Posted by: dawnatilla | December 21, 2012

wAyNe cArVeR`pSyChOpAtH

“IT WASNT a tent! it was this magnificent THING!!”

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: Could you say and spell your name.

CARVER: Yes, sure. I hope you all put this in your calendar because in 31 years, and 26 as chief medical examiner, this is only the second press conference I’ve given. It’s H. Wayne w-a-y-n-e, Carver, c-a-r- v-e-r, and it’s the second. That’s why I don’t use the H. Because when my father asked my grandfather, he said fine, but as long as you never call him Harold.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Can you just real quickly, did they set up a tent in the parking lot?

CARVER: It wasn’t a tent. It was this magnificent thing. And it’s sectional and it sticks together with Velcro and then they stake it to the ground and electricity and lights appear from the department of emergency management. And I think it came from the army but I’m not sure. I think it’s these things that they use in to set up field hospitals very quickly, mobile hospitals.



  1. hey !!! why doesnt it show it did in the preview!

    • Cuz them id-az is anti-merkun

    • You need some practice. What were you trying to post> I found this stuff. Do you want to keep it? If not email me and tell me what problems you are having.

      • no its great! thank you ..I have worked it out now..thank you for doing that!!!sorry, to answer your question, i was rather confused as to why the video wouldn’t load, because it was showing in the preview, but not the actual publishing of post.

  2. Carver – a rather apt name for a forensic pathologist.


  3. so am I alone in thinking he’s tripping there? obviously a bad liar, a bit peeved at having agreed or being forced to agree to do this.. besides if you know a child was shot, why cut them open and what? cut them open? or perhaps they don’t always do that..I really don’t know.

  4. As with most of these “actors”, I’m amazed that they can’t seem to keep from smiling and smirking their way through their “presentations.” “Harold” couldn’t suppress his smile and what’s with that stupid cop to the right of him with that stuck on half smile/smirk? Why do none of these people show any real emotion? Cause they’re not real.

    Btw, where was this magical tent set up ? In what parking lot? I missed that part of the story. I thought the children were removed from the school during the night and taken to an undisclosed location?

    • I noticed something else as well: MADNESS!

  5. Glad you all are monitoring this media “chit” so I don’t have to.

  6. I never thought I’d become a reality TV addict, but alas I am ‘hooked’

    This is better than a night at the theatre. Carver is a sociopath. Clearly!

    Also take note of the transcript. When he is asked his name he begins by offering the suggestion that he is a 31 year vet 26 as Chief and he is the second (II) in a line of great actors. A true Barrymore. He likely may be the grandfather to young Drew Barrymore played by Emile Parker.

    Entertainment Tonight – “ET phone home”, is my suggestion to the sheeple.

    • Ah yes kemosabe was awaiting your reply . his madness was a bit disconcerting .

  7. Wayne Carver steps down as Chief Medical Examiner on January 26, 2012

    [Regarded by some as an extraordinary practitioner of his craft, Dr. H. Wayne Carver II announced Thursday he was stepping down as the chief state medical examiner as soon as he can be replaced. But he’s not retiring. He would revert instead to being a medical examiner. “I’ve got a lot of autopsies left in me,” he said.]

    • he’s clearly insane..

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