Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 2, 2012

Pedophiles in high places – Columbine Update

I received this email while I was sick and hadn’t had a chance to post it. I think the information is worth looking into. I have spent considerable time in Denver and involved with the cases such as JonBenet Ramsey, the Franklin Coverup and all the Monarch MK-Ultra events. It is in Denver that the first debate will take place tomorrow and I’m certain it holds special meaning to the parties involved. I’m also certain many of the pedophiles and masonic scum have flown into the undergound to admire the murals. I also found it nauseating to listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cock and pony show selling his trash autobiography “Total Recall”

Anyway COTO, stay vigilant and if you listen to Dr. Monteith and John DeCamp please note the stress and sickness in their voices. It’s palpable.



Hi Puddy,
We at Columbine saw your story about John Decamp. He was recently on the Dr. Stan Monteith show exposing the motive of the Columbine shooters. We learned that the shooters had been raped during an arrest they call the January Incident. Not until this show did we know that they had been raped multiple times.
Please call us.  Ron Aigner  303-697-1282   Donna Taylor  719-963-4410
Columbine victim/survivor/whistleblower Mark Taylor has been abducted and drugged. His mother Donna Taylor needs help to free Mark.
go to the 8-28-12 podcast to hear John Decamp expose the Real Columbine truths.
We are in contact with the Aurora Theater shooting victims, exposing the persecution that Mark and Donna have suffered and warning them of what awaits them if they dare sue the big pharma.
We have been faced with harassment and being detained by 4 deputies while trying to connect with the theater victims.
Hour: 2
4:00: John DeCamp – Columbine: What’s Going Wrong
-end transmission-


  1. I don’t get anything with that ‘standard player’ button…can you give us some more of what’s going on here Puddy??


    • Did you go to the site and find it? It’s a standard MPEG and should open with Windows Media, Real or your audio player.
      Damned Rogue how old is that computer you are on?
      Date 8/28/12 – John DeCamp – Columbine: What’s going wrong.

      • yea that worked Puddy, thanks


        • roger that good buddy. over….

      • Puddy,

        On the last thread before this:
        Would you please edit out Ruth Ann’s last name from my second and longest post about her? It is the opening lines.

        I think it is innappropriate that I posted her full name like that.

        Thanks, \\][//

  2. Mittens Biotech Bain

  3. The ECB – EUR 22 Trillion Is Missing – nice triangular number!

    • Yeah, 22T! Unaccounted for. COTO understands “administrative” errors are rife, and that Administrations are the ones supposedly “managing” affairs. The conclusion is, “government” is a racket created to steal from populations. That they are unaccountable will not last forever.


    1. Mark recovered from his grievous wounds AND the psychological aftermath.

    2. Mark went on a book tour and appeared on Television, always lucid and well-mannered.

    3. Mark testified at the FDA along with Dr. Ann Blake Tracy to push for the “Black Label” suicide warning label that is now on ALL SSRI drugs, like the ones Harris was on when he went on his murderous rampage.

    4. Mark filed a lawsuit against Solvay Pharmaceuticals alleging that the Luvox that Eric Harris was taking contributed to his homicidal tendencies. This “side effect” is now considered to be empirically proven in the Kauffman Study published in 2009. Full Kauffman Study.

    5. Mark, along with other students and witnesses, told investigators that there were shooters on the roof. Mark made public statements to this effect for several years after the massacre. However, the “official” Jefferson County Investigation claims that the man on the roof was an air conditioning maintenance man. Nearly ten years after the massacre a video tape was obtained that was filmed live during the shooting revealing that not only was Jeffco lying about there being no rooftop shooters, there was, in fact a whole SWAT team on the roof shooting blindly into the building. ”Covering fire” it was referred to if you dig into the 40,000 + pages that came out in the years after the official 10,000 pages were released. See for yourself:

    6. If the motive for the massacre was about jocks, why did the boys write “Killing Cops” in their journals and “Fuck You Walsh,” referring to Sheriff Walsh who arrested the boys for breaking into the car in January of the preceding year? Click here for those details.

    7. Why was the bomb warrant on the Harris home not served when it was ready to be signed by a judge more than a year before the massacre? And why did Jeffco hide the bomb warrant during the initial investigations? And why did the bomb warrant
    ( ) NOT have an evidence numberstamped onto it?

    Lastly, and most importantly, why has there been such a massive coverup of the Columbine Massacre? The simplest explanation is that Sheriff Walsh sexually assaulted at least one of the boys. Take a look at the “crime scene drawing” done by Eric Harris the night of “The January Incident.” Surely, this picture does NOT depict the scene of the crime where the boy broke into the van and it certainly isn’t a man with a star walking a dog, as some would like to suggest. It looks plain and simply as an anal sexual assault by a man wearing a five-pointed star–a Sheriff’s badge. And THAT is why the Basement tapes are locked up in the National Archives because it’s logical to conclude that those tapes reveal the true motive: “Killing Cops” and “Our Revenge for the January Incident Will be God Like.” Just like we’ve seen with the Catholic Church and the recent Penn State Scandal, the world is infested with male sexual predators. In this case, we claim, they wore a badge and were sworn to protect. Incidentally, we’ve made extensive efforts to locate Sheriff Walsh, but he seems to have joined Jimmy Hoffa. Evil exists in the World and we must not turn away from it, rather we must continue to shed light on this ugly truth.

    • Sure explains why the cops waited nearly an hour before entering the scene. Pussy pedophiles.

      • The video of the Swat team on the roof at Columbine reminds me of the video of the attack at Waco where several guys – former Clinton Secret Service guards go up a latter and enter a window, then the last guy just sprays the room they went into with a machine gun.

        None of the agents that went in survived the assault and were then claimed to have been killed by the church members.

        These Clinton ex-guards were liable for witnessing some of the Great Horned Bill’s extradoodular sexual exploits, among probable other criminal dealings.

        Whatta buncha chumps the “Action Figures” are.

        Speak wittily and carry a loaded ball point.


        • I agree. Theres a long string of events that link the Clinton crime spree, Janet Reno, Eric Holder, and Barry Soetoro.

          I tried twice to post the above video and it kept uploading another one instead. It’s now bee solved. Please review.

  5. Reminds me of a Kevin Bacon film where he and some old buddies from Juvenile Hall take out two of the pedo-guards years later — and get away with it.

    This pedophile crap sure puts a crimp in faith in humanity doesn’t it? So wide spread, and fucking organized {Pun Intended}…the Church, Boys Town, and in every psychopathic nook and cranny.

    This is a GREAT expose, thanks Pudster, you be “The Man”.

    And thanks for taking care of that “Playboy” business too.


    • Your welcome for the lemon aide Willie. 🙂

      Thanks for the posting your most intimate Taxicab confession. It’s nice to get a little Penthouse Forum here in the monastery. 🙂

  6. By far the best thing I have seen in regards to Columbine is this doc:

    There is mention of the trench coat mafia hanging around some character named “Pedophile Bill”, who of course is never mentioned in any official investigations as these types rarely are.

    • Does it mention this January event at all CP? The site has some astonishing revelations and what really seems to be the continuation of the same efforts to keep the Franklin Savings page boys from coming forward.

      Sen. DeCamp said 17 were killed over Lawrence King’s Boystown and Mark Taylor may end up one of many here in Columbine and each day we may others dropping off from the Aurora event.

      No wonder they need to steal so much money. This global government pedophile mafia operation and the covert ops and containment is complicated.and expensive. The bribery and hit men must be billions a year alone.

      “Breaking a Femal…”
      The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.

      There were several different youtube videos on Boystown and Columbine. The above message is the one youtube uses when they, being the googleplex CIA criminals, find too much truth.

      Thanks for your link CP.

    • Thanks Christian…these are good, I’m listening to the mp3s


      • From ‘Wild’ Bill Donovan to ‘Pedophile’ Bill it just shows the history of the Monarck Program and child abuse.

  7. For Reasons Of National Security

    What is the distinction between “Sion” and “Zion”?

    The first is the “Christian” spelling, the second is the “Judaic” spelling – of the same concept; that of ‘Might is Right’, and that ‘Ends Justify Means’.


  8. Hey Will, glad to see Patrick edited your post for you. I’ve been having trouble getting into my email and just found your note last night but the issue had already been taken care of.

    • Thanks anykahoo Deb,

      It all worked out and I got out of the lemon grove unscathed.


  9. Stan Monteith is probably tired because he’s in his 80’s isn’t he? Bless his little heart for keepin’ on……………..

    Anything that happens in and around the area of Denver will always be suspect to me. I am not surprised by this info. Denver, Vatican, Happy Valley, Chicago… pedophile capitals of the world….

    • Montieth is amazing but listen to DeCamp’s ADD. It is a targeted campaign for whistleblowers that cannot be terminated abruptly.

      I figure they have a program for those much like the chemtrail/SSRI/EMR campaigns that Americans are under.

      Memory and focus, like your computer Deb and Willies, have been invaded by viruses, spyware, registry assaults and it all causes the overload to the CPU.

      Then the MK-beta assaults begin to take on serious execution errors until the Big Blue Omnibus scree of death appears and it’s lights out.

      If we believe we expect and it will be so. Monteith is a baby and without their progress of poisons, he’d be sharp at age 160.

      Response to Sammy Jackson’s great black hope a dope
      ‘Wake the Fuck up.’

  10. “If we believe we expect and it will be so. Monteith is a baby and without their progress of poisons, he’d be sharp at age 160.”

    Ok then, don’t BELIEVE they have the power to decimate you and they won’t.. same theory. “They” think they are invincible…. “they” are not.

    • That’s what I do believe Deb. THey cant decimate us but only enslave us when we submit. That’s why I say it is one to one. We can’t count on the sheeple. You’re on your own in the war.


    The Coming Battle has done came and no one realizes it…

    WHO CONTROLS AMERICA? The book that tells the true story of how the Money Power gained control of America: Read how the banking money power and corporate …The Coming Battle by Martin Wetzel Walbert, 1899,W.B. Conkey Co. edition

    I read this book in 2003 -a WARNING of what was up and coming from 1899, just a decade or so later with the estamplishment of the Federabloo Reserveless…and the spinning gyre finally brung us here and NOW.

    If you read the Ellen Brown essay from Globular Research, and the ditz bop “hope” woowoo from Catherine Austin Fitts – you will see this period as exacto-blades the era predicted by Walbert.


  12. You may be interested in the Masonic ley lines I found that cross Colorado.

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