Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 11, 2012

Noradrenaline X-37

boeing X37b secret shuttle drone


Let’s get real America.  While the traitors are behind closed doors sticking needles into the eyes of their voodoo dolls, a trillion dollars is being spent annually on new ways to kill you and others of the human race. While Boehner cries and Obama lies, the war machine moves  ever steady forward into Global Warfare V.

“When George W. Bush learned of the attack on the World Trade Centre, he turned to his aides and said ‘youre seeing the face of war in the twenty-first century‘.” – THE NEW FACE OF WAR, former CIA analyst and senior defence consultant at RAND, Bruce Berkowitz

He forgot to say “And I invented it.”  Like the internet (global surveillance grid) invented by Al Gore,  DemoRats and RepubliCons alike seem to be  missing the real cliff. Endless wars, endless wargames, endless military waste, endless military fraud and an inflated budget aided by additional funds from the illegal drug trade and pork bills.

So America, this little X-37 Space drone project from 1999 which was transferred from NASA to DARPA in 2004 has since been classified.  Testing orbital vehicle? Satellite robotic repairman in space?  ‘Pleeeease!’  Why do the two wing party-goers refuse to address the continual money pits of these projects?

1. Youre seeing the face of war in the twenty-first century and I invested in it.

2. If I dare speak of DARPA and project bluebeam,  I’ll get whacked, voted out and worse,  I’ll have to go get a real job. (but of course there are no real jobs)

3.  It’s the real economic recovery plan.

4. All of the above.

We have a winner! Yes folks number four, all of the above explains why the political and pundit alike will not grandstand on the defense budget, military engagements and homeland security apparatus with all it’s allotments.  Who needs a job? Just invest in the end of the world and sit back and relax. Never you mind the true nature of this program and all the other black money holes in agenda 21. They are just preparing for the real cliff. The population cliff. Time to balance the assets and liabilities.  They’ll make all the adjustments to that fiat worthless paper once they have balanced the liability side. Yes America, once the 90% are fully depreciated, all remaining assets are on the ledger and the X-37  is ready to go live, 90% of you will go dead. The fiat will be burned, the gold standard will be reimplemented and the ledger will match once again.

What is the  X-37 project?  In 2010, Tom Burghardt wrote for Space Daily that the X-37B could be used as a spy satellite or to deliver weapons from space. Silly boy. You must not be an investor.



  1. MK-ULTRA with Assault Rifle

    3 dead in Oregon mall shooting

    • Jacob Tyler Roberts age 22 – got the name and number right MK#22

      The gunman who shot and killed two customers at an Oregon mall before turning his weapon on himself was identified by police Wednesday. Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, was wearing a mask when he used a AR-15 semiautomatic rifle stolen from someone he knew to fire randomly at crowds shopping at the Clackamas Town Center, according to local authorities. The two victims have been identified as a 54-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man, while another female who was wounded remains in serious condition. Police say they still don’t have a motive.

      Motive? The bill of rights, of course.

  2. John Paulson, Alistair Crowley, L Ron Hubbard, the alchemists, and all the Nazi scientists would be most proud of the X-37 and it’s demonic mission.

    All aboard, the Hell Train….


  3. “Who are we – where did we come from – what are we here for – where are we going?”~ Paul Gauguin


    • Is this a dream? Am I here ? where are you? What’s in back of the sky? Will that Gaugin quote reminded me of that song from Valley of the Dolls. I had to find it on youtube. The lyrics are eerily apropo for the situation we find ourselves in today… listen..

      • Fraught with depths of meaning way beyond the movie…yes indeed.

        Gauguin wrote those words across a painting he did of a Tahitian landscape…deep, for a once upon a banker.

        I always think of San Fernando Valley when I think of that movie. That was the valley of the dolls> [pills-young gals-manikin people]
        Ventra Hwy…the Blvd…a through the canyon suburb of HOLLYWOOD dah duh ta tada HOLLYWOOD…
        swingers and queers slingers of tears
        not alot of laughter plenty of jeers
        have I really been away all of these years?



    ‘Gauguin at Mucha’s harmonium’

    by Willy Whitten

    Oil on stretched canvas – 18 x 24 – 2003


    • Thanks for posting the jpg here Puddy.

      Looks good this size – can see the whole comp without scrolling.
      It’s too big on my site.


      • No problemo, my artistic friend.

        • For the dog lovers on COTO:


          • Will, I didn’t realize when you posted that painting that it was yours. Wow, you are amazing. I have to say though, being a coto dog lover, the dog sculptures are the best ❤ them 🙂

            • Thanks Jayjee, I’m glad you got to see the dog sculpts.

              There is a Springer Spaniel bronze, without the colorful patina on Broad Street, downtown Thomasville GA. The city council has put several sculptures along the sidewalks there, with nice wrought iron benches as well. It is an old brick street, and all the buildings in the area are refurbished ‘historical buildings’.

              That Springer bronze was the first casting. The second one [colored] is in a private collection and is indoors. That type of patina can be spoiled by acid rain and such {chemtrails}…so the outside dog will last better with the burnished patina, IF the city cares for it…
              Simply putting a layer of regular car wax every six months is all it needs. There was a deal with the sporting goods store the dog is mounted in front of to do the wax job…

              I doubt if I will ever go back to see how it is holding up though.


  5. Here we go again Patrick! I was waiting for the Xmas massacre. I think we all expected this one. I didn’t have my tv on and went to bed after reading a few pages of this book I just started, written by a NJ State trooper who blew the whistle on corruption and was harrassed by fellow troopers known as “the lords of discipline”. I’m halfway through the book and was really liking the guy until he revealed his idea to prevent such behavior… a nationalized police force! Oh holy crap. I shut the book both disappointed and pissed off and went to bed.

    I woke up at midnight and turned the tv on since I no longer have a desire to finish the cop book and saw the “news”. The “former fbi agent” was on my teevee with that smirk they all have, warning how people will not feel safe in open areas such as malls since they are not “secure”. The hype, the flashing lights, the terrified mall goers..the pictures look like a rerun of Aurora HERE WE GO AGAIN. I turned the tv off after 5 mins as I usually do and now I’m probably up all night.

    Thanks for adding the X37 to my nightmares PD 🙂 12-12-12 is now.

    • You might consider finishing it to get the mindset of American Liberalism . Then you understand the trek for utopia which we and Orwell knew does not exist in this dimension. It is perfect chaos and once we all get it we can move forward. It is in some form of Münchausen syndrome by proxy, that they operate.

      I guess the the aquarian age proves it. It may be time. We are being chased away from another home where we are not wanted. We are Palestinians and visitors only. Time to go my fellow gypsies.

      Gauguin found a bit of heaven in Tahiti. Like others who have made it a getaway. Marlon Brando for one who was known as Mormon Boom-Boom by the locals.

      Valley of the dolls sure brings back memories of puberty. Racy books were contraband for us.

      It appears that the CIA/FBI provided this stooge with a poor quality clip which may have jammed, but I believe they are instructed to kill (x) before hand, who knows what sacrificial method and formula are involved.

      You don’t think they are through yet Deb? There are twelve days of XXXmas and a wonder last but nine days.

      I shut my eyes in order to see. ~ Paul Gauguin

    • Speaking of books Deb,

      Did you read the 9/11 as Mass Ritual?

      What did you think of it?


  6. Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as.

  7. Hey Will, I answered that question under Veri’s post “perspective from the outside”. So you can check it out there. I can tell you I was largely disappointed in it.

    • Thanks Deb,

      I just read that.

      You should check out the commentary on T and S…

      I don’t think it is well received there either…


    • I wish you would visit the T and S site and give a short summary of your reservations about the book Deb.

      Especially the part about Bain’s connections with Kristol and the neofreaks at the Standard.


  8. Yeah, I’m sure. Like the DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey

    Hoaxed Kate Middleton Nurse Left Suicide Note

  9. The Manchurian

  10. For Deb;

    Is it possible to find out if we are living in a computer simulation?

    • How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?


    • So we are not allowed to know how much of our money was spent on developing/building/launching/landing the secret X-37 drone space shuttle. We are not allowed to know what it took up there or what it did for seven months in space. Maybe it carried plasma-laser weapons that shoot down enemy aliens. Maybe the North Koreans are really on our side against them and their launch is related to the ongoing space war. Maybe not.

      • “Maybe not.”?? Camus??

        Huh, I have it on good word {the source is to remain anonymous} that there is a huge fleet of alien space ships heading for this quadrant at this very moment.

        The only hope of saving the planet is the same one used in Vietnam, ie; “We had to destroy the village to save it”.

        Yes indeed, to save the population of the Earth, our ever benevolent leaders have decided to save us from a fate worse than death…they have decided to destroy the entire global village.

        Coming soon to a street near you.


  11. Just like Holmes the Batman movie alleged shooter, this guy manifested no previous behavior portending him to become a mass murderer. Seems to fit the Manchurian model… The timing of the event is convenient as well for certain agendas.

  12. See the “Pitch”. Pickup on the seams of the ball as it leaves the pitcher’s hand. Yes, another “curve ball” inside. Get to know the pitcher. He likes to throw the high hard one for “chin music” to back you off the plate. Watch out for the “splitter” and “fork ball”, ’cause they can come at you anywhere in the count…3 strikes and you’re out!

    • Another “homegrown terrorist” sprout…hmmm? Another nameless friend…
      This one makes less sense and has less info of any of the recent burlesque acts.

      “I think I’ll go to Hawaii__yea_but first I think I’ll shoot myself_yea”

      ~Tim Pooty and the Fartbreakers


  13. For a sound epistemology we must demarcate between that which is speculative, and that which is empirically proven to be so – at least as far as speaking to physical life in the time-space-continuum. We should be careful to not become so enamored with our analogies and allegories as to take them as literal.
    Allegory and analogy are very much based in Taoist thought – in that “like is not.” We may describe what some possible scenario may be like, but that is not what it is.

    A picture of a horse is like a horse in a great many ways, but it is a picture first and foremost, it is certainly not a horse. Pictures of horses may be educational and teach us much about horses. But to really know a horse, one must come in personal contact with a real horse. And then even that is not to know all horses. One may learn general things about all horses from one or a few horses, but there will always be some horse substantially different than your experiences.

    The complexity of actually knowing and understanding such common things as these should give some idea of the complexity of figuring out things that are in fact utter mysteries and perhaps simply a matter of our own imaginings.

    So when we consider that reality may be in some way like it is presented in The Matrix, let us not get lost in the particular nomenclature of that film. It is meant as, presented as, and is speculative fiction, an allegory. And it is in that sense very much an expression of Taoism. The Hindu concept of Maya can be said to touch on the very same chord, in that it is the idea that all is illusion. And these are metaphysical concepts, just like quantum theory is, or the Big Bang theory is. These ‘sciences’ that attempt to explain what is beyond physics are the exact definition of metaphysical.

    So the very term “metaphysical” should be rethought to include what is viewed in this psychologically manipulated culture as “scientific reality”. For actually we are living in a mythical paradigm as complete as that analogized in the film The Matrix.


  14. Pay attention to the thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis.

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