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FInancial Crime, False Flag and Pedophiles


Penn State made mistakes. Nebraska had a better operation. The Franklin Scandal has police the Savings and Loan, the Bush Box Gang, GOP, Congress people and law enforcement, charitable NGO’s and a web that connects dots to the white house from GHWB, Clinton and GWB administrations.

The evidence will emerge from Penn State to confirm the connection to the worldwide network used in child sex-slave, snuff sacrifice and Sextortion systematic co-opting of allegiance to the world order enslavement of all children.

When we discuss the Agenda 21, depopulation, false flag, eugenics documents from Iron Mountain to the Silent Weapons for a Quiet War Protocols, the zionists plan to depopulate is essentially targeted at us. We being the informed. The children are uninformed and the child-like brain dead mature masses who are corruptible or incapable of critical thought.  This is your (.10) ten or (.20) twenty percent.

It is confirmed by the introduction of all the material we post here. It connects to the POTLEOZ, and declassified ducuments, the news of large pedophile rings exposed in the news section COTO EYE ON PEDOPHILIA.

Very soon before the election we will see yet another connection to the Chicago Gangland crew and the current resides of the whitewash house.  Be advised. The shot heard around the world is the truth of the bloodlines but you will have your proof.  The Banksters can’t stop it, they can only cover it up, deflect it and interfere with it’s transition.  The emergence of MaGogs, ‘kinder, gentler nation will be fulfilled by the LIBOR world transition triad inasmuch as the Banking scandals directly affect the Media that directly affect the false flags. They always happen in threes.

Franklin Scandal, Saving & Loan fraud/failures to Lockerbie PAN AM 103 NASA (1988)

As an example to the triad, you can connect the Franklin Scandal, Saving & Loan fraud/failures to John Tower/ John Heinz NASA assassinations (1991)

Further back the Silver Thursday Hunt Brothers scandal, John Hinkley/Lennon and the October Surprise.

Recently it’s Penn State. LIBOR and John Holmes.  Every Jerod Lee Loughner has a financial caper and a pedophile sting. All orchestrated through the firewall googleplex and Thomson-Reuters gateway that contols all Media.

My depiction of the situation room

All these events are manipulated and coincide with major news media and staged timing for pedophile cases. As in 1980 the Philadelphia Philanthropist serial pedophile Ed Savitz and police coverup was in the mainstream frequencies.

Ed Savitz allegedly brought kids to Sandusky’s Second Mile Organization though the links have never been substantiated as of this date. At the time Philadelphia District Attorney Ed Rendell, later to be Governor Rendell was in charge of the investigation. Where does Ed Rendell come from and climb to?  He recently warned Obama campaigners regarding Mitt Romney and felony talk. The first rule is don’t rock the machine.  Play the game but don’t break the rules. If  campaign staffers speak of felonious philandering, they are not in the cabal and are not subject to the pedophile sextortion or RICO blackmail.

WEB EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Victim Claims Sandusky Sex Scandal Connected to Philadelphia Pedophile Network – Victor Thorn

“On November 11, 2011, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania radio talk show host Mark Madden dropped a bombshell during an appearance on Boston’s WEEI when he told radio talk show hosts John Dennis and Gerry Callahan, “I hear there’s a rumor that there will be a more shocking development from the The Second Mile (TSM)—and hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross—that Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors.”

Now, further evidence that Jerry Sandusky’s TSM was being used to traffic underage boys to wealthy donors took a major step forward via a July 19 interview with Greg Bucceroni, currently employed as a school police officer in the Philadelphia, Pa. school district while also volunteering with the District Attorney’s office.” read more

You should again look to the parallels and consistency of the Protocols [POTLEOZ] and the Agenda of World Government. These programs are universal, in every country and always controlled by the committee. The administrators are under the influence of the blackmail which is no different than the mafia used in securing their politicians, judges and bankers.

The network makes example of these smaller guys, administrators and loose lips when they need a diversion. A sacrificial fall guy. It reminds the committee administrators and enablers of the need for absolute allegiance and provides fodder for the empty canons that are the dumbed down sheeple.  Nobody looking at LIBOR and LOST-SAT except the critical thinkers. It’s too easy to get involved with an OJ trial or Caylee Anthony event and their negligence in looking at the bigger picture will allow the PTB to eventually achieve their goals.

How big is the Philadelphia Pedophile Network?  Well it extends from Happy Valley to Pennsylvania Avenue.  Just a few clicks from Hell.




  1. The problem is, the public doesn’t want to hear about Sandusky, not only being a disgusting pedophile but learning he pimped boys out from Second Mile. They certainly don’t want to believe it goes any farther than that, especially as high as the white house. Just like they don’t want to
    know about LIBOR or that the downfall of their country has all been planned.

    That’s the truth. We know that. But they can’t handle the truth. Land of the free, home of the brave? Oh hell no. More like what Alex Jones used to say all the time..”land of the slaves, home of the cowards” truer words were never spoken.

    • They can handle going to see Dark Knight Rising but don’t want it to be reality. Michel Paul would be upset at me for saying that but it is the truth.

      As long as it is not their child. yet.

      BTW Ms JG, I find the new avatar quite vexxing and the hairdo ravishing. You have captivated my attention. 🙂

      Here’s something for you. TSOP

      • Thanks for the tune it. I can picture listening to it with you, our dogs at our feet, my cats asleep on the top of the sofa…..

        That picture was taken 5 years ago at my daughter’s wedding. I was watching her walk down the aisle. I don’t normally wear my hair that way but thank you for the compliment 🙂

        • I’m curious what you were thinking at that moment. I can’t see it because the view is too narrow 😉

          • I was thinking, my little girl is getting married…. ~sigh

            • You have two girls right? Are they both married now? Pregnant? Grandma? Shut up Dunne?

              • No need to shut up 🙂 Proud mother of two.. one of each. Both married with children. Son has 3..a boy and twin girls and daughter ..two.. two boys. Which is why I disappear from coto from time to time! lol

        • We’ll get on the hardwood and do the four corners or hustle 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • hahaha… I’ll have to get out my old platform shoes for that !

    • Sad what has happened to men. Women need to kick their asses. Janet Napolitano will if they don’t.

      • It is a tragedy what has happened to men. Glad to hear a man say it.

  2. Refer to the commentary for questions that will naturally arise… it’s theater. The pedophelia, that’s real… Sandusky is not.

  3. Coto knows. Well, if Coto knows, then attacking Sandusky is, in essence, doing nothing, because Sandusky does not exist.

    So, go after Costner for playing that role, go after the ones who paid him to do that. Go after the cops, the judge, they system that is perpetuating this fraud and go after pedophelia… and i believe that all along the chain of that fraud you will find the pedophiles directing the show.

    And that is something that will bear fruit because what that farce is is fraud… and that is still against the law… and if they are using real judges and cops, we need that cleaned out too.

    • In the Reality Distortion Field theory we can accept the method to rob our energy, destroy our power, convert us to paralysis sheeplike reactionaries.

      Anything but rejecting, deflecting and destroying the sources.

      If we stopped supplying the energies to the Portals of these powers and diverted them to the central zeropoint, we could paralyze them. It’s always a deflection of the truth smoked and mirrored away from the source.

      It’s a simple strategy and I wish we could reach the fluoridated masses. The Harvard release will go around the cycle but 99% will never change their hi-white brand for the idiot smiles they so dearly love.

      What’s the point when you deal with this affliction and rationale?

    • Oh come on… this is pure bullshit Wanda. We all have dopplegangers but in this case, he’s saying Sandusky is Kevin Costner wearing hollywood prosthetics? LOL. When I was in high school, there was a girl that looked just like me, same age, same grade, same hair etc. People got us confused all the time. We knew of each other because of this but didn’t really know each other. We looked so much alike people would wave at me in the halls as if I knew them and I didn’t ..same thing happened to her. We stopped to talk about this one day and decided our friends were getting mad we were ignoring them so from then on we waved at everyone.

      So Sandusky is Kevin Costner?? LOL Tell that to all the people that have known Sandusky for decades. What the hell would be the purpose of that anyway? Pedophiles on school campuses are a dime a dozen ! I think Goldbug is a loon with too much time on his hands. Maybe his actor theory holds water in a few rare cases but come on.. this one is a HUGE stretch.

      • So, you didn’t read any of the comments. Did you watch the video? Actors don’t even own their own names… they are merely personas. It only makes sense that the ones operating in the shadows would enlist actors to play their parts because when the heat does finally come down, and it will… they walk amongst us and no one is ever the wiser.

        Do you personally know someone who knows Sandusky? Even people at that college don’t. They say “Well he worked there… so explain that.”, yet… no one actually experienced him. Be careful where you place your attention.

        We hope to learn from this experience, we hope to grow. Guffawing is clinging to the status quo, isn’t it? IF Costner is not playing the part of Sandusky, he can come out with an ear print… he has not done so… and other cockroaches have made a loud sound but also have not provided any proof of their veracity… only attacks.

        I agree with Puddy… your hair is very beautiful. Very goddess… you wear it well.

        • Oh and thank you for the compliment. You are very goddess like as well, Meryl….errrr I mean Wanda 🙂

          • Just noticed this… very nice of you to say that. Deb, isn’t it?

            • Yep Deb it is.. short for Deborah.. are you really Wanda?

              • Yep… really Wanda. I have grown into my name, probably destined to grow into my name. First born daughter, can you imagine beholding your first girl and saying “let’s name her Wanda!” Not that my family doesn’t know from beautiful women’s names, my grandmother’s name is Minerva, my mother, Gwendolyn. I have two sisters, JoAnne & Karin.

                Side note, my grandmother, mother, my sister Karin and one of my mother’s sisters… all psychopathic. It runs in my family. Thing is, there is no middle road for that type of thing, you either have a conscience or you don’t.

                • Hence, why i hate the lie. If they were serious abut giving us ten commandments, i should think a knowing, loving God would make the first commandment: Thou shall not deceive. What do we get? Thou shall not bear false testimony against thy neighbor… unless you are a jew or a mason that is, then it’s okay.

                  • i should think a knowing, loving God would make the first commandment: Thou shall not deceive. What do we get? Thou shall not bear false testimony against thy neighbor… unless you are a jew or a mason that is, then it’s okay.

                    Right on Wanda!..which is a strong name. So wear it proudly. I do love the name Gwendolyn tho.. always have.

                    As for commandments… they are all about thou shalt not…(control?) Wouldn’t a kinder, gentler god have said.. thou shall always be truthful, thou shalt always help they neighbor, thou shalt always feed the poor…. nope… it’s all about OBEY 😉

                    When you think about what the christian religion is based on… God the father sending his son to earth to be tortured for our “sins” that being an all knowing god he KNEW we’d commit in the first place but he gave us free will…. what?? people believe this stuff? Sounds to me like god is a sadistic/psychopath that put us here to suffer for his own amusement…….

  4. You asking me?

    I don’t know… we do make headway though. So maybe that’s why. If we did nothing, we’d be nowhere. We are getting closer to something.

  5. Boy Costner, had to be a very energetic guy ! It may be that Jerry inherited some of his traits from his father and I’m not just talking about his looks though he does like his father. Wonder if Costner impersonated him too?

    • Try this… try poking your name into the search bar. I did mine, my married name, and came up with 1,752 returns. If Art and Evie did so much in the community, how is it they only return 265, and all of those are from ESPN and such?

      See what i mean? Manufactured… proxy… not real.

      • I’ve done the search thing. There are many women with my name including a few that were murdered …but nothing for me. I live a very sheltered life apparently.

        Well Sandusky would show up in espn and tv because he is a public figure. Type in any sports figures name and I bet all u come up with is espn type stories… are they all actors? i think not.

    • More than likely Costner posed as his father too. And remember, i could not find any back-up that he had anything to do with that charitable home he was supposed to have founded… nothing.

      I show up in search because i invented a tool i tried to market… the bucketslogg. So, if Sandusky’s Dad did something like they claim he did, he should, by rights, show up.

      BTW… i can easily prove who i am and i am happy to give an ear shot. Why all the noise and distraction… if you are who you say you are, AND you have nothing you are hiding, why not give the ear shot? Can you give a good reason for that?

      Mugo accused Chiarini of slander… well you can sue for that. Pardon me, but Dallas does not seem worried about that. There is no slander if you are telling the truth. That speaks volumes to me.

  6. I found this too. Ok it’s Lauer & Isikoff.. but is this Costner imitating Jerry again?

    • Yes… you don’t see it? Holy-wood. Have you never put on a costume and felt different yourself… i have. It is remarkably easy to do.

      How convenient they killed him. Let’s see a genuine family, family tree, home, pictures as a child, school records… let’s see that.

      • That one video shows a lot of that. Is your family tree and family pictures online? Mine aren’t. I have a facebook page but it only contains a pic of me and my dog and cat…no other personal info. When a person is in the public eye many keep their private life private and in Sandusky’s case, we know why!

        • Well, they slipped up. No crime was done there… they put it into the public domain, it belongs to the public. Since they apparently had something to hide, i think they were fairly confident they could carry on that way forever… but nothing lasts forever… it will be best for them they realize that.

          If Charini is right on just one… only one… that’s evidence they are crafting our reallity… and we know they are from the false economy to the Iran “war”… and you allowed, already, he’s right on Laughner… right?

          I pray for the continued good health and vitality of Cherini… and that this information goes viral. It is the best tool we have in the kit at the moment… one they can’t control without a complete shut down of the net.

        • Look, they always kill these people off (real or imaginarily) or throw them in prison and throw away the key.

          Until i get some proof he is not imaginary, a contruct is what he will remain. What he represents for the “nature” of humanity is anything but. His ugliness is what they wish us to believe the world has become… it is their ugliness we witness. Let’s get a look beyond the veil to who the real degenerates are.

          • How many years could people not work it out that “if” they got taken up by some aliens and got an anal probe – they were not aliens from outer space.

            Just exactly who’s m.o. is the anal probe? It is about degradation, always.

  7. As far as it being about Sandusky. Of course it is. Because he got caught and he’s famous. NOW, it’s time to follow his slimy trail to the Second Mile and all the bigshots involved in this east coast division of the HUGE pedophile ring.

    That’s how it works in criminal investigations…. follow the leads………but of course, with the judges and courts all run by rats, we know that trail begins and ends with Jerry.

    Doesn’t matter though because the public doesn’t like to think that there is such a thing as a highly organized pedophile ring run by the people they look up to in the highest levels of govt, business and their churches.

    • If it begins and ends with Sandusky… it ends at a DEAD END. Who do you think knows that better than they do?


    Oddly, you have to staff or a student or an approved journalist to gain access to the archives… but in reviewing the titles in the archives, Sandusky does not come up even once.

    • Sorry… found that in searching for: Brownson House youth recreation center

  9. Sandusky is a DEAD END. They want you to focus (feck us?) on that.

    Sandusky, a town in NY that may as well be titled “East Jesus”… it’s in the middle of NOWHERE.

  10. It appears they’ve only used Costner to create the Sandusky persona. What of the others? Tony Greenburg is tied to something like 8 different roles. That’s not co-incidence. What does that mean when these “dopplegangers” show up repeatedly and always within the same venue… changing the world view, planting your opinions, directing your actions.

  11. Tony and Anne Greenburg? Dopplegangers? Co-Incidence?

  12. By NBC News staff and wire services

    Updated at 6:44 p.m. ET: STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – The famed statue of Joe Paterno was taken down from outside the Penn State football stadium Sunday, eliminating a key piece of the iconography surrounding the once-sainted football coach accused of burying child sex abuse allegations against a retired assistant.

    Workers lifted the statue off its base and used a forklift to move it into Beaver Stadium


    moved the statue into BEAVER STADIUM… give me a break.

  13. iconography… they chose their words carefully.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch (plantation) the Facebook IPO was bigger, deeper, than another failed public offering… it is about companies buying friends, and a phake phriend pharm being churned out in India… wouldn’t want to give those “jobs” to americans, we get the other kinds of “jobs”…

  14. And… i will let it rest after this post…

    And, why is it when i do a search for Sandusky and/or Petrola, i come up with Chick-Fil-A, Susan Komen Cancer Research (another actor) and other stories conjured up by the masonic brotherhood? It seems they want you to click on these other manufactured and NOT real, psuedo-realities… co.realities.

    • That’s weird, when I type in Sandusky, all I get is page after page of Sandusky the pedophile ……

      • I went out for a couple hours… not being evasive. It was nice to come home and see all the evocative responses.

        Do you use google search? I use startpage. There is a vast amount of blocking and other type controls on google… in my experience. I also do not use Internet Explorer for browsing.

        • Startpage for three years now. Google for research. There are things only the “plex” can do.

          • Google heavily involved in the cover-up… in deep. I used a friends computer a couple months back and was trying to find a recent article about medical fraud… IE & Google… impossible to locate the article and i tried six ways from Sunday. I knew it was on the site of the Health Ranger too… could not source it from there.

            That was very eye opening for me.

  15. Wanda, I truly have an open mind but I really have a hard time wrapping my head around this one.

    No I don’t personally know anyone that knows Sandusky. However, I do live in S Jersey/Philly area and have seen the kids on the local news protesting (like animals) for Jo Pa. If there was no Sandusky, dontcha think those kids would be shouting that from the rooftops since it is because of him the statue was taken down and their beloved hero’s name was besmirched?

    To believe in Goldbug’s Kevin Costner theory, one would have to believe that Paterno and his whole staff, entire football team and all their followers and students are actors too. I HAVE seen Joe Paterno, the god himself ,(gag)at a Penn State game years ago in Pa.

    And honestly, we’d have to believe that Penn State doesn’t exist at all to buy into that theory.

    If you can explain to me how all of the above fits in to the story which btw Goldbuy hasn’t, nor has he with ANY of his other doppleganger/actors, then you might be able to convince me.

    I did watch the entire video and read all the comments. I was not convinced by either.

    Perhaps you can make me see it your way by a reasonable explanation that the Dallas Goldbug never seems to come up with.

    Ya know, I annoyed everyone years ago by pointing out in restaurants how..”wow,look it’s John Lennon or that’s Sly Stalone over there or doesn’t she look just like Meryl Streep.. which btw way Wanda,you remind me of Meryl… I can play Goldbug’s game too. Sometimes his matches don’t really look like matches to me…sometimes they do. But he needs to be 100% accurate to be believed.

    • Jersey…

      Point by point…

      No, they are protesting by information provided by the media… that this guy, Sandusky, is a pedophile. Acting like animals, as you yourself say, is how they are trying to condition our world view -people are sick, people are animals… nothing could be further from the truth. If the media called for proof that Sandusky existed, we’d have it then, wouldn’t we?

      You have seen Paterno at a game… at a media event. Did you see him pulling weeds in his yard? I am not surprised you saw him at a game… i’d be more impressed if you saw him picking up his newspaper in his underwear.

      Well, who is Paterno’s staff? That an imaginary person has followers doesn’t sway me… that is quite possible.

      Saying Penn State doesn’t exist is, sorry, sounds like trying too hard to me… why? What would the problem be in holding the mainstream media’s feet to the fire on this? Why is it that all anyone can do is hit Cherini over the head instead of simply doing what i would do, and that is to give him a valid ear shot. If he’s bogus, he would have to go away, wouldn’t he?

      You are not the only person who has told me i look like Meryl Streep. Actually in The River Wild, it’s eerie… it’s like watching myself in a dream state… and i used to be an avid wild water rafter. But, and again, i can and will provide an ear shot because i am not Meryl Streep… if only i had that kind of $$. If i was involved, i’d probably be hitting him over the head for asking… see what i mean? If i had something to hide, on the other hand, i would not want to be asked.

      Funny, right after i learned of Cherini, i took pictures of a lot of people i know, me, my son, my son’s father, my friends… there really is a familial resemblance among the ears of family members.

      And here’s this… When he came out with his Ben Fulford, 114 second video saying he was an actor, i commented that he had that one wrong. Now, we see Fulford as Tim Carter in the Jonestown Massacre and i will say, he has it pegged. Right on down to the mannerisms and voice.

      Oracle Broadcasting had Dallas Gold Bug on on Wednesday…

      [audio src="" /]

      On Thursday, the first caller makes my point:

      [audio src="" /]

      None of this hosts arguments make any sense to me, it’s a whole bunch of arguments that = 0… it’s a sideshow. Methinks they doth protest too much… give us the ear. These clowns give us our heroes, they write the history and they fund both sides of every conflict, and they create the conflict. It would appear the ear doesn’t lie. Saying Cherini didn’t do his research, c’mon… he did too. They are not proving their case, they are being evasive. And what Ed’s saying needs to come out.

      • THose are good radio interviews Wanda. I have a hard time listening to them. They move too slow. I wish they all would transcript them. But these were good.

        • Yeah, they are good… thank you. Seems to me Jewliani was very receptive on Wednesday, the interview went well… overnight, somehow his whole perspective changes and he goes from reasonable to obtuse. It doesn’t do his cred very much good… does not reflect well. Raises more questions than it answers.

          Get this… i had to stop listening to him some time back when he went a a Elite Jew Pig mantra thing… it was over the top. Celtic Rebel brought me back and i began to listen again… heard him say, himself, that he was over the top with that stuff.

          Anyways, my point was going here… This host… Jewliani of Truth Hertz archives his work like ringing a bell… you get the show, it is followed by an archive… have not seen it not happen until today. It is still not archived and i missed it because i wanted to re-listen to Wednesday’s and Thursday’s… doh !! That stings… i hope it will eventually show up.

    • Well I agree jerseyg-in order to accept this you would LITERALLY have to assume that Penn state football indeed the entire university was some type of potemkin village that did not account for sandusky’s 30+ years at the college and to segue into a plethora of movies as Costner did is a stretch to say the least. Unfortunately Mr.chiarini offers only pat answers such as ”you don’t know who these people are,you don’t know when they film stuff”. Yeah….but as sandusky he would have been compelled to be on the sidelines for at least six months during the football season. I do know there are pictures of sandusky at his high school in the early sixties. I also find it interesting that it was Costner he chose since Kevin was the lead character in the Oliver stone movie JFK, a movie that was based on the two books by Robert groden of whom Mr.chiarini was an associate of years ago and worked on the two books with Robert. Groden and the JFK conspiracy milieu was saturated with lots of dis-info agents. This smacks of that. Not buying it.

      • Well, your mind may be too open then… try investigating the news articles Jersey Girl linked to about Sandusky – they are patently FAKE news articles on a WordPress site, and when you investigate those, you find there are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of them, on myriad other fake news stories as well – why would she do that… she is COTO, isn’t she? If COTO knows, COTO knows why it is sourcing fake news stories.

        And here’s this:

        That is a link to an historic archive… it exists in linear time… and in that linear time sequence, Sandusky did not exist and was not a part of the Charitable House founding… does that expand your awareness any?

        • Doesn’t exist??? So all of the thousands of people who came across his path-athletes/students/faculty/towns folk are in on the greatest fakery since 9/11? And no one has ever responded to these claims?? I am open minded to conspiracies of all types including the use of actors-9/11 Harley guy-but this stretches the bounds of credulity. Records could also be poorly kept too. His claims that no tangible records on gabby giffords was shot down when stuff was found out online regarding her congressional record albeit little. Even john McCain has a relatively small paper trail. Also pictures exist of sandusky in high-school. Oh and by the way-just how old do you think Costner is?? You have to think he would have been there since the mid sixties. And when he was both actor/football coach just when did he have time to take a dump?.?? IMHO.

          • Thank you… i just won my bet. I bet that you would completely ignore the fact that COTO was using fake news stories and continue your inane argument.

            An archive… an historic archive, which is what i linked to, would have no such respect to privacy which you refer to. An historic archive is a statement of fact. The fact remains, Sandusky was not a part of the founding of that charitable house.

            And if you wish to prove to me or anyone that Sandusky does indeed exist, do so with verifiable facts and news sites that are not fake. I tried to do it myself, that is how i came across the above archive… and more, there is much out there that clearly shows Sandusky is only played by an actor… he is not a living, breathing boy.

            Not all public records would be poorly kept… maybe one or two here and there, but certainly not ALL of them. Pictures of Sandusky in high school, c’mon that’s just stock in trade of the holy wood illusion business… it does not impress.

            • Wow I didn’t know that people were so gulible to believe this stuff. Sorry I’m not computer literate but there is video of sandusky at Penn state in the 1968/9 season. I wish I could post it to your blog site but I don’t know how. Isn’t it ”odd” that they chose Costner the lead character in the Oliver stone movie based on the Robert groden books that he said he worked on at age 15!!!! If you want to know what I mean visit a blog site ”exposing faux capitalism” and type in the search bar ed chiarini and you will find some interesting tidbits on him. He is a classic con man and I’m surprised people fall for his bullshit. But the alternative media is so scared of him that they do not see a bully and a lout when they see one. Oh and sorry the ears do not match.IMO.

              • You wish people were that gullible.

  16. An honest person who makes a mistake either ceases to be mistaken or ceases to be honest when the mistake is pointed out. Ed Charini has been saying “Prove me wrong… i’d be happy to be proven wrong.”. I think he would admit to being mistaken if he is, in fact, mistaken. And in my estimation, he is not wrong on everything he’s come out with.

  17. Wow I missed all this. My email is being assaulted and I dont get the rapid responses. I love the volley here. All I can add is that my years of exposing Holyrood went to a new level when I first posted Ed’s stuff.

    What makes COTO great is fearless leaps from the comfort zones. Even our most sacred places are challenged and it’s not really more a stretch than ET’s or MK’s.

    It’s when it moves into our safe zones that we react or repel. It’s an experiment only we can experience privately. I posted a few time the metaphor of cleaning out the garage completely and starting from scratch. That takes faith in your being alone. Nakedness revealed, an exposure of the ego inside us all.

    It was there I died years ago and then reinvented Puddy. A lump of clay 🙂 just years now of trying to put something back into it. I can see Ed, his honesty, his hours and effort. I can see it as another stepping stone to what I do know of Holyrood from experience. I have met many Celebrities mostly from Florida days and I always come away with nice, bright people who are very interesting but in each case they were also very odd. Donald Sutherland was a prime example as was Burt Reynolds. It was almost as if they were looking for someone to just be regular with. Makes me wonder.

    It’s true Costner has big gaps between movies these days and his tribute to Whitney Houston at her service I found very strange. Very very strange. But really, the whole world in light and the spectrum is very strange.

    I read an author I can’t remember name that paraphrased; nine-tenths of the universe is unaccounted for and 9/10’s of the universe is knowledge of the position and direction of everything in the 1/10th. What we observe is 1/10th and even though we are observing we only get 1/10th. So whose observing the other 9?

    • Ooops we were posting simultaneously PD 🙂 Please respond to my response to Wanda? Thanks

  18. Wanda there was a coach named Sandusky @ Penn State. Had to be and yes there are pictures of him doing just that. There was most positively a coach there named Joe Paterno. If not who was coaching the team? That’s why I said, to believe there was no Sandusky or Paterno, one has to also believe the team doesn’t exist.

    Anyway, to be fair, I went back and looked at the ears again. I don’t see a perfect match anywhere. The old pic of Sandusky and Costner.. NO WAY are they the same guy. Sandusky has a huge fat head and Cosnter’s is slimer with more refined features

    . Funny how goldbug makes the point that we don’t know who actors really are. We just know them from their screen personna. Yea, so and that means… what exactly? Well, THIS I do know. Costner was very busy making films while Sandusky was very busy coaching football. So how does goldbug compensate Costner living two separate lives at the same time? Or knowing how goldbug operates, many lives at once. And what of Sandusky’s family? And of everybody else associated at Penn State? Second Mile?

    No, from what I see, goldbug is a scam artist. HE is the one that needs to offer proof since he is the one making the allegations. His matches just don’t match. He’s pulling pictures off the internet that are similar and saying they match. The power of suggestion is being used in a big way here. Now to make his point he’s saying they are using prosthesis and using weird camera angles.. Really? How can all these people be in so many different places at one time? THink about it. Then think about it again.

    ANd he’s got the judge being played by John Malkovich?Sheesh.. my head hurts.

    The only thing he’s right about are the “terrorists” like Loughner and Holmes. But by being right about those is how he snookers everyone into believing the rest of his crap theory.

    Oh and if he’s revealing all these actor/ agents all over youtube and on the radio, don’t you think they’d have offed him by now? He’s one shady mind control agent himself … At least, that’s how I see it and I can see it with my own eyes.

    • Well, he’s a real guy. He has outed his address many times… they’d be making him legitimate by offing him. At least that’s how i hope it plays out… but he the genie is out of the bottle. His concept will not die with him… it would be purely revenge… and that wouldn’t go well on them.

      A lot of wishful thinking going on right now. I don’t want to see him martyred. Perhaps and likely some others we have seen martyred were actors… perhaps.

      • Imagine the crew they must extract from the Disney child casting, trauma-based monarch farm system.

        • I imagine those poor souls are even more trapped than we are… praying for the day we finally do awaken from the trance… for our release and for themselves. I think we saw that in Brittney… the rebellion, i don’t think that was for the cameras.

    • I would be more impressed if Sandusky was a skinny guy and Costner the way we see him now. You can add make-up and FX… pretty hard to take it away. I will go have another look at the ears.

      It is hollywood. Dallas made the point this stuff could be filmed a decade or more ago… just sitting on a shelf for the right moment… the magic of Disney… if you will… and they will and they do. Hey, ten years ago, why would Costner have any reason to think he wasn’t doing a film that didn’t get a green light… didn’t get financed. He is under contract… they all are… and they do not own thier own personas.

      The lady who does Marge’s voice on the Simpsons was being interviewed and was asked to do Marge. She said she couldn’t because she didn’t own the voice, it could not be used outside of the Simpsons.

      How many times do we see things like this: So and so does a perfect Loretta Lynn, a perfect Ray Charles… on and on and on.

  19. But I did find an interesting article while searching for judge cleland whose wife btw was affiliated with Penn State (conflict of interest much?)

    I’m pretty sure Judge Johnny Boy was part of the second mile pedophile ring.. and he’s got connections of course to ex Pa Govenor Ed Rendell

    More on the judge.. this is just weird….and intriguing ! Please read the very first comment after the “letter” by nolies.. evil eugencist judge !

    • All good stuff… good finds. I already assume there are acting judges, acting sheriffs, acting this, acting that… and we do have an acting president… do we not?

      I have read that the FBI, CIA and all the other alphabet agencies are not legitimate parts of government… because the people have accepted them gives them their legitimacy. It’s a consensus reality.

      They have to set up and take down shop, if they are ill-legitimate. It’s a shell game.

  20. This winds up where er got with 911. Whether Ed hit the nail w/Costner-Sandman is moot if Sandman is Joe Blow from central casting. Is it staged, is it deflection in Panavision to vent the anger from politico-Vatican thieves and child rapists? Stealing money is one thing, but innocence is despicable.

    911 thermite/emr plasma / b thing laser. It’s a scam and premeditated murder. That we know (?) That’s two or three steps. For the masses it’s

    False flag inside job – no For COTO – yes

    For COTO

    is it pre-set demolition over the year before the event?
    Is it a EMR scalar hutchinson tesla weapon?

    Well that divides COTO

    Puddy –

    Thermite technology was around for years. Was it already put into the building in the 70’s at time of construction?

    Was the B thing a Philadelphia Experiment and disintegration and fusing similar to the Eldridge?

    Has the Unified Field Theory been cracked? Does CERN bring the technology to even another advance theory. Einstein had his limits and it advances beyond him.

    Now I have separated myself from COTO but we know this much, it’s all illusion and the truth is the 9/10’s. We can advance the discussion to the nines and work our way back later as evidence and consistencies begin to come out.

    Remember we were right on Chemtrails, Fluoride and others. We’ll get more answers because the awakened are learning the magicians craft.

    • They give us no reason to give them the benefit of doubt any longer.

      Are there enough of the awakened and did they rouse in time?


    1/10th – 9/10th’s –

    “Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.”

    more tenths, less filling.

    This is terrific. I just got to get this info to DARPA. What potential.

    • Puddy, i personally believe it is the water that is, if not God, then the sole occupant of this planet. It explains, more logically, the phenomena your article brings out. The sending/receiving happens because we are all connected through water… think about that.

      We are HUmans. The word HUE is implied in there, but doesn’t a rainbow only show up after a shower? How about HUmidity? Water, water everywhere… the water of life.

  22. More from Dallas… ask yourself, what are the odds these same people, dopplegangers if you will, showing up repeatedly in all these crimes of ‘regular’ people doing the animalistic, hateful things we do… according to them. That’s an insult and degradation to us and animals…

  23. Ok Wanda…while you were searching for Sandusky did you search for Ed Chiarini as well? If so, what do you find as far as his past and his pictures beyond his high school picture? I searched and found nothing but his current stuff..Patrick? What have you got on Chiarini?

    . BUT I did find this video and I have to say, this guy is saying what I’ve been thinking as far as the Goldbug goes. Until I see clear good evidence otherwise I think the Ed is an agent because so many of his matches do not match. By doing that, he’s making even the legit ones.. like the “terrorist shooters” look lame. Which makes we Conspiracy Facters look lame as well. Unless I see more evidence from this guy or elsewhere that all these actors are sometimes 3 different people.. like tina fey, sarah palin & the truther girl are one and the same… what??!! then I will continue to agree with what the guy in the video below says… that Goldbug is an op.

    • Protesting too much. Like i said, if he accused me, i’d think it a great opportunity to show the world i am who i say i am.

      There is one of Sheppard Ambellis saying he debunked Dallas and showed his high school picture for about one or two seconds and once only and saying… See, he’s not who he says he is, but he clearly looked exactly like he does now, only younger and with long hair. These idiots are buffoons. I don’t keep history and have been trying to re-locate it… i will eventually, but i’d really like to find it about now.

  24. This one’s for you PD I don’t think Bill sounds or looks like JM other than they have fatter noses and double chins! Also, wasn’t JM around the same time as Cooper? Maxwell born 1940.. Cooper 1943… so yea. Guess Bill was so busy impersonating Jordan that he decided to kill himself off and just go with Jordan! BS!


    • You don’t i take it. How about the astronomical connection that there would also be these people being all interconnected and the connections shot all through the “truther” movement? This person connected to that in this movement, that show, protest, this family or SNL or MAD TV or Russia Today… that makes a case all of its own, does it not?

  26. Hey, at least my doppleganger from high school also matched my body type. She was tall and skinny like me unlike so many of DGB’s “matches.”

    • I will just be though that the ear does not match. Get me a picture of Meryl Streep’s ear, and i’ll send you the shot i have already taken of mine…. hell, i will try to find one on my own. He is correct they take the side view of the mug shot for that reason… faces are changeable, ears aren’t… maybe they get longer, but that’s it. They’re like snowflakes.

      • You and Meryl’s ear? Ahhh but you could fool us all by wearing a prosthesis !

        • No… i don’t have any prothesis and as Ed says, you can’t add anything to the ear that will significantly change it without it being obvious… that is why the ear shot is the kind.

          And i found that video i was talking about… It is Tony Muga dissing Ed. The yearbook picture is at 2:45 and totally is Ed. Like i said they show it once, and it was longer than 2 seconds, but not by much and only shown once.

          Muga goes way out of his way to show his driver’s license, Sam’s Club Card and shows it for a very long time, but i won’t be impressed unit Sheppard Ambellis and Mark Dice do likewise.

    • Hey Wanda, as far as showing who they really are, Muga who he accused of being Mark Dice, does just that in his video. Is there one of Ed Chiarini doing the same? Why are you so ready to believe him? All he shows are pictures of people that look similar. Ears? they can be photoshopped easily.

      I wanna see some proof of who Ed really is and some evidence that 3 different people can be 1 before I buy this crap. Oh hell what am I saying I could NEVER believe that! Did you look at the truther girl? Her head is a totally different shape than Palin & Fey. Her video, in my opinion, along with Muga’s and that other guy’s make perfect sense.

      Hey, I’m just looking for real validation. I don’t trust anyone I don’t know fully without it.. I especially do not trust the Goldbug. I’m surprised you do. Unless you have info I’m not privy to yet. If you do, please send it my way?

      I’m real confused as to why you and PD are so enthused with this guy.

  27. It is too easy to lose perspective while embroiled in the middle of this stuff. I gained some clarity in stepping away for a bit.

    Jersey Girl said that i could give an ear shot that was shopped. Well, i suppose i could, but then you could tell it was a shopped ear upon examination, right?

    So, it would be evident that the ear was shopped prior to being sent to Ed and if Ed shopped an ear, that could be detected as well.

    If he were out there lying about these people, they would have him for lunch… and that isn’t happening, i think that gives him credence.

    Ta Da. And why resort to insults, accusations, innuendo and outrage when all you have to do to clear it up, if you have nothing to hide, is show your ear? Why wouldn’t you do that?

  28. from this site:,25261.0.html


    a.k.a. DallasGoldBug
    Mr. Chiarini, was born in Millington, Tennessee. At 7 days old he was flown back to Aston Pennsylvania, a small town, just south of Philadelphia, where he enjoyed his young adult years.

    At the age of 15 Mr. Chiarini was hired by author Robert Groden to illustrate his book High Treason. The book stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List for 16 weeks; Oliver Stone later adapted the book into the movie JFK. By age 18, Ed had also illustrated Groden’s second book “The Killing of a President” and co-produced the documentary “JFK: The Case for Conspiracy” which was released domestically through Blockbuster Entertainment.

    Having spent time in Dallas, while working on the Kennedy Assassination books, he decided to make it his home, and at age 20 moved to Texas.
    He got his start in the internet field while working as a web-designer on Mark Bunting’s (The Computer Man’s, TV show) With Corporate offices in Deep Ellumn, with the help of Mark Cuban’s (before the Yahoo buyout) became the FIRST web site to broadcast streaming audio and video transmissions of its daily news show to the internet. This marked the first site to accomplish this task beating by a week. Over the next few years he would work for several large corporations like Halliburton, LGC, Exxon Mobile, Savage Design, as Sr. Multimedia Developer, as Chief Creative Officer for, a Houston-based web development company, and as Creative Director for, also based in Houston.

    Looking for a change of pace he temporally gave up the Corporate life and joined the Unites States Air Force, where he was trained as an Avionic Technician for the F-15 and F-22 raptor aircraft. Alter receiving his honorable and leaving the Air Force, Mr. Chiarini focused his talents on educating parents about the dangers that the web has to offer, empowering them with effective tools to monitor their children online. The success and positive changes that his friends and clients experienced using these tools was immediately evident. They convinced Ed to put these tools together to lecture other parents about what they can do to stand strong and aware for their families, and WellAwareNet was born.

    While still available for lectures, Ed spends his time researching alternative fuel sources, in particular Hydrogen and Oxygen produced from water electrolysis. Recently his research enabled him to Patent his electrode designs, which many researchers have called the “Holy Grail” of Oxy Hydrogen cells.

    “Multiple electrode stack and structure for the electrolysis of water”
    Patent Application # 20090139856
    Trademark Ser.# 77473944 TwisterHHO

    His creativity and passion for learning, combined with his extensive electronic and chemistry training, make for little free time, as he is constantly researching new technological developments. When he does find time to relax he enjoys his partner status in the community, and contributes articles to and to his blog The Conceptual Tyrannosaurus . Some of his more recent pieces on the topics of Wikileaks and the False Flag operations known as ChemTrails and the media participation and active cover up of the truth, have been featured on, an Alex Jones’ web site, The latest current event to get his attention is the Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Giffords.

    Google “DallasGoldBug”, or “Wikileaks Hoax” to read his articles.

    Ed currently lives in Dallas, having attended The University of the Arts in his hometown of Philadelphia. For the past 18 years he has worked with companies such as Landmark Graphics (a Halliburton Company),, Exxon Mobile,, Compaq IPaq, The Houstonian, Wildcat Golf Club, The Redstone Group, Disney, Ambrosi West Coast, Black Dot Group, Savage Design, and Neiman Marcus and many more.
    About Me:

    Investigative Journalist & Freethinker/ Inventor
    United States
    Chief Creative Officer – ESXengineering.comCreative Director – Ashford.comSr. Multimedia Developer – Savage Design
    GM, Neiman Marcus,, Landmark Graphics, Halliburton,,
    University of the Arts – Philadelphia, Chichester HS, The Christian Academy, CLEP U.S. Air Force Avionics
    I’m driven by creativity and a constant thirst for knowledge.My time is shared between working on various alternative energy related projects, and my ongoing examination of the mainstream Media’s attempts to mislead the public with disinformation propaganda, better known in the military as perception management or Psychological Operation (PSYOP).
    Max Egan – Alex Jones – PrisonPlanet.TV The Obama Deception Camp FEMA Richard Gages Nanothermite research presentation
    Heavy, HipHop, Hellified Funk Crew
    High Treason, The killing of a President, The Psychology of Mans Possible Evolution

  29. No seriously, really, I am Kevin Costner, I’ll show you when we get home…. I just need to do this for a sort of long weird convoluted reason….

    No shit Sherlock, of course Ed Chiarini is an agent…. the question is who is he working for?

    Read the rest here:

  30. What is it that you don’t understand… how i don’t believe patently fake news sites? Or how i don’t believe an archive dedicated to the historic record in fact of the founding of a charitable house forgot to mention the founder?

    • I simply do not understand the competing contradictory articles on this page. You have atop of the page a story about the Franklin scandal which is linked to Penn state. Well he would claim that that never happened. Ergo if that was fake the Penn state child abuse scandal is too. I believe that he is a classic dis-info shill who credibility is very low. Some one once commented on him that his conduct which is a mixture of ignorance arrogance and abusiveness is very obvious in his work. Then again i’m surprised people can fall for anything including a semi-talented photo shopper.IMO.

      • I am not saying the Franklin scandal didn’t happen, truth is i don’t know. That there is a link to them does not mean that that link was not fabricated to distract away from and divert the attention from the Franklin Scandal. And neither, you will notice, has Ed Chiarini. Maybe it is fair to attack him for what you perceive him to be doing… which is subjective… but it is decidedly unfair to go at him for something he has not done.

        That is simply a baseless distraction… a diversion… and it may be your true intent… i do not know… it does seem likely from my point of view. You do seem to want to attack my not believing the fake stories and you also seem to want to attack Chiarini for the information he puts out… yet, you cherry pick what you will swallow and what you won’t… you are okay with false news stories from WordPress blogs, right? You can maybe see how that is a confusing and conflicting viewpoint, right?

        • Well apparently you did not read what i said he UNEQUIVOCLYstates that the FRANKLIN SCANDAL did not happen!!!! Did you not see his earlier posts as to claiming he outed several actors in that affair in Nebraska claiming that whistleblower RUSTY NELSON was truther girl sonia’s brother or husband I cannot remember. As for cherry picking well………yeah but isn’t odd that people are reticent to hold him to the same standards that he would hold others?? Is he not above scrutiny? Frankly many of his matches fall short of the mark. Lots of shots are low Res and tough to dissern. And can someone have the balls to ask him why he claims no other contributors to his work and what gives him the ability to judge biometric markers better than anyone else. And why does he spam so many comments when he can’t answer serious questions and label everyone ”opposition”??. Classic gatekeeping-sorry-imho.

          • Oh, is that what you’re saying… that the Franklin Scandal is as fake as Sandusky? If that’s the case, i totally misread that. That changes everything and sincere apologies to you for misreading that.

            Hmmmm… so you have not found any basis in reality for the Franklin Scandal? I have done my homework on Sandusky and he does not exist… if you have some links you can put up to show that the Franklin Scandal is in the same league as Sandusky, that would be helpful. However, i will say, every fiber of my body and what we witness happening in family courts and with social services tells me the Franklin Scandal is for real.

            • No no I’m not saying the Franklin scandal was fake-ed chiarini did. I don’t know if its fake or not. Frankly there has been so much doo-doo spread over these scandals i do not know what to think.he claims it was fake/but I think that Nelson guy isn’t Sonia’s relative.IMO.

              • Can you provide a link to Chiarini claiming the Franklin Scandal is using actors because i can’t find it on the WellAware1 website… it is not there. Further, i did an internet search for WellAware1 and Franklin Scandal and some of the top returns were COTO, Wikipedia, Before Its News, What Really Happened, The Power Hour and a host of others… but not Ed Chiarini and not Well Aware.

                • Well just go to well aware 1 archives. I know he said the Franklin scandal was BS cause that rusty Nelson dude was Sonia’s brother or relative. That match did not stand with me. I think he called it ”man of truth man of lies”.

                  • Okay… look, i’ve gone there twice now and also have done an internet search. I can’t find it. You made the claim that Chiarini says the Franklin Scandal involves actors… i think it contingent on you to back that up.

                    Since you apparently know what you are looking for, perhaps you can go there and come back here with a link? I’ll get you started… here’s the link to WellAware1:

                    • I don’t have the link. Its under ”man of truth-man of lies” its his

            • You see here is my point-i don’t we are far apart in some general theories that there is quite abit of suspicious/fake news stories. But theories are just that…..theories. I know of the fakery behind 9/11!!! Geez it was obvious that actors were deployed there. And some of his work is right on!!!! But I think you should re-read the article by geno kalmes and yes i did see your comments too-very good ones too-to further my perspective on this. Its the best article I’ve seen so

              • Hey vertogg… don’t further engage with Wanda, she’ll drive you as obviously mad as she herself is.

                She will twist what you say, as she did above stating that you said that the Franklin Scandal was a hoax. You never said that, you clearly stated that was stinkbug’s theory.

                Read her posts, it’s how she works. She disregards any articles about Sandusky’s “charity” or his father’s or any proof that yes he DOES exist and NOT as Kevin fuckin’ Costner! yet she swallows whatever stinkbug has to say whole, without question.

                I’ve asked her over and over to explain how Costner or ANY of stinkbug’s actors can be in two or more places at once spanning decades.. NO REPLY. why? because it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

                She can’t answer because HE can’t answer when asked the same question and it’s his own bs theory. He feels it’s not necessary. He just has to say it and gullible and mentally deranged people will believe him.

                He’s DISINFO. He mixes in truth with fiction to make the rest of us look like FOOLS.

                • hey jerseyg-lol. You are preachin’ to the choir. I know he’s dis-info. He is like a guy who sells Ferrari but he knows that there is a crack in the engine block and the most you’ll get out of it is a year.IMHO.

                  • vertogg, hi again and welcome..:) I wasn’t questioning that you thought he was disinfo.. You made that abundantly clear. What I was saying is that it does you no good to go round and round with Wanda. She posts bs from Eddy C which came from him on the internet and calls everything I’ve posted stuff from a wordpress blog which is a total LIE.

                    What I was saying is, don’t let her rile you. She has no answers or ANY proof .. She just likes to ridicule those that don’t put their trust in
                    con men like stinkbug.

                    If you want to see where this all started go here and scroll down. My links to proof of Sandusky & his father’s existence and their “charities” is all there.

                    It will give you a real look at why I say, don’t engage Wanda 😉

                    • YOU know jersey g I’m with ya. But its time we get THEM to do more than just bloviate-i watched Penn state games in the late sixties. That guy on the sidelines was sandusky alot younger. Costner would have been a teenager. This is total crap.

  31. Patrick, are you serious? You are forever calling out disinfo agents who are far less obviously so than mr stinkbug. Are you telling me and all of coto that you believe like Wanda that Jerry Sandusky doesn’t exist and it’s been Kevin Costner at Penn State all along coaching football?? REALLY?

    • i agree with jersyg-too many unanswered questions. He said it was done to in part sell newspapers-WTF-NOBODY BUYS NEWSPAPERS ANYMORE.WTF.

      • LOL…. stinkbug said THAT? omg… how ridiculous does that man get? So they got Costner to imitiate a penn state coach and then play out a pedophile scandal to sell newspapers? hahaha.. newspapers???

        • vertogg.. you actually saw the elusive sandusky? :O I’m shocked and amazed. haha I too attended Penn State football games back in the day but wouldn’t know sandusky from any other guy roaming the sidelines back then. But at least I can say I actually attended football games there and frat parties too 😉

  32. Oh Jersey Girl… you prove none of your points… you post fake news blogs to back up your lies and you call me twisted. I post verifiable links but you don’t want anything to do with them… YOU ignore the facts and push propaganda. When i refute your so-called proof, you become belligerent and bellicose.

    I ask you to back up your claims… with genuine information… insults and abuse i can get anywhere… it’s very pedestrian.

  33. Oh hello again Wanda dear. I truly thought you had gone. Anyway… PROOF that Sandusky is Costner. OR PROOF that the truther girl is not only sarah palin but tiny fey too!

    Come on girl… can ya do it???? I didn’t think so… yawn…..

    • I can’t prove that, and neither can you. I did prove, however, that Sandusky does not exist… who ever portrays his persona is irrelevant. And, likewise, you have not proved Sandusky did exist because fake news sites are not proof. Photographs of him in high school are not proof. A driver’s license, marriage license, pay stubs… his name on record in an historic archive for an endowment… stuff like that… that is proof.

      • I see no proof from u that Sandusky does not exist.. I have proof he DOES. And now we have an actual eyewitness in vertogg… 🙂 And two eyewitnesses to the fact that Penn state does exist and does have a football team…so go pound sand until you come up with proof that humans can be in several places at the same time spanning decades.. go on… i dare you… otherwise.. your belief in stinkbug is insane since you have absolutely no basis to believe his bullshit other than he told you so.. And I once thought you were much more discerning than that. …

        Oh ok, I’m done lying !~I must confess right here, right now!

        Actually, I play the part of Jerseyg, tina fey, sarah palin, truther girl, michelle obama, hilary clinton & goldie hawn! And don’t ask how I do it.. I just DO IT !

        • Instead of trying to craft everyone’s reality for them… why not allow a little freedom… why not allow some really liberating truth into the room?

          Here’s some:

          • Wanda.. why are you posting that? I watched a youtube vid by Walter Burien about two years ago. I know all about CAFR and the two sets of books.. Sheesh. That’s old news. What’s that got to do with stinkbug?

            Crafting everyone’s reality? what?

      • Who would have access to his pay stubs?? Or marriage licence?? Are you kidding that should be confidential info. He doesn’t exist how about the thousands of people on campus he interfaced with.geez.

        • So, where is that link to Ed Chiarini claiming that the Franklin scandal is using actors? I really would like to see it, if it exists…

          • Geez I’m just not that good with a computer,honest I can only point to google-DGB/RUSTY NELSON-MAN OF TRUTH/MAN OF LIES.

            • You don’t know how to link?

  34. Oh and about the insults… I was very kind and restrained. You were the one hurling insults… Everyone on coto saw that.. Sorry girl.. the proof is in the text. I’m done playing lady like with you.

    • Okay, then copy and paste them here so we can all see them. I am curious who’s insult list would be longer, yours or mine, if stacked side by side…

      • Anyone that desires can look them up for themselves, Wanda. I don’t think anyone else really cares, do you?

        • BTW-his website is full of spyware/malware. Be careful.

          • thanks for the tip vertogg but i don’t intend to go near his website. I’ve seen enough of his crap on youtube to last me a lifetime 🙂

            • The downloads on his site screw my computer

          • You don’t even know how to post a link but you are certain that Chiarini’s site is jacking up your computer. That is simply not true… there is no mal ware or spy ware on his site and saying so does not make it so. It does not jack my site up in the least… does not even slow it down.

            Regarding your inability to post a link… i have now gone to Well Aware 1 three times today looking for that quote you attribute to him… further i went to his facebook page and could not find it there… that was a very extensive site… and numerous internet searches for the term you referenced also revealed nothing.

            You are repeating hearsay and innuendo at best… at worst, you are lying.

            • Actually, the more of an internet novice you are, the more you tend to believe that a website that may be a little glitchy is full of malware. I remember those days well, long ago that they are. I didn’t know how to post links either. I had a very good online friend who taught me how to post those pretty blue active hyperlinks.

              As for stinkbug saying the franklin scandal is a hoax, I can’t find anything either..He may have just mentioned it under one of his youtube vids under comments which wouldn’t show up in a search.

            • Listen he said franklin did not happen-really stop busting my chops. I do not know where the posting is on well aware 1 I do not go to his site any more its slows my computer up. I’m not playing your game. The Guy’s name is rusty Nelson and dgb said he and Franklin scandal were lies. OK I got better things to do than argue with people who are ball-busters-bye/bye. By the way I do not know what the truth is about Franklin or anything but I do know he is leading you into the looney bin. Lol.

            • Hey Wanda do your own research. He said that months ago. I cannot find it. I can’t deal with ball busters like you and him. Write a song about him. And frankly there is so much garbage on the web its stupid. OK. Lol.

              • I agree vertogg.. totally stupid just like crazy eddy 🙂

                • Jerseyg-see this what i mean I said I could not find the link and she jumps on me. His crazies are all over social media. They are cyber-stalkers who are fools being lead down a dead end. Ed chiarini could care less about you wanda-he is an operative working for a faction inside the power elites who have run this country for centuries. He wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. You will see ask him one question that doesn’t jive and he will call you ”opposition”-is that what you are supporting?.?

                  • The same could be said of you and COTO. It is a matter of discernment, and ultimately of true care and wisdom. I witness a lot of liars backing up other liars here and on many other sites… and that is a decidedly free-masonic activity.

                    Masons are required to tell lies and to even perjure themselves to protect other Masons. They are also required to obey even orders which they know are immoral. Prevaricate (falsify), don’t tell the whole truth, keep secrets, forget important and key points… those are just a few tactics. You will be keeping your obligations and if you live up to your obligations strictly, you’ll be free from sin. And if you believe that one, i’ve got a great bridge in California you might be interested in buying

                    That’s why you all pile up on someone and get each other’s back. You notice i come here alone and i speak my piece and hold my personal opinions forth… i notice now that Ed Chiarini doesn’t have a bunch of compromised goons taking his side and that says much. So thank you for helping me coalesce that idea.

                    I have to say that also reveals the hidden masonic hand in our political system… toeing the party line, why they all say the same thing, no matter what “side” they’re on and none of it makes any sense. It is communism… it is fascist.

                    • Even though i’m an agnostic I will pray that you see the light that he is no one but his own friend. You hitch your star to a deep cointel operative with ties to powerful elites who have run our government for many years. If you cannot see that you are a fool and I pity you. Just look at his background and do the research. Lol.

            • Hey Wanda you are not gonna bait me into a fucking argument. I told you its rusty nelson-man of truth/man of lies. I cannot find it and please leave me the fuck alone. Write a song about him if you like him so much.

              • Well, see that… you are going to have to learn to post links and to back up what you say if you want cred… because getting all hostile when you are called on it does not fly… it does not reflect well on you at all.

                Gee, if Dallas Goldbug loses his cool you think that is somehow proof that he is disinformation instead of what is more likely, he is simply being human, he is only reacting like a human being. When you lose your composure, is it proof that you are disinformation? Do you see what i mean?

                The proof of your veracity lies in what you offer up as evidence to support what you say… if you have nothing to show, you have nothing to say.

                You can’t have it both ways. At least what i will say for Ed is he does know how to post links and he does back up what he says.

                • I’m sorry I ever posted on this site. It’s proof that his followers are goony birds who cannot dialogue. I said I was sorry for not being able to find the link so you go ask him. It is terrible that this vile person has spawned such crazed sycophants. IMHO.

              • Well that’s rich because the only reason i am here right now is because YOU replied to a comment i left here, what is it, weeks ago… and YOU tied up the past seven or so hours by posting false information you either erroneously or maliciously attributed to Ed Chiarini that i bothered to give you the benefit of the doubt on.

                • Miss you are deranged I said once again-HE SAID THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL was fake. Frankly I do not care. Now please take some asprin and chill out.

        • Yes, i do care because you are making a false claim against me… and since you made that claim you should back it up. If you can’t, you are bullshit.

          • You care because you have nothing more important to care about I guess. I don’t care. So copy and paste away if that’s your one heart’s desire.

  35. Ahhh so quick with the insults Wanda darlin and so slow to respond to a request for YOUR proof of stinkbug’s theories… ~sigh.. I’m bored again…

  36. Its so stupid can’t you see Costner was the star of the JFK MOVIE by Oliver stone based on the groden books he worked on. Geez what a transparent piece of shit. Not to mention Costner was in court the same time as sandusky was with that lawsuit vs William Baldwin.

    • told ya vertogg.. she’s changing the subject to CAFR because she’s backed into a corner again…… there is no serious debate to be had here with Lady Wanda. She has no intellectual ammunition to fire at us other than conjecture spawned by a disinfo agent.

      • @ JERSEYG-isn’t it ”odd” they chose Costner to play this sandusky the actor who was the star of the JFK MOVIE!!! How transparent.

  37. Yes, it is quite a coinky dink vertogg. Honestly, perhaps Ed is not a disinfo agent and simply a delusional mentally ill individual. He certainly lashes out like one when commenters on youtube ask very logical, simple questions or point out how many of his matches just don’t match up.

    • Oh yeah jersey g-he gets mighty miffed if you poke holes in his story. And his trolls come out and attack you.very well orchestrated. Shout much for free speech.IMO.

  38. Funny how crazy eddie disables comments on his videos on his youtube channel but yet goes to his vids that others repost and curses out anyone that questions his “authority.” Says it all really. What a thin skinned, sad little man he is.

    If stinkbug wasn’t disinfo and there were any truth or proof to his most outrageous claims, he’d have been offed a long time ago.

    • You are 1000% correct jerseyg-he would have been road kill by now.

    • I don’t know… “Crazy Eddie” might just be onto something. You can’t kill an idea whose time has come. The following video was sent to me by a friend who spotted this on her own… i have to agree with her… the comments below the video are mine…

      Go to the 2 minute 4 second mark and pause. See that? See that expression? Hair, eyes, nose… all that can be similar in people, not significant in and of itself… BUT not so with expressions. When you calculate the odds to so similar looking men would be engaged in this type of conversation that’s pretty high. Factor in their expressions are also identical… that hits the astronomical range.

      Significant is the voices are similar as well. Fulford articulates all his syllables -when he pronounces Hillary Clinton in particular… Morris is very precise phonetically too and notice now that his voice has the affected nuance of someone who is trying to sound different… it does not flow naturally and can only be maintained by concentrating on it… he defaults to Fulford voice frequently… that’s the voice he doesn’t need to fake.

      Also note: the same green curtain blocking off what is in the background. One draped, one stretched across… same green curtain hiding… what -who knows, but there is a necessity to cover it up from view.

      I think it’s official… Benjamin is Full Of Shit Ford. YouTube comments were moderated, small surprise.

      • See how many comments he and his retards flag as spam. He even disables all comments on many of his videos by him. He’s leading you to the bug house.

        • He who? Fulford? .

          • Chiarini does. Look at his videos under DALLASGOLDBUG or WELLAWARE1 BOSS-many comments are spammed or disabled.

            • Well, my post had little to do with Chiarini… it was not Ed who picked up on the fact that Fulford appeared to be both the interviewer and the interviewee in the above video.

              Chiarini mere brought light to the lie. If he didn’t someone else would have figured out they are using actors in this manner. The information he presents is anything but bullshit. At some point, like all the 9-11 denial, this premise will go away… the walls are crumbling because the foundation is flawed.

              • They are both cointel operatives working different angles. If half of his stuff was correct he would be dead by now for revealing that much. Use some common sense. All of the alternative media is bought and paid for by the same people who own the MSM. Yeah some of the stuff is true but like everyone else they are working for handlers. Ed is no different than Alex Jones who is also paid dis-info as is ICKE/JEFF RENSE/STEWWEBB/ETC. Don’t be misled.

                • Maybe he is… no argument there. He might very well be co-intel pro.

                  My point is this: So what? It does not make the information invalid. I spot these fakes all the time now… it’s relatively easy once you do become aware they are doing it… AND THEY ARE DOING IT.

                  Again, so what?

                  • So what?.? Are you fucking kidding me!!! All cointelpros serve their masters. They are not your friends none of them are. Geez. There is fucking war going on in the black-ops community. That’s why they are showing us this stuff. Ed is a soldier working for one the elite factions. Read his fucking Bio for christ sakes. That’s why he was vetted with this stuff. Geez do some thinking.

                    • You aren’t listening. I don’t care who he is… it does not change the validity of the information. If he were saying the grass is purple or the sky is green, that would be one thing, but his information is valid… it stands on its own merits.

                      THE TRUTH IS SELF EVIDENT.

                      This may be dallasgoldbug’s other brother in arms.


                    • You cannot be that stupid-HE IS FUCKING BEING HANDED THIS STUFF. HELLO-alot of matches are not there IMHO. Do you not read anything???? He is a dis-info dispenser-some of it true/some pure nuts!!! Its all meant not to inform you but to create social confusion and such. Please get a life. Part of their goal is to get people so obsessed over this stuff they lose their sanity. Again-HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. try going to your elected official and tell him that Betty white is the queen of England. You will be laughed at. Don’t you see. All this is pure mind-fuck. Get a fucking

                    • So, you’re my friend?

                    • I ain’t nobody’s friend lady but i know bullshit when I see it. And by the way he use pictriev and other facial recognition software available online. Please write a song about him if you like him so much. He cointelpro all the way. Oh and leave me alone. Get out in the fresh air.

                • First of all, let me say this: I do not have an elected official. But if i were to take this information to a so-called representative, i wouldn’t use the Betty White is Queen of England thing to make my point. A side issue is this, however, laugh all you want, there is something to that as well.

                  I think a bigger question is this… why does this information coming to the forefront create such division? As a casual observer, i note it seems to strike abject terror into those who, up to this point, have held all the cards in this stacked deck.

                  I am certain i am not the only one trying to recon what to make of those who so vehemently reject and gainsay this information. Did those who presume to own everything under the sun and who make war by deception not consider this would ever come to light? It is an amusing turn of events… to say the least.

                  • listen let me say this and I’m not gonna insult you-there is a war going on in the black ops/Intel/Illuminati factions. As I said ed is a soldier in that. His first loyalty are to his bosses. He is either an operative for the very people he claims to be exposing or he is working for a faction opposed to them. My opinion— HE’S ONE OF THEM!!! Don’t be fooled by the slivers of truth he dispenses, he would have shut down a while ago. Can these families of rich powerful Zionists be so stupid as to leave an entire web album out there plus all the pima county stuff??? Of course not. You cannot seriously believe he works alone??? Its all meant to mind-fuck us. We are the targets. All of social media is a front for factions of the CIA/MOSSAD!!!! All of it is.

                    • vertogg:

                      Granted he works for someone… granted his information is a trap and not out there for nothing… granted all is controlled. Does that make it a foregone conclusion that we’ve lost and there is no hope and nothing we can do to change anything up… just suck it up and do what we are told the Hollow Cost prisoners did… walk naked and compliantly into the gas chambers?

                      What is of value is this:

                      The goyem are on the losing side of this battle because people will not wake up… they are absolutely resistant to taking responsibility for their own lives and can’t be compelled to step up and do the right things for the right reasons.

                      Their reasoning is they believe the liars… perhaps they do, certainly not all of them are being deceptive about being in an ovine stupor. Will they continue to buy into the illusion when you can show them their icons actively engaged in deceiving them about their reality? It is a tool in the box… it can and should be utilized.

                      This nightmare ends in a minute when a critical mass of humanity simply says “it ends now”… and it is that simple.

                    • Gee now we seem to be on the same page-maybe there is a faction working against them but ed is not a part of it. Not the way he behaves/not with his background. My opinion since recorded history man has been fucking with his fellow man. The nature of all humans is to lie first then tell the truth. But the lies and brutality are so ingrained in mans core that I do not think there will be a happy ending. Yes I am a pessimist. Lol.

  39. Well, i can be that stupid to believe him. I’ve believed crazier shit… like elected officials… fair and balanced reporting… circumcision and the food pyramid… judaism and zionism are two different things… judaism is religion and not a race… the bible is truth… etc.

    I understand my continued stupidity is banked on by all the wall street fat cats… i wouldn’t want to let them down, would i?

  40. I detest all organized religions and the bible is more mind-fuck nonsense.

    • I agree with that… i detest all isms. All religions were crafted.

  41. Its not just about Jews or Zionists. There have always been evil elites ruling their nations/peoples. The warlord mentality is paramount in man’s makeup. Domination of his fellow man is I’m said to say a big facit in man’s ”evolution”. This stuff is just the most recent. Its been going on forever. Sorry to say

  42. Listen… i come in peace. If there are any jews on this page, this is for you. I do not hold any ill will to any peoples, i just don’t wish to be destroyed and to see that which i love destroyed, and i will fight to stop that…

    Call me Dr. Stein… Dr. Franklin Stein:

    I just realized that the Jews may be the most brainwashed species on the planet… far more than the goy.

    Take a look at the Jewish Genetic Diseases Consortium page:

    Blindness, spinal diseases, blood disorders, muscular distrophy (Jerry Lewis, you had us all donating to a jewish disease?)… brain, liver, spleen diseases… on and on and on.

    If this race is chosen by God, what’s the deal? God, nature really, doesn’t infect any of his creation with genetic disease… they were brought into this world perfect. Nature -god, if you will, does not reward genetic inbreeding. Genetic inbreeding is not natural, in case you missed the point. Nature has in place a system to destroy genetic mutation… and you only need to look to these jewish diseases to see nature in action.

    The jews seek to destroy the goy and this belief has been reinforced though centuries of controlled inbreeding and strutured religion and dogma. They have been co-operating and this co-operation had brought them vast financial reward and they are good with that… give us everything… we deserve it all because we are the chosen of God…. wow.

    I think the jews are the ones we need to wake up… they are the ones being destroyed historically, and they are so far gone, they lack the mental acumen to realize it, the chutzpa, if you will… they have been under manipulation far, far longer than the goy… the healthier, more intelligent and genetically speaking, we are the purer ones. To say otherwise is to ignore the facts.

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