Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 13, 2012



Rice removes name from consideration for secretary of state

Susan Rice (neophyte) –  Enter the spoiler, Manchurian  John McCain – Throwing Chuck Hagel into the mix (Decoy)  – Enter the real illuminatist,  Skull and Bonesman,  John Kerry.


X-John Tower X-John Heinz  both Senate banking and finance committee members unhappy with Bush admin and Federal Reserve. Both killed on consecutive days along with 26 other innocent people.

Tower was rejected as GHWB’s Sec of Defense. Dick Cheney Representative from Wyoming and the House minority whip, was later confirmed as secretary of defense.

John Heinz widow Theresa then married John Kerry.

It never ceases,  the agenda,  years of planning and strategic execution.



Q&A: What does the future hold for Afghanistan?

answer: XX+X

Beginning earlier than expected,  CNN, FOX and other fiat frequency transmitters are coming from committee.  Barry Soetoro aka Frank Davis Jr. aka BHO is expected to renege as usual on campaign whoppers. Afghan pull out one of the largest. To protect the Lame Duck, his plate will be cleaned by circumstances, staged events and non-stop media streams. CNN in Afghanistan and timely suicide bombings killing three. Just like his Oregon hitman earlier this week, one must ask the real question.

“When will the Military pull out of the US?”



Tropical Cyclone Evan formed in South Pacific – Trouble for American Samoa and Fiji

I’m gratified to see the ENMOD weathermen naming this storm after the Electromagnetic Audio Visual Network. This is a fine piece of work certain to sustain Cat 3 strength and wreak plenty of havoc on the poor useless eaters of Somoa and American Somoa, then onto Fiji and maybe later to New Zealand.

This could be a China generated assault. As we now know they take turns due to the high electric bills but they are a collective single minded group in charge of killing and inflicting misery on the poor.

HAARP12-12-12                                                      12-12-12 activity

Activity is off the charts – We have only a few more shopping days until Al Gore farts.   I’ve already felt the tremors and most of my Taco is in my lap.


))))))))))))))))))))))  end transmission – begin interlude (((((((((((((((((((((((((

Harry Belafonte Wants President Obama to Jail Dissenters – Big Hollywood



  1. 2nd bite to challenge Obama’s eligibility?

  2. wow, chuck the fuck hagel….was a time when the repub circus was just putting up the big tent like 2 years ago and all the clowns being mentioned were just too ridiculous, i predicted he would come riding in late to save the day. now however i think our Roth Childean overlords have chosen Jane Harman. We’ll see. Rice clearly was in the way, the shit they threw at her was so very lame. She was a big oil, big war team player, just not wanton or eager enough of a zioslut. You have to really WANT that kosher salami…u gotta be on your knees BEGGING for it 24/7 like jannie the carpet muncher

    Hagel was on the ground floor when voting machines were forced on us to steal elections. That is where he came from and CLEARLY how he won his first election…to the…. ummm…. United States Senate. He knows where the bodies are buried so should never be counted out of anything….. but were talking HIl C’s old job………..can u say typecast?

    • His departure from Congress gave me pause but it seems he was marked for another assignment. I’ll stick with Kerry.

      Black Box Voting and the 2002 Wellstone. It’s a deep black box isn’t it? But I don’t think he fits into Lame Duckville. We will see.

  3. tiddlywinks…


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