Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 23, 2012

Time to Get Away From the Dregs — Put Up Something That You Enjoy!

Aye, my Mum sent me the link to this tune, coming out of Euro land. Her point being there’s some artistry happening in other places outside of the music mafia driven sound waves in Amerika, where Rap & Crap are shoved in our youngster ears along with “killer” video games.


I’ll start off MUSIC SUNDAY with the link from a band called “Hurts”. I like their other stuff I went and listened to on YouBoob. Nice staging, melodic, classy with some sensuality…

What guy wouldn’t like this one?



  1. MOm has a good point , there is no enough that I myself have done much research in the area of The IlluminatI Music Industry , where ALL the women are MK’D , AND MOST MEN, the Handlers, so, in all actuality, one cannot even blame Lady Gaga for her poisonous perfume, her satanic symbolism , etc. But there exists, as always, the UNDERGROUND, something CalI famous is for .

    • Tried to embed a song….u can just click it

      • ok, so i did remember how to do it……these guys were the only thing i liked from the 90’s……well….maybe some U2

        • Ya. u2 another huge disappointment . u2’s Bono can be seen at parties with the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates covering an eye and engaging in fake do gooder charities which really fund black ops and war.

      • I remember these guys well!

      • Ya. u2 another huge disappointment . u2’s Bono can be seen at parties with the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates covering an eye and engaging in fake do gooder charities which really fund black ops and war. Did you use the regular embed code to get that video in the comments ? As for 80’s bands : General Public , the Cure , Siouxsie

        • and The Banshees. P.I.L , the Clash ,

          • The Cramps, Butthole Surfers, BauHaus, Christian Death , the Ramones

            • Dawn, to your question about the “regular embed code” i think the answer is yes. Agree that Bono rubs shoulders with some questionable characters but not sold that he has consciously and whole heartedly joined the dark side. Could be but even if…he n his mates put out some shit that will stand the test of centuries, unlike the others you mentioned…except maybe the Ramones. I’m actually more a Greatful Dead kinda guy. Beatles, Dylan, Marley….old blues kats, rockabilly, even got a soft spot for some Elvis. I thought of Rancid because you said you were from the Bay area. You may be too young to dig the Dead but I’m sure you know a few old heads. Anyway it aint Sunday no more but it has been Christmas for a half hour here in MD so, Merry Day to all and here is a little gift.

              • of course they spell it Grateful……it’s late…think i hear hooves on the roof

              • right on …sorry I just saw this! using mobile for wordpress bites the big one. ❤

  2. Scheherazade…


    • Lovely, Thank You!

      • I don’t know how familiar you are with the inspiration for this piece. But this is the beginning of the longer symphony, and represents Sinbad’s ship at sea, as Scheherazade begins her tale which will last 101 Arabian Nights.


    • That’s beautiful Will… thanks for sharing .

      • The opening, that pauses for that first solo violin always sends chills up my spine…and the hair raises on my arms…simply thrillingly, hauntingly beautiful…


        • My words exactly Will, ethereal & haunting.


    • I enjoyed this piece very much. Well delivered and down home message of empowerment.

      As I said I have esoteric tastes, I like any good music…by my own taste buddies.


      • Right on for taking the time to see hear that !!! Someone down there ahem missed out .

      • Im going to share your response with them 🙂

        • Didn’t say I didn’t listen to it. Its just that I have a young boy who unfortunately remembers all rap lyrics (that’s what the kids listen to at his scholl), and constantly is on “play” unless I verbally ask him to chill. I try and broaden his musical tastes whenever possible. Kids like the beat, and the mindless regurgitation of the rap lyrics. Gets to be a bit much, especially early in the morning, and while taking him to school.

    • That’s a good song dawn, with a good message…so many black artists know the illuminati score and use their talent to sing against it, not sell out to it like the JayZ’s of the world.

      Only part I didn’t like was Angela Davis (I think that was her). She gave speeches this past election criticizing Obama but said she still supported him. Sellout?

      • Thanks for listening. Those guys are friends of mine from frisco. Alot of artists here are not ready to let go of their perceptions of people who affected them postively once, even though it may or may not have been genuine from whatever icon best illustrated it for them. And ya F*** Jay Z

  4. I try and stay away from Rap, dAt. But thanks for posting and toasting.

    • Then you limit yourself because thats not rap. Its dooyen home bay area hip hop . with HEART !!!

  5. Greetings of the seasons I express.

    • AWESOME!

    • DOWNHOME not dooyen 😉

    • Merry Christmas to you too Senor and to every one 🙂

    • Yes, Merry Christmas Senor and everyone…

      “Hohoho”….Ah the youthful memories.

      They sustain me through this cold cold season…


      • Jeeeze, that Christmas spirit musta went to my head…

        I take that back Senor, fuck you.

        Fuck you twice to make up for it.


        • Mr. Rogue writes so eloquently on the day after Christmas:
          “I take that back Senor, fuck you. Fuck you twice to make up for it.”

          Twice it is. Refer to the COTO Rules of Engagement:
          “Personal attacks are not allowed, and will be deleted. … The first offense will result in a warning. The second offense will result in moderation. The third offense will result in removal from the site.”

          • I’m sure it gives all of COTO that warm fuzzy feeling knowing we have someone dedicated to POLICING the site for the use of Anglo Saxon phrases…


  6. This makes me feel good. My favorite Christmas movie and on my all time favorite list too. It never fails to make me cry, even more so now.

    No, I’m not a purist, I do like the colorized version….. and yea I’m sappy and still like the good parts of Christmas.

    • Yea Deb,

      I love that movie too.

      No humbug here, I have a lifetime of wonderful Christmas memories.


      • As do I Will. I wish you a special Merry Christmas for holding on to the lovely memories:)


    Another goody from Jon.


    • I like the food and decorations . The smell of pine.

      • Ah yes, that smell of pine, t’is divine.

        The whole thing was wonderful as a kid…even early adulthood.

        Mostly I don’t get involved because I don’t want to hang with my relatives here…my “in-laws” on my sister’s side…born again wack jobs…much to loud and holier than thou.

        The commercialism makes it poopy too.

        I went total hermit here…just my mood these days. Ever since 9/11 I can’t bear to yak with the zombies.


        • understandable and unfortunate ..but then again maybe it isnt 😉

      • I love the smell of pine and the decorations as well..oh and the music too. I guess, despite the crass commercialism and the state of the world, Christmas still has a bit of magic to it.

        My kids and grandkids and one of their other grandmoms are coming over to celebrate Christmas Eve at my house with food, decorations, the smell of pine and presents. I’m looking forward to it. The tiny ones make it fun. If not for them, it would just be another day.

  8. Man is flying too fast for a world that is round. Soon he will catch up with himself in a great rear end collision. ~ James Thurber

  9. Thank you all for posting — and Merry Christmas to You All!

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