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We Live in a World Wrought by Chicanery

Sometimes, people notice WAR is a “racket”. Yet, most everybody soon forgets. Even those Veterans who were sent into harm’s way for some war profiteer’s booty call.

Many will steadfastly deny the historically Obvious. Rationalization is a befuddling brain surgery instrument. It tarnishes the truth, dulling reality into a palatable gruel acceptable for consumption by the individual or the masses.

You “should” readily see chicanery molds your world and reality. The piece below reveals the startling facts of the gambits played upon populations world-wide.

Chicanery knows no borders. It lives among us because we allow it. We cherish it for its conscience-numbing effects. It is a powerful mind-altering and hallucinogenic drug, claiming more victims throughout history than other common social drugs which enter our beings via the mouth, air, or veins. This SOB enters us via our eyes and ears, and mainlines straight into our brains.

As you consider the import of chicanery and its brother in arms — propaganda — upon our world and reality, try and imagine how each one of us might defend ourselves against its hypnotic and delusional effects? Our lives depend on protecting ourselves from this scourge. Our futures as humans sharing the same planet are tied to this pernicious drug-of-choice sold by the pimp class, the warmonger class, the war-profiteer class.

Read it at the link below and see for yourself!

First World War: Same Protests of Futility, Folly Heard Today
Sunday, 11 November 2012 07:11 By H Patricia Hynes, Truthout

Ouch! We know this reality, but we don’t want to think about it. So, we are set up to repeat it again and again. Yes, chicanery-induced insanity.

For a slightly different dish on the same-ole-same-ole, we can view an up-to-date incident like the “Petraeus Ploy” pulled by the familiar architects. You can of course “Bet the House” that this TV Dinner is factory formed, fast food poison, utterly devoid of the Truth. Dog Poet gives it a go at:

“The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk from Don’t Give a Shit Central”.

If that ain’t enough Petraeus Potty Talk for ya, Scott Creighton at (do read past his raucous rant, as he gets to his insightfulness downline) has been on this since it popped up out of the D.C. pooper shooter. Unbelievable bullshit — its whats for dinner, lunch, and breakfast!

I wonder at times if its worth getting out of bed in the morning, awaking to another day in “The Virtual World”? The Natural World is what grounds me, and gives me relief and hope. How about you?



  1. WWI – Yup that’s when breakfast first got served with Bernays sauce, and the Herd Drivers began poking the sheep. “bleeping” the sheep!

    So rather than nailing Petraeus with his war crimes he now gets to play the hot seducing Don Whahn….Lol

    Whatta “fucking joke”__literallius phallius rascallius. Someone lend me a monks habit hobit — oh yea I know it’s the none that has the habit and the monk that has to jabbit in the hairybunns of his brother in the flickering candle light of the monk’s e-cage. Hoot hoot da snoot in a fine hair suit!!

    It’s Kafka and Vonnegut collaborating on the current script…jussgottabee!



  2. Bet she got more than a pat on the back of the head for a job well done.

    • Yea Veri, I hear she ties her pigtails together into a handle for that particular job on da nob.

      Hmmm…I though I saw the spook’s pawprint here earlier…{???}


      • Thought I seen it on either my last posting or yours. Probably we come across as being out in “Never Neverland” with theremin music playing in the background. Doesn’t bother me. YOU?

      • Yeah, you did see Senor El Once’s initial post, which again contained “nothing”? So I trashed it. Is the guy banned from posting on COTO, or is his posting of dead air space a footprint left in the sands? I dunno. He ain’t “said” anything.

        What’s your take Rogue1?

        • I cannot fathom what profit he sees in this juvenile activity.

          “The spook is whatchin’ “—Lol

          Well shiver me timbers.


        • Dear Mr. Boomerangcomesback,

          You did well to delete my postings containing only a non-breaking space. Their purpose was to subscribe to the wonderful commentary.

          As you can see, I am not banned from posting as Mr. Rogue led me to believe or WISHES. However, given than my purpose was to subscribe and not to tweak Mr. Rogue’s nose, given that I’d like to grant Mr. Rogue is own little corner of cyber-space by more or less abiding by his wishes, I’m doing him the favor (mostly) of not making comments on COTO.

          FTR, I am not far off ideologically from the COTO, including Mr. Rogue. The one exception is that Mr. Rogue believes more conventional chemical explosives carried out 9/11, while I believe that the energy requirements, after-effects, and evidence can only be explained by ERW (enhanced radiation weapons), sometimes called “neutron bombs”, and — thanks to Mr. Rogue — I now label “neu nookiedoo” for “neutron nuclear directed energy weapons.” Look it up.

          I’m not married to this. I can be duped another direction with properly applied math & science, but this is precisely the area where Mr. Rogue comes up short. Were he not so eager to label something as disinfo, he’d be more objective in mining the nuggets of truth from those same disinfo sources and better comprehending how 9/11 was nuclear. Better still, he’d recognize the glaring weaknesses in his chemical explosive proposals that can’t go the distance (e.g., can’t account for duration of under-rubble hot-spots.)

          If your words are worthy of reading, then they are worthy of being subscribed to, no?


          • IF Señor slash slash could restrain himself from chasing me from blog to blog, thread to thread with the nookiedoo bullshit, that would be one thing. It is another that he cannot seem to make a comment without slavering over this topic.

            If you cannot wait for McKee to post to the issue, perhaps you will have a chance to address it here under a proper heading, as it will be among my series on New Wave 9/11 as a psyop.

            The first one on V-Fakery is already published.

            I can “lead you” to believe nothing Señor, I told you that you were not welcome here. I told you as well that I haven’t the administrators roll to ban you__if I wished.

            I will however make my case to the administrator if you go into your nookiedoo song and dance one more time.

            It is up to Boomer to say whether you are welcome on this thread.
            I don’t care either way.

            However, if you mention the nookiedoo subject on any of my threads, even an indirect allusion to it, you will be offed with no further warning.

            I will admit Señor, that I don’t like you anymore. Not at all, I would rather not have your company. I have found your recent activities psychotic. Perhaps a perception from having to come to know you better after all of these months.

            At this point your presence on COTO remains in the individual hands of the posting party. This could change in conference…so don’t push your luck.


            • Best I can say on subject is that C1 isn’t about confrontation. We’re sincere truth seekers that share findings but can be very direct on those that disturb the frequency. This is an intelligent forum that shines a light into dark corners. I happened on through C2. What brought me out was a confrontational situation with 2 particularly nasty debunkers. One of them has gone onto their own little corner of infamy and from what I’ve gathered, gets turfed off of every truther blog he happens to infest. I don’t have any particular problem with Senor being here so long as he has manners. Willy’s my friend, he gets into something nasty, I cover his 6, that’s what friends do. We’re here to have interchange with like minded people and expand our knowledge base. Lord knows, trying to carry a conversation on the street, well we all know where that goes. I’ve learned large here, this has led me in many directions. I sense a synchronicity here. If Senor wants to stay, let him. This isn’t a conformity thing, this is about opening a view of the cosmos from both inside and outside our selves. it’s about expanding our consciousness, just don’t put a pall on things, pissed off is low frequency, I’d rather be in my higher self.

              • Veritable, you rock man. It is likely by the hand of our supposed nemesis that we survive. If Senor has too much time on his hands then he’s likely part of the government or that offshoot known as Congress.

                If he’s serious, the coto nose will recognize it. Passion and humor are essential but wasting the time or energy of members and visitors is extraneous and verboten.

                It was my fault that the comments of SEL sat in the spam folder due to the number of hyperlinks. I apologize. The empty comments are no problem for me either as Kilroy was here. I concur with V’s eloquent thoughts.

          • Mr. Rogue is upset because I PWNed him not just on Truth & Shadows, but on his dual home courts: one being this forum and the other being his style of ad hominem.

            Although Mr. Rogue claims I am “chasing him from blog to blog, thread to thread,” the reality is that quite possibly COTO has content and comments worth subscribing to, whether or not Mr. Rogue participates. If there be any truth to the validity of COTO content, then WordPress subscriptions — even by people that Mr. Rogue detests — have a valid place.

            So it was Mr. Dunne who waylaid my initial comment attempts in the moderating queue until well after the fact. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

            Truth be told, when my first attempts failed as far as I knew for whatever reason, I thought they’d never see the light of day on this forum. [BTW, my subsequent testing proved that it wasn’t URLs that caused the parking in the moderating queue, but any HTML mark-up.] In subsequent postings without HTML mark-up, I said what I needed to say and got the expected rabid reaction from Mr. Rogue that included censure.

            What surprised me was when Mr. Dunne finally published my first 4 attempts.




            IMHO after getting waylaid, it would have been better to leave them in the bit-bucket. First of all, I had two attempts clearly labeled in the “September Morn” thread that duplicated each other, so the second one could have been deep-sixed. The third attempt was on the wrong thread on Netanyahu, and I requested in a subsequent posting that it be removed.

            Going back to the first attempt, though, the discussion went forth on mundane things without ever (supposedly) knowing that my posting belonged there. Now should lurker readers ever stumble upon that thread and with my lenthy posting coming out of the blue and without intelligent responses, it reads like a real disjumbled mess.

            Now as for the 4th attempt? [Don’t bother clicking on it, because it’s already censured.]

            Seeing how my postings were landing in the bit-bucket (so it seemed), I tried Mr. Rogue’s “Scragged” thread.

            Most funny (and dishonest) Mr. Rogue’s reaction to Mr. Dunne releasing it from the queue. Mr. Rogue hacks it down to the first two and last two lines, and then re-writes the last two lines UNDER MY ALIAS, thereby grossly misattributing to me words that I did not write. When it was brought to his attention that his dishonesty as an admin was on display, he removes my postings. No problem, except that both he and I know that he did this dishonest thing.

            Yes, well, Mr. Rogue’s unwelcome mat is duly noted. In fact, it was his dishonest unwelcome mat that brought me to COTO in the first place and was the subject of those first four (seemingly failed) attempts with substantiating links.

            You are all in luck, because I do NOT have the time or desire to participate here.

            But were I to make the effort, you would find me a respectful and intelligent participant [both of which get Mr. Rogue’s goat to no end]. I would probably be a saluting “yes-man” to most of the themes and subjects discussed. Of course, due to the efforts of my advance PR-man (Mr. Rogue), it would take some effort to overcome the Rogue instilled prejudices as well as your own instincts to protect the 6 of your good buddy.

            However, every once in awhile, we gotta call out our good buddies for the shit they pull, otherwise we aren’t being a truly good buddy to them that they need.

            Follow the substantiating links in my first attempt at posting and you might learn of shit that was pulled. Ergo, Mr. Rogue flying off the handle here with his warnings about “nookiedoo song and dance” and even “indirect allusion to it,” so weak is Mr. Rogue’s premise here.

            And as my parting gesture. We’ve all heard about the govt’s efforts to control cyber-space, and even of Cass Sunstein’s recommendation that all forums be infiltrated to lead and control the discussions. In Mr. Rogue’s advance-PR efforts, he more than once in-toned that I was such an agent. Well, if I’m the agent and have no time or desire to participate here, who’s my replacement? Or more importantly given that my tenure here lasted less than a month, who’s been the agent before I came?


            • Ahh yes, so in your parting shots come the same shit you have been throwing at me since I first began posting on Truth and Shadows, aye Señor?

              This NSA Q-Agent crap…almost as goofy as accusing me of using an alias of “A. Wright” as a puppet on Tand S.

              It is this very type of blithering that caused disfavor of others on Truth and Shadows to send you off sulking and ending up pissing here. I see you haven’t made a peep on T and S for more than two weeks now. The tongs got your tongue?

              You wonder at my ‘ad hominem’? Really?? When you keep going into the finger pointing tango that I am a ‘government agent’?

              You not only chastise for arguing with obvious government shills, such as A. Wright, but then go wanky with calling those who do “agents”…O’ because doing such “builds a legend” as a Truther,” you claim — horseshit – As I quote myself in my thread just prior to this: ‘The point in countering propaganda is not to change the propagandist’s mind, but to lay his dissembling techniques bare
              to a candid world’.

              It is in this, the constant badger of trying to frame me as an ‘agent for the state’, that leads me to the conclusion that you are a paranoid idiot. That plus the intertwine of your assumptions being seen as fact in your twisted thinking. Like I said on the other blog Señor, I have come to the conclusion that you really are simply fucking nuts.

              I need no more nuts in my life. I hand a black chit to COTO, let them do as they will. As far as I’m concerned you should be axed completely.

              One for the road, Fuck off Señor Maxiwhine.


            • Senor, If you’ve just come over here to pick a further battle with Rogue. I can’t speak for everyone here but all your postings have created nothing but discord. If you’ve got nothing to move what I’ve commented on along, you need to find somewhere else to haunt. C1 is way past what you’ve bought into in regards to 9/11 and I think that’s all you have going. You so far have demonstrated yourself to be a low frequency type that can only bring a screechy string into the symphony here. You need to run along.

              • Rogue’man, you got yourself a genuine Psychic parasite hooked onto you looking to drain the energy out of you.

  3. I would say that the real epiphany is the realization that it is ‘government’ itself that is the Major Racket. That is what brings true freedom of the mind.


    • As Max Igan said. Government is put in place to hold a fiduciary duty to the people, for the people, by the people. Lovely thought if it were only true.

      • All of history proves that “government” is nothing but the most ruthless gang that is in charge. All the legally pigally is nothing but bullshit.


      • Fed-douche-ry their asses with DETchord, says I.

        Let’s see their jumpin’ jack flash.


  4. Mine eyes have seen the gory of the gubmints ’round da world
    They are springboards for the psychos who should be put to the sword
    They murder and they pillage, as they march across the fjords
    This Truth is marching on, This Truth they can’t afford

  5. This is one that’ll spark an emotion in some. This trial will be something to watch.

  6. Deposing Housewives

    Dilworth, Charlotte: Mistressville, U.S.A.?
    by Diane Dimond Nov 12, 2012 4:45 AM EST
    Small world! Paula Broadwell, Gen. David Petraeus’s “other woman,” lives just a few blocks away from Rielle Hunter, who famously had an affair with John Edwards. Diane Dimond on the tony North Carolina neighborhood caught in two national scandals.

    I reposted the Illuminati Formula: A Triad recently. It has never been better exemplified than by this Mossad specialty of set up. Like the John Edwards, Eliot Spitzers and numerous others who get this ‘treatment’ scripted deliberately, they also manage to come out unscathed and intact for a cushy Board of Directors chair or book deal.

    • Aye, there’s certainly a few well worn pages in the “playbook” detailing this protocol play. You said it Puddy — a “formula”. Using this excuse as a ruse causes many of us to snooze, I should add.

      Great Gobstopper! A caper of this low spark by the high-heeled boyz couldn’t get past a 6th grader.

      • Beautiful use of the bottom dwelling of the hierarchy Boom with that great Traffic song.

        The percentage you’re paying is too high priced
        While you’re living beyond all your means
        And the man in the suit has just bought a new car
        From the profit he’s made on your dreams
        But today you just read that the man was shot dead
        By a gun that didn’t make any noise
        But it wasn’t the bullet that laid him to rest was
        The low spark of high-heeled boys

        • Got time to listen and read the lyrics. What a time “Aye”. This was done in “72”. The Muses were precisely telling us even then. Very appropriate PD.

  7. Here’s to add one to the fray

  8. This is more like the rats on a sinking ship. Unfortunately we are in Steerage and the Titanic is going down quick.

    I predicted Holder. He’s a coward exceeding Petraeus. He’s also a far greater criminal.

  9. This would be funny if it wasn’t so funny.

  10. Well, Senor Once Over. Obviously you’re treading, but are you reading?

    Meaning, comprehending?

    Seems you walk like a skunk, and that’s not a good sign. Don’t concern yourself with doing anyone any favors, ’cause we don’t need em. Your feigned chivalry ’bout tweaking the Rogue1 is effusive hyperbole, so stick it. We smell that odor 3 hills over.

    You say you’re open-minded on cause and effect with regards to 9/11, yet you’re selling a “brand” that may not have universal appeal. Perhaps you would like to elucidate and expound on your “theories” with your own thread on COTO? Go ahead. But you’ve got to promulgate serious pasta, or folks will get up from the table, and it’ll just be you arguing with yourself. And that’s a tedious and wasteful exercise.

    Are you asking for a forum to open the doors and air the place out regarding your ideas? What have you got?

    If you continue to post “non-breaking space”, you will have to assume “the position”.


    The Judge wants to know. COTO knows (from OZ)

  12. The United Nations Must Cure Haiti of the Cholera Epidemic It Caused

    Most people I talk to don’t even know that United Nations troops brought this deadly disease to Haiti in October of 2010. There hadn’t been any cholera in Haiti for at least 100 years, if ever, until some UN troops from South Asia dumped human waste into a tributary of the country’s main water supply. Since then, more than 7,600 Haitians have died and over 600,000 have gotten sick.

    Read more:

  13. Hey,

    Has anyone seen Spielberg’s LINCOLN??

    I saw a couple of short YouTuber trailers and it looks really good.

    I was wondering if Puddy saw it…as the new header has the man in it.


    • I haven’t yet. What I’m expecting though is more on how he freed the slaves with not much about the South wanting to secede from the union because of burgeoning taxation from the manufacturing North for raw materials from the South. Funny a similar scenario is developing in the American landscape as we speak. Is it a true portrayal or just more propaganda.

      • Knowing Shpealberg I would hazzard a guess it is like ‘Schindler’s List’ — a tear jerking propaganda piece.

        I’d like to see it just because it looks so epic and grand as far as the look of the period, etc. But I bet its a bunch of jingoberry “glory gory Hal-aye-loolah”. Gore Vidal wrote a great historical novel on the Lincoln presidency…very accurate. It would have been cool if Spielberg would have used that as a script.

        Spielberg is a great film maker, but he’s also a lollipop history telling propagandist.

        I’d have to drive all the way to Evensville to see it…I doubt if I will put that much effort into it. It also feels weird to me to go out to the theater alone.

        My friend Larry brought me Ken Follett’s follow up to PILLARS OF THE EARTH. It is called WORLD WITHOUT END. It is set in the same English town of Kingsbridge where the cathedral stands that was built during the first novel. It is set in1327, more than a hundred years after the last story ended.

        I probably won’t start it until tomorrow evening. 1014 pages.


  14. 20 states now working on process to secede from the union
    Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by: J. D. Heyes


    (NaturalNews) Historians through the years have argued that the Civil War decided, once and for all, the issue of whether states could secede from the union, but that hasn’t stopped a growing number of Americans from entertaining the notion these days.

    In fact, since President Obama won re-election earlier this month, cries of “Secession!” have only intensified.

    Dozens of petitions signed by tens of thousands of people have been initiated on the White House’s We The People website to “peacefully” grant as many as 20 states the right to “withdraw from the United States and create its own NEW government.”

    As of this writing, and perhaps not so surprisingly, the Texas effort has garnered the most signatures; more than 33,000 have “signed” the petition, which reads:

    The U.S. continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the U.S. suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect its citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.

    Louisiana is another state with a large number of signatures, according to the White House site, followed by Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and North Carolina.

    Elections have consequences

    The dramatic uptick in the number of petitions since Obama’s re-election, and the large number of Americans signing them, is a huge indicator that many are dissatisfied with the results on Nov. 6.

    What is less clear; however, is what it means to garner “enough” signatures. The Texas petition, for example, already has well in excess of the 25,000 signatures it called for; but now what?

    What happens next?

    “The right to petition your government is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution,” says the White House petition website. “We the People provides a new way to petition the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country. We created We the People because we want to hear from you. If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.”

    What do you think the White House’s “official response” from its “policy experts” will be to petitions asking to allow states to secede from the country? If they even get a response, that is. Most likely, these petitions will be ignored, as will the people who have signed them.

    ‘You can never leave’

    So the question becomes this: How could a state actually secede from the United States in this day and age, if states could not successfully secede (without a fight) from the union in the 1860s?

    One thing is for sure – getting into the United States is a lot easier than getting out. Article IV, Sect. 3 of the U.S. Constitution contains provisions for Congress to admit new territories as states. A simple majority in both Houses of Congress is required to admit states. Currently, Puerto Rico is the most recent U.S. territory seeking statehood.

    What the Constitution does not contain provisions for; however, is secession. It’s like Hotel California; “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

    So it remains unclear where these petitions will lead, if anywhere. But for now, they are at least serving notice on the administration that a large number of Americans are unhappy with the direction their country is going, and they are voicing their displeasure any way they can

    Learn more:

    • This is interesting in that the Union is already dissolved by fiat, and is now FEMA Regions, as well as IRS Regions. This is Regionalism, which is a well documented plan of the “Think Tanks” and Foundations running them. It happens silently through euphemistic ‘explanations’ as to what is being done. This is also the North American Union agenda. It is happening covertly and will not be “announced”, it will simply be the way things are.

      How these two states of mind come together is the question, and that question will be answered by whether the Secession movement is aware of the reality of the Regional movement and how far it has come as a ‘reality on the ground’.

      It seems to go without saying that any serious attempt by a state or group of would be met by diktat from the “federal’ – [National] government. There would almost certainly be a show of force by DC. But obviously not to maintain “The Union” of the old republic, but to maintain the Union of the North American Continent. The propaganda of course would proclaim otherwise in it’s normal jingo fashion.


  15. Now, you just touched on a vitally important aspect of the “slow encroachment” protocol/strategem. Probably deserves its own thread. This use of language to project meanings that confuse the herd is downright patented about this time in history. “Double-Speak” I believe is the term for it.

    Apparently, repeating a lie works well for awhile. Or perpetrating monstrously bombastic lies like 9/11 (The False Flag stratagem). Or simply calling something quite Obvious the opposite. Or using new terms. There are other examples.

    Quite like Puddy’s recent header, where if you kill one person you’re a murderer, if 1 million you’re a brilliant leader, etc. “The normal jingo fashion” ~ Rogue1. Yes, you are labeling the Beast’s most hypnotic tool — make shit up and simply lie about the Obvious…

    The examples are too numerous to describe right now.


    “Despite the explosive nature of the allegations, two Republican members of Congress, Dave Reichert and Eric Cantor, decided to pass on the information to the FBI director and take no action themselves. They didn’t even inform their colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee or in the House leadership.”

    Don’t you think it’s about time even the blindest of lambs accepted the two-party paradigm? Just that first step would be enough to join the resistance.

    • Yes, another notch in the counting stick. So many now, things sticking out everywhere that prove that the “2 Parties” are ONE under the same umbrella.

      “The Vote” is simply a charade meant to give legitimacy to the racketeer running this asylum.

      Now this tempest in a thimble, the succession thing. It is delusional as they are fighting a done deal. If civil war comes, it won’t be between the states and DC, it will be between the desperate and those who still have something. It may also be driven by ideological PR, the Right v the Left in certain venues. It will be designed to coincide with the bitter hardships driven by “austerity”…which is better called by what it really is; ATTRITION.

      And there is the real possibility of global war, to complicate all civil strife. This war, if it proceeds will involve warfare in the continental US. This war, if it finally comes will be THE BIG ONE.

      Whatever comes, it will be “interesting” as the times satirically pointed to in that old Chinese proverb.

      Whatever – make a party of life in anyway you can…we are all here but for the blink of an eye anyway.

      My main party just happens to be gaining as much understanding as I can while I am here. This is why I call COTO my home home on the web. Viva la Grokathon.


  17. Grok on COTOites! I agree with you Rogue1.

  18. If these guys can’t keep it in their pants, they need to learn how to shut the hell up. Ya know the old saying about a woman scorned. Just goes to show that high level education and total immersion conditioning isn’t instrumental in growing extra brains. They were definitely thinking with the little head. What a circus.

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