Posted by: wxman2001 | August 18, 2012

Nurse Who “Saw Everything” At Hospital After Suspicious Batman Shooting Found Dead at 46

“Jenny Gallagher, a nurse who treated victims of the highly suspicious “Batman” shooting in Aurora, Colorado last month, is dead at age 46. The reported cause of death: drowning.

“She worked the morning after the Batman massacre in a very busy unit of the hospital — so she saw everything really, some really bad injuries,” her husband Greg reportedly toldIreland’s Herald earlier today.” ……. “Gallagher was actually found dead ten days ago, on August 7th. Despite recent conflicting and incorrect reports about the location (multiple reports say it was in Colorado, while another says Ohio), The End Run has determined that she was actually found dead in Okoboji Lake, which is in Dickson County, Iowa, about 700 miles from her home town of Denver by car. Within 24 hours or less of the discovery of her body, a short blurb about the death, which did not identify her by name, was published by the Associated Press and picked up by several local media outlets. It read: Drowning reported at West Okoboji Lake OKOBOJI, Iowa (AP) — Authorities say someone has drowned at West Okoboji Lake in northwest Iowa. The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office said officers responded to a report of a drowning a little after noon on Tuesday. The office hasn’t released the victim’s name or any other details about the drowning.

On the morning of August 8th, the day after her body was reportedly discovered, the Dickson County Sheriff’s office issued a press release identifying Gallagher as the victim (although they misspelled her name) and providing a few additional details. It read (cache): Victim identified in West Okoboji drowning Published on Wednesday, 08 August 2012 06:30 On Tuesday, August 7, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a drowning on West Lake Okoboji. An investigation found that Jennifer Galagher, age 46, from Denver, Colorado, had been swimming the previous night in West Lake. On Tuesday morning, Galagher was reported missing by family. A short time later, a family member located Galagher underneath a nearby dock. Medical personnel responded and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Assisting the DCSO were: Milford Fire/Rescue Arnolds Park/Okoboji Dive Team Lakes Regional Healthcare Ambulance

The incident remains under investigation by the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office. The AP then published another blurb based on this press release, which was reworked and/or republished by numerous local media outlets, primarily in Iowa, where she was found dead, and in Denver, Colorado, where she lived. However, none of the short stories published in the local press at the time appear to have mentioned her connection to the then-highly-topical “Batman shooting”, or virtually any biographical information about her. The death of this national heroine does not appear to have been picked up at all by the major U.S. national media. [Note: If this is incorrect, please send in links to the relevant stories by e-mail.] DELAYED REVELATION Yesterday, nine days after her body was found, an article was published by Ireland’s Heraldwhich finally revealed some information about Gallagher and broke the story of her status as a UCH nurse and witness to the bloody aftermath of the carnage in Aurora.

This revelation has since been picked up and reported on by several other Irish sites, such as Ireland’s and the Irish-America, as well as the UK-based Belfast Telegraph. However, as of this writing there still do not appear to be any reports by the major U.S. national media. Gallagher grew up in Ireland, but has reportedly lived in Denver since moving there for college in the 1990′s. CAUSE OF DEATH: THE ALLEGED DROWNING To review: According to the initial press release by the Dickson County Sheriff’s office, Gallagher went swimming in West Lake Okoboji on the evening on Monday, August 6th, and didn’t come back. The next morning she was reported missing by her family members. “A short time later, a family member located Galagher underneath a nearby dock. Medical personnel responded and she was pronounced dead at the scene.” Ireland’s, who, again, revealed the Gallagher/Batman shooting connection yesterday, apparently conducted an exclusive interview with Gallagher’s husband Greg Pinson today, and they have now published a second article based upon it. Mr. Pinson is a surgeon with Surgical Specialists of Colorado. According to his curriculum vitae posted to the firm’s website, he received his undergraduate degree from Yale in 1994, his Doctorate from GWU in 1998, and did his residency at the University of Colorado School of Medicine through 2003. He is quoted by the Herald as having been married to Jenny for seven years. They have a five year old son, Jack.

Regarding the question of how Jenny died, the new Herald article says (cache): Greg explained that the family had travelled[sic] to nearby Ohio[sic] for a holiday when Jenny tragically drowned. He and Jack had gone to sleep when Jenny and her friend decided to take a boat out on to a lake. “She wasn’t a very strong swimmer and I suppose she just wasn’t able to stay afloat. “The hardest thing is I may never know what really happened to Jenny.” Before analyzing this, let’s get a critical caveat out of the way: It is very difficult to discern the truth when dealing with second-hand media snippets like these, which are liable to contain misquotes, out of context quotes, misleading statements, and other misinformation. For example, the first Herald article incorrectly said that Gallagher drowned in “a lake close to her home”. The second article says that it was a lake in “nearby Ohio”. Besides the fact that Ohio is 1000+ miles from Denver, and thus not “nearby” at all, Gallagher was actually found in a lake in Iowa, which is also nowhere near Denver.

With that said, taken at face value, these two short accounts of Jenny Gallagher’s death (Sheriff’s Office and The Herald) seem to raise a number of questions: 1. Was she really not “a very strong swimmer”? Is her husband even correctly quoted on this matter by the Herald (who seem to have misquoted him elsewhere)? Jenny was 46 years old and a formidable athlete. She has been playing Gaelic football for over a decade, having competed in the North American finals in 2000. Recently, she and her teammates on the Denver Gaels ladies football team competed in a tournament at a the Colorado Irish Festival, which they won, beating teams from San Fransisco and Dallas. A tribute published in the club’s newsletter says that “memories of trips with the Gaels” such as “surfing in Costa Rica” would not “have been so fond had Jenny not been there”. 2. Why, while vacationing out of state, did Jenny decide to take a boat out onto a lake, at night, after her husband and son had already gone to bed, especially if she “wasn’t a very strong swimmer”?””

(more at the link below, including some interesting other links..wxman


  1. The article, which is re-posted from “the End Run” site, also has a photo op pic of Obummer posing with staff from the hospital after the shootings, including the now deceased nurse.

  2. GEE !! Didn’t see that coming.[Sarcasm} groannnn….

  3. This one is a bit too coincidental to take at face value.

    Definitely seems a clean-up operation. Thanks for this post WxMan…any follow up would be appreciated as well.


  4. Very interesting wxman. It follows so many previous Wellstonings. The devil in the details and the details are in the devils hands.

    Disclosure mode: JFK through a string of mysterious EU deaths. The death counts can be viewed extensively at

    It covers thousands of collateral deaths from Mr Arkanside, Bubba , Dubya to date.

    Great find and great addition to the list of thousands. I hope you ‘ll keep your eye on this. Thanks~

  5. > “What did she know above others in the ER is my question.”~Veri, in an email to me

    My answer is – I think pertinent enough to share on the forum:

    It would be my guess, that since she is pictured with Obammy in that pic from his PR visit to the hospital, that she would be a coordinator, in management, and would have an overall conceptualization of the goings on, and any strange aspects thereof.


  6. It will be interesting to watch in the near future, how many others connected to this ops. will succumb to odd ends. She may be only the 1st. Time will tell.

  7. Can someone get that jpg of the shot of Obominate at the hospital up here on this thread?

      • The above, is the photo.

        • This is the artical the photo is from ~~

      • ERROR
        The requested URL could not be retrieved


        While trying to retrieve the requested URL the following error was encountered:

        Connection Lifetime Expired
        Footprint has terminated the request because it has exceeded the maximum connection lifetime.

        . . . . . . . . .

        Hmmmm…the thot plickens…that’s pretty quick work for a scrubbing.


        • I just clicked thie link right from this blog & it took me right to the photo.
          In other words, I have npot problem retrieving said photo.

          • grrr… no problem.

            • Bea,

              I have a lot of problems with my browser…it is even more frustrating for me, believe me.


              • Oh Ok , sorry hybridrogue1. I hope you can remedy it soon. Dumb browser censorship ! (o:

    • Your wish is my command hybridrogue ! Picture inserted 🙂

      • What I find curious Jayjee, is that no one here has mentioned that most of the people in this shot are actors…the guy that plays Costner and Sandusky is standing just to the right of Obama…rothschild Jr is in there too, as well as Wanda for crying out loud….{see if you can pick her out…grin}


        • I can’t ! Because I can’t see the ears !!!! lol

          • I knew you’d miss her…but it’ll be obvious when I point her out;

            she is playing a guy!.. to Obumba’s left wearing glasses a short “man’s” wig and a beard. See that Streepish nose? Those beady ears, that synthsmile? That’s our gal!!


        • WOW !!! Good eye on you !

        • Is Wanda in the front row 3rd in from our right ? I don’t watch tv often so I have to ask.

  8. If there are others from that ER team that are aware of something that tells a tale, you can rest assured that Jenny’s drowning will have the desired effect in shutting them up…

    I want to here more about the husband, what he really thinks and what he really said. Who was this ‘friend’ that she took the boat out with?

    If the FBI steps in and takes over the local investigation, we got a tiger by the tail.


  9. One can speculate that “victims” in the hospital spoke of the incident…multiple shooters? This doesn’t rhyme well with the “official” story. Hence…loose end?

  10. Veri’s question was the first one I had. They don’t explain what she saw or knew. My second thought was that the other hospital workers featured in the picture with BO may also be in danger as Bea has suggested.

    Her going out on that boat and “not being a strong swimmer” I don’t believe either of those things, reminds me of the Natalie Wood case. She couldn’t swim and went out on a dinghy in the dark.. No way would that happen. Where is the “friend”? They didn’t say two drowned, only one. So yea, where IS the friend with her story?

    Eyes and ears open wide coto.. we need to see if we can find out all the names of those in scrubs pictured above.

    Good job wxman !!

    • thanks Jersey I was about to query the she and a friend went out as well!
      so who is and where is the friend???

      sure does NOT seem right.
      she saw , or was told something? someone didnt want her to be able to repeat? yeah accidents do happen..dunno if this was one though


    • I strongly urge all to read the above ” MIND CONTROL BLACK ASSASSINS ” ARTICLE .

      • I did read the article at the link – what I could absorb anyway (pretty dense article!). All I can say is Whoa!

      • Thanks for posting the Black Assassins article Bea, it was excellent and very thorough !

    • woo that’s alot of info; some of I had bits and pieces of, but it appears to be a pretty good summary of what’s been happening recently.

    • Yes, the “Black Assassins” article makes some very plausible links that seem to show that the Dark Knight hit and the Temple hit are connected to the same active team…and have links going back as far as the Trenchcoat Mafia thing at Columbine.

      Being familiar with the historical background at the beginning I scanned through that and got to the present nuts and bolts – a very feasible proposition.

      It doesn’t however bring us up to date with the Nurse Gallagher situation…which must be developed forward from here. Just a matter of COTO keeping their eyes peeled for further developments.

      Thanks for the link Bea.


  12. I dont know how to swim well so i´ll go out at night on the lake without a lifejacket, And the boat didnt get farther than the dock? And the freind with her has no comments to the law enforcement ? I smell a big rat here.

  13. My reaction is ‘what is going on???’ Certainly sounds strange/suspicious to me.

  14. Yes to all, that site is always very detailed.
    And yes… I realize it was not specifically about the nurse, but I felt the tie-in pattern was important to see. Anyway, I hope it was useful to some.

    • Bea,

      I want to also thank you for that article by Iona Miller on Tavistock, a brilliant article.

      I have digested it by sections, and added commentary of my own while going through it. I have a few lite criticisms as well, but the overall essay is really good. I recommend it to all here.

      The URL again is:


      • You are welcome.

  15. “Human salvation demands the divine disclosure of truths surpassing reason.” ~ Thomas Aquinas

    And just so.

    Some may take it that Aquinas suggests here to dismiss reason.

    This is absolutely not the case, by going beyond is to develop ultra-reason, or ‘enlightened reason’ – reason nourished by personal experiential knowledge of the sacred. A sense of the eternal moment as always extant.


  16. “For that which was glorified was not even glorious by comparison to that excellent glory.

    “Believing is an act of the intellect assenting to the divine truth by command of the will moved by God through grace.”

    “All I have written seems to me like so much straw compared to what I have seen and what has been revealed to me”

    “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

    “Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.”

  17. AJAX II Cleanser

    China: Anti-Japanese demonstrations involving thousands of participants took place across China on 19 August 2012, following the planting of Japanese flags on the disputed Diaoyu island chain. The protests took place in at least a dozen cities; although Chinese officials maintained that they were small, photographs from protest areas posted to social media sites suggested that tens of thousands participated in some locations, such as the city of Chengdu. Demonstrations also took place in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzen.

    Violence was reported at several of the protests, as participants vandalized Japanese-branded businesses, goods and vehicles; no injuries were reported. Protesters also burned Japanese flags outside the Japanese Consulate in Guangzhou. According to some reports, the demonstrations were tacitly supported by the Chinese government, which typically cracks down swiftly on unsanctioned protests. Police chaperones were spotted at several of the protests.

    India: An incident of communal violence took place in West Bengal state on 19 August 2012, when several people were pushed from a moving train; two people were killed and nine others were injured in the incident. All of the victims reportedly hailed from the northeastern state of Assam, where there has been ongoing violence since July between Muslims and Bodo tribes native to the area. At least 80 people have been killed in Assam due to the ethnic strife.

    Concerns about the security of Indians of northeastern origin have been increasing in recent days due to rumors warning that they would be the targets of retaliatory violence by Muslims; the rumors have spread through mass text messages and websites. In the most recent reported incident, threatening messages circulated in Delhi on 18 August. Indian authorities stated that the rumors initiated from Pakistan and are unfounded. At least 30,000 people have fled cities such as Bangalore and Mumbai due to fears of retaliatory violence, straining domestic transit toward northeastern India. The latest incident in West Bengal is likely to accelerate the trend, in addition to raising the possibility of further acts of violence outside the northeast.

    The real war begins and ends here. Cowboys and Indians, here and there.

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