Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 22, 2012

COTO graduates – From Korn Country

My lovely daughter Cristina is starting her teaching internship Jan. 6 th as an art teacher. I am filled with pride and love for her. She has developed into a painter first class and a magnificent human being. She has worked her way through UT and graduates in May 2013. Cristina is the first member of My family to graduate college.

Maybe there is hope for this old human race. I am too old and bitter to effect any positive change. I never dreamed that I would father anyone as wonderful as she.This poor old heart has found joy once again.
pics attached
cristina 8 cristina1 cristina 2 cristina 3 cristina 4 cristina 5 cristina 6 cristina 7


  1. COTO’s got talent. Congrats to Korny and daughter Cristina. Beautiful work and art was my minor. Much appreciated. I see Van Gogh and Dali.

  2. Korny, you should be proud. What beautiful work. I too saw the Van Gogh inspiration in a few of the paintings both in style and color and now that you mention it PD, Dali as well. Then there’s the daisies which look so life like….enough to be a photo.

    Congrats to Christina and her proud papa 🙂

  3. She is obviously in touch with her higher self. Stunning !

  4. Well dam…wish I could see these…I loaded empty boxes again.

    “I’ll be bach” – Arnold


  5. Ah..yes,

    On reload I got all but the picture of your daughter Korn.

    She does wonderful work. Both the surreal and the realistic.

    Congratulations old man.


  6. Wonderful Well of Inspiration you have founded in your daughter Cristina, Mr. KornIsKing! Truly a legacy you can be proud of, and in fact your promotion of such gifts is in itself a gift to humanity. May Cristina find beauty all around her, and a muse that moves her to create that which benefits all. Cheers!

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