Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 19, 2012

Inside the Actors Studio, Sandy Hook





Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year




  1. There’s nothing like XXXmas time to bring out the smiles during the most tragic of times.

    Les Miserables

  2. Just think after we are all dead, the name Soetoro will be in the history books.

    • Actually , word on the street is, people like Obama will be left behind on the earth they created or ruined. There will be a new earth . I hope. I make it if so!

  3. What was that sheriff smiling about the entire time? What was Robbie Parker smiling about after his daughter had been supposedly gunned down dead the day before? Why is that mother, being interviewed at Sandy Hook, smirking and why doesn’t that entire family look shaken and upset by all those dead kids and adults in their school?

    As for Kaitlin, what a LOUSY actress she is. All that “emoting” and no tears or a trace of REAL emotion… just like Daddy Parker. Hmmmm.

    How STUPID do you think we are presstitutes?

    • Where’s Michael been Deb? Heard anything lately?

      • Patrick, I got an email from him about a week ago. He’s still working on spreading truth with his infowagon. He said he hadn’t heard or seen from Rady in weeks and wasn’t even sure if she was still in NOLA.

        He was having some trouble posting or something and asked who could help him with that. I said you could and gave him your email addy for advice. You didn’t hear from him? I think I got the
        email last Wed.

        • No, nothing here.

        • wait, what about this most potent question: WHY ISNT ANYONE ELSE NOTICING???( the smiles, laughter, and general lack of trauma! will someone (me?) please compare this massacre in scenes to a real massacre? THAT clip from CNN??? hello and wtf.

          • Oh come on dawn……. you know everyone handles traumatic situations differently. Why, most people at a mass murder scene don’t freak out and act fearful. The majority smile and laugh and look as though they are at a tailgating party! What’s wrong with YOU?!

            • yes you’re right,must come to senses…..;)

              • dawn,,, just blame it on the chemtrails 😉

    • I wondered if you all had seen this footage of the 2nd shooter being chased into the woods? Or heard this kid say he and others saw the shooter down on the ground in cuffs.

  4. Apparently the Yule Log has them all giddy with the blood of sacrificial innocence. Solstice Saturnia and the Mayan transition has an effect they just cannot hold back.

    YES WE CAN. and they will….

    I just love this litho.

    • hahaha shape shifting Soetoro…

  5. The Section Preventing Indefinite Detention of Americans without Trial Removed from Final NDAA Bill

    I’ve seen how they trat bills. What’s the detention status if they find to mentally unstable?

  6. Stupid videos won’t play past a few seconds, and no sound? An infestation?

    So you’re postulating an Attack of the Great Act?! I’ll have to see more videos that I can’t see or listen to to grok the crock.

    • lol boom… the Kaitlin video was weird for me too. Vid didn’t match the audio. THe others, fine.

      • Your tax dollars working overtime to kill the message. Fiscal Cliff? Naw, we can print more.

    • I just listened to this Piers Morgan video. What a stupid, pompous, mis-guided Asshole. He’s like a bitchy little girl who knows nothing about anything. Get off our airwaves, and go back to your snooty roots in the U.K.

      • I second that , mate!

  7. 11-year-old Utah boy ‘worried about massacre’ takes gun to school

    Only in Utah

    • I wonder if any of these kids are the sold or bred underground Project Monarch slaves..

      • They likely are recruited from CPS Child Protective Services. Do you know the story of Nancy Shaefer?

        Nancy Shaefer on CPS

        The government child sex slave business was booming. Atlanta and Denver as NWO satanic sites and the designated capital cities for the North American Union are huge terminal points for transportation inside the US and outside to foreign locations.

        Summary of the coverup on her supposed husbands murder-suicide, a staple of government assassination.

        • Years ago I worked at a psyche hospital in CO and there was a special ward rather hidden which was inaccessible to most of us. I was admitted into it just once and guess who they had tucked away in there? Several very young teen girls who claimed to have been satanically abused, impregnanted and their babies killed. They were all from Nebraska where the Franklin Cover-up went down. Now I see why none of the outside therapists were allowed to question them.

          • Erin… female or male?

          • Erin,

            Prove it. Prove you have ever worked in a hospital.

            People can come on the web and make claims about anything.


        • I have not..thx!

  8. Saw that… he’s probably related to Robbie Parker.

  9. Vatic Master seems to be on your tack…



    Willy Loman skewers the Robbie Parker “performance”:

    • this Israel thing, its like calling a rock a rock, the U.S IS Israel! lol

  10. Oh Bullcraps…

    I didn’t have a backstage pass, so I musta missed the novelty act. Infowars has this lit up big time with almost 300 comments. Gonna be hard to refute the Obvious for the playmakers:

  11. Judge to force girl to have ‘mark of the Beast?’

    A ruling is expected in days from a federal court in the case of a student in Texas facing possible expulsion over her decision to contest a mandatory “spychip” implemented by her school district, a system she and her family call “the mark of the Beast” spoken of in the Bible.

    The Rutherford Institute today requested an injunction before U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia in San Antonio to prevent the disciplinary action planned by the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio.

  12. Just read somewhere (can’t find it now) where the Pope is going to chip priests, etc. to keep track of them. He’s such a Beast!

    • He should let the alter boys pack as well 🙂

    • guns? yes…those boys should def be packing guns. 😉

    • Im thinking he’s thinking this will get people thinking he can manage his pedos better…??

  13. Facebook Suspends Account For Questioning Official Narrative on Shooting

    Zuckerberg thinks you’re an asshole anyway. We have been blessed or overlooked by WordPress. I have to say I never expected us to last this long.

    • Im under the impression that WordPress is pure. free of tentacles! by the people for the people….

    • Ahh! The dawning of enlightenment with respect to how the Helgian Dialectic plays out. Thesis is the gunning down of helpless children. Anti-Thesis is the locking down of schools and public places. Synthesis isn’t just us giving away our rights to be secure in our persons from unreasonable search-and-seisure when TSA-style scanning security makes its way to a grocery store near you, but in free speech on the internet being taken, as demonstrated by Facebook and this Connecticut Police Officer’s warnings. They need a handle on the internet before they throw the shit into the fan, otherwise their misdeeds, motives, and goals will be exposed and hindered.

      • Been to T and S lately?

        I’m arguing with myself again…{grin}

        Wright is on drooling lollipop juice all over the page…whatta stooge.



    Devine ISD Parents:

    For the remainder of this week, all Devine schools will lock our exterior and interior doors. We have implemented a modified lockdown on all campuses and our staff will review our safety plan. Please be patient as we will ask visitors to call our campus offices to gain entrance at each exterior door. We will be extra vigilant this week with visitors on campus.

    I know that you all join me in sending our thoughts of sympathy and our prayers for healing to the families in Connecticut. I want to assure you that Devine ISD has security measures in place to ensure our students and staff members’ safety. We will meet with Medina County and other school officials this week to review county emergency response.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding,

    Linda McAnelly

    Devine ISD Superintendent


    There was no post script so I’ll adlib

    P.S. Isn’t it just Devine?

    • new campaign showing up on google earth ads if you enter “sandy hook” **CHILDREN AGAINST THE NRA.***. they are speaking for them! (add to list of crimes against children)

  15. Yea, that’s great “in case of fire”…

  16. I love PCR but that RT biatch? not so much..

    • Yea Deb the RT bee-auch had a script she couldn’t get Roberts to follow…you could see him gritting his teeth when she kept trying to side track his message.

      He is spot on with his assessment of what is going down…Amerika is going down.

      Well, as it is said, “there can be no justice in a stolen land.”


  17. Geneticist joins Lanza investigation: “You can be born a psychopathic killer,” says Dr. Drew

    Geneticist joins Lanza investigation: “You can be born a psychopathic killer,” says Dr. Drew

    Can a person be born a killer? That’s the big mystery surrounding the massacre in Newtown – what caused Adam Lanza to murder his mother, then 26 others at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Connecticut’s chief medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver has asked a geneticist to join in the investigation.

    “I’m exploring with the department of genetics what might be possible, if anything is possible. Is there any identifiable disease associated with this behavior?” says Carver.

    Is this a case of nature versus nurture?

    OutFront tonight: Dr. Drew Pinsky – host of “Dr.Drew” on HLN and a practicing physician and psychiatrist.


    So COTO do you see why I post so much on the genetic assaults of protein RNA brain misfolding technology? As part of the Genesis Six program, they will make you and your kids wards of the NWO. Can you see where this is going beyond the freedoms and bill of rights.

    It’s the technocracy driven by the quacks and frauds that you see by these Nazi’s in LAB COATS. And this is based upon a kid who likely never fired a shot and was executed along with the non actors in this staged event.

    Let’s eliminate the TV’s, Video Games, Cell Phones, Toxins, Vaccines, GMO, HF Corn, Aspatame, Fluoride and the EMR / Chemtrails we get assaulted with daily and see what happens.

    • “Let’s eliminate the TV’s, Video Games, Cell Phones, Toxins, Vaccines, GMO, HF Corn, Aspartame, Fluoride and the EMR / Chemtrails we get assaulted with daily and see what happens.”

      it almost makes me want to cry…how it would be (or I imagine, and KNOW it to be). connected with all that is is how it would be!

      • a geneticist ! complicated subject for most,so naturally the people will bow out of this one and accept whatever is said by this guy. fancy window fodder.

    • The insane psychopaths in charge cannot see that they are insane psychopaths. They have no ability to care even if they grokked their condition. Yeah, we see where its going. Its a nasty nazi thing they’ve got going.

      • Yep. No different except the Xmas Liberal wrapping paper and big blue bow.

        • The Amerikan model is actually the original. The Nazis just copied the Native American genocide by the Europeans. They were even ‘taught’ eugenics and urged on by the Anglo-American elites….we all know that history here, if we keep the dots in order.


  18. With thanks to V for reminding me of this vid and the title: Anyone who hasn’t watch this really should.. It’s brilliant..

    • great thx Jg…this looks high end. I imagine many will see this and think (oh and I hate u for this American TV : Mockumentary…(shudders)

      • Yes Dawn,

        This is an absolutely fascinating program. I’ve watched it, and found it utterly convincing.


      • more triggered mind control from the ultimate insider.

        • ah yes Ive seen this

    • This hypnotist has produced quite a few show on various topics,,,all very fascinating.

      I one, he posed as an evangelical. He was able to get a group composed of mainly atheists and agnostics with a salting of true believer in attendance to this thought experiment.

      The believers were there to impart what a transformation experience might be like. The hypnotist also reinforced what this would generally be like.

      He then put the group deeper into trance, working with a few of the atheists closely, giving them cues and triggers.

      By the end of the program he had several of the hard core atheists go through a total transformation, convinced that they had a personal experience of seeing the light, hearing Jesus speak to them, etc.

      He then woke them from trance and explained every technique he had used. And those who had had the transformation experience were cued to remember when he had suggested that they would experience it and in what way.

      Needless to say, it was an eye opening experience, especially for the true believers that were in the group.


    Conspiracy Theory – Brain Invaders

    • Utah State Prison and a prime tool ELF component for the Big Blue event. Thanks for the guv vid Deb.

      It helps illustrate the DMS V manual and future. Also please note that the TV reporters meltdowns I posted have been axed by the Goobleplex Youtube

      • Reporter Suffers Stroke @ Grammy Awards 2011
        Yeah right! For her a stroke and for you insanity and lock-up

        • Serene Branson..! Thanks PD. She’s the news reporter that it first happened to live on tv. Couldn’t remember her name.

          • I’m still pissed at jesse for how he treated david icke but this brain invaders episode is one of the best.

      • Right up your electromagnetic field, PD 😉

  20. This home grown show analyses the police audio from the Sandy Hook school shooting. There were two escaping persons. The police appear to confront them. There is someone taken into custody. The alleged shooter is found dead. There are numerous weapons found perhaps too many for a lone gunman. The police supervisor says the ‘DRILL’ word corresponding to the Principal’s tweet of a drill.

    • wow good stuff Erin.

      • Hey dawn…. I saw that you were posting an article by or about David Icke. Did you decide to take it down?
        I’m a huge admirer of David’s. I watched his all day presentation at Wembley on pay per view in October. Was worth every penny and yes I watched the entire thing live. I told my family and friends not to bother me that day..haha..

        • I didnt want to take it down, I find it very important, esp.this video..but it wasnt showing up so I thought I had screwed up…then tried removing it so as not to have code posted. as opposed to thumbnail..I am currently brushing up on cheatsheet!!! yes I love him too!

    • Yes Erin,

      A valuable presentation__very good.

      • Mr. Hybrid – I shall cherish this gold star/brownie point;-) Yet I fear I shall soon disappoint your delicate sensibilities very soon! Oh dear…….

        • My sensibilities are hardly delicate Erin.

          But I do have fully operative bullshit meters.

          I will not be “delicate” in my assessments of any said bullshit that may arise. So carry on as you may.


          • Peace -It is written – Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. As I have nothing against you, there is nothing to resist here. For one who professes not to believe in the prince of darkness, prince of the air, horned one, baphomet, the devil, and one also know as Satan, you sure do get worked up on the subject. If he is non existent why make such a fuss over it?

            Sorry if you find my comments annoying or full of it. I will try to do better.

            • Erin,

              You are projecting that I am “worked up”, or in someway emotionally keyed here.

              You seem to take me for an atheist on these points. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I don’t feel the need to explain to you what you would find a confusing and complex theological epistemology.

              It is likely too simple for you to grasp in actuality, for there is no “Story” for you to cling to…no Dogma to recite. It is simply an indwelling of the Source:

              [1≡∞] ta panta nous

              I grasp that I dwell in that eternal, infinite now.

              I have stories too, but they are not for others to believe, they all have their own.


        • Erin obviously has’t read the NEWEST TESTAMENT..

          The one that contains the Book of Mr Natural.

          What does it all mean? — “It don’t mean shit”.
          — Natch 5: 14


    It is my view that the Sandy Hook event was a black op, a mass murder by a professional assassination team.

    I cannot accept the proposition that this is simply a faked event, the evidence for such is tenuous at best.

    There is no doubt that the maimstream media is molding this as a ‘Story’, one that is manipulating the TV viewers, and it is all a ‘hoax’ in that sense.

    I am following the thoughts here however, keeping track of that which seems hyperbole and that which seems to have some rational foundation.


  22. Hysterical Laughter…

    A mild form of this emotional reaction would be “hysterical smiling” – “nervous smiling”.

    A form of “stage fright”…this is an alternative look at the sheriff at the news conference_probably his first time under the lights of TV cameras
    It could even be what is up with Mr Parker.
    The family being interviewed in the parking lot__even simpler, their child was found ALIVE. Mixed emotions there of course, relief about their own daughter, shock and horror at what they had heard about the other children.
    ….. …… ……
    British child says something about the school safety … hmm, can you not imagine that she had overheard from grownups why she was relocating to this American school?

    This is what I mean by tenuous extrapolation to build a case that this was all a fake show.

    It seems there was a drill to be held that day – but references to it could also be reminders to follow the protocol of the drill in the evacuation of the people in the school. A drill — as in 9/11, is also a perfect object to piggyback a real op on top of.

    \\][// Minority Report 2

  23. I am not an atheist. I believe in reincarnation or human recycling;) I believe that there are both good and evil forces at work throughout the universe. What I don’t believe in is organized religion which was invented by the ptb to keep the masses in line and of which it’s leaders are every bit as corrupt as our political “leaders.” ha.

    Christians are wonderful people when they truly follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, I know far too many of them that spend more time hating those unlike themselves than loving their neighbor as themselves. How many Christians are the flag wavers that cheer on the troops? The troops are nothing more than killers for Empire. Would Jesus cheer for that?

    Belief in a higher power can be a beautiful thing and lead to betterment of one’s self. However, it can also turn into a pissing contest of who has the better god, who will be “saved” and who will be destined to live a life of eternal damnation in hellfire.

    It’s the hypocrisy that I see in all faiths that turns my stomach.

  24. It is my opinion that it was a sacrificial ritual killing like all the others that preceed a ;larger redistribution of wealth or event meant to take another energy risk, transfer or takeover.

    May it be a war, false flag, illegal legislative move, financial coverup or bluebeam or enmod event. The nature of the system is scientific, numerically placed in time or location and provided with the triad of multiple benefits.

    They don’t waste energy, though they do freely utilize the fiat and human costs. It focuses attention on the event and all frequencies. Like the fiscal cliff fraud covers a segment, so does Sandy Hook, Aurora


    1) R.O.W. – LIBOR – AURORA/SANDY (Both storm and sequestrate CT)
    Nancy Lanza – Robert Holmes witnesses (max kaiser missed it on this one)

    opportunities: gun regulations, lame duck session, executive order, ndaa, charity frauds, financial, arms run/stock trades, media psyop-data, divisive tool

    2) FAST&FURIOUS – TUSCON – ROLL (Judge John Roll the target, deflection staging Giffords)

    opportunities: gun regulations, immigration, gunwalker, charity frauds, media psyop-data, divisive tool

    7) R.O.W – 911 – ENRON BCCI (ENRON scandal and destruction of evidence SEC Investigations)

    opportunities: redistribution Wall street, permanent presence, IRAQ, base ops for Spring, Patriot Act-FISA, TSA, Insurance fraud-WTC etc.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – etc. etc etc. all the way back to the Lusitania – – – – – – – – – – – 30 pieces of silver

    N eed
    W arrant
    O pportunity

    N ever
    W aste
    O pportunity

    S acrifice
    I s
    N ecessary

  25. Just hear the new TSA theme song.

    A familiar melody. but I just caught the first line of the lyric.

    It goes:

    “I’ll be gloving you internally…”


  26. Here it is December 21, 2012 and I am having a cup of java and by himinoids the world seems to still be there outside my window.


    • consider this: one thing that has changed: the powers of manifestation are ours. so, get creative and mean stuff when u say it.create reality(THIS is realer than RealDeal Holyfield)

      • U betcha toots

        Manifesto ob der manifest be my game.

        I useta be a Hollywood shaky upper – but doze daze turna haze.

        Now der be neu pastures ta graze.


        • I feel that one!

          • There is a pleasant taste to it…


            • I wouldn’t exchange or change …much///lol that is, if we are referring to either a. past paths, b. my response

              • Your response brought up some pleasant memories…
                Yearnings past and new…

                So, a. + b. … see?


                • indeed I do, hence the a , the b…C?

                  corniness IS allowed 😉

                  • C see oui oui jamboree.


                    • hee hee

                    • holy crap clotilda! you have more likes on your stuff then Lady thats have more likes than Obama does on his page!! wow. impressive.

                    • Let me think…

                      Ah, Clotilda is a nun?



  27. I suggest that rather than all these personal subjective assumptions on who might shed tears in a TV interview; that we rather consider the implications of the revelations of Stanley Milgram’s work in, ‘Obedience to Authority’.

    If an authority figure can manipulate the average person to electrocute someone, as some 65 percent of the subjects in his experiment, what is the mystery of the “authority figure” – in this case the television producers and agents, to manipulate the emotions of the subjects in these interviews?

    I would submit that what we are witnessing here is this very same type of manipulation. It is grasping this type of manipulation by the ‘authority figure’ that would be more fruitful in our attempt to understand this event, and the ‘Presentation’ of the event by the Public Relations Regime.


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