ken O’Keefes breakdown on Israeli lobbyist Patrick Clawson’s (how do you spell puke) suggestion of using a false flag event as a means of initiating conflict with Iran.

Commentary from a Gaza roof top.



  1. And now for the next Looney Tunes episode.
    This about Martin The Martian (the little black dude from Kenya) fixes the numbers

  2. Thanks for the post V, that is a fanbloodytastick commentary by Max & Ken. I remember when I first saw that video how pissed off I was at that little weasel.

    Max & Ken do a great job of taking it apart and Ken’s commentary at the end is dynamic. I’ve seen him in debates and he blows his opponents away.

    The toon isn’t loading for me. I’ll try back again later.

  3. And now to stir the pot a little more. Go figure China is surpassing the US as the predominant trading partner on the planet. But then that’s to be figured in the contest to be top dog. It’s more like pitting Quang Chi Caine (Kung Fu TV series) against Yosemite Sam.

    Chateau de Chine: Chinese buy prestige Bordeaux vineyard

    Chinese investors have purchased the elite Chateau Bellfont-Belcier vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France. Similar deals have caused outrage among some French politicians who are concerned the country is selling its wine heritage.

    Chinese mogul sues Obama

    President Obama this year ruled against allowing a Chinese man to build a wind farm in Oregon, calling him a ‘national security threat’. Convinced that the president was biased against the Chinese, the man is taking Obama to court.

    Sky City: China to erect world’s tallest tower in 3 months, building 5 stories a day

    China has embraced the challenge of putting up the world’s tallest building in only 90 days. The 838-meter skyscraper, dubbed Sky City, is set to house 17,400 people as well as a hotel, a hospital, several schools, offices and apartments.

    China flexes naval might with new aircraft carrier’s first jet landing (VIDEO)

    China has successfully landed a warplane on its first aircraft carrier. The new J-15 jet fighter touched down on the Liaoning as part of the ship’s operational tests.

    Neighbors’ fury: Asian states angered by new Chinese passports

    India has joined a number of Asian states condemning China’s new microchip-equipped passports. The dispute was triggered by the map printed on documents’ pages, which shows China’s claim on disputed territories.

    China leaves behind the US as world’s leading trade partner

    This picture taken on November 7, 2012 shows a ship berthed ahead of its cargo of containers being unloaded at the port of Qingdao in northeast China’s Shandong province.(AFP Photo / China Out)

    In just five years, China surpassed the US as leading a trading partner in the world. With 124 countries considering China their largest trading partner and only 76 having that relationship with the US, the Asian country’s influence is on the rise.

    In 2006, the US was the larger trading partner for 127 countries, while China dominated among 70. In 2011, the numbers reversed, with China dominating trade among 124 countries and the US being the top trade partner for only 76, the Associated Press reported. Some US allies even consider China their top trading partner, including Australia and South Korea.

    The AP findings demonstrate China’s rapid ascent as a trade partner. As a result of its international relationships, the world’s most populous country is becoming more politically influential – and its rise won’t be ending anytime soon. China’s world output is forecasted to grow up to 8 percent a year over the next decade – a rate that surpasses all Western levels.

    Trade with China was on average 12.4 percent of GDP for other countries – a rate that is higher than trade with the US has been in the past 30 years. Trade with China was only 3 percent of a country’s GDP in 2002, which demonstrates the surge that occurred in the last decade.

    With rising trade influence, China is likely to also generate jobs, raise living standards and gain political power.

    “The United States is a tiger with no power. Nobody can deny that China is the one now rising,” said Shin Cheol-soo, a South Korean businessman at the ENA Industry Co.

    While the US is still the world’s largest importer and exports more expensive and high-quality products, China is a bigger market for 77 countries, which is an increase of 20 countries since the year 2000. The US exports innovative products in the automobile industry, aerospace, medicine, computers, finance and pharmaceuticals, but China’s low labor costs make it a success in products that can be produced cheaply.

    At the current rate of trading, China will surpass the US and become the largest trader by the end of this year.

    “The center of gravity of the world economy has moved to the east,” Mauricio Cardenas, the finance minister of Colombia, told AP. “I would say that there is nothing comparable in the last 50 years.”

    While the recession hit US businesses hard, some began to thrive in China. Shin, the businessman at ENA Industry Co. who sold auto parts, moved his struggling business from the US to China. And across the world, people have begun to recognize the importance of China in the future world economy. Parents are increasingly encouraging their children to learn Mandarin in school.

    “Mothers who send their kids here believe our children’s generation is the China generation. In the future, without learning Chinese, one won’t be able to get a job,” said Nancy Ching, who opened a Chinese-language school in South Korea.

    China is also starting to look into markets that were so far dominated by the US. Rather than exporting products, the Chinese hope to soon sell services and investments, including construction and engineering. By building roads, dams, highways, and other structures in developing countries, China is now rivaling the US and Europe in areas it never touched before.

    “When we see the people from America, they say ‘We want to assist Kenya’. But I don’t see it. China comes and I see one thing: the road,” said Joseph Makori, a professional driver in Kenya, where Chinese companies are increasingly winning government contracts to do construction.

    China’s trade is reaching beyond just economic partnerships with countries in need of cheap products. The world’s most populous country is becoming an influential power in a range of aspects. While China is set to surpass the US and become the largest trader by the end of 2012, it may not be long before the countries will compete politically

    • Well, accordant with the Rockyfella’s the CHINA MODEL is the NEW WORLD of the future Order…Corporate Feudalism.

      It is the Western Corporatists that handed this position to China, is it snot? You bet your poppylation of bots. This is the plan from the Bilderbuggers, the fecal matter dripping from their ding dongs is the design dribbled on the face of this tortured planet.

      Alas, a hard reign is ahead, alotta folks ta be bled, alotta snouts ta be fed at the bloody ritual feasts.

      [FFWD>>] Ahead…


      • I very much doubt, there’s any loyalties between mob bosses. This has the politics of a vulture and hyena feast at an elephant carcass.

  4. Yea, “Crisis initiation is really tough…”

    According to this professional psychopath, Patrick Claw son…the son of Claw he is, a blood dripping claw.

    The Revelation of the Method is on stage now. They are pulling their overcoats open and shaking their dicks at us…right on camera
    …sick perverted mutherfukkers…



    • couldn’t have been said better!

  5. Don’t blink an eye. It’s a beta test. We are not such geniuses to have decoded the agenda. I wish I had an organic seed for each instance I have said they are telling us everything they do.

    How would everyone here expect this to turn out? Turn to the prophecy. No Rogue not the Xtian revelations but the Hopi Blue Star (Hope Bluebeam)

    What’s their plan? Take out the Government in place? Half the American population supports neo-cons so they can see Israel fulfill their twisted religious desires. Sampson is the threat?

    It is to the degree that the New World Order wants to take control. If we removed the current administrators what next? The facts as I see them are simple.

    Point US nukes at London, Paris, Bejing, Moscow, Rome, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Tel-Aviv and DC. Then convey no fear in fulfilling a game over revelation scenario. That ends the game for globalists doesn’t it?

    Israel is not waiting for Saudi’s and MI6 London to orchestrate the spring for Palestine. I’m as worried about nukes from Israel as much as I am aliens from space, but it keeps the markets waves surfing and frequencies off the real perps playing the tunes of the Grand Chessboard.

    This world society has a “death wish” cultural attraction for as long as the scribes have scribbled and soliloquists have spoken it. Fear and loathing propaganda. I’d say let’s all go out at midnight DC standard time XXXmas eve and all yell, “Go ahead and just fucking do it.”

    Santa Claws and these committee clowns just bore me into depression. Chemtrails too.

    • some say its a matter of choosing a timeline…I think its possible that things will somehow fall into place thru a series of events…humanity as a whole has made alot of progress, more than we can comprehend probably! but I know this: the current paradigm will not work any longer…sometimes things beyond our seeming control step into remind us that all things are in our control…:) this is the time to create and emit the reality we want to see….its the next step…perhaps.

  6. politics ..feeling queasy….must go…

  7. chemtrails: trying to ignore my queasiness…

  8. Greetings of the seasons I express.

    • Merry Kripuss Meester Brijezz…and a snappy New Year.

      Hohoho to all.


  9. It’s a boil and not a bubble. I’ve seen the bubbles. When it gets lanced, look out, you have never imagined the flying blood and puss.

    It will achieve the desire kill for round one.

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