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Your Governement is killing your kids – MK Ultra

Sandy Hook Staging


At least 26 dead in shooting at Connecticut elementary school

This is the ramp up event I predicted for the twelve days of XXXMAS.  MK Daddy Delta.  This is the sacrificial slaying for the illuminati for Saturnalia. In Connecticut it has even a more symbolic meaning as was the Columbine event in Colorado.

This event will culminate with a government staged shooting in the shot heard around the world. Kiss your freedom Sayonara America. It’s already known there was more than one shooter here. This supposed father of a student is best served to have had some divorce or custody type situation. The preliminary information says they are looking for another suspect who fled the scene. Likely he did after he killed the Delta trigger. Unless it was an Omega assassin it appears the best bet is handler and Delta.

The police report one shooter dead. That means the Police did not shoot him? More than likely they use the murder-suicide which is completely bogus.  It never happens in a random rampage but only in a love triangle or he and she scenario. This is the government staged event and has all the MK fingerprints from the likes of the Chicago Communists or the Southern Poverty lawless.

At least 27 dead in Newtown school

This event follows on the heels of the Bob Costas affair and ESPN will be now heavily involved with the anti-constitutional agenda of  21 and the assault on first and second amendments.

In the video, the military is present on purpose and they again refer to a staging area.  They are foolish to refer to staging areas but it is verbose and grandiose arrogance media assaults that make these events powerful.

Again the authorities say he is dead but do not state who or how.  There are also reports of some children being sequestered for this event and were never at the school for today’s staged events.

The trigger shooter may not have fired a single shot and the persons who fled the scene were likely the only shooters. The dead man appears to be a twenty year old man which would also tend to lead to a stooge.  More to come.

4 Dec 2012 12:02 PM EST-by Trista McKenzie, Contributing WriterAccording to incoming reports, police in Danbury, Conn., are looking for a purple or maroon van connected to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.Passengers inside the van are armed, and one is possibly wearing a nun’s costume.The van is allegedly heading towards Danbury, and those who come in contact with it are advised to not approach.More on this as the story unfolds…

Uh Oh! This sounds like the Ayers Chicago Gang. Wheres Bernadette and Bill? Getting a Police escort to Danbury?

Jib Jabble

Tough love for Hollywood from someone who cares.

Adam Lanza- Framed Brother Ryan In Shooting

[He wore his brother’s, Ryan’s,  identification. Ryan is being questioned in Hoboken, New Jersey, but he is no longer a suspect.

None of these reports are confirmed. There is also not much information being fed to the public about the mysterious dead body in the Lanza family home. He was killed before the rampage. Reports are saying that it may be Lanza’s father.

According to reports from the Newtown Patch, “Ryan Lanza, who denied being the shooter after multiple outlets posted his Facebook page, has confided in a friend that he suspected his “developmentally disabled” younger brother was responsible for the killings. “]

This Staged Event may be a Holyrood  Production?

Police Official: 27 Dead, ‘It is Not a Simplistic Scene’

[Vance confirmed the death toll: 20 children, 6 adults, including the shooter, and one adult victim at a “secondary scene” in Connecticut.]

Muckety – Muckety




  2. An official with knowledge of Friday’s shooting said 27 people were dead, including 18 children. It was the worst school shooting in the country’s history.


    An official with Knowledge? No such thing.



    Photos of the staging

    I like the NETFLIX ads in several photos. How appropriate.

    Picture #19 is confusing. Is it the child actors or is it Congress marching to Concord?

  4. Ryan Lanza 24 identified as dead stooge.

    It is reported that Lanza’s mother works at the school and is one of the dead. That’s a dead giveaway that it was staged. Killing anyone who intimately knows the Delta subject must be silenced.

    Expect other oddities and proof of a Barry Soetoro murder spree in another venue where guns are banned.

  5. Armed Robbery At Hartford Bank, Two In Custody,0,5055439.story

    This is the best time for the government to recoup their costs in a bank Robbery. Ha! Better question these suspects.


    Earthquake registering 6.4-magnitude strikes off the Baja California coast
    The Associated Press
    Posted: 12/14/2012 06:28:31 AM PST

    » Earthquakes in the last 7 days

    MEXICO CITY – The U.S. Geological Survey says a large earthquake has struck in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico but there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

    The quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4, was recorded at 2:36 a.m. (1036 GMT) Friday, 163 miles (262 kilometers) south southwest of Catalina and 167 miles west southwest of Rosarito, Mexico.

    It was at the relatively shallow depth of 6.3 miles (10.1 kilometers).

    No tsunami warning has been issued.

    The U.S. Geological Survey says several people in Southern California communities reported feeling slight shaking. However, authorities in Los Angeles and San Diego counties say the quake wasn’t widely felt and nobody reported any damage or injuries.

  7. Alex Jones caller says Police were sitting miles away at another school waiting. Was there supposed to be another staging? Or were they there waiting for the call and lock down. I wonder who let the assassins in the school? We still don’t know where these handlers disappear to.

    This guy in China hit the kids with a knife: KM-Ultra,0,5592318.story
    By Terril Yue Jones Reuters

    1:48 a.m. EST, December 14, 2012
    BEIJING (Reuters) – A knife-wielding man slashed 22 children and an adult at an elementary school in central China on Friday, state media reported, the latest in a series of attacks on schoolchildren in the country.

    The man attacked the children at the gate of a school in Chenpeng village in Henan province, the Xinhua news agency reported.

    Police arrested a 36-year-old man, identified as villager Min Yingjun, Xinhua said. It did not give further details of the extent of the injuries.

  8. Is This Ryan Lanza’s The Sandy Hook Elementary School Gunman’s Facebook Page?


    • Hey PD….what was in that video ? It’s been removed. Why was he being interviewed.

      • Something to do with comedy video or show regarding the election. It was only a clip and a minute and a half long. But it was his brother not him dead at the scene.

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    You are a fraud Barry. Time to ship you and Congress back to the City of London.

    Just have the kids go home and watch some of the TV violence you peddle or some of your Al-CIAda buddies killing kids in Syria.

    • I have watched this seven times now and then on TV in Hi Def. You can CLEARLY see Barry Soetoro actually apply a substance to his left eye twice and you can then see that only that eye discolored for the crying/tear effect.

      If you catch it on Hi Def it’s astounding to see this pimp operate this speech and have the means to generate the eye watering for effect.

      He’s a conman of the highest order and without an ounce of compassion. But hey, we know the nature of Psychopathy here, when the plate is so full now.

      It is done in my book. The game began today and we have one more event before we go into the MAYDAY of 2013.

      BTW it’s Adam Lanza 20 the shooter. Even younger and more easily to handle. The guns were registered to the mother which makes her culpable or involved and needing to be eliminated. If Ryan is cleared he probably has no involvement or he will take his life in a committee style suicide.

      • Crocodile Tears? Yeah, I just saw it on some snews channel. Lets just agree that psychopath drone killing automatons can’t muster real tears. Other folks second your insight — .

        I was going to point out the Obvious, but then I read down 1 or 2 comments and found this which sums up my thoughts — ” OnceASoldier says: December 14, 2012 at 6:24 pm Where are Obama’s tears for the hundreds (if not thousands) of innocent children he’s directly responsible for murdering in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Libya?….Oh, wait – those children don’t have hopes and dreams and futures, do they, Barry? Sickening …. the hypocrisy is staggering….:.”

      • Seriously PD? He applied his own fake tears.? Oh ffs. I now wish I had a hUGE HD tv !!!!!

        • I swear that it is staged, one yellow/red eye and one white. The talented Mr. Zipley can cry in one eye only. He’s amazing.

          Watch it on CNN Deb. Even without Hi-Def you can see it. It’s a real trick.

  12. The death toll has risen to at least 27, ABC said he took his own life which would confirm he was a Omega assassin or murdered. It is clear that the triggers will be Omega to avoid the obvious MK characteristics of mind controlled James Egan Holmes and Jared Lee Loughner and of those like of the previous staged events in mass ritual killings like Columbine and Virginia Tech.

  13. Hey I agree with you this was a government planned operation. Why? Simple, they need more and more excuses to take away the 2nd amendment. Stupid Americans just can’t fathom the technology the government is already using against them, and now these sick fucks are killing children. It’s time to get educated about mk ultra, and the bio api. Thank You.

    • Hi Ryan. We like people to stop by. We especially like the ones like you with eyes wide open. Agenda 21 isn’t just for consenting adults and theses scum know how to attack at the deepest level.

      • James Casbolt under hypnosis

        ” Therapist – “Is there any part inside of you that continues to have contact with the government?”

        – “My eyes. Its hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.”
        note – The NSA gained the technology for eye implants in the 90’s and began to use them right away.)

  14. You’re all over this staging Puddy. Of course, the “stories” are probably 180 degrees from the Truth about this horrific tragedy. I heard about this earlier, but just go home to get the gist. “Fast & Furious” is the name of the game with the choreographed insanno crimes of recent times. Loads of logic that don’t fit the crime are wafting through the aethers. I totally buy your take on this being another “terror” drill to drill into the heads of the sheep that inanimate tools such as guns must be banned. Like that would help…argh!

    You hit the noggin on the nail when you posit multiple shooters, staged event. By the way — don’t schools have security guards these days? Anyways, a 20 yr. old kills 27 (number?importante?) with two semi-auto pistols? Then himself? Not likely. Where’s the wet-work weasel I ask?

    The “timing” is ripe to be tied to the other recent assassination events, and what Agenda pops up? Is it just pissed off kids with guns gone wild? Extremely doubtful. No — it is “get the guns” of American citizens. LOOK! SEE! They freaking kill innocents in insane wanton bloodlust! Right. Well then twisted administrators — stop your “pushing” of bloody killing movies and video games! These are “Head Games” being played on the population. And when folks actually sit back in their Lazy Boys with some fast food on their lap, they might cogitate about the logic of turning in their guns (for a free flu shot — LOL! Latest lame marketing shtick) when obviously crazy lunatic 20 yr olds are out for blood!

    Sure, great time to be defenseless in America.

    Its quite obvious this 20 yr old was “assisted” in his twisted behavior. Same for Holmes, Things are never as they seem, or as the MSM tells the tale.

    Shooting Rampages?! Uh, I think its best to be armed. What idiots would think its a great time to disarm? Shit…

    • 3 events NFL segue into Costas event, the Oregonian Manchurian and now this. But we still have a whopper coming. I bet my avatar on it. And you know it is very special to me.

      They had just had security added and exercises there. That’s how they got the lay of the land. The best Robbers are the ones that put your security in. Remember the Kroll?

      • Excellent point there PD. Reconnoiter — then Stage. If nobody’s noticed, there’s a “theme” and “timing” running through these events. You can start with the Dark Knight, before, or after. The Injun says, ” I hear shod ponies pounding the dirt “, my ear’s to the ground, and my mind is alert.

        The most obvious way to evaluate the calendar events is to assume that they are staged, and serve an agenda (cui bono). Timing is always a red flag raiser, and the stuff that is neutered, like video camera evidence, and other items missing of notoriety should raise the cigar of closet Columbo investigators.

        • My guess like the 1913 Fed Reserve, they like to strike on the eve. 24th or 31st. Twelve days of XXXmas and all is well….not.

          I was going to post my Obama annual “The night before Xmas” You all remember that one? Well I decided not to because he makes me sick to my stomach and I won’t honor him even as a criminal traitor.

        • Boomerang isn’t it glaringly obvious at this point regarding gun control? celebs tweeting gun control (as they are told to do) newspapers w/ headlines like ” THE NRA IS FUNDING MASS MURDER”..ETC ETC ETC ETC Obama announcing a “meaningful” decision…? if they use the word “meaningful”..its at LEAST “luciferian” in nature! lol;)

  15. Patrick, I read the beginnings of this story this morning before we left for our office xmas party. bah humbug. At the dinner table one of the drs was reading off the news wire about the number of deaths and the death of the shooter. I knew right off it was another planned event. Not only about the second amendment and the blood sacrifice but about bringing the gestapo to schools and malls and supermarkets and anywhere else people congregate.

    THANK YOU for jumping on the story. I knew you would so I came here before doing any research on my own. The mall shooting was a dud. This is the real fireworks they were aiming for.

    Obama wiping away his crocodile tears as he promises “meaningful action” is chilling.

    • I thought about you all day Deb. I need good info and will revise the post with it. I have been on it since 11 am and I am getting a bit fuzzy. Post anymore tidbits and nuggets and take a look at Barry’s fake tear press conference. But do it after dinner.

  16. Slaughter of the innocents twentyfirst century style. Well,the earth is overpopulated. The lefties should welcome these events. Hey to everyone. I will be back in the saddle soon. Happy solstice.

    • korny! where you been?

    • My liege. It’s not Christmas yet. We were expecting your appearance only once a year anymore. It made my XXXmas. Get back soon.

  17. CNNi Talking head (can’t remember which one…):

    “Dr’s need the same powers as police and judges to put dangerous people away…”
    “Some people have mental issues but haven’t yet committed a crime…these are the people we need new rules for…”

    I’d say a major push will be on the mental health aspects…may as well throw in some pre-crime screening too…
    I do hope just the sheer number of these seemingly ‘random shootings’ get the sheep to say more than Bah…but I don’t have high hopes…

    If this shooting is real (I’ve only seen it on TV and this is an age of digital deception) my condolences go out to the victims and their families.

    • EOW, they are revising the DSM IV to the final fifth generation classification. Guess what we are all insane here, certifiable and dangerous lunatic terrorist with severe mental disorders.

      The next (fifth) edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), DSM-5, was approved by the Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association on December 1, 2012. It will be published in May 2013.

      MAYDAY – We’ve got about five months left to breathe free air. After that it’ll cost you anywhere from $100 to your life.

      As I wrote in another post that I cannot remember now, I stated that the 2nd amendment is one of three synthesis to what we are seeing. The other is the first amendment and the other is the DSM system of being able to Baker Act you into FEMA based upon your stated or written views.

      This is why we are seeing the clips of celebrity, science and quacks coming out saying we need to be eradicated. One such science psychopath actually said we need to be euthanized.

      • Yep Puddy…the DSM is an evil book. I’m quite certain we’re all classified at this stage of the game…

        God help us all.

  18. I agree eow. They want us all on anti depressants cause they work so well. If you have a functioning brain you are not “normal.”

    • Either drugged up or dead…damn psychopaths!

  19. Wow__just wow…and WTF?

    Yea COTO knows WTF and Puddy has it nailed down, another flipping MK staged event for the very very obvious reasons. Hell bent for blather lather.

    This whole place goes into lockdown before xxxmas arrives, you betcha.

    Kid killing for a political agenda…what could be more vile?

    We knew we were being run by maniacs. No mystery here but the bloody details, which will never see the flickering light on the TV.

    Damn I hate the world sometimes…


    • The game is on Rogue and your 911 visionary excellence makes you a mentally deranged lunatic. Whether you own a gun or not they are going to take your frontal lobe, your tongue and your life before it’s over.

      I had to assault verbally today a liberal schmuck about the 22 assaulted by the China man at a school today. I also had to go over several cases of young men driving their cars into crowds screaming they are the angels of death.

      I then had to remind him the reasons they don’t happen more often is because the AGENDA is GUNS you stupid f-king liberal mindless douchebag. I don’t think I reached him 🙂

      • There is not a single solitary person in all of my surroundings in this town that I could even begin such a conversation as this being a staged gooberment event…

        They are all TVZombies here.


        • You are not alone in that situation Willy. The disease is spreading like chemtrails and fluoridated water. Keep looking though as you may find a few diamonds in the rough. It may be the one that eventually comes to the front of the information war.

    • ya I feel ya H!! “Damn I hate the world sometimes…”

  20. LOL… you should have run him over screaming u were the angel of death..

    • He looked a lot like that skinny creep at OPED, Steve something. What was …Lesser. That’s it just like Lesser. In his suit and all puffed up.

  21. Photobucket

    • fake tears fake prez…

      bread and butter


      • the clone is clearly holding his eye in. haha 😉

  22. The Impossible Dream. This is perfectly prescient: 3:20 in.

    “To reach…the unreachable ‘tard”…to blow, “unfathomable billows”…of foam, fomenting a figment, a pig of red lipstick, a turd with a terminable illness…

    To reach…the unreachable scar! So SCREAM! The Implausible Ream! We ALL must be in an inscrutable Dreeeeeammmm…

  23. Watch that on YouBoob. That is “Former Secretary of Finance Bobby de Ocampo [De La Salle University-Manila] performs “The Impossible Dream”

    HaHaHa!!! A Perfect Pyramidal Structure.

    • Ha Ha Ha. It’s a winner Boom. No underwear were thrown. Too many poop stains?

  24. Rense got a whole lot on this. And this which might be useful:

  25. Are we expected to believe this fragile looking boy murdered 27 people??? THIS IS ADAM LANZA


    • This pic can’t be recent…can it???

      He looks about 12 years old.


      • damned if I know will…you’re right, he looks 12. It’s the only pic they are posting of him.

        • Well…I don’t get it, that’s a ‘sympathy shot’ if I ever saw one..

          OR – it is a psyche-flipper to make people afraid of the most innocent looking youth…??

          We got to see how things flesh out here.

          Do we know if daddy’s the dead one at the home yet?

          What kind of gun{s}? Glock again?

          28 people__one shooter? No this don’t hunt.


          • Will, my choice is your second guess. They want us to trust no one, even children, but the goons in the gestapo-wear costumes and the talking heads that support them.

            I turned on the Philly news and the “expert” on there was saying we may have to turn schools into “prison-like” environments to protect the children. WHAT?!!!! Yea, that’s the ticket they want to punch. Coto knows.

  26. Wait a minute…I saw something about a purple or maroon van, armed and dangerous, having to do with this shooting…other perps being sought…

    wasn’t that posted here??? Where’d it go?


    • I found it, I thought it was in the comments, it was in Puddy’s original posting…
      4 Dec 2012 12:02 PM EST-by Trista McKenzie, Contributing WriterAccording to incoming reports, police in Danbury, Conn., are looking for a purple or maroon van connected to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
      Passengers inside the van are armed, and one is possibly wearing a nun’s costume.The van is allegedly heading towards Danbury, and those who come in contact with it are advised to not approach.


      • Doesn’t sound just like bill ayers and bernardine dohrn on the lamb in a purple mystery van with scooby doo. She’s in a nuns habit and they are reliving the days of murder and chaos from their youth.

        I can see the van now. It’s got an old mattress in the back, some box criterion speakers, a lava lamp and a Breitbart bobble head on the dashboard. Groovy ride.

        • is that prophetic jest? 🙂 ❤ (purple van reference in "news") ❤

      • This item about the van will surely go the way of the Oklahoma, John Doe 2 – down the Memory Hole…

        I’ll bet Willie Loman has some prizes on this soon.


        • re: stage items…did u or anyone hear the “news” report :”one of them(*shooters) may be dressed as a nun” I shit you not! and later,the photos reveal a NUN ON THE SCENE..consoling the actors or families..HAHA WERE THEY UNSURE OF HOW TO PLACE HER? as villain or good person?

  27. Okay…in this panopticon, where is the excuse for no videos of this taking place?? Just filling your gas tank is prime time here, or standing at the counter buying a Mars Bar…but they don’t work at the Pentagram Factory or school shooting ranges??

    fizzy wizzy was a bare assed prank…


  28. Watch the Master Operator on Youtube

    • Bet he gets an Emmy — and a Lew…hell throw in the hair ass too…

      Cian peepers…whatta brave man to chance his eyes like that.


  29. Enter the False Flag “THE MAGOO”

    • whut??


  30. The strangeness involved here is already starting to become apparent. The mother, a “rigid” elementary teacher bought the guns.!? What kind of a elementary school teacher, in Conneticut as well, buys an assault rifle? The father (they are seperated) is a vice president of GE. That should ring alarm bells. Holmes’ father anyone?

  31. Heres a great rant, dedicated to all the AJ haters. LOL.

    • I’d guess Alex had a few drinks before that taping…Lol


      • LOL! Haven’t watched Alex rant for some time. Thatz a doozy.

  32. Nah Will, that’s standard AJ. lol I like the nuttiness of Alex. Just don’t like it when he yells since I’ve tried to listen to him at work and have to turn it off when he does.

    What I also didn’t like was his trying to lure people into voting for Romney. OH YES YOU DID ALEX , DON”T TRY TO DENY IT NOW !!! Seems he forgot his left/right paradigm rant during the election. Why wasn’t he pushing Gary Johnson instead? I mean, he’s always saying the msm candidates are puppets for the same master, which they are. Funny how he forgot about that this election. I despise hypocrites and liars most of all.

    Yep, I found that very odd and suspect about him. THat’s when the worm turned for me with Alex. Especially after the Rand/Ron Paul betrayal and the two of them standing behind Romeny as well. I NEVER liked Rand and always suspected Ron of being a ringer since he talks a big game but never really puts forth any concrete legislation for change like Dennis Kucinich does.

    I still tune in but usually can’t listen to the whole show. AJ is dead on most of the time. but it just doesn’t have the same magic for me because of the above and also what he always leaves out 😉


    and the nytimes item..for some real crap, the comment section is eyewateringly stupid. a while pile of people who want to be helpless victims..
    so the story so far is..maybe.
    mum owned the guns Now 3 2 handguns and an assault rifle
    she was the dead one at home
    the kid gets let IN by the headmistress, yeah? hi security system and she lets him into it.
    wearing camo and carrying either a largeish bag (or not)or exposed weapon but she didnt see it?
    she hears shooting goes down to look?? oh suuure, and gets killed too.
    wouldn t YOU as head be calling 911 ?

    I heard the reports and soteros speech on early am radio aus time
    what struck me hard n clearly was his voice, radios a great way to really absorb whats real voice wise and he didnt mean a bloody word he said re sorrow or loss. his voice was flat cold and bland..
    this is SO much LIKE Port Arthur in Tasmania,
    lone retarded gunman kills a lot inc kids Aus goes apeshit and hands all guns over, the fact the guy has never ever been allowed to speak is still unable to see visitors and was declared loopy, yet with little to no experience is supposed to have been a brilliant shot..etc etc.
    and the EU and agenda 21 needs you disarmed.
    and ohbummer wants that too so his FEMA goons have open slather on any resistaance to their schemes., and this is a perfect horo scare em senseless set up to do just that.
    and as you can see if you look Aus now has MORE guncrime than ever,
    more drivebys and holdups using guns,
    its cost sane law abiding aussies with guns thousands in fees gun lockers approvals and all sort of moneymaking legalities to own a gun.
    but the crims pay none of it, and have a field day.
    hell auspost was bringing in the parcels of em 🙂
    customs/security? oh yeah in theory

    • Thanks Oz…from that article by Kevin Barrett

      “Remember Operation Gladio? The Pentagon, through NATO, organized bombings and shootings in the streets of Europe. When one of the terrorists got caught, he explained at his trial: “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public to turn to the State to ask for greater security.” He later explained the “strategy of tension” to the BBC: “To create tension within the country to promote conservative, reactionary social and political tendencies.”

      Google “Brabant massacre” for more gory details.

      Operation Gladio never ended. It’s still happening, right here in America.”


    • Right on Oz. VT has Gladio nailed. It’s here there and everywhere nd is the military arm of Agenda 21.

  34. “Bain provides an important element of answer in his book. 9/11′s symbolic and numerologic content sent a message to individuals who are evil-minded and cognizant of it: “we are with you and we are powerful, so you may want to join us for your own egoistic good.”

    This ties in with Lobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology,” which explains, among many other things, that a budding totalitarian regime needs, at some point, to foment enough hysteria and doublespeak for essential psychopaths and other mental deviants deprived of empathy to understand that the government is their natural friend and that they ought to join it for their own egoistic good. The rulers’ challenge is to keep the hysteria low enough for mentally normal people to not take notice. A delicate balancing exercise which often fails…”~Daniel Noel


    • By the time the majority catches up it will be over.

  35. I was wondering ’bout the numbers and significance of the date…

    12-14-12 = 11
    12-14-2012 = 13

    Any other numbers attached to this horrendous event?

    This is a gun-grabber caper played out by those with an Agenda. Hogwash, that its simply another (very bright — Like Holmes?) kid gone bonkers, who somehow manages a massive kill count of innocents in a public space.

    • Ever shot a Glock Boomer?

      I am almost certain I couldn’t pull off this shooting with a dead count like this. I just don’t believe a single person could do it…

      What no phones in this joint?? Gunfire, and there must be screaming scared and screaming wounded…

      The whole story is ludicristo bullsludge


    • I think it started 12/12/12 =9 and it is still unknown how old the home deaths were. It’ll happen once more before years end. I do believe we have a triple cross in progress. I really expect a biggy smalls type event.

      • > “I really expect a biggy smalls type event.”

        Maybe like a ‘Little Big Horn’?

        A fife as a hail trumpet…

        A spider and crumpet…

        An all ’round bump it…

        A tree turned to stump it…??

        All of the above with PR sugar on top…at the Big Top.

        Rag Mop


  36. Yeah, I’ve shot a Glock .40 cal.; things are getting interesting on the alt sites. is doing his thing. Read around, and a more clear picture starts to emerge. And as many here have guessed, the “story” is bullsludge. is plastered with threads on the subject, with a number highlighting the gungrabbers’ garbage.

    “Right now there are a reported 300 million firearms in private hands in this country split between roughly 100 million people (which is VERY odd when you consider a 1997 National Institute of Justice study based on 1994 polling information showed there were 200 million firearms in possession of 100 million Americans nearly 20 years ago! Isn’t that odd?)

    Over the past 30 years we average 2 mass shooting events per year by 100 million gun owners (since 1994 at least) and not all of them were legally registered owners.

    What does that tell you? That tells you that the odds of someone taking their legally registered gun on a killing spree is about the same as you winning the powerball sweepstakes. That’s what it tells you.

    It also tells you that these latest 5 incidents which just happened to occur at a very interesting time in our country cannot be looked at as if they happened in a vacuum”.

    Anyways, the “lone gunman” meme is what’s being sold by the carnival barkers on MSM, but elsewhere, early info tells another tale. I’m gonna paste a couple of comments from one of the infowars threads, where some info is listed which “shoots holes” in the blarney of the caper-makers:

    Anonymous says:
    December 15, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    I listened to the police scanner recording last night. Dispatch said 2 shooters, officer in the school said he saw “long rifle” rounds and shotgun shells. Said a teacher saw “2 shadows” walking by the gym. We’re told a .223 rifle was found in a car. You do the math.

    obamamamma says:
    December 15, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    This is the first that I’m hearing about any shotgun involved. Also, from the media yesterday, all I remember hearing is that the .223 was in the back seat of the car – implying that it wasn’t even used. Do you have a link to any websites that talk about the casings that you’ve mentioned?

    Domari Nolo
    Anonymous says:
    December 15, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    YT channel Sheila aliens. I’m pretty sure they did not count on the public getting an early first hand report from someone who knows what different casings look like.
    obamamamma says:
    December 15, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Thank you very much! The link is here for RAW AUDIO of police from a scanner :

    Domari Nolo
    obamamamma says:
    December 15, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    I found this story reporting MORE then two guns inside the school via AP & WTNH :

    I’m beginning to wonder if we will ever learn the REAL truth about what happened.

    Domari Nolo
    Anonymous says:
    December 15, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    today, the police are now reporting that the .223 rifle WAS brought into the school by the shooter, whereas yesterday they were saying they found it in the back seat of the car. how could this have been a mistake?
    obamamamma says:
    December 15, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Yep. The report of two shadows AND a rifle and a shotgun INSIDE the school – That would make it AT LEAST FOUR weapons recovered INSIDE the school – plus, the .223 retrieved from the rear seat from the vehicle parked out in front of the school – which makes a total of FIVE! This is something that we all MUST keep an eye on! It seems that it is MORE THEN LIKELY that there was ANOTHER SHOOTER!

    A VERY interesting recording of the police & medic bands during & after the murder spree..

    Thanks so much for the information!

    Domari Nolo

    • Hey Boomer,

      Look who came to dinner over at Loman’s article on the Sandy Hook shootings:

      ieaffiliates, on December 14, 2012 at 7:58 pm said:
      “The bodies aren’t even in rest and Scott “Tinfoil Hat” Creighton already has made up his conpsiracy even after he admits “I have yet to delve into this “official story” too deeply”.
      the fact is he never does any research, but just makes up an alternative story just so he can make any event into an anti-govt conspiracy theory with no evidence. In the first two pragraphs, he explains he is not very adept at statistics.
      Remember, every news story must be a secret govt agency so that he will never have to live in a coutry that actually has evil citizens amongst us. Look at every one of his stories and there isn’t a single pieve iof evidence that would ever make it into any court. This is how he lives. Hiding behind his keyboard with tinfoil hat firmly in place.
      You have to wonder why he needs to beg for money and can’t find a job.”


  37. Remember the talk before this sElection about — if Obama is put in for a 2nd term, he’s going to go after the guns Big Time?! Remember?

    Note: He hasn’t even been sworn in officially (that’s big joke right there! Official my ass) and Boom, Butta Boom — a couple high profile maximum sicko carnage classics, and “Get the Guns” shoots through the roof to the top of the marquee! This ain’t no Surprise Gomers, listen to your Memorex.

    And if this latest Event isn’t enough, we’ll be seeing more carnage until the clamor for the Guv to “make us safe and secure” by disarming us all (sic) with a wicked and unconstitutional “Law”, becomes a chorus across the land.

    Geez! You can see the script in all its glowing dots being connected right before your eyes.

    What a pitiful poop stain Americans bear in their shorts! Will they forget the groping rapings of the TSA ghouls, bearing their privates for the illusion of “safety”? History shows what happens to disarmed citizenry, and these crafted sponsored “random acts of insanity” are but a drop in the ocean of blood that will flow should The Giant of armed Americans bow to pressure brought by an illegitimate pResident and his neutered CONgress.

    NOW is the time to be smart, not stupid. Stupid is as stupid does, and stupids end up dead.

  38. Good stuff everyone. Thanks for running with the post. If it does culminate into the “Shot heard” event then it’s over. They need a final nail and the hammer is Barry Soetoro himself. Remember this message. And any other player has to be above Giffords pay grade. It’s Lincoln and Reagan wrapped into one UFO in a frequency that will cripple us.

    Whether the EMP, FINANCIAL HACK PREDICTION or the BLUEBEAM -ENMOD scenario, Barry Soetoro will be the trigger and he may find the role very challenging.

    Question? Who will play James Brady in this one act play? Inquiring COTO minds requested.

    • “Question? Who will play James Brady in this one act play? Inquiring COTO minds requested.”

      Not Suzy Rice, she was smart enough to read ahead in the script…
      But I intuit a female. Spiculation is fine lessin yo live in South LA.
      So could be a comin’ upper who’s name is still to be drawn from the jar.

      wait___wait___Angel….ahh….Angel Lee????….no something to do with jelly…peanut butter??? no no no getting yer jollies….whatever, I thunkid I had it for a moment there…

      Now it’s like toadally gone.


  39. BTW – It’s confirmed Kerry gets the nod from Obama for Sec of State. Hillary falls and concussion have made it clear she will not and cannot appear at Benghazi murder hearings.

    Hillary Clinton Falls, Suffers Concussion

    Did she get into too much chemtrail air?

    • I think the Hllary fall is a burlesque pratfall…now she “can’t remember”
      Lol…sounds like a song I heard a long time ago by some angel name Gabriel, or maybe I read it in Genesis?

      They are getting rid of ALL the witnoids for the Benghazi Inquirer…we’ll hafta look to the Globe…or maybe those trotting in the slow lane.

      [[A golden retriever named Zola…she is owned by a doctor having to do with the Connecticut shootings…she found something…it could break the case if the Dr discovers what it is]]

      – something that came into the wavefield on its own…I dunno what it means – if anything.


  40. Save to File:…least-a-dozen-dead-in-Newtown-school-4118505.php... At least a dozen dead in Newtown school shooting Staff reports Updated 12:42 … Danbury police confirmed they have stopped as many as 20 maroon vans in the city.


  41. Scott Creighton says “Hi” to COTO…from comments section on his story on the Newtown school shooting.


  42. Snews now says all deaths caused by the Bushmaster .223 cal., multiple shots per victim. Supposedly one six year old sustained 11 shots? Clip normally holds 30 rounds. How many clips/reloads were required, how many holes found? Mother was a gun collector, and used to take the boys to the gun range. Story is a “fluid” situation for sure. Now that a long gun has been pegged as the weapon used (initial reports said it was still in the vehicle? Whatz up?), more fodder for gun ban.

    • You can buy one in any WalMart for nine bills.

  43. Well, damn, Creighton’s already on that meme —

  44. From Loman site – Save to File:

    “The 20 children and six adults killed in the Newtown school massacre were all shot multiple times, many with a rifle, Connecticut’s chief medical examiner said Saturday.” NBC News
    “Lanza forced his way into the school around 9:40 a.m. Friday, police said, about 30 minutes after the school day began. The first 911 call was received by police one minute later.” Huffington Post
    “NBC News hears word that Lanza actually had four handguns on him—not two as was initially reported. A rifle was found in the car he used to drive to the school.” Salon

    The first word of the horrifying Newtown school shooting went out over the town’s police radio at 9:36 this morning.
    Two minutes later, a dispatcher reported the gunshots had stopped.
    “Sandy Hook School. Caller is indicating she thinks there’s someone shooting in the building,” a Newtown dispatcher radioed in the town’s first report of the killings.
    Less than a minute later, the dispatcher radioed:
    “Units responding to the Sandy Hook School. The front glass has been broken in front of the school They are unsure why …
    “All units, the individual I have on the phone said he is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire.”
    Amid the confusing situation, officers can be heard reporting a possible second shooter headed for the rear of the school.
    “The shooting appears to have stopped,” the dispatcher radioed at 9:38 a.m. “There is silence at this time. The school is in lockdown.”
    Moments later, an officer apparently at the scene is heard saying: “They’re coming at me through this wood.”
    “This is it,” said another. New York Post


  45. Sorry for 3 posts in a row Crew. I just took a hot shower and thought of something else Obvious…

    Any CSI fan, or individual with a basic knowledge of forensics would know that the shooter here would be covered with gunfire residue, and probably blood and tissue from victims. I don’t recall any forensics on the Holmes patsy substantiating this point either. Anyways, the guy found in the “woods”, a shady-looking “adult” character wearing fatigues seems like a more likely suspect than the 20yr old. He needs to be turned inside out — why was he in the area? He shouted, “I didn’t do it!”, how did he know what was done? What’s his background? Test his clothing, his skin, his hair, his hands, his very breath for gunpowder residue and blood and tissue.

    Anybody that’s shot a pistol or a rifle like a .223 cal. knows how loud they are in the “open” air. Inside a classroom, with no ear protection, and shooting off 100 round, or even a 30 round clip will seriously deafen you for a period of time. Test the “Woods” guy’s hearing. If he was the shooter, he won’t even hear certain frequencies. That’s an easy test. The same should have been done on Holmes, the supposed Theater shooter. Complete forensics, plus hearing test. Of course, we haven’t heard squat on that note!

    • Not to worry Boomer,

      Keep those thoughts a’coming.

      We, knowing forensics realize what should be revealed and what is not so far here.
      Did the guy in the woods have a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card, like the tramps at Dealy Plaza?

      If the “news” drops the ball on this guy, it will be very obvious that this is a PSYOP theater production.


    • This kid could not hit a barn with gravel. This was Blackwater grade assault. I have shot 45, 40 glock an 50 cal long. It’s asskicking to find the target once less multiple times.

      • Yea, that’s why I asked if anybody ever fired one of these things.

        They kick…now this skinny little kid doing that style of shooting in the time allotted…big BIG BS.

        But THAT’S their story and they’re stickin’ to it.

        Hoika the gold plated turd.


  46. Now the coroner from the area has come out and said that the majority of the victims were shot by “a rifle” but the only rifle we know of in this story was found in the car out in the parking lot and the suspect was found dead with two handguns on him.

    223 casings were found at the scene as well. That AR-15 in the trunk was the gun used.
    “9:37 p.m.: A Sig Sauer and a Glock semi automatic handgun were used in the slaying and that .223 shell casings – a round used in a semi automatic military style rifle – were also found.”
    . . . . . . .
    We got a real mixed salad here now COTOkids


    • Somewhere, maybe the infowars comments section, stated “shotgun” shells were found as well???

      • Boomer,

        Did you see the vid, an aerial shot probably helicopter, at night.
        There is spotlight on a dark car, the police open the trunk.
        You can clearly see an officer pull a rifle out, he pulls the bolt action and a bullet can clearly be seen ejecting…it was all that clear.

        Now I cannot find where I saw this…I think it must have been on a blog page, because I have so much trouble with YouTube now.

        Post the URL if you know which I mean.

        Thanx, \\][//

  47. Ok, i was looking for more info on the kid’s and the moms’ background. I found something interesting which might be the key to where the “handling” began. Also, the conflicting stories of the mom. One story says she was a distant mom to her sons and wasn’t much involved with their lives, another has her taking them on frequent trips to the shooting range… which is it? ANyway read the article regarding his school years and see if you take away from it what I did….my interest is mainly in the lines I put in BoLD HINT: I’m looking for his “Mk-ultra training years” I may have found it. OH and his dad being VP at GE Capital also suspect.

    Updated at 8:10 p.m. ET]

    NEWTOWN, CONN. — Even to his neighbors, the gunman who massacred 26 kids and educators at an elementary school here still remains somewhat of a mystery.

    “I want to know more,” said Len Strocchia, who lives less than half mile away from the shooter’s house.

    Authorities say Adam Lanza, 20, killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, at their well-to-do home Friday morning before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary where he stormed in and committed one of the worst mass school shootings in U.S. history. The victims were 20 first-graders and six staffers, including the principal.

    Adam Lanza’s parents divorced a few years ago. Late Saturday, his father, Peter Lanza, wrote his family is, “in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can.”

    “Our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy,” he explained in a written statement. “No words can truly express how heartbroken we are.”

    On Saturday, Strocchia walked down the street to see the shooter’s house firsthand, but was forbidden to go past a police barricade near the Lanza home.

    “I want to know which house and why I didn’t know them,” the father of two teenagers told Yahoo News.

    [RELATED: Names and ages of shooting victims]

    Another neighbor did know Adam Lanza. Megan, who declined to give her last name, was a classmate of the shooter from kindergarten through middle school.
    “He wasn’t like a weird kid as a child,” Megan told Yahoo News. “He was just quiet. He didn’t put off a friendly vibe.”

    But she said he was one of the smartest students in school.

    “He was always participating in class and everything,” Megan said.

    But she said her former classmate with whom she rode the school bus sort of vanished after their junior high years.

    “He almost fell off the radar in middle school,” Megan told Yahoo News.

    The shooter’s aunt, Marsha Lanza, told ABC News that his mother pulled him out of Newtown public schools because of a dispute over the district’s plan for her son.

    “She mentioned she wound up home-schooling him because she battled with the school district,” the aunt told ABC News..

    Here’s the link to the entire article:


    • Good gumshoe work Deb.

      This is all scripting isn’t it. It is the subtext we are after here.

      A “Mother as a ‘survivalist’ raises young son as ‘terrorist..” yea?

      So where are the other shooters in all of this? Down the Memory Hole.

      Will some blunder cough these guys back up? I doubt it, a template is being pressed onto this case that we are all very much aware of.
      The PTB count on the short ‘sound-bite’ memory of the TVZombies. So any stray rabbit can get put back into the trick top hat.


    • Let’s assume two or more government sanctioned gunmen arrived at the Lanza home and killed Mama and gagged Adam drove to the school where they had full access. All the committee family member children were not at school and they proceded to slaughter the lambs and finally plugged young Adam before leaving.

      The cops are always nearby and at stand down until the government assassins have hit their quota, where they then enter the scene and make sure all recon and evidentiary is placed well as not to create holes in the story.

      The marron van is a decoy and the perps likely left in an ambulance or food service truck. Then select media is prepared in the selected ‘staging area’ with the appropriate eyewitnesses.

      They check all witnesses until they arrive at the one who offer the best testimonial for the propaganda that generate the official story.

      Obama will arrive there this week for another televised one act play to exploit it to the fullest extent of draconian, unconstitutional fervor to label the kindergarten teacher as ‘anyman lone wolf’


      We have to start to spam this info to anyone and everyone before they sell this steaming pile of sheep dip to the flocks.

      • Sounds like a very plausible scenario to me Patrick.

  48. MORE BACKGROUND: Interesting neighborhood & neighbors. link to full article :

    Marsha Lanza described Nancy as a good mother and kind-hearted.

    If her son had needed counselling, “Nancy wasn’t one to deny reality,” she told The Associated Press.

    Marsha Lanza said her husband saw Adam as recently as June and recalled nothing out of the ordinary about him.

    Catherine Urso, who was attending a vigil Friday evening in Newtown, Connecticut, said her son knew the killer and remembered him for his alternative style.

    “He just said he was very thin, very remote and was one of the goths,” she said.

    Adam Lanza belonged to a technology club at Newtown High School that held “LAN parties” — short for local area network — in which students would gather at a member’s home, hook up their computers into a small network and play games.

    Gloria Milas, whose son Joshua was in the club with Lanza, hosted one of the parties once.

    She recalled a school meeting in 2008 when, Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan spoke about Adam.

    “My brother has always been a nerd,” Ryan Lanza said then, according to Milas. “He still wears a pocket protector [a pouch to stop ink from pens leaking into a shirt pocket].”

    Sandy Hook elementary school

    Joshua Milas, who graduated from Newtown High School in 2009, said Adam Lanza was generally a happy person but that he hadn’t seen him in a few years.

    “We would hang out, and he was a good kid. He was smart,” Joshua Milas said. “He was probably one of the smartest kids I know. He was probably a genius.”

    Lanza and his mother, Nancy, lived in a well-to-do part of Newtown, a prosperous community of 27,000 people about 60 miles (95 kilometers) northeast of New York City.

    A law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said investigators believe Lanza attended the school several years ago but appeared to have no recent connection to the place.

    Adam Lanza’s older brother, now 24 and living in Hoboken, New Jersey, was being questioned, a law enforcement official said. He told authorities that his brother was believed to suffer from a personality disorder, the official said.

    The official did not elaborate, and it was unclear exactly what type of disorder he might have had.

    He was probably one of the smartest kids I know. He was probably a genius

    Ryan Lanza had been extremely cooperative and was not under arrest or in custody, but investigators were still searching his computers and phone records. Ryan Lanza told law enforcement he had not been in touch with his brother since about 2010. (Odd, his brother was ID’d as RYan because his brother’s ID was found on his body…why?)

    Brett Wilshe, a friend of Ryan Lanza’s, said he sent him a Facebook message Friday asking what was going on and if he was OK. According to Wilshe, Lanza’s reply was something along the lines of: “It was my brother. I think my mother is dead. Oh my God.”

    Adam Lanza attended Newtown High School, and several local news clippings from recent years mention his name among the school’s honour roll students.

    Lanza’s parents filed for divorce in 2008, according to court records. His father, Peter Lanza, lives in Stamford, Connecticut and he reportedly works as a tax director for General Electric.

    A neighbour of Nancy Lanza in Newtown, Rhonda Cullens, said she knew her from monthly get-togethers the local women had a few years back for games of bunco, a dice game.

    “She was a very nice lady,” Cullens said. “She was just like all the rest of us in the neighbourhood, just a regular person.”

    Cullens recalled that Lanza liked to garden and to make her house look nice for the holidays. Lanza joked, though, that no one noticed because the house was out of view, up a hill, she said.

    Sandeep Kapur, who lives two doors down from the Lanza family in Newtown, said he did not know them and was unaware of any disturbances at the Lanza house in the three years that he and his family have been in the neighbourhood.

    He described the area as a subdivision of well-tended, 15-year-old homes on lots of an acre or more, where many people work at companies like General Electric, Pepsi and IBM. Some are doctors, and his next-door neighbour is a bank CEO, said Kapur, a project manager at an information technology firm.

    “The neighbourhood’s great. We have young kids, and they have lots of friends,” he said. “If you drive past this neighbourhood, it gives you a really warm feeling.

    • Hmm…yea

      I got a “warm feeling” just from reading this…{grin}

      They had better circle the wagons pretty soon or mom ain’t going be bought as the nut raising a nut…




    • Hmm…just one of those little squares this time – no image..

      Interesting how these ‘shooters’ turn out to be figured as ‘genius”



    • I see it this load…

      He has obviously had the “gravy” by this photo…

      Yoiks, almost like a lobotomy…fugoozies.




  51. Thanks for the Hedges link. I will definitely get to that sometime today. The man gives brilliant presentations.

    As for more of the oddities of the shooting…..I’ve been trying to get more info on the background of the victims & their families to see how many were relatively new to the area.

    When I woke up this morning I turned on CNN and they were showing the only parent to come forward publicly so far to speak to the press, Robbie Parker whose 6 yr old daughter Emilie was shot. Speaking before the cameras, he gave a heart wrenching tribute to his little girl. Afterwards, the CNN talking drones said that the family had just come to Sandy Hook from Utah 8 months prior and that they were taking their daughter back to Utah for burial. Hmm Utah.

    Ok, so that’s one newbie. I’ve found a few others as well that more recently left their states/towns to came to Sandy Hook for the wonderful schools. It’s not unusual for that to happen but if there are more newbies as victims than lifelong residents, that raises a red flag for me.

  52. Apparently there was at least one other school shooting in the works for that day, as Lori Price reports this morning. I did not save the info to file, but the police ended up arresting a student who had planned to do a school incident.
    I suppose too many might tip off even the stupid TVZombies. At least the perps aren’t chancing it.

    My mom was sending me ‘wah wah wah’ bullshit about the Conn. massacre, but hasn’t answered since I sent back some of the discrepancy reports we got going here. The naïve don’t like it when you refuse to play their stupid ‘frightened-victim game’.

    Well, we’ll see what sort of packaged bullshit the “official story” turns out to be on this one…


  53. I’ve seen this pics of Lanza, who looks like a skinny little kid. By the way, that wide-eyed photo JG put up looks like an Alien. The eyes remind me of Holmes mug shot when he was drugged up. Anyways, consider this — a skinny little kid packing 2 1911 model pistols (how many clips?), a Bushmaster (how many clips to shoot 100 rounds? 3 clips is 90 rounds, so make it 4 clips), a mask, and Kevlar bullet-proof vest (why does his mom own a bullet-proof vest? Most people don’t know anyone who owns one, unless their cops). By the way, it is advertised as a given that Lanza killed his mom. Perhaps, but nothing should be assumed until proven.

    So…this skinny kid is laden down with weapons and ammo clips. He’d be waddling to the front door of the school, even if the stuff were in a bag. Where did he carry the clips? If he reloaded 3 times or more (within 2min.), he wasn’t pulling them out of a bag. They would have to have been on his person in a clip pouch piece of gear. Nobody has mentioned how many clips were found for the .223 cal. rifle. I don’t think it is possible for this skinny kid to shoot 100 rounds in 2 minutes, dropping and swapping clips like a professional. And the “speed” of the killing should also be examined. Sickos who would shoot children usually get some kind of high from it. If they had a classroom of kids locked up like fish in a barrel, they would probably have taken their time. Certainly, this thing was a speedy operation. Notwithstanding the rifle that did the shooting being put back in the vehicle “after” the killings, and the Lanza kid supposedly going back into the school to suicide himself.

    This event is as convoluted as the Batman Theater deal. Nobody even brings up the Sihk Temple event either. I’m not sure that was too straightforward either. The lack of video on all of the carnage events going back to 9/11 and before should tell us all something ain’t right with the weather.

    The rifle being found back in the car is a real sticky wicket here. With teachers and children running out of the building to escape while the shooting was going on, how is it even possible the shooter went outside to ditch the rifle in the vehicle? Whether it was Lanza or the guy they found heading to the woods, didn’t anyone see this portion of the crime? No mention yet either, of video.

  54. Okay__NOW we got three, that is 3 long guns in this ever ballooning bullshit story oinking out of the maimstream meedee-ahh…WTF?

    Still apparently the ONLY 223 {shell casings-forensic deaths} is the rifle found – live on TV mind you from the helicopter shot as the cops pulled it from the trunk.

    This story is spun totally out of whack, and they can’t get it back.


    • I just know my mom and all her contacts that sent the story to me by email are getting really pissed at me – cuz I have been sending them the real updates on this…and all they wanted was to boohoohoo over the dead kids.

      Well I want to know WHO really killed them.

      Naïveté is not innocence – it is bloody fucking stupidity.


  55. It is truly sickening that 6 & 7 year olds were killed. I understand what people are feeling, I feel it too. BUT, that should not make their minds go into lock down mode and make them vulnerable to believe the ever changing story coming out of the lame stream media. THAT’s the part that has me absolutely infuriated because isn’t that exactly what the monsters that orchestrated this want to happen?

    As for the guns. Oh hell yea. The minute I heard he was carrying three weapons into the school, I knew it was bs. The guy looked like an 80lb weakling and they are saying he was autistic in some articles.

    The autism label doesn’t fly at all. Autistics avoid confrontation and people in general, especially crowds of them. Too much input for them….like being tortured. He would no more go into that school to shoot all those people, if he were autistic, than Mother Theresa would.

  56. I have not seen it mentioned but the 48 hours crew found someone to say that the mother had become a “Prepper” and that’s the meme that they are going with. Likely a lie but she’s dead now and that was paramount.

    What cuts deeper than the murder of kids and add the idea that a Kindercare sweet mother had a doomsday “PREPPER? persona. Just like those they portray on the NATGEO clown show.

    Let’s be clear that the majority of sheeple will never read WillyLoman or COTO or anything else of substance but refer to the reality bullshit delivered by the holyrood apparatus. 48 hours and that crowd being as bad as 20-20, Geraldo, or 60 minutes of beta phrma programming.

    • Yea Puddy,

      That is my take on the bake:

      “Mother as survivalist raised terrorist son.” {homegrown}

      It’ll fly in Loonville fer sure…{Homespun and undone}

      A shit bazooka from the Homeland Sickurity Stake.

      “Take a number, sit down and shuddup.”


    • Yep PD, I mentioned her being called a “survivalist” in a previous comment. How many birds are they trying to kill with this one?

      • Yes you did I missed it. What a convenience for the fabricators of fear and farce.

  57. Bringing Up Baby (1938) Archibald Alexander Leach – Katharine Hepburn

    The, “You Remind Me of a Man” skit…very silly…but funny.


  58. Keep in mind we have no eyewitness to seeing Adam firing the guns. Do we?

    Find me one report that says an eye witness saw Adam firing shots hitting anyone.

  59. Whoozda source for the story about mom taking the kids to the shooting range? Get a bead on that one…I bet he/she is a yakidy plant.

    Dad is probably involved in someway…hey, no alimony just alchemy.

    I think Puddy’s scenario reads like the actual inside poop party.

    Whatta stinky world.


  60. That the maimstream media can sell the story that this skinny little kid, Adam Lanza could tote in two rifles, two semiauto pistols AND ammo, take out 26 people in a matter of minutes, while leaving the 223 that fired all the shots in the trunk of the mother’s car…

    Sure, that works…if your brain is made of silly-putty.





    • Outstanding Deb. I’ve already posted on youtube to DAHBOO7 and told him I have linked these pictures to his video. Here they are. Great find Deb. Take a look;

    • Wow…the Sandy Hook thing in Batman Rises…

      yes too too fuckin’ much.

      We should review every detail in that movie and see if we can see what’s coming next…

      • I remembered the prognostications for Hurricane Sandy, saying the following: Coincidence? With Bloomberg involved? The following quote is down the page under the heading Wind Field.

        “Sandy is expected to hook into the US East Coast in southern New Jersey early Oct 30, sending a 6- to 10-foot (1.8- to 3-meter) storm surge into the coast as far north as New York City and spreading wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour throughout the Northeast as well, Kines said”.

        ***Note Bloomberg news was saying it.

  62. Once again Alex Jones is going down the wrong path. I listened to him tonight to see his take on the shooting. Nothing about this being a black op. It’s all about an autistic kid strung out on prozac, hooked on violent video games. Doesn’t sound like he’s done much research into it at all. Or is he doing his disinfo dance again?

  63. The head of the gestapo has spoken! Misinformation on social sites regarding Sandy Hook will be prosecuted (he means truth),,

    • Ahh…is THIS social media? I mean COTO…or is that Faceboob and that other crap?

      This topic is viral, they are gonna have a helluva time ‘prosecuting’ tens – hundreds of thousands of people speaking out about this.

      The Maimstream media is the one pumping out the Misinformation.
      There is the disinfo, the PSYOP, the lying propaganda.


  64. Try this on for size Crew:

    Fascinating Stuff!!! Connecting Dots Paints an altogether different “Story” than that painted by the MSM. Who controls the MSM? You know who…

    AGENDA?… — Khazar

    Co-founder of the PNAC —

    Michael Bloomberg – Khazar

    Dianne Feinstein — Khazar

    Video: 2 Mass Shootings Connected To Libor Scandal?

    Mike Adams makes the point about strict gun-control areas as being the most prone to mass shootings.

    Gun Control is Genocide

    • Yea…I saw the whole production on the making of a MK killer by the hypnotist.

      I wanna see the one I can’t see dambit….


  65. Make sure and watch this video: I thought it was embedded in the comment post above:

    • sheet…I can’t get ANYTHING to play on Youtubes now. dambit.

      Sure you can’t get that one embedded here?


      • See the latest post.

        • I don’t see the one I posted right above PD. Can you embed that one on the new post? About 3 shooters.?

  66. Puddy — can you get that video embedded? I tried 2X. By the way, the first video on Hypnotizing a shooter is awesome in it’s implications. And there wasn’t any trauma etc. applied like the MindFuckers use. This rather blows the wool right off a sheeple. And the video I want you to embed for Rogue1 is “very” timely, as the guy plays audio clips and video, and ties in the Aurora shebang, with the sihk shootings, and now Sandy Hook.

    The tie-in with the Holmes father and Lanza’s to the Libor Scandal is also Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Damn! My wife just cruised past CNN or something with freaking Piers Morgan and another shill doing their best to demonize guns and gun-owners. The last video there above — “Gun Control is Genocide” — shows these mouthpieces to be neocon eugenicists.

    I notice the 100 + million responsible gun owners across the U.S. haven’t shot anybody lately. The sheeple don’t realize these responsible gun owners are the only thing keeping the sheeple out of the Fema camps and plastic coffins.

    I think you ought move some of these powerful factoids, videos, etc. to the new latest post, cause they’re hanging out here at the botttom of this long thread…

  67. Nice Dark Knight Rises find. These entities do follow some rule where they have to tell you whats going to happen before they do it (however subtely). For instance the Lone Gunmen tv show’s episode about hijacked planes into the WTC before it happened.

    Sorry for unrelated inof, but check this out:

    • “These entities do follow some rule where they have to tell you whats going to happen before they do it ..”

      Christian, it is called “The Revelation of the Method”.


      • REALLY ? Could have sworn its because they got their rocks off dropping hints . There’s no method being revealed, just hints, symbology etc .

  68. Huh…I just got four emails from one of my mom’s friends…calling me a “nut”.

    She says she is a PhD, but she sends me a bunch of stupid cartoons that are supposed to insult me…{grin}…Yup that is an academiac for ya..


  69. Its Upside Down Land, dont ya know!
    Everything is becoming the opposite of how it appears on the surface. The PhDs and other indoctrinated types are the intelligentsia of Idiotville. While the scientists, those know it alls who have NOTHING figured out, are the priest class.
    Trying to explain what has been happening in the world to most people is completely futile. They just can not fathom it.

    J. Edgar Hoover was quoted as saying, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” Not only monstrous, which it most certainly is, but to “scientific/materialist” thinking FANTASTICAL would be a good addition to that statement.

    • Ya Christian,



  70. Pay attention to the thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis.

  71. A Most Important Video here:

    Video of rifle being found in trunk of car.

    Scroll down to:

    pp, on December 16, 2012 at 1:28 pm said:

    On this thread:


  72. You guys !!! Check it out !!

    • A clip if crying father LAUGHING WHEN HE THOUGHT HE WAS OFF CAMERA !!

  73. Nice find dawn!!! That’s the father I spoke of in my previous comment. The only one who came forward and gave a “eulogy” of his little girl. The one that moved from Utah to Conn just 8 mons ago and is having Emilie buried in Utah. (bells rang here)

    I was suspicious of his demeanor and his wanting to appear before cameras to begin with but to see him LAUGHING? REALLY? After his daughter was “allegedly” gunned day a day or two ago?? WOW .. My gut is NEVER wrong.

  74. the propaganda about so called “israeli death squad” being involved…is sooooo OBVIOUS that they know they look extremely dodgy .so bring in the trigger word TERRORISTS. (someone could tell them the Israeli death squad is the U.S govt? )

  75. Numerology for Adam Lanza for 12/19/2012
    In Your Public Life…

    Words that embody your presence are “Contract, Harmony, Indulgence, Judgment, Pattern, Puppet, Terror, Thirst, Unicorn, Uranus”.
    Words that embody the people or things that you interact with are “Clone, Danger, Enigma, Garden, Green, Healer, Laugh, Lord, Pledge, Poem, Speed, Whale”.

    Words that embody people or things in your periphery are “Destruction, Freemasonry, Juxtaposition”.


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