Posted by: dawnatilla | December 22, 2012

Dead by Guns: One Violent Month By CATHY CORMAN Harold Wayne Carver II, M.D., could not be more pleased


Dead by Guns: One Violent Month By CATHY CORMAN Harold Wayne Carver II, M.D., could not be more pleased

Harold Wayne Carver II, M.D., could not be more pleased. Asked to explain how guns work, the balding, graying, bearded giant in suspenders theatrically begins selecting bullets from the vast assortment he stores in a deep cardboard crate in his Farmington office. By the time Carver examines his patients, it’s too late to talk to them about the physical properties of gunpowder. By then, they’ve been toe-tagged and body-bagged.

“A gun is a device for imparting energy to tissue at a distance,” he says, the precision of his words contrasting starkly with his actions. Rummaging through his box, he absentmindedly holds bullets between his teeth even as he continues to talk. “First, it’s mechanical energy: The bullet going fast. Then, it pokes a hole and delivers energy to tissue as it slows down. The problem is that, usually, the bullet destr
oys things other than the tissue it touches.”



  1. I could find no date for this article..which i think is uncommon.

    • That pic you just sent…

      the old man making the sign seems to be looking right at the victim.

      Eerie and evil goings on…

      Is he named?


  2. I don’t find dates on a lot of articles on the web these days, which is unfortunate. A lot of times I find the days date that I log on to an article.
    I am glad COTO marks the actual day of publication of the articles posted here.

    I don’t know what we might find out about Carver’s state of psychopathy from this particular article – I found it more to be a rant about the danger of guns in this society.

    The same lame argument we here all the time. It is the society itself that is sick, and taking guns away is not going to solve that problem.
    I think all of us agree to that much here.

    Cathy Corman is obviously a very confused journalist with a shallow grasp of the issues of the day.


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