Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 21, 2012

Frankstown Township: Pumping up the Volume

Mass shooting in Pennsylvania: At least four reported dead

The Altoona Mirror reports that the gunman, whose name has not yet been released, was killed during the shooting. Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio confirms that additionally two other men and a woman are now dead.

According to the Tribune-Review, investigators believe the shooter may have opened fire on random people while riding in a vehicle. When he encountered law enforcement, a shootout began.

Two Pennsylvania State Troopers were injured during the shootout the Wheeling News-Register reports shortly after noon local time on Friday. A third officer was injured in a car crash during the ordeal.

Voice of Russia, RT

21 December 2012 a gunman killed two mens and a woman outside of the Juniata Valley Gospel Church on the Juniata Valley Road in Geeseytown. In a gun battle with the police injured three policemen. The alleged perpetrator died in the shootings. – wikipedia


Open a new can of Altoona




  1. For Fucks sake! This should make things more obvious but it won’t (to the comatose )

    • No, the herd is panicked now and is close to stampede..

      it’ll be right over the cliff for them…and who ever of us happens to be in the way.

      It will be a jingoberry fartstorm…red white and blue flatuals flying like bats outta the Batcave.


      • Ive run into alot I mean thousands of people via facebook who are really inspiring and make me have hope for the way things will play out. no Im not kidding! 😉

      • are u online right now?

        • Lemon haze is in my brain

          Lemon haze gots me actin’ strange

          Actin’ funny don’t know why

          Scuze me I want lemon pie
          . . . . . . . .

          No I’m not on line, gooness sakes, I project this with my Lemon Mind


          • Yuz on Mine frequency comrade !

  2. NRA’s Wrongheaded Response to Sandy Hook Violence:

    Wayne LaPierre of the NRA has called for armed cops to be placed in every school in America in response to the shooting of children by a deranged manic last week in Connecticut. He also suggested a national database cataloging the mentally ill.



    CATCH -22


    Your choices: Opt out or behave like one of THEIR psychopaths. Take the blue pill and get in the database or see the readcoats are coming and resist.

  3. They’re stepping it up “Fast And Furious”. Funny how that phrase fits. This is the time but it’s not a cosmic event if you consider that it’s orchestrated by the evil in our midst but then again maybe it is. Things have turned nastier.

  4. “We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”
    Johann von Goethe

    New York Gov: Gun Confiscation and Forced Buy-back an Option:


    No time to be cryptic so lets get to the dirt. Kids and their visiting parents please pull out your connect the dots books and connect the current gun grab to the fiscal cliff notes they want to pay you for. Keep in mind the database you will be put into as well.

    Then connect gun grab with gun-walker and remember your favorite Glock or pump action shotgun as well as semi’s will be waking south of the border and shipped to assassins across the land.

    Eric holder is salivating to get these into the hands of the committees favorite cartels and coverts.

    Have a nice XXXmas and a eyes wide open New World Order Year in 2013.

  5. Hey Veritable, as soon as I started reading the thread, while listening to the video I thought of that “OP” Fast-N-Furious, brought to us by none other than the present administration, and covered up by AG Holder. This could be a copy-cat, or this could be a looney tune, or this could be another False Flag. Does it matter? Rahm said it best, when he said capitalize on any crisis. So, we can expect the volume to ratched up even more on “get the guns”, when it should be “get the corrupt, get the criminals”.

    • Then there’d be no one to run things as they are in this current condition. Have they over played their hand yet? Remains to be seen.


    1.6 billion rounds ought to be purchased by the American people this XXXmas. Fill your stockings to the brim patriots everywhere.

    By Ann Herzer, M.A.
    November 14, 2012

    This was written in 1984 and is reprinted with permission of the author.

    [Evans asked Skinner what would happen if a “hostile government were to gain control and proceed to shape the development of children, putting such techniques totally into use.” Skinner replied, “There’s no doubt about it, but what are you going to do? To impose a moratorium on science would be worst of all.” Would it? ]

  8. Paul Harvey. A commentary made in 1965

    • Miss him V. Target hit. Good Shooting.

    • Paul Harvey’s commentary could very well be re-titled:

      ….. ….. ….. …..

      Note to Dawnatilla, yes I am online right now. Why’n’whuzzup?


      • was experiencing technical difficulties..! was reaching out for help haha


  10. Dem Bone Dem Bones


  11. A Picture With The Dead Emilie Parker? Fake Conn. Victims?

  12. [Meanwhile, numerous December 2011 posts tell of promotional material being sent out by Warner Brothers in advance of the “Dark Knight Rises,” curiously with maps.]

    CONFIRMED: Section of Gotham Renamed “Sandy Hook” in Latest ‘Dark Knight’ Release

  13. [FFWD] to tyranny…

    We are on the Zoomderbund now kids…


  14. I was at the local hardware store talking to the 80 year old clerk and I asked him about Newtown,he says “I think it was staged” Mayan re-alignment right on schedule.

    • Hmmm, Korn, that is, velly interpresting…

      The eyes becoming unpealed like the onions of the field.


  15. Earth calling Puddy,,,,You got mail,,,mail,,,mail,,,

  16. “They send one of yours to the hospital, you send two of theirs to the morgue! ~ Sir Sean Connery, the untouchables.

    That’s how they do it in the Windy City. Speaking of Wind we got 60 mile gusts. By glass patio table went airborne while Kornisking was calling me. I better call him back.

    I couldn’t get through. Phone lines are down but cable still up.

  17. Yea, I agree. Sandy Hook has a lot of people thinking something’s not right. People that usually question nothing. That can only be a good thing. There are still the usual sheeple but I swear to you, like Dawn, I definitely feel a shift to the good in our direction……Even Korny’s 80 yr old hardware man gets it !

    People are also upset that they are talking about having armed guards at schools. Most parents do NOT like that idea.

    The shift IS underway…hang on.

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