Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 23, 2012

EVAN: The Diet of Wormwood

Where’s the Fire?

I don’t know but I smell smoke. How were things on Mars?

Curiously quiet, pun intended. You wouldn’t guess that based upon the Mars frequency. It appears much is happening.  Like the Redcoats are coming or better, the Martian Chronicles are about to begin. The story or plot is organic for certain. These events seem to be scripted daily by committee at NASA and JPL.

It’s bravado on their part. They’ve sufficiently partitioned and transformed the hemispheres into a proper modular system. Full Spectrum Control including the denominators of the five tiers and dialectic. The physical aspects included.

The system will merge now for how long?

I don’t know. We may look to these schisms, rifts and distortions as unmanageable but they certainly have an order and agenda timeline.

The five and three system is 12345AB and C correct?

Or AB and G.

Yes and that clued you to Pluto.  It’s a wildcard. There’s only eight now.

And I thought it was a dog. Go figure. Mars makes all men war. It has been the alienation factor for man since the beginning.

It’s not easy predicting in Greenwich time is it?

No it’s not and calculating Martian days. There’s samplings coming from the desert. Garbage, of course.

A load of gas for sure. The only spectrometer operating here is at California or Arizona.  The ISS must be loaded with goodies right now. The plan is in action and the events coming begin on  this solar date December 12th. What weakens the earth weakens man. The effort is targeting the the right-left paradigm. It works the brain until overload occurs. This is where the earth appears under Agenda 21 but the reality is internal and not external. That’s illusion only but the internal is real isn’t it?

This is what I call the Reichstag of Wormwood. A diet by worms to convert the rifts and schisms into the fractions and splinters of self annihilation. It’s all about matching us up now and and we will do the rest on our own. There’s no criminal charge for a psychological assault.

It’s a matter for divorce courts only. If they excite or incite the atoms, it’s all fair game in war. And since Congress no longer has to stamp it’s approval and the Criminal in Chief no longer has to declare it, then what’s the recourse?


Correct. It’s a secession to Zeropoint. An un-Occu-pi motion out of the system, not the frequencies they are transmitting but yours. Their version is just another data mining opportunity and identification to move you to your determined coordinate for the grand collision. Once they have determined the flavour and have tested the theorems. These you have been witness to in the many recent events.  NASA, HAARP and CERN have provided the necessary beta testing and the need for the secession is essential.

Not only the secession but the need for energy conservation if you wish to remain in this system. Your mass potentials are falling rapidly under the anti-pion agenda and the decay rates are accelerating constantly.  Nullification and parity are essential. In physical and in metaphysical terms their consubstantiation have to be realized by understanding the agenda and the components of the system down to the dialectic and Logology of the transmissions.

This will help one to connect the dots and then understand their objective and then make the appropriate rational changes and dismiss the rhetoric. The undeniable awakening is far deeper than just knowing but includes a new education. A science of Learning.

This cannot be overstressed. I have said often that it requires the zeropoint. It necessitates the painful journey of moving back to zero, one vector at a time. These involve the understanding of the technocratic tiers and the ability to understand the heuristic approach to solving the questions. It’s difficult and painful but necessary. The isolation is painful, the comfort of ethos is painful when forced to move.

Refer to your 5-3 system.

The eight tiers of the technological revolutions are nine. The nine being the destruction, the annihilation the emergence of matter/antimatter or the Christ and antichrist whichever you prefer. The rhetoric ethos, pathos and logos are the hurdles. The tiers like the Olympic rings I have discussed are elementary to the revolutions. They are;

One,  Pre-Industrial. Your lord of the rings, hobbits and trolls, simple yet substantiated alchemy and the Ancient Wisdom in a hunter and gatherer world.

Secondly, the Industrial Age as documented an age of total bullshit propaganda, false flags and chemical assaults. The creation of power in the illusions of fiat in order to control the destiny of the committee and it’s technological advancements for their benefit

Number three, the Atomic Age, the one where the elevation of science takes over the Theological reason. This also created the Reichstag under the guise of Nazism. A consortium, committee, Bilderberg group capable of controlling all things material in the universe with a full understanding of their properties.
The fourth is the Space Age. This is where the illusion of external space exploration is secretly masking the technological pursuit of human mind control. A full spectrum celestial control of the mind and body space and the intersection of the EM and Universal laws that connect man to his world. This is the current age transition to the fifth tier, the one that has been known since the first age and it’s timing is the essential. The 2001 agenda 911 and Kubrick theory can be reviewed.

The fifth is Apotheosis age. The elevation of godlike beings under the alchemy to date. Control of space time  in the three dimensional existence of mankind. Bluebeam and all systems merging into the singular archetypical One World Order detaching itself completely from the collective consciousness and transitioning the ego and collectivism into a full spectrum society with a focus on the complete dominance of all energy internal and external.

The remaining ages are the ones in which the three dimensional barriers are breached and the soul is under the advanced generational warfare. It is the biblical war on heaven which will be a higher dimensional conflict outside the reference paradigm. Throughout the ages the war craft has changed with the technology but ultimately it is the assault on the unified field, the creator and conduits to the self and will.  Eventually the idea will be to dominate all life itself and control the determinants in all future creation. This is referenced by the fifth realm or the perfect man in their system. We of course know better and it is the self that we must defend. Along with the health of the body electric our cognitive energy must also be under attack.

Where do you find the energy?

In the very place they have created the battle. It is clearly visible, we have no doubts about the war, just how and where it happens. This is America’s Reichstag and the Nazi’s are still around. The advent of al-CIAda no different from the Nazi’s, the WOT no different from the Third Reich. The Diet of Wormwood  in all it’s green glory in Agenda 21 and simply the cyclical ages with new technology. We must convert the energy of consciousness into power. It must be used internally until such time as we are able to survive the trip back to zero and then begin to transmit to the mass movement in a way that will give them an easier trip than the one we had to take.

It’s harder now due to the effects of Project Bluebeam and all it’s nastiness.

Certainly for those who have not awakened, the journey may be impossible without some help. Whether it comes from the creator or from the holy spirit of the collective, we can only try to help in any way we can.  Got any ammo for them?

I recommend The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization by Peter Senge in which he gives a methodology. Here’s a gift to you and them. It ‘s a great plan to create the organization of basic consensus by taking the techniques right from the committee playbook.

Thank you. I give you these two audio-visuals and this bottle of Blue Absinthe.

Thanks. Shall we toast the coming transition?

Sure. In honor of Wormwood, let us drink the bitter truth.

Hey, this absinthe is green.

Once you spoon the sugar water on it,  trust me it’s blue.  So goes the con of Agenda 21 and the reality of the Big Blue event.



  1. I shall view those 2 videos soon. This EVAN projection is a revelation; its deeper meanings I hope to grok as I cogitate upon the substrate. Kudos to My Friend Puddy and the light that lights your fire. May your fire always be warm, tranquil, and abundant, your furry pals a source of companionship.

    And so, shall you know that the frequencies you tread are paths upon which fellow travelers shall follow the footprints in the sand, the forest, the green pastures which you traverse. And so shall we together sit ’round the bright fire sending sparks upwards to the heavens, warmed by the understanding shared amongst friends. Nostrovia. Salud. Cheers.

  2. COTO knows.

    ta panta nous.


    Panty Hose…


    • Pany Hose???

      Yes, it’s Black Friday doncha know. Hohoho.

      • Well, you see, one is spearatatcha’all and the other is materialistemar and thar the twain doth meet.



  3. Thanks bra. Cheers and a gobble to you.

    Chemical assaults have been in overdrive here. So goes the sickness. CodyLisa down with the kids again. Raw throats and chemcough. Trying to make them drink my greenshake and tangerine but no luck. I though am feeling energized again.

    Curiosity rover finding on Mars could make `history books,’ but don’t get too excited:

    No chance of that, you frauds. I am my position and you are not.

  4. Nice pic’s of chemtrails. Got something special today. Contrails being laid at the same time a big honking chemtrail was. Yesterday, saw some of the same.

    • So Mr. Eleven, is the agenda internal or external or both? A con or chemistry? Heres a riddle.

      When is AbCd = EfYg?


      Then you have to view the videos above and rethink 911. DEW and the Philadelphia Experiment / Montauk Project

      • Lovely skies over N Carolina PD. We got ’em too… 1st one was taken about a week ago before work….as usual by end of day the sky was cloudy and dark. Second one I took yesterday.. Note the lovely snowflake pattern the surrounding trails make. Must be a special Xmas presentation.



        • It would appear they are mounting a big event. I’ll hold to my 12/12/12 designation for the first of a series. Stay healthy coto.

  5. Zero chemtrails in upstate SC on Thanksgiving. The result? A clear blue sky as far as the eye can see. Friday? Back to chemtrailing. No illin ’round here though. Tell Codylisa to drink the friggin green antidote. My kid has the same reticence, but we leave him no “option” to not get “it” in him. Bottom’s up, enmod’s down.

    • Btw Patrick.. I was up all night coughing and today I have a horrible sore throat and my chest is burning. I know I have a fever because I’m so cold and I’m very hot blooded normally 🙂 I feel like total hell. My daughter’s family came down with the same thing today all except for the baby. My son started with it today as well . His wife and kids are just recovering from it. Chemtrailing has been off the charts for a very long time here.

      It’s rare to see a real blue sky and if you do, look quick because within hours it will turn to grey again.

      What is that greenshake elixir you were encouraging codylisa to drink? Can you post the recipe please?


        1 tablespoon with 1 oz. tangy tangerine in 8 oz. orange juice. I add food grade H2O2 but not necessary.

        It’s been the most amazing response in ways that I wont describe due to the nature of the cleansing 🙂 but really amazing.

        • Thanks Patrick. I have a bit of tangy tangerine left. I love the stuff but it’s too expensive to use every day. I’ll get some green stuff to go with it 🙂

          • I like the Green better than the tangerine. It’s a winner by far. I look to your review later Deb.

            Healthcare Workers Fired for Failing to Get Flu Vaccinations

            • My sister works in the lab at a local hospital. Everyone that works there has to take the flu shot or they are being forced to wear surgical masks. My sister refuses to take the shot.

      • Consider the enerfood Deb. I have looked at all crap on the market and this is the single best immuno-builder I have seen. So I bought it and started mixing with my tonics. Found it best with tangy tangerine and OJ.

  6. T’is weird…

    I realized I had never posted PSYOP THEATER on C1.

    It had been posted on Makow’s site in a truncated, over edited spoiled manner. So I posted the whole thing on C2 – of course that was axed by Kuntanada and is not more.

    So I decided I would post it…

    So I pulled up my Open Office file of it. It loads frozen. Three times I’ve attempted, same thing. I pulled up the PDF of the doc, it is nothing but digital code rubbish!

    WTF ? ! ?

    I put a lot of effort into that essay. Sumnabeeshgrumblefudge…

    Left wing right wing you know we’ve had our share but when I saw them walkin’ hand in hand down the street last night you know I just had to swear.


    • What’s the format? .pdf or .xml?

      • I rebooted my computer and finally got my Open Office doc to load unfrozen.
        The other format was PDF.

        After more voodoo hassles than you can imagine, I got a post of it up on COTO…

        3 bum tries proceeded it. And I posted it on hybridrouge1 blog on wordpress as a test and that went okay.

        So it is posted just after this page on C1 now.


  7. I have a few axioms that I have thought up on my way:

    >Going along to get along is fine — until you get where they’re taking you.

    >It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you’re not paying attention.

    >Naivete is not innocence.

    >Liberty is not an invention of revolution. Liberty is the discovery of enlightened reason.

    And my persistent question again:

    What does it mean to be well adjusted in a pathological society?

    As rational conscious beings we are capable of grasping our inner beast. This issue is thousands of years in dialog.

    The spiritual teachers have all advised that we not leave them unattended. “Know yourself”, face your own demons and by naming them you gain power over them.

    Not in the metaphysical sense–I mean to hear the evil selfish thoughts all are bound to have–acknowledge them as natural animal urges, tame them as to your true feeling and conscience advises.

    Many people hide such thoughts in shame…never acknowledging to themselves. That is a core source of neurosis.

    This animal within must be trained by the one it inhabits willingly–nothing else really works. And it should not be entirely extinguished, for it may be a needed tool in some extreme emergencies, it’s components have vigor that must be kept in controlled use.

    This is why the martial arts are part of eastern mind teachings, Zen, Tai Chi, etc.


    • O yea..and satirically:

      Never do today what somebody else can do tomorrow.


  8. We also had another earthquake here last night. It was a 2.1 but I didn’t feel it where I live. My daughter did and she’s 20 mins away.

    • I believe we will see one before XXXmas and before Feb 2013 a huge one for China. The frequencies are double that of a year ago and the size and shallowness are increasing. This is the scalar variety. I think they are coming from the ISS (space station) now for stealth reasons.

      As we know it will be the base for all operations under bluebeam. Bought and paid for by us middle class idiot taxpayers.

  9. yea no doubt about it PD. I heard that weird sound again last week that prompted me to post an article and then a followup to the article Strange Sounds…that post still gets hits daily. So much weirdness everywhere.

    Thursday,coming home from my daughter’s house I saw the weirdest thing in the sky. Didn’t look like any plane I’d ever seen. If I wasn’t in such busy traffic I’d have been trying to follow it.

  10. AGENDA 21 in action in NJ after Sandy..

  11. Netanyahu agreed to ceasefire after Obama promised US troops in Sinai next week?

    Black Sea Fleet Moves to Evacuate Russian Nationals from Gaza

  12. Russian expert warns of possibility of large-scale war in Middle East

    Did coto think the Palestinians were free from the NWO spring? I think not.

  13. I was wrong about nobody illin ’round here. Vomiting & diarrhea deal has hist 4 extended family members that were at the Thanksgiving get-together, and my neighbors down with the flu. Lots of freaking chemtrails yesterday, none today. Sporadic gridders they are at times.

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