Posted by: dawnatilla | December 20, 2012

David Icke on Energy Vampires and December 21, 2012



  1. Very concise and to the point. 😉

    • I ambitter that the video thumbnail did not load , due to some ret ardation on my part

    • You must click like if you like . Thems the rules @

      • Don’t be bitter. Your wish is my command…likes away…

        Just noticed a visitor on the traffic feed from Telford, UK…small world, I used to live at #3 Ketley bank a few decades ago…

        • sweet.. ya i watch that feed…not sure why..I do love the ones from DC or a Fort something or other..always wonder if its a soldier seeking truth or a cabal member checking this place out. 🙂

  2. Am I the only one that sees nothing but the title on Dawn’s post? Obviously eow was able to see it. Also, it tells me one blogger likes the post (I’m assuming it’s eow) but his avatar is not showing up either… wtf ?? Is it my computer or freakin’ wordpress?

    • I always see one blank space in the liked lineup…? If it says You and two others liked this post, all I see is my icon and another…WTF?

      I also see nothing but the title. But there is a link.


      • yes there is a link. I may have mentioned code is NOT poetry ….to me

  3. Must admit…there was only a title when I commented…hence the “concise and to the point”… a blank screen couldn’t demonstrate it much better, I thought…

    • Ha yes I figured as much..still, the like helped me t hru my. tiff at not getting a thumbnail!

  4. Found your info DT. Looks fine now. Icke was on Alex Jones today. Decent interview.

    • which info was that Pd? I have a great video I want to share but im retarded and cant get the video player to embed properly..

    • and yes it was a damn decent interview 🙂

  5. thx again Puddy~!

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