Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 30, 2012

Your XXXmas Order has been shipped…

by Chemtrail Express Overnite. Thank you. If you want to track your order please click the link.

Your order for Christmas Tree Garlands has been delivered


Filtered halo (hologram) around the head of the trail. Taken through refractor telescope camera


Make sure Satan Santa has your address right ……..Full Spectrum Surveillance here and type your address in the snow globe.



  1. More from “Forbidden Knowledge”. Don’t mean to piss in this guys cornflakes but being an airplane fanatic, I’ve spent a disproportionate time of my life looking up. I find there to be a questionable scale factor here and unless TPB have come up with anti gravity devices, there’s no way for such large vehicles to be able to sustain lift and only be as fast as the clouds in his pictures, as I stand to be corrected, please do.

  2. Upstate SC Chemtrail Report — Scum Date 11-19-12

    Chemtrails dispersed overnight, with snail tracks everywhere across the sky at sunrise. Weather folks say it will be a “sunny day”. They seem to be blinded, hogtied, and shills for TPTD (the powers that destroy).

  3. Only if they were offset by helium, hydrogen or antigravity possibly. What fuel mixture/composition used is also a factor is it not? These chemtrails today were done by about five craft unless they are mach 1+. Noiseless/altitude unknown so what that means is less than =Mach 1.

    Theres more to these aircraft than I can see but maybe like 911 and thermite, that’s the desired conspiracy theory when in fact the scalar directed howitzer theory I believe in, is true.

    Another XXX where the psyop desires the conspiracy extreme for a extraterrestrial illusion bluebeam event or the operation is meant to reduce the conspiracy to lesser fact based conspiracy to cover the tracks of the deeper technologies.

    In my opinion the latter makes more sense from heuristic observations.

  4. More monsterism

  5. These 2 have it right

  6. Giant UFO Seen As It Leaves Earth’s Atmosphere By ISS Live Cam

    Oh yeah, that’s what we have been waiting for. Let’s all join hands and sing the hope song! Wooo Wooo dooo wop dooo!

  7. Always makes me wonder how they never manage to get a clear picture of these things given the technology of the times. By the way PD, thanks for the lead to the Jack Otto one

    • My Pleasure V. Love the FKn network.

      Verizon cant prevent a drop microwave call from NC to FL yet they can get clear signals 24/7 from Mars with gain to spare. Really?

  8. This is powerful. This one is a real eye opener. It’s 71 minutes long the readership won’t want to pass this one by.

    • I give Chomsky more leeway than most of coto due to his fear of death for being a truther. Good video. Nostalgic for me V and that makes the cockles of my heart melt with the organ version of Shangri-la

      I still have a pair of those slacks 🙂

  9. Chicken or Egg…It all tastes like shit to me 2/12/10

    By design to destroy the eco-system? TRIAD includes the massive Redistribution of wealth, the strategy of tension and another huge taxing scheme. CLIMATE CHANGE = AGENDA 21

  10. Have you seen how many people have sinus, respiratory, and upper ear/nose/throat infections lately? It’s also sticking around for a month or more. All small children, elderly and even some health food junkies like me are breathing in this junk. Correlates nicely with the chemtrails I’ve seen from Maine to FL……..ok, the whole east coast!

    • Right on MsD. Did you ever watch the Sofia Smallstorm chemtrail video?
      A transformation process, a eugenics, a thinning of the herd ala Adolph and the Mengele design. US economy GDP is run on disease, death and healthcare. Watch the merging.

      They don’t need a WWIII for anything other than a deflection and further distortions. It covers the bluebeam agenda and the array of vectors and the approach to systematically bringing in Agenda 21.

      PNAC’s “Pearl Harbour” could never measure up to the documents from the Club of Rome. Mind-Body-Spirit, all under assault.

      • Ah, and I can see the only opt out is a permanant one..

        • Consider the economic implosion. Is it real? Was it real in 1929? The factoids say it was fractional-greed-derivative investing. When in fact the powerbrokers sank it when they pulled out vast amounts prior to the crash causing the crash.

          How about now? It’s fiat worthless printing, the same derivatives, unknown now to where this large empty basket sits but still, like a void or a massive air bubble floating around the circulation system, it will reach the heart and then kaboom. The committee has divested real assets and plays now with the worthless paper and imaginary credits of this massive debt system.

          It is the pensions, savings portfolios and retirement accounts that are real and the 99% or so who are at risk. Solving the fiscal cliff in so counter-intuitive to the objective that anyone who thinks there is a real or earnest dialogue or agenda to reverse it is so deluded as to be literally driving off the cliff.

          Now take the real agenda behind the keywords of OCCU-PI, DISCLOSURE, AUSTERITY,. SUSTAINABILITY, STIMULUS, QUANTITATIVE EASING

          Occupy – Control the money/control the labor. Kill jobs and kill the middleclass, kill the independence,the ability to survive

          Disclosure – AGW, Climate change, De-Industrial development, peak oil, An inconvenient truth, water-food shortages, en-mod, doomsday, catastrophe

          Austerity – reduce consumption, eliminate waste, deficit reduction, credit freezing, massive regulation increases, eliminate entitlement

          Sustainability – depopulation, eugenics, carbon footprint, tax everything including the footprint, Obamacare funeral tax.

          Stimulus – QE1, QE2

          Quantitative Easing – QE eternal.

          Now put you in the place of a fiat dollar. Put the banks at the top of the heap. Wrong, they fund the multi-faceted Agenda 21 program.
          There are only two ways to fund it. Market Manufacture and Labor. Not the free variety but a regulation driven, austere, sustainable, occupied system that includes only 1 billion human beings.

          The economy is the gauge by which one would determine their fate. There is no new green economies or jobs, no GDP from these newly created markets. Just the process of taxing, regulating, stripping the assets of middle class and while maintaining a exponential vector increase in human death due to disease and self inflicted death.

          At this point you will see increased taxes, carbon tax introduction, forced healthcare tax and increased cost, added manipulated price index, artificial manufactured scarcity price increases, real enmod, GMO and phrma sustainable human asset liquidation and psychological and mental disabilities.

          So the bottom line is not increasing the current market and labor economy to reverse deficits and fiscal cliff but shrink the size of the market labor force after you have stripped them down like a stolen car redistributed the parts for twice the value of the vehicle to other drivers who you will strip down later. This process is done until the QE III numbers are achieved.

          Like the herd, the old and sick will thin out first and then the healthy will become sick and go next. While the austerity goes on the GDP will be maintained by the healthcare boom as we saw in the tech and housing cycles. This bubble will burst when the desired easing is achieved.

          Asset liquidation pacing the liability reduction while the profit and loss is more tangible and non-existent as the system is able to reduce entitlement and inflate everything else. The Military budget will have to increase and that portion of domestic spending to control the people at home will probably insure no foreign entanglements but the maintained covert, austere, occupations abroad we have seen in the Springs.

          The liquidation of the assets of ammunition would be a prime financial strategy from a cost -benefit ratio and that would require only a minimal cost in a false flag acquisition yet the debt reduction and easing could be greatly realized with a civil war.
          Spielberg’s Lincoln timely resurrection and JFK’s brain splattering 50th anniversary are prime for this transaction to occur.

          The inorganic economy has hit it’s plateau and it’s now a matter solely for the liability purge timed out to become final once all assets have monetized and secured. Recovery at last, a new Agenda of Investment Strategy, a new world order, a market driven on labor and technology to manufacture new labor under a eugenics and green economy of top performing assets without costly management requirements. A new level of profit to cost maximization (Mπ)

          • HOLY CHIT Puddy! You’ve spelled that all out quite nicely, like you have a directly line to the psychopaths.. and this will happen in our time…. I’m an opt out kinda girl. I opt out of GMO foods, factory meats, tsa body scans, and anything else that isn’t quite right like doctors and big pharma. When the time comes, that will be my best option I’m thinking.
            Thanks for the great info. I’m gonna share with my friend, she loves learning this stuff!

            • I am happy you have decided to opt out. Fight hard and whatever the outcome you will have done what you should have. Sacrificing the comfort, the easier road, the ambivalent or apathetic, instant gratification of a addictive society of consumption.

              Remember in the 19th century what consumption was?

              Dictionary spells it out well.

              [kuh n-suhmp-shuh n] Show IPA
              1. the act of consuming, as by use, decay, or destruction.
              2. the amount consumed: the high consumption of gasoline.
              3. Economics . the using up of goods and services having an exchangeable value.
              4.Pathology .
              a. Older Use. tuberculosis of the lungs.
              b. progressive wasting of the body.

              I particularly like the 4b. Time to purge that which has destroyed the minds and bodies of our friends and look to the forefathers and their knowledge of the basic tenets of health and power.

  11. eyes juss thunkin iff’a weeza fookus ondis tietnuph weeza candoo getza skeerd nuff to juss implode andat’ll be IT by chit and hoody…



  12. Went to a Local Zeitgeist meeting showing the documentary “Four Horsemen”. It made salient points about the collapse of empire but never mentioned that the indicators are, that it’s by design, I want to watch it again. It’s not available here in North American format yet but will be soon. It was shown at a faculty building of the University Of Toronto. The crowd wasn’t big but was interesting, mostly an older crowd. The were a couple of dyke couples there, a few flakes too. The communists made their presence known in the question and answer period. There was a over educated wanna be professor type there identifying (accusing) Max Keiser of preaching Austrian economics bigger on hearing himself sound important. Some good points made typically what you’d find at a university setting. I didn’t speak up, I figured fuck it, I didn’t want to enjoin in any confrontational debate with these eggheads decided that my input would be too radical and I didn’t want to get ganged up on. They might call the cops on me, if that were the case. Best to flee to fight another day. My saying of the day for that brew’haha is a saying by Mark Twain, “I didn’t let school interfere with my education”.

    • Wise. The quiet man can get a message delivered faster. I’m finding that more and more. “Consider this” is my usual lead in to debunk someones opinion. The Austrian system works as does all others until you bring the too big to fail, monopolies and regulators into it. Greed is the addiction in human terms that destroys. Power is the elixir.

      Human beings are generous by nature. Success is contagious and what the committee has said in open dialogue is ‘competition is a sin.’ Well to the world at large, competition is healthy and sport. It was the system that created the greatest economic boom the world has ever witnessed. It was highjacked, occupied and manipulated by those who wished to eliminate the sin.

      The nature of the universe is that all things are possible to those who endeavor to achieve it. They did and I think they will not want to compete by sharing the knowledge and wealth with those who want it for free. Such is entitlement and those who endeavored are the entitled.

      This is not a pitch for capitalism but a call to those who don’t want to take the hard road of study. It’s the ruination of American culture form where we came to where we are.

    • Veritable……you’re video doesn’t play for me, got a link?

      • Google ” Top Secret Mission Chemtrail Pilots Spraying Blood Cause Face To Face Near Mid Air Collisions

      • Ms Darlene,

        Did anyone ever tell you that you look just like a cartoon drawing?

        A cute one tho’…why If I was a cartoon character I’d go fer ya right away.


        • That’s funny hybridrogue! Big brother knows what I look like………you mean that you don’t?
          I like to pretend that they don’t recognize me, but it’s a pretty similiar character pose, I’m just a ‘bit’ older now 🙂

          • Rebel in a red dress. Pretty inviting Missy 🙂

            • Betty Boop with a brain and one of us. A rarity save JG of course. You from the land of toques, igloo’s and good beer EH?

              • Yes, from the land o’plenty…….plenty of GMO’s, chemtrails, vaccines and corrupt government front men…same as YOU! Got my brains, some braun, some gardening skills, some stores of food and ammo, and sum silver!
                Been following you guys for a while, and feel pretty good about being with like kind for a change. Not many like us out there, that’s for sure! PEACE

                • Yup, no doubt about it. Ain’t many of us. Hard to find people to converse with. I’ve made a few converts and have run up on some that quite surprised me in their youth and level of knowledge. What sparked me on my course was just in a casual conversation, it was life changing. I live just outside the big smoke and am still working on my bug out bag. Likewise PEACE.

                  • the BIG SMOKE……..? been trying to figure this one out for days!

                    Not Fukishima…….that’s BAD smoke…..

  13. Additional article about more chemtrail crap and how it wastes brains!

    • The purpose and results coming to fruition: And so it goes.

      • Ah and the pResident will solve the fiscal cliff project with lies of global warming. SURE………

        It’s so obviously pathetic how people just hang on his every word. URG…..such a bunch of B.S.

        Was a beautiful sunny morning until the chemtrails covered our blue skies AGAIN. EVERY day we are sprayed here in New Hampshire and I’d say about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the population have a sinus, ear/nose/troat ‘thingie’ going on. GET YOUR FLU SHOTS is constantly being ‘advertised’ on tv and radio waves!

        I’m…………I’ll pass 🙂

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