Posted by: veritytwo | November 26, 2012

EEL- Mark Everett

First I’ve ever heard of him. A bio to follow in comments that I’m sure would be of interest to the COTO crew



  1. A connection to who he is. Viewed this on Forbidden Knowledge where all 5 episodes come up but here’s #1 to peak your curiosity. Someone that’s mostly unacknowledged but is starting to come into focus as one of the great minds of our epoch posthumously of course.

  2. That song was nice and straight forward honest.

    Thanks Veri.

    This Parallel Universe is something that explains an experience I had in the late 70s or early 80s…when I died in a nuclear holocaust and then didn’t.

    I remember it vividly, and I remember suddenly it having not actually happening…hard to explain so I won’t try.

  3. [1≡∞] *

    In 1962 Everett accepted an invitation to present the relative-state formulation (as it was still called) at a conference on the foundations of quantum mechanics held at the Xavier University of Cincinnati.[13] Amongst his exposition Everett presented his derivation of probability and also stated explicitly that observers in all branches of the wavefunction were equally “real.” He also agreed with an observation from the floor that the number of branches of the universal wavefunction was an *uncountable infinity.


  4. Figures you’d be up on it Willy. Blows the concept of universe right out the door as an apt description. Not only do we exist in what we can see looking out into infinity but where we are in this here and now is but a singular point in an infinite multiverse. Kind of mind blowing ain’t it. Little beyond nookiedodo don’t you think? I wonder though, why these people are dyed in the wool atheists.

    • “I wonder though, why these people are dyed in the wool atheists.”

      I can only postulate that it is because they give no thought to theology, and see spirituality as only the form it takes as religion.

      It’s funny though, the implications are right in your face if you take the multiverse seriously.

      This whole subject is the scientific flip side to Seth, the THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY. Seth explains reality in the exact same way as Evert, without a single mention of math.

      I read the Seth book some 15 years after that experience I spoke of above. In fact nothing is actually sequential here for me. I thought of the equation even years before that. And the symbol for “is exactly”;
      [≡] came from a physics book I read at about 12 years old. For some reason it stuck in my mind…well the reason is obvious, but not as a parallel sequential line.

      {Most people don’t immediately see that it has three lines and is not an “equal” sign.

      Paradox divides the whole – there is only one which cannot be divided.

      Thus: [1≡∞]


      • That’s because we don’t have our reading glasses on.

  5. “As with the other interpretations of quantum mechanics, the many-worlds interpretation is motivated by behavior that can be illustrated by the double-slit experiment. When particles of light (or anything else) are passed through the double slit, a calculation assuming wave-like behavior of light can be used to identify where the particles are likely to be observed. Yet when the particles are observed in this experiment, they appear as particles (i.e., at definite places) and not as non-localized waves.

    Some versions of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics proposed a process of “collapse” in which an indeterminate quantum system would probabilistically collapse down onto, or select, just one determinate outcome to “explain” this phenomenon of observation. Wavefunction collapse was widely regarded as artificial and ad-hoc, so an alternative interpretation in which the behavior of measurement could be understood from more fundamental physical principles was considered desirable.

    Everett’s Ph.D. work provided such an alternative interpretation. Everett noted that for a composite system – for example a subject (the “observer” or measuring apparatus) observing an object (the “observed” system, such as a particle) – the statement that either the observer or the observed has a well-defined state is meaningless; in modern parlance the observer and the observed have become entangled; we can only specify the state of one relative to the other, i.e., the state of the observer and the observed are correlated after the observation is made. This led Everett to derive from the unitary, deterministic dynamics alone (i.e., without assuming wavefunction collapse) the notion of a relativity of states.”

    This is really interesting reading, if you have the time an notion.


    • Read most of it. Not for a quick scan and would take some time to grok it but caught the drift. Wonder where we exist in the waveform? Close to the source or of a lesser frequency. It all speaks of the nature of fluid dynamics in this great ocean of energy.

  6. It/s a shame video II is unavailable in the US. That’s Schrodingers cat I guess. I’ll go to Canada and watch it here in North Carolina. I know the work. It’s my hobby V.

    Like EVAN, Rogue did die from a nuclear event. I was there.

    [ I warned you how dangerous it can be when you attempt to disconnect too fast. Total wave collapse is a serious jolt to the system. The sphere of influence controlled by the ruling minority isn’t just the de facto standard control over your energy but when you detach in volume, you are left completely defenseless and without the life forces. Suicidal ideation, physical and mental illness are side effects of it.]

    I was warned. Depression is a contributing factor to atheism, that depression is an illness of affluence is debatable but appears true. Everett was an alcoholic entrapped in the techno prison. Physics is theory. Observation limited, endless cycle of de jure in a sum zero game.

    It’s those who take it on faith and have the awakening or an experience in this universe who will find the will to live knowing the universe may be fractal, multiple, parallel, skipping through TS continuum like threads in the mandelbrot rug.

    I think this calls for a header V. I’ll watch parts iii-iv without ii. That will be a good exercise in thought experimentation. Maybe the RAND group can fund this experiment. I have to call them on the Pearl Harbor Affair and Montauk parallel that’s been nagging me. 🙂 It’s the ‘no ships’ theory.

    • I guess that’s why I don’t get depressed much PD. Having too much money’s never been a problem. It seems Everett followed in his hero’s footsteps. Einstein was a self proclaimed atheist as well. Intellect and instinct seem to maintain a sharp demarcation of one from the other.

      • Well V, I think the term “multiverse” is redundant, but some new term was needed to escape the conceptualizations associated with the term ‘universe’.

        But really, no matter how much more complex the thing becomes it is all one universe. It may be infinitely layered, but it is still just one whole thing ultimately.

        And that is the ultimate Monotheism sans anthropomorphia.


  7. We are the observer, collapsing waveforms every every second we are awake and maybe some in the multiverse while dreaming. The brain is a quantum computer and hologramic. Schrodinger’s Cat only hints that what we percieve as a wave/particle “duality” is just our limited grasp of the whole and our language’s inadequacy to describe it. “Many worlds” is a fascinating attempt to explains the heretofore unexplainable but in my opinion is an extravagant extrapolation of what does really “exist”…many more dimensions than our 5 senses can detect.

    • The “brain” is just as much an illusion as your breakfast Camus.

      In my jumbo opinion that is…{grin}


  8. entanglement means that since the big bang, every particle is connected through however vast expanse of infinity you care to try to phathom. The so call law of light speed is nonexistant. Instantaneous means instantaneous with NO amount of “distance” being in any way relative. That is why things like ESP, remote viewing and pre-cognition are as real as the chili-cheese dog I had for breakfast.

    • Hahahaha…I’m sorry to keep stepping on your words here my man, but the “Big Bang”?

      In the beginning there was nothing….and then it exploded!!

      I think some of the ancient indigenous creation myths make more sense than that.

      Is – has been – will be…all the same moment ultimately.

      Time is not linear but a radiant eternal now.


      • no worries, i knew the BigB was loaded for mockery and put little stock in it myself if one tries to suggest that before this miraculous event there was just…..nothing?

        clearly its more like a cycle…the ol’ in- out, deep breathing of universal lungs, expand, contract, rinse, repeat….as spring follows winter and souls are reincarnated, one era/epoch/age winds down and a brand fresh sparklin new one is the result ad infinitum….

        my point being, whatever creation myth one cares to genuflect towards…all particles are entangled, always have been.

        Brain as the hardware/CPU is not nearly as interesting as all the spiritual software and ethereal apps….but it helps to have a dependable machine

        • “my point being, whatever creation myth one cares to genuflect towards…all particles are entangled, always have been.”

          I can agree with that…in fact I agree with most all that you said as far as what we experience and postulate upon that, in the Time Space Continuum.

          Most of what I am trying to get across is the nature of the Mind.
          Of course modern science in this material world sees Mind as “generated” by the brain, and the more acute of these scientists also have grasped that the entire nervous system is an extension of that Mind.

          My proposition is that ALL MIND is entangled__and is in fact ONE. Put in theological terms We are God dreaming. This WHOLE shebang is in His Mind: Ta Panta Nous.


        • Have you ever read, THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY Camus?

          I would suggest reading what Seth has to say therein, while completely ignoring the chit chat between Jane and her husband.


          • I did read some of the Seth stuff many moons ago..not sure if one was that which you mentioned, but I enjoyed it as i recall. I remember a distinct Buddhist flavor that resonated with me. Yes to one mind. One Love. If “God” has to be assigned a gender I would lean towards giving it the pronoun associated with giving birth, nurturing etc.

            • The one I like the best is in one of the crop circles in Wiltshire England around 02′ where in the description was “The Goddess Of All Creation”.
              Started reading “Seth Speaks” waaaayyyy back when. At the time, it came across a little too far out there for me.

    • Hope your Chili Dog was organic otherwise you’ll be getting your moneys worth all day as it keeps repeating

  9. God and Heaven are under appreciated in the physics world but the creator kept the secrets from the Apotheosis and Men like Gods. No matter what these demagogues or demi-gods try to explain, the fact is they can’t. That’s enough to depress you to suicide or like the hitchins crowd, smoke, drug and drink yourself to the end. God never came up. Too bad they never allowed the thought exercize to take them into that parallel universe of faith over the black hole of Hope.

    It’s possible in my opinion Camus that precog, remote viewing and the unified field are all more real than your breakfast. 🙂

    I commend you on breaking the Bernay’s mind control and forgoing the breaking of eggs this AM.

  10. There is only ONE observer, and it does not collapse wavefroms it generates them.


    • only one observer that creates the wave-functions (forms)?? That is some deep stuff. Not feeling capable of a decent reply somehow….kinda knocked me backwards a little…actually read it last night and still dont quite know what to make of it. Of course as I agree the idea of a collective consciousness, one mind makes sense, it should be a simple extrapolation…guess I’m troubled by aliens, UFOs, other dimensions…far, FAR corners of our expanding uni-multiverse……is it ALL one observer? not sure I’m ready to take that topic though, no doubt


    apokalypsis in the remote viewing around 70AD 13th observation deck in the N.O.W. The NWO horn of plenty #1 and Obamacare number #2 to follow.

    Map it in group G with the others and prepare the separation. Linear dependance is at your door. If you see it you are too late.

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