Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 15, 2012

PROJECT BLUEBEAM: Learn to see in the dark.

There’s been a lot of good sine posts deposited on COTO as of late. Nothing in the news seems to be so outrageous unless you are a hundred years old. It was largely around the year 1913 that this hundred year phase would culminate into the ceremonial apex of One World Order. For baby boomers, the lineaments of events since WWII have been the subject of most of our conspiracy theories and align with a consorting effort for one world government.

The predictions for fireworks at the Olympics was accurate. It did include the pyrotechnics and largest EMP assault (a beta-test) ever recorded following the smaller version for the same technology used in the June 29th in the “629” event in the US.  Along with many pre-planned rolling blackouts used in terror programs either by sabotage, system viruses or ENMOD, most significant blackouts were pre-staged.  The Derecho effect is in fact an ENMOD term used in the technology to direct the jet stream.

India’s blackout was the largest ever recorded, effecting over 629 million people across 22 states in northern regions. This was the first large-scale assault to be staged completely free of hands on systems manipulation or attack. 

The Olympic ceremonies, meanwhile were generating vast amounts of power grid consumption.  In the equation, the power shift is physical as well as ceremonial, and the games in between the opening and closing were a deflection of the larger game taking place globally outside London.

We saw the audio-visual spectacle but yet to know the depth of the blackout of the people.  Under the Electromagnetic, Audio, Visual Network, the CG photorealism and hi-def array enhance the brain entrainment of the subject matter as well as the message. Subliminal technologies are better hidden within the technology. 

This was the explanation behind my posts regarding the highest priority to convert the analog to digital public in a record time.  This in fact, was the most obvious clue to government/industry collaboration in a system that thrives on incompetence and division for real and beneficial needs of the public. Add the price point of cheaper made throw away hi-def electronics which became affordable overnite.  LED/Plasma frames were once for the rich but the Asian marketers quickly came to the call of the agenda to get this done.

Computer generated graphics, PIXAR, Blu-Ray and other technologies have provided the means to enhance the experience while delivering the considerable spectrum of  what I call eMotivational and DeMotivational frequencies based upon research done behind the walls of the institutional psyops centers such as SRI, Carnegie-Mellon and MIT.

These digital emoticons have been researched and we have seen examples and cases where the technologies have caused paralysis, convulsions, seizures and other physiological phenomenon when tested on a large audience.  The effects are most disturbing in recent reports that have been vetted for release. 3D seizures and plasma flicker or cycle rates are the tip of the iceberg, but they show the extreme effects on already neural disorders provided by both genetics and genetic changing mRNA protein synthesis caused by introduction of compounds to the blood systems and brain.

The children are more susceptible to the technology due to the developmental status of neural networks and visual cortex and this testing is deliberate as is the science and medical data collection from the studies. Samsung plays a major role in this and the reverse transmitting and surveillance is critical. This system is capable through the electric lines themselves as well as the satellite, home theatre, Blu-Ray and coaxial transmissions. Biofeedback and digital feedback provide ample data for the engineers of this bluebrain gateway project.

It’s not rocket science except for the trial and error component. The scalars produced from these Waves can cause both, the seizures and abnormal behavior. Hypoxia altitude is the lack of Oxygen which exacerbates the sugar levels. Hypoxic events are well known by NASA and Air Force pilots and in the case of added EM introduction can explain the many events we see where commercial airline personnel and passengers alike have exhibited abnormal behaviors. This is triggered by mild hypoxia and glucose (HFCS) and the effects of flying through an EM wave whether satellite, HAARP or another vector/scalar field. Air Rage? I think not.

These are produced through the EVAN network in the wi-fi, microwave and plasma fields as well. Combined with the high fructose cocktails and PhRMA compounds or focal or diffuse brain injuries from pre-natal or post-natal vaccinations, the children are being put into the states we are brain-washed into believing are genetic conditions of ADD and Autism.  The latent effects of the stimuli from these transmissions surface as depression, anxiety, temper tantrums, hyperactivity, violence and illness.

In mere visual symbology experiences we have seen information  regarding seizures. One such case was the ZION 2012 Olympic logos.  I remember stories that a woman was experiencing seizures from the simple audio wave generation of the voice.  England Journal of Medicine reported that Mary Hart’s voice had triggered seizures in an already epileptic woman. We also have cases of women killing their children from voices of unknown sources.  I have posted the articles and patents of the subliminal messaging systems and the tests conducted in area 53 Utah State Prison.

For us to assume that the watching of these Olympic ceremonies did not only contain the subliminal messaging, but visual messaging and neuro linguistic suggestions is naivety. The vast amount of symbology was not only for their satisfaction but must have contained some covert science for both attendee and remote viewers. Our parental considerations regarding the governing of our children’s activity and viewing content is way over the safe zone in my opinion.  A breakfast of Captain Crunch followed by a viewing of  Pixar’s Toy Story may be common in American societal norms but before bed and the fluoride brushings, parents should be the first to detox from this post-hypnotic theatre.

The authoritative ruling committee is in a disclosure mode. Fluoride, Global warming chemtrailing, Global warmongering, Economic criminal conspiracies, GMO and PhRMA scams have littered the frequencies in fast & furious cycles but the question is whether they have sedated us with the EM spectrum and given us a false sense of “knowing” or “winning.” 

I believe they have full possession of the WMD we fear the most and the infowar is missing the biggest piece of the puzzle.  The absolute blatantly arrogant spectacles that were the opener and closure of the triple cross XXX games confirms in my mind they have crossed the threshold of no fear.  The appearance of fast & furious, the DHS purchases of ammo, Ammonium Nitrate and other deflections may give the American patriots and citizens some idea that the war may be waged on election fronts or the battlefield but I would say the battle is in the visible and invisible spectrums of Project Bluebeam and all the other hidden knowledge of the mind.

The triple cross is a double cross with a twist, an X-factor and it cannot be solved but in hindsight only.  It’s a case of blackout now and be prepared for the light which will be the event and the battle. Can we learn to see in the dark and resist the light when the time comes? 



  1. Powerful well written article !

    Thank you !

    Blessings !

    • Thanks Bea. Evan is a great name. A version of John in welsh, Evan is ‘God is gracious’ and “young warrior” celtic and “Rock” in Hebrew. Greek “Powerful and good messenger.”

      It’s my name too. My best to young Evan and the rest of your crew.

  2. Sorry but I don’t think it will ever get off the ground.

    India to launch Mars mission: PM

        • Thanks Bea. These are COTO staples in the cupboard. Paperclip is a connector of many documented components of the race for space.

          Space being the uncharted territory. Granted the solar system is included, the real space is that of the mind. It was more important to create the illusion, control the mind and use the space race in an allegorical deflection.

          I watched Piers Morgan (MI6) and he had Richard Belzer on. Belzer is part of the disinfo team, holyrood sect and he had tauted his book “Dead Wrong” another CIA dosclosure project designed to deflect the real coming agenda.

          MI6 with CIA interview. Morgan asks if RB believes we landed on the moon in which RB says of course after a clever dialogue cue. This is the triple cross in MSM frequencies. Give the plebes some disclosure and overexposure and blackout the viewing the sheeple on a testimonial propaganda bandwagon. So transparent.

          After PJ O’Rourke, I wondered why the CIA/MI6 and JFK disclosure event? I still believe my prediction for the shot heard around the world is coming. Five tiers will be coming for the anniversary 2013 transition. Beyond this point, it is obvious when Bill Gates want’s to vaccinate africa and provide them with a free iPad, whether they starve or not they will be ready for the gist of the bluebeam event.

          Mercy would have them die quickly by the MI6-CIA-Mossad based terror network and MK ultra Kony programs before they whither away in eugenics based soft kill slowly.

          • Agereed, well said !

            Blessings !

  3. Your name is Evan? I thought it was Patrick..

    So when the lights go out, the sky show starts? Like a darkened theater.. it should be thrilling ..not.

    • My middle name Deb. What’s yours? Let’s hook up with flashlights then. Big thermos of coffee 🙂

      • Middle name is Anne.. flashlights and coffee ..sounds like a plan Stan… I mean Patrick Evan 🙂

        • I’ll start the grinding now, Deborah Anne, and pick a spot on top of Roan Mountain to mount the telescope. Of course the lens cap should remain on. 😉

  4. Uh Oh!~ Another Obama MK-Ultra Liberal Chik-Fil-A whacko on a mission.

    Hero guard shot thwarting attack at Family Research Council HQ | Fox News via @foxnews

  5. Look at that…another three name shooter Floyd Lee Corkins II. Wonder if Floyd Lee Corkins the first is a military man?

    • Don’t ask don’t tell? 🙂

  6. It’s time for food, water and some gold/silver folks. The messenger has spoken. China.

    China Is Running Out Of Money – Forbes via @sharethis

    Currency’s Days Feared Numbered: Investors Prepare for Euro Collapse via @SPIEGELONLINE

  7. You, my friend, have hit the proverbial nail…

    One of the best written pieces I’ve had the pleasure of reading, in a long while…

    Thank You…

    • Appreciate your visit and confirmation, Qbear. Vigilance my brother, as a farmer you are in their sights. Peace and health to you and your family.

  8. Glad to have Qbear visit. Farmers, by their vocation and hard work, possess insights and vision not perceived by the soft-handed ones.

    CHECK THIS OUT! Not that we need any more confirmation of the “authors” and directors of the O limp picks, but I hadn’t picked up on this most Obvious illustration of the Masonic Compass.

    Scroll down and look at what the comparison of the Red Phoenix photo shot reveals with the Mason’s shield and its contents. That damn red bird’s wings form the “square” and represent the winged thing at the base!

    Essentially, this represents “their signature” on the Events in my opinion.

  9. Wow Boom, nice catch!!! What’s the white thing circled to the far left of the bird? I don’t see it represented in the illustration on the right but it reminds me of Baphomet horns. GO back to my illuminati post and look at the clown picture (not the ones in the tower the other) click to enlarge and see if you see a black gun in that clown’s pants…….no one has commented so I’m thinking it’s not what I’m seeing ! lol

  10. More on the Masonic/Illuminati aspects of the Zion Olympics and Symbolism:

    The Olympic Games: symbolism – Masonic, Cabbalistic and illuminised

    The links below get into areas some folks may not accept. But get the discussion about the symbols, ancient meanings, etc. Bill Cooper’s views about Masonry are even included in Part 1.



    • It’s spreading like wildfire. We see the awakening offered by open disclosure and yet we must assume they have taken the transition to a yet unknown level.

      NASA and CERN hold the answers to this and we need answers.

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