Posted by: dawnatilla | December 22, 2012

The Sandy Hook Hoax Map



  1. Welcome Atilla the Dawn. Glad you stumbled into our little nook, (or is it a cranny?) Cleary you have already proven to be a valuble new member. Just a more rhetorical question than any “nit-picking”… do you really think the music in this montage is helpful? Don’t think you created it ….but u did post it….in my opinion it could be like 45 seconds instead of 6 minutes, lose the lame drone/trance “music” and convey the info in a more palatable way. My 2 cents. Again, welcome, we need all the new blood and fresh angles and angels we can luck into.

    I’m 49….very low on the tech savvy scale…..lovin some good music and really found the ear poll.ution on this piece to be abhorrent.

    • Hahahaha…I’m older than you Rebel and I loved the soundtrack.

      Strokes and folks..???


    • hi..I apologize for just seeing this!!!I didnt make the vid so I cannot take resp.for the crappy music!!! haha i too am a music fanatic…I understand your 2 cents…very much …and thank u! glad to be here!

  2. So is Vance sending SWAT teams to CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News???

    Great sound track on that vid.

    No wonder people aren’t buying the ‘Lone Gunman’ rag on this…


    • “Great sound track on that vid. ” hee hee

  3. I’m with Camus. Thank the creator for the volume controls. I sent our links (specifically the reappearance of Emilie) to a friend. Being a cognitive well adjusted observer he said he thought it could be a digital birth certificate (*) forgery
    he posted this;

    Needless to say my first question was that it could be a doctored photo, but then I found this.. Hmmmm!!!


    Add this too.

  4. WHITEHOUSE.GOV – 7718 signatures 17K needed for

    we petition the obama administration to:
    Deport British Citizen Piers Morgan for Attacking 2nd Amendment

    Dunne Done!

  5. I agree, the music is repetitive and annoying and it has a sound in it that sounds like my phone ringing. At least someone wasn’t trying to talk and the music was drowning them out like so many of these vids.

    Hey, did anyone see those faces imposed over the batman map at 5:24 in the vid? Who are they?

  6. Reporter [#15]: How many boys and how many girls [were killed]?
    Carver: [Slowly shaking his head] I don’t know.
    Carver: [Slowly shaking his head] I don’t know.
    Carver: [Slowly shaking his head] I don’t know.
    . . . . . . . .

    “I don’t know”?



  7. “I am a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. I did my psychiatric residency at Lincoln Hospital and, along with my child psychology residency, also at St. Luke’s Hospital of Columbia University.

    I have worked with Autistic people of all ages, the Asberger’s Syndrome people, Schizophrenic people, BiPolar people, Multiple Personality Disorder people, OCD, ADD, ADHD, and pretty much every other type of labeled person in my 42+ year career since graduating from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

    And I have never written a prescription for a psychiatric drug. Or any other type of drug, for that matter.”~Rima E. Laibow, MD


  8. HAHAHA my gmail: from WordPress. (liking own post accidentally)”You’re so vain. You probably think The Sandy Hook Hoax Map is about you. “

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