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Electronic Media Voodoo Ritual
The maimstream media is just the hooting ululations of the organ grinder’s monkeys

Although the MSM is no longer telling us to care about the people of Egypt, their revolution is still ongoing. Now they are fighting President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, who have just declared that he is above the judiciary. But who are the Muslim Brotherhood, where did they come from, and what are their connections? Join us tonight as we examine the American and British intelligence establishment links at the base of this radical Islamic group.
~James Corbett

PART 1: The Muslim Brotherhood

The hidden hands of these powerful forces can be seen at work before World War Two with the British travel writer Freya Stark. Stark was not just a writer. She was also an agent of British intelligence. Stark was used by British intelligence to foster an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood (Dorril 622). Brotherhood collaboration with Western intelligence continued with an alliance between the Brotherhood and the CIA that began around 1955.

According to former CIA agent Miles Copeland, it was around this time that America began looking for the Muslim equivalent of Billy Graham, hoping to use such a charismatic individual to influence the Arab world. When this failed, the Agency began forging ties with the CIA (Aburish 60-61). What was the motive for this marriage between Western intelligence and the Muslim Brotherhood?

This alliance would help the Western power elite neutralize the challenge to their hegemony coming from the secular Arab nationalist movement. Said Aburish elaborates:

In the 1950s and later, the West opposed the secular Arab nationalist movement for two reasons: it challenged its regional hegemony and threatened the survival of its clients’ leaders and countries. Specifically, there was nothing to stop a secular movement from cooperating with the USSR; in fact, most of them were mildly socialist. Furthermore, most secular movements advocated various schemes of Arab unity, a union or a unified policy, which threatened and undermined the pro-West traditional regimes of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other client states. The West saw it as a challenge that had to be met. (60)

Was the alliance between the CIA and the Brotherhood merely a continuation of the alliance between British intelligence and the Brotherhood? According to the authors of Dope, Inc., the OSS, which was the forerunner of the CIA, was merely a subsidiary of British intelligence (540). When the Office of Strategic Services was being organized, William Stephenson, Britain’s Special Operations Executive representative in the United States, was brought in for “technical assistance” (418). Stephenson’s involvement would lead to the creation of “a British SOE fifth column embedded deeply into the American official intelligence community” (454). When it came to religious engineering to promote fanaticism within the Arab world, it could be that the British power elite passed the mantle to the American power elite.

The power elite officially endorsed the Muslim Brotherhood in May of 1979 at the Bilderberg meeting held in Austria (Engdahl 171). At this meeting, British Islamic expert Dr. Bernard Lewis suggested that endorsing the Muslim Brotherhood would allow the Western elite “to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines” (171). This balkanization process would result in the rise of various autonomous groups and the spreading of chaos in the Near East (171). In what Lewis termed an “Arc of crisis,” the chaos would eventually spill over into the Muslim regions of the Soviet Union (171). This would help the Western elites counter Soviet moves to become the world’s sole hegemon, thus preserving the Cold War dialectical rivalry that had been so advantageous to the Western oligarchs.
– by Paul & Phillip D. Collins ©, Aug. 12th, 2007

Aburish, Said. A Brutal Friendship: The West and the Arab Elite. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2001.
Dorril, Stephen. MI6: Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service. New York: Free Press, 2000.
Editors of Executive Intelligence Review. Dope Inc. Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence Review, 1992.
El Ahl, Amira, et. al. ” Dancing With the Devil: Charting the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Spiegel Online 03 July 2007
Engdahl, F. William. A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order. London: Pluto Press, 2004.
. . . . . . . . . .

Corbett Report Radio 264 – Who Are the Muslim Brotherhood?




  1. Yes this is a short one.

    I hope all will follow the leads in the sources and URLs.


  2. That was a quick response Clotilda,

    Why don’t you say “howdy” once and awhile?

    Thanks for liking my post.


  3. As we see, the same template [illistrated above] is used in cycles throughout the history of political power; such as the creation of al Qaeda by western intelligence, for the medium in which to play out their bogus “war on terrorism”.

    This myth is so thin that it can be used in many incarnations, all of which serve the global empire:

    US Dumps Syrian National Council (SNC), Focus Exclusively on Arming “Al Qaeda in Syria” ~By Tony Cartalucci

    “It was exposed in “NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists,” that indeed, the very networks used by Al Qaeda to flood Iraq with foreign fighters is now being used by the United States, NATO and the Persian Gulf States of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to violently overthrow Syria. The narrative that recent US efforts aim at heading off “extremists” from “hijacking” the armed violence in Syria, is exposed as a blatant lie. Extremists have constituted the so-called “opposition” from the very beginning, by design, with explicit US, NATO, Saudi and Qatari funding, weapons, and support.”

    The state is a mythical concept, a jejune concept, one that humans need the maturity to grow out of.


  4. Protocol 13, subsection 6

    . . . . . . . . .

    Welcome to the machine….

    Killing for peace is like fucking for chastity.~Ann Ominous



    I suggest all learn the term well and understand it’s use in all things NWO.

    [The dialectic is so obvious and the crime rates so underreported and skewed. I, like Roque and others here know the finality will be the mano y mano scenario in a Road Warrior world. Turning the population into an open border criminal empire by the CIA with the FBI profiling and the fifth column which are criminals and law enforcement with no clear distinction.]

    The US ran covert ops since the fifties in SA and ME theatres. Muslim Brother Hoods are as advertized, Pulled strings by the MI6 crown and US while the opposing NATO react as one would imagine. It’s not their asses on the front lines.

    Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Panama, ………Syria and Iran.

    Seymour Hersh

    • Learning my own PR chops…

      I looked up the term “voodoo ritual” on the browser, this article is middle very first page.



      • Reuters made up a story just to kill your search

        More than 100 graves robbed in Benin for voodoo rituals
        By Samuel Elijah

        COTONOU | Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:01am EST
        (Reuters) – Tomb raiders have dug up more than 100 graves at a cemetery in Benin since Saturday for what authorities suspect is a black-market trade in human organs and skulls for voodoo ritual fetishes.

        Cotonou? Voodoo Rituals? cmon fellas, quit the psyops. 😉

        • I saw that…I posted my essay VR1 on my own blog tonight.
          Again I checked the search engine to see if it showed up.

          No, but I did see this one for COTO. And I also saw the “More than 100 graves robbed in Benin for voodoo rituals” story was added to the page as top story there…Lol

          You think they are really paying attention with little ol’ C1?

          If’n so so__I am impressed with ourselfses…{grin}


          • We may never know but I see a lot of coinky-dinks that tickle me. Some with chills.

            • guaranteed watching…!! its possible under some coin….—nope….watching NSA records and monitors and has software..u know they know COTO!

          • Cotonou – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

   · Geography · Climate · Demographics · Transport · Economy

            Cotonou (kɔtɔˈnu), as the largest city and economic capital of Benin, is the de facto capital of the country; officially, Porto-Novo is the capital. Its official …bla bla bla
            . . . . . . . . . . . .
            coinky-dinks sometimes true
            it can happen to you
            if ya gots da dinky doo

            –PROFILES IN VERBIAGE by John F Kennbindy

            I guess it’s just another story for the organ grinder.


        • Seriously…COTONOU?

          Like; COTO NO U…

          Wow, WTF?

          Things get curiouser and curiouser.


    • Dear Mr. Dunne,

      Sound advice for all to learn of the “fifth column”. Until now, I was uninformed of its meaning.


      • Named after a version by General Sun Tzu of destroy from within and know thy enemy -know thyself. The fifth column and the US have a long history. From the Jacobins, Israelis, Communists, and now the Islamic column. They have controlled the foreign ones now we know as the springs from experience of South America. Kissinger is a specialist.

  6. Mai Lai as Amerikan as apple pie…

    in cycles…tricycles in Surrogate City.



    “Now if you really, really dig into these Conspiracy Theories, you will find two things :

    A) Some come from people doing real researching into skullduggery in high places. These get little press, and are soon forgotten. Often they are true

    B) The most popular and widely spread Conspiracy Theories, originate from Think Tanks funded by major Corporations.”~James Clair Lewis

    I call the first, A) Systemic Analysis.

    I call the second, B) Conspiracy Theory.


    • I would modify point B.

      I would say that some of the wide spread CTs are real based on the first type of valid research, BUT that they are spun down alleys and dead end streets by the public relations regime.

      The main Systemic Analysis works are exceedingly sound, based in historical documentation and rational forensic examination. I would advise the neophyte to take route A, for a sound and grounded base, and let that expand to a full understanding of the architecture and nature of political power.

      It CAN be said, that what one may take as a “wild conspiracy theory” as that involving secret societies and the quest for world dominance, with “outlandish” mention of the “ILLUMINATI”…are actually not invalidated by doing real research into the ‘patterns’ of skullduggery, and the interlinking points of power that make a certain grid, and matrix of a central power group with an agenda that has played out throughout several centuries.

      And this agenda has proven “prophetic”, as the events of history are testament of. As I think it is more rational to think that this is going to plan because of actual human activity, rather than some ‘mystical’ view into the future from the 18th century. The only way to accurately predict the future is to design and implement it. And the least rational view is to handwave the information without actually knowing the substance of what it is.

      This brings us to that agenda I just mentioned, which leads into the most “cursed” and denied “conspiracy theory” of them all, THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION.

      A rational analysis of this information does not posit that this is a “plot by the Jews”, that is the spin that the Public Relation Regime puts on it, in order to claim that anyone who believes the information is “antisemitic”. This is such a strong, and tightly imposed tabu. That it can genuinely be likened to an enchantment.

      And this is where study of and knowledge of cultural anthropology, psychology, mass psychology, and how the technology of mass media is used for social engineering becomes essential. What would be shocking for any reader of this forbidden fruit, the Protocols, is that these very topics and issues are discussed and put to task by the authors of this book.. The technology and those topics are the some of the most important tools to achieve the goals of that agenda.

      It is in the details of who is among the central circle that puts the lie to this being simply a “Jewish plot”. It is here that we should acknowledge that there are two spellings of the central nomenclature this is based on. The “Jewish” term “Zion” and the Anglo-Romantic spelling, “Sion”. Both are Jerusalem. Both forces existed even prior to the Crusades.

      Neither force has anything to do with the religions they are associated with in the popular mind. The central credo is simply the quest for temporal physical power by any and all means available. Their credo is “might is right”, and “ends are justified by means”. And saccharin ideological covering for this are simply veils for ‘public relations’ purposes.


      • a claim by Casbolt: “The NSA has made up the words “conspiracy theory” and thrown it out into the public to brainwash uneducated people.”

  8. “The idea that freedom of expression or democratic values may not be as important to oppressed nations as dealing with starvation, poverty and aerial assault is enough to confuse the champions of human rights in the west. It doesn’t fit the narrative that they are an important part of “global struggle” based on universal values rather than the beneficiaries of a neo colonial agenda that invades, occupies, props up puppet regimes and extracts resources from the majority of the world, creating their comfortable conditions where they can afford to prioritise these abstract values over human rights on the most basic levels that they take for granted.

    It is time that these groups began to see themselves as beneficiaries and functionaries of empire rather than part of a romanticized movement with its roots in an age old ‘White man’s burden’. The people of oppressed nations will decide their own future and the priority of western organisations should be tackling and limiting the oppression of their own governments rather than getting carried away with colonial notions of a global struggle for human rights. The people of the oppressed nations deserve nothing less than the conditions for self determination, free from foreign interference, and until those conditions are in place, groups such as Wikileaks and Anonymous have no right to assume they can offer them more.”~Ryan O’Neill


  9. The New Enemy Voodoo Ritual:

    It is commonplace to say that terrorism has replaced communism as the new enemy of western democracy. But this replacement has been selectively applied, geared to the goals of U.S. global hegemony. Washington’s characterization of a foreign government can change radically when little or nothing has changed in that country. The Clinton administration’s most recent pledge of more billions for defense came as the Pentagon upgraded North Korea, Iran, and Iraq, which they call “rogue” states, as no longer “distant” threats of possible nuclear missile attacks, an official position they had held only a few weeks before.(5)

    Of course, when this happens, it ought to raise eyebrows among the citizenry. That it doesn’t is often blamed on the average American’s notoriously short political memory, but it is really due to the remarkable ability of the media to accept new policies, new “enemies,” new “threats,” without ever acknowledging their prior, unquestioning acceptance of the old ones.(6)


    • The U.S. has employed biological weapons for 200 years, from smallpox in the blankets of Native Americans to spreading plagues in Cuba; from chemical weapons like mustard gas to cripple and kill in World War I to Agent Orange to defoliate Vietnam-and to create a generation of deformed children. It is the only nation that has dropped nuclear bombs, and one that now makes, uses, and sells depleted uranium weapons.


    • It had run it’s course. The fall of the Soviet Union was the worst day I can ever remember in history. It was time to get the power of the Big Red working on the Islamic column and the ultimate NEW WORLD ORDER.

      You can see that while the current fifth column works the sixth column is in the wings to replace the fifth, once completed. That’s the American people. Sharia house rules and the terrorism and war will transition to an end of the constitution.

      ‘fake holy men’ are among the current columnists in America. The Jacobins, Zionists and British Pilgrims never left. globalists the “Committee” and their useful idiots. We’d be impressed to know the generations of spies and plants here in the land-o-free.

      from little acorns to mighty oaks

      • Yes,

        The epitome of that ancient Chinese curse has us by the yin yang dang doodle.

        These are such remarkable times to live in. It takes a lot of mojo to take it all and keep tickin’ while the plots so firmly thicken.

        The willow does much better in the high wind.


  10. What you believe is what you get.

    If you are reading these words right now, let me show you what you really believe. You believe you are sitting there looking at the monitor, and that there are all of these paraphernalia around you and that it is in the way that to go through the physical motions of handling said paraphernalia that is allowing my thoughts to inter your consciousness NOW as you read this.

    You may glance around and peruse your surroundings, and hear the various sounds and noises, perhaps smell the aroma in the room. That is what you believe in at the moment, for that is which is manifest. Other moments are just stories, recall or dreams of what might be. Is, has been, will be, is all in this eternal moment.

    It is NOW right now, it will be NOW if you might think on this ‘later’, and it will be NOW as you go on to do whatever you might when you stop reading this.

    NOW is the moment of POWER.


    • Going through the physical motions of handling the paraphernalia is the Ritual I have been talking about. Because of what we are told and shown to expect we are initiated into these rituals from our first moments here. We are programmed to believe that this all works, and it is in said believing that it manifests.

      There have been alternative belief systems throughout time. And it is time that is the greatest mystery, and how it takes a future to manifest that which always has been and always will be.

      This is a state of wonder.


    • WORD!

  11. Yes, I am saying getting what you want is as easy as changing your mind.
    BUT…changing your mind isn’t actually all that easy is it?

    That is the catch. But remember the words of Morpheus:

    “I never said it would be easy, I said it would be the truth.”


  12. Brainwaves:

    While; Drawing [D] – Reading [R] – Watching TV [T]

    D -1.53
    R – 2.16
    T – 1.43

    D – 1.43
    R – 1.30
    T – 1.24

    D – 2.67
    R – 0.85
    T – 0.98

    D – 4.61
    R – 4.50
    T – 2.41

    D – 1.18
    R – 0.23
    T – 0.06

    = Diabolical Results on Society


    • Can’t argue the number HR. It’s the thing that does not lie.

      If you look at DRT in an iPad user while texting it’s even lower in relation. It’s the ultimate entrainment tool. It maps the synapses in little streams unto pavlov puddles.

  13. This is off topic,but I didn’t know where to place this…Does anyone have evidence (of a sort) that Starbucks money goes directly to war funds?

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