Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 1, 2012

Infowars Stratfor connection EXPOSED Pete Santilli, Sherrie Lea Laird MAKE VIRAL

Wikileaks, Stratfor ‘Shadow CIA’ emails

Molly Moroney – Stratfor



The Truth About Infowars & Stratfor…

An Unethical Record – Stratfor & the New York Times

Get’s interesting as we move forward.



  1. Yeah, this is fascinating stuff. Not boring. Spooks haunting We the People at every turn. Khazar Zionists leaving their footprints as they manipulate by deception. Nothing is as it seems…

    • It’s like all other media/freq. boom, eventually the virus attacks. Pete Santilli is questionable as is the documenter. I had suspicions of Jones back when Bill Cooper was breathing. He may still be breathing, who knows anymore, The houses of smoke and mirrors.

      AJ likely hired her for other skills. BOINK BOINK OINK! Eye candy? What we know is that the data mining venture from DARPA and MIT is a masterful en-slaver of our mojo. It’s not rocket science or chemistry to see the new tools and techniques of the zionist bankers and their MAD MEN.

      I looked at a camera yesterday online and after going to several alternative news sites to read articles, voolah, there was the same camera in an advertising banner. 20% off.

      SUCH A DEAL!

      I miss newspapers and libraries.

      • Aye, Puddy! Here’s the Key! Distrust 99% of what is thrown at you via your senses. Figure 180 Degrees is the where the actual Truth reposes. Everything is smoke and mirrors and disinfo designed as psyop and propaganda. I’ve operated this way for forty years as a survival technique to deal with insanity and distorted “reality” flim flamming around me. So here I recline. Watching the distortions dance, reading the folderal falling splat, hearing the heresy grow hair upon it’s most private places, every one of the offending visuals a horror film we’ve seen before, but wanting to block it out.

        The Truth and Reality is truly hideous to behold these days. Perhaps that why most don’t want to look at the creature writhing right in front of them? A freaking freak of nature, no, a freaking misanthropomorphic mangling of nature. It is Why nature seems to have gone out of its course. It is Why Men & Women in certain circle seems to be bent upon Evil continually.

        • Well said. That’s why I have told you numbers and dates don’t lie. Just everything else. Needles in Haystacks is a major effort for the US Govt. The expense at our expense is just the cost of doing business. Even the info war has profiteers and the system seems to be lacking a few good men.

        • Dear Mr. Boomer, you wrote: “Figure 180 Degrees is the where the actual Truth reposes.”

          While it is valid that 0 degrees (what the PR message seems to state) may not be correct, the actual truth being a 180 degrees can get you going just as easily in the wrong direction. I would put the actual truth being at 45 or 90 degrees. Or rather, all it takes is steering of a small fraction of a degree to mislead.

          I think this is an important distinction, because all disinformation is composed of vast amounts of truth, otherwise it will not be successful. And even when the disinformation bent is clear, something so about-face as 180 degrees is blatantly obvious, when just a few degrees tilting of the steering wheel accomplishes the same disinfo goals without be self-discrediting.


          • Yea Max,

            I agree with your general drift on this. We did discuss these issues some on T&S.

            I would modify to some degree by saying that the real hard core TVZombies are so deeply enchanted that they could be brought to believe practically anything.

            “Practically” meaning, it is something acted on in a dream state that they never arise from after so many years of the cycling processing the have endured. But they do act in the material world, regardless of the fact they are sleepwalking. This is the main reason that the whole trip is a form of psychopathy.
            . . . . . . . . . . .

            And on a personal note. One on one. We will be okay here together Max, as long as you participate thus, and do not go into any sales pitches.

            I won’t provoke you if you will keep that in mind and don’t provoke me.


  2. Since you’re up online here Puddy, I’ll just put this here for your eyes, and you can toss it. Might be interesting —

  3. The seismic activity in the 2.0(-) range has been off the charts. What happens in the coming event will be as advertised by the header. The HAARP-TROMSO-SIHF triple whammy.

    Followed by another Market manipulated crash and a global conflict. It’s so obvious now the googleplex is systematically merging the causality of AGW and the merging of new currency models -post- apocalypse.

    All that remains a mystery to me is how bluebeam and some UFO-apotheosis unification of the spiritual awakening will be incorporated. All bullshit of course, but if 911 flies over the heads of the sheeple this one will surely captivate them into their slavery. Prepare to see the markings on their foreheads in lieu of brain function. OCCU-TT their mind with the NUL [terminate, separate or fill. It’s all in the TRIAD]

  4. “The creation of race in America was not one that was suddenly thought up, but rather a slow process a slow process of social engineering that was extremely beneficial to some while excruciatingly painful for others. At the heart of the matter lies the need for a labor source to work the fields, but to do it in such a manner where it could be deemed acceptable and would be in the control of the planter class, thus the legal route was taken to create differences, inferences, and meanings that were solely dependent upon one’s skin color.”~Devon DB


    • Arms development, manufacturing, implementation, systems analysis, statistical effectiveness under military exceptionalism, religion and fluoridated chemo-media brainwashing of the greatest free society in the world into believing we are virtuous in our endeavors to annihilate anyone who thinks contrary to this philosophy. .\

      Welcome to the rude awakening of the fact Americans are not indispensable, exceptional, virtuous or intelligent. Our globalist cabal government by committee has rendered the news of the world changing view.

      We’d better keep up with the pace of the world and understand the facts. We have been duped into the mass extermination of human beings since day one and those who have been exterminating them in foreign theaters were all educated here under the same program. It’s all but written in blood in the history of reality.

  5. i see the senate just passed new sanctions on Iran. 2 interesting things about it. First, that the vote was 94-0!! Second, the white house was AGAINST IT!? now that BO dont need any more zio-relecto cash, he is free to use common sense . sadly, senators are not term limited and need to shill their souls forever. we r all Palestinians now. The UN is getting hip. Now if they can just nullify that mistake they made in 1948

    • We can tell that to the sheeple and they think food stamps and a free cell phone are signs of Love. We are all Palestinians, gypsies, nomads and from my perspective from thirty years of reading, we are a growing phage of hollow heads, foreign to the host and a parasite to be eradicated unless we can be transformed to a benign functioning carrier of the RNA of Agenda 21 in some form of classification and determination.

      It would save me much misery to convert to this hybrid they wish me to be. I just cant get them to tell me how I can get the blue pill.

      • eradicate the european/russian parasites from Palestine

  6. Jones had to know where she’s come from. And just that alone should have given him pause. This doesn’t look for him professionally. It wouldn’t make sense for him to have hired her to begin with and works less if he keeps her, and really stinks if he defends her.

    Even if she’s totally innocent – which I doubt – appearances are everything in this case.

    • I think it would be very smart for him to hire the enemy. I always treat the PTB or committee as a system closely following the Cosa Nostra and that saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer makes sense. Like I said above, the fact that she is eye candy makes it even easier to see a human judgement. Statfor is right down the street anyway. And in Houston there are several think tanks and geopolitical intelligence organizations. We’ll see what unfolds.

  7. Im sorry but Im not buying the Alex Jones is a satanist based on that flimsy evidence. That Sherrie chick is nuts anyway.

    The whole Alex Zionism thing makes me laugh because I could compile at least 20 videos from the last year alone where Alex calls out Zionists as well as Israel. The first issue of his Infowars magazine, the centerpiece article is by Paul Craig Roberts and the conclusion is that Israel is the problem. I think Alex knows its a touchy, dangerous subject, so he tiptoes around it (especially since his wife is Jewish).

    These zionists are Khazar fake Jews anyway, the synagouge of Satan.

    Alex may be a double agent, I dont think so, more like he is being used by them in some small ways, but he still has awakened alot of folks to whats going on.

    • Christian,

      I don;t like to listen to Alex because of his honking bullhorn voice.
      But I agree with you, “he still has awakened a lot of folks to whats going on.”

      Everybody is on a punking spree and everybody is everyone’s target.

      ‘Tis the season of free-for-all’s of rumors and petty jealousies.
      The Divide and Conquer Crew just luvs it.


      • Have you seen this one:

        • Hi CZ,

          Yes this is true. Jones claims his bravery and I would too under the protection of the two winged zionist and vatican, who he carefully treads around and receives daily life and bread. Bill Cooper and many other genesis talkers did not.

          We are all Palestinians or Zionists period. What both the narrator and Jones fail to focus on in my opinion is that Hamas and Hezbollah are as much Mossad as AL-qaeda, AL-shabaab are CIA. MI6 coordinating the whole thing under the Crown. Gladio had years to develop this network and Saudi’s kill more than even Israel. Only Americans kill more than both.

          US Drones have killed 200 children this year alone according to watchdogs 1000 civilians . I think that beats Israel zionists for the year but who’s counting? Abbas should kill Hamas in a coup and that would show he wasn’t a Mossad agent and part of the Arafat assassination conspiracy. Like Jones coming clean it would help his cause as well to take on the Neo-zionist of both fake joo and xtian.

        • Hey you Zaza, what you do all deez mumphs away and just hangin out laundries er sumpin?

          Stick around awhile have some white meat or a drumstick if you preefabfer…if the gravy ain’t hot we’ll nookidoo it…

          Have an olive.

          Be here or be squeer.


  8. Thats funny because I like his energy and sense of humour. I think being disrespectful as possible to these governement authority figures is a great weapon to use against them. I love this video, especially the end where he starts ripping into this ridiculous monument:

    • Yea…yea that one was good.

      I mean I don’t like his radio shows where he shouts down his “guests” and they can barely get a word in edgewise because of his exuberance.

      I usually enjoy his movies and vids.


    • I love his Bill Clinton. It makes my day to hear it. Good cut there CP.

  9. I’m a little sour on him with this big money influx and staff increase. That always makes me suspicious but I am just wired that way. Regardless of his true motivation, I listen to him. But I listen to the known globalist telecast as well. The better info usually comes from their pie-holes.

    • I agree with that sentiment…

      I have gone beyond Jones, and he is just repeating over again stuff I have known for a long time now.

      There are a lot of diverse and more detailed analysis available on the web. Global Research is a really great source of up to date and historical info.

      Tarpley is another good source, and James Petras has great strokes of insight.

      Jones appeals more to a audio-video audience, I prefer text for the most part.
      . . . . . . . . .

      BTW Puddy,

      Whassup with JG? Have you heard from her lately?


      • No. What’s up with that? I wish she’d pop in to say alright in Jerseyville. I’ll reach out.

        • You put up an article from PAKALERT about this.

          Have you read the PDF?

          “In the three cases, the bell-like form points to an impulsive source of energy, not percussion on the ground due to the fall of debris. The total mass and the average mass of individual building fragments were relatively small and fell to the ground over a period of more than ten seconds (which is a very long time in geophysics). Also note that the duration of a seismic signal does not tell anything about the source, in distinction from the amplitude and, particularly, the frequency.” ~Dr. Rousseau

          Another punking of Judy Woowoo…Lol


          • JG is getting over the same respiratory assault I went through. She’s on the mend Willie and says hello to all and she will be back soon. I know how lousy she has been feeling. We both had not been sick for many years so it hits you hard when it happens. coto tough, we are.

            • So sorry to hear she’s been sick
              but glad to hear she is on the mend…

              Hope hse’s up and running soon
              Miss her I do.


              • without our Garden State Gardenia…this joint just don’t smell so good……..heal up good D. 🙂


    Perspective: How Unusual?

    While both the Atlantic and eastern Pacific hurricane seasons have wound to a close, typhoons can form in the western North Pacific basin any time of year. In 2012, the year’s first typhoon (“Pakhar”) formed at the end of March. A 2010 tropical depression formed off the Vietnamese coast in late January.

    That said, the majority of typhoons form from July through November.

    What makes Bopha unique is its southern track and intensity. This was the strongest typhoon to track through the southern Philippines in 22 years, the last of which to do so was Super Typhoon Mike (Philippine name “Ruping”) in Nov. 1990.


    Not unusual in endo/exothermic scalar assaults on weather fronts coming from seven arrays on earth and likely one on the ISS or remote satellite from NASA.

    Global Warming ala HAARP

  11. Hey guys, PD, Will, CR, thanks for your concern 🙂 Still have a cough but am feeling human again. I can’t remember the last time I was that sick but I’m thinking it had to be at least 15 years ago. I am pretty healthy considering they are spraying us here like bugs every freakin day.

    What have I missed beside the fact that AJ has been exposed to be the disinfo agent he’s been accused of being.
    I heard the Santilli show (who I don’t trust either) where he talks about Molly & Stratfor.

    You guys know what a huge fan I was of Alex. Not so much the past year or so because his zionism and right wing side was really shining through.. I rarely listen to his show anymore. The video CZ posted is awesome because those are some of the many reasons I lost all respect for the man. Plus his obvious stumping for Romney and backtracking on Rand & Ron Paul.. Suddenly they are A-ok again. Why?

    Yea, when he said hollywood is owned by the Arabs I almost spit my coffee out. ARABS?? HOLLYWOOD>> REALLY?! Yea ok. Sure they own a lot of property there but the movie/tv/music industry is owned and controlled by Jews. Even the Jews admit it !

    How about the Israelis involved with 9/11 Ahole Jones? Topic never seemed to come up with you did it?

    Sorry buddy, you’ve been busted..Hiring a Stratfor agent is NOT good for the infowar no matter what anyone says. Keeping your enemy close in that case is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. SHe works in the building! No, something is not right there. Maybe he can get Cheney and some of his dual citizen PNAC boys in there too. Why the hell not?

    • Great to see yer face here again JG.

      Missed your wit, and witnessing for us here.

      “Witnessing”, that’s what the Evangelicals call it. I spoze you could say we are evangelistic for sanity here…so the term would apply in that sense…er, I sense t’would.


    • That is some bitchin’ ambient-house scratchin’ under that vid…

      a REVEALING slambang.

      Nice production.


      • Good to see you too Will :). There were names in that vid I didn’t know existed. That kosher rabbit hole is never ending.

    • Sorry you and Puddy have been under the weather, but glad you’re felling better. Keep up witht he hot tea, chicken soup, meds., etc..

  12. its forensic fact..she intercepted my email…not pouring aj coffee.
    Lotta trolls want to badmouth the messenger to take eyes of the MESSAGE. Fail.

    • Wanna disambiguate Mr Leonard?

      You might have some further words of illumination that might make sense of what message has failed and why.


      • Are you Brian Leonard or Sherrielea? Male or Female? I actually agreed with you in my comment that having a stratfor agent on board is hardly good for the “infowar”. That was the last straw for me. I’m done listening to Alex.

        Will, I think the message is that AJ is the tip of the spear being used by dark forces to lead his listeners off the cliff and into the camps. I owe him a lot of credit for opening my eyes to things I didn’t know existed but at the same time, he’s witholding very vital information as well.

        Lucky coto are such critical thinkers and have many sources for alternative news..

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