Posted by: jerseyg | July 28, 2012

The Illuminati has Rung the Bell Ushering in the NWO at the London Olympics 2012

Since I feel it is my duty to report on such things, I made it my homework to watch the opening ceremony of the London Illuminati Olympics 2012.  What a freak show.

But I’m quite sure the 13 families, represented by the 13 pyramids with the all seeing eye atop the stadium were quite proud. 






The ceremony was a narrative of the development of man and his accomplishments over the centuries and how the Illuminated controlled it all.   Starting with how Great Britain’s “green and pleasant land was transformed by the Industrial Revolution.  The term “green and pleasant land” is taken from a hymn titled “Jerusalem”.  A hymn/poem the Brits (especially royalty) quite like.

“Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand..till we have built Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land” 

Let’s get on to the most disturbing part of  the ritual, shall we?  The “tribute” to the National Health Service.  It didn’t look anything like a tribute to the English health care system to me.  It looked like ritualistic child sacrifice.

“Sick children” in hospital beds attended to by their nurses (handlers) then “put to sleep” by them as they put their finger to their lips in the Monarch Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

When the children were “sleeping” that’s when the nightmarish demons show up.  Creepy characters such as Valdemort from Harry Potter and Capt Hook were there to properly terrorize (program?) the children. 

But never fear Mary Poppins is here !  Dozens of them, swooping in from above all dressed in black.  They chased the demons away.  “A spoon full of sugar helps the “medicine” go down in a most delightful way”, right?  Shades of Monarach programming, perhaps? 

Oh and I almost forgot!  Mike Oldfield supplied the background music for this ritual of freakiness with his song “Tubular Bells’.  You know, the theme from “The Exorcist”.   Just the right touch, dontcha think? 

This “tribute fo the NHS” was capped off with the revealing of a HUGE creepy baby lying amongst all the children in their beds with their “nurses.”

So many symbols, so little time.  There were the “doves on bicycles” which looked more like butterlies (Monarch again) or perhaps fallen angels.

The eerie extravaganza  ended 3 hours later (started at 9) with the lighting of the Olympic “Cauldron” (really..a cauldron?)  by 7 young British athletes of course, all dressed in black. 

It then rose up into the sky like the Eye of Sauron.

Is it just me, or do the guys in yellow look like pyramids?



  1. Thanks for the report Deb.

    You’ve a stronger stomach than I. I caught about five minutes of this theater of the absurd visiting with my mom…

    I was like totally WTF???

    I caught it just as the nursies put the kids to sleep and the spook show started.

    Your analysis is right on toots. All meant to make the soul screech. The Great Oogabooga lands in London Town.

    What a time to be alive, aye’? To witness the meltdown of humanity…


    • Hey Wally, thanks for the invite back!!

      I loved the made up commentary as if finding scant coincendience mean any link to reality.

      Did you the number of letters in “London” eerily resemble the number of robes each Illuminati must wear before becoming the level 28 Comorant?

      did you include the registration number of the helicopter that the queen jumped out of was also the sum of the licks of flame in the NWO pamphlet?

      I am so glad I still have this perfect piece of entertaiment to prove that there are still people that can makde up crap and find gullible fools to buy it immediately without a hint of corroboration.

      Keep up the good work. Maybe we can fold a Euro into the shape of the Cauldren to prove banksters are a part of the openinig ceremonies and 7/7.

      • Who the hell is Wally?

  2. Oh boy, pretty freaky. Glad I missed it and played with my dogs instead. At least the dogs are loyal and their only agenda is the next meal 🙂
    Thanks for the shortened version, I could have never stomached the watching part!

  3. Thanks Will and darlene. I only partially watched. I surfed online, took a phone call from a friend in Las Vegas. He is a fellow truther who was ranting and I ranted back. lol I was however mesmerized by the “NHS Tribute” and couldn’t stop watching. I was floored that they were so blatant and especially with the playing of tubular bells in the background. Most people I know totally associate that music with a feeling of unease because it reminds them of the movie “the exorcist.” Which is the point the monsters were making.

    • You partially watched AND couldn’t stop watching?

      OK, this explains the fake coincidences.

  4. That friend from LV had sent me a link regarding the olympics. In the video, the author of it poses the theory that perhaps a virgn will be sacrificed. Her name is Lolo Jones and the press is making a big deal about her being a virgin. Have a look..

    I don’t know about that. But I do find it really odd that they are making such a fuss about this. After all, this isn’t a Miss America pageant where this kind of stuff is usually big news. Hope it’s not true. She’s a lovely girl

    There have also been several stories about athletes participating being abused as children. Makes one wonder.

  5. While putting this post together, I learned something I didn’t know about Great Britain before. I found out that one of their favorite hymns, sung at occasions such as royal weddings and jubilees speaks of building Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land.

    That one stung me like a bee, I suppose I should have known this already considering the Rothschilds are zionist. But I’d never heard it until yesterday! It’s quite telling which is why I added the hymn with lyrics to the article. A bit of background concerning the Gr Britain/Jerusalem connection.

    • Didn’t you sing this in school JG? What happened here?

      • Yes PD, we sang the first two stanzas… the rest of the song I had no clue! As I was older though I realized it was the same music as “god save the queen” ! That should have been my first clue as to the nature of things ….

  6. Reblogged this on Ahrcanum.

    • Thanks Ahrcanum!

  7. Outstanding job Deb. Critiquing the Jubilee by a Knave is a punishable offense. “Off with her head”

    The whole service was Grimm-like. Not only were the symbolics continous throughout but the theme itself, sporadic. Almost the story portrayed in the D.I.A. Murals.

    The global announcement for the new world order ushering into the technological oligarchy. It was apparent they showed the slave class similarly pre-egypt sumerian style as well to the egyptian exodus. It was in truth, an exodus from free man on the land to debt-labor slavery in the industrial ages and onto the debt-libor interest and taxing slavery.

    The energy and force exhibited throughout the opening was indicative of Genesis of Masonic Rule as the architects of the scheme behind the illuminati bloodlines and pursestrings but the transition to the Fabian controlled socialistic deindustiralized technological model.

    Both products of the ultimate ZIONIST temple planned for the City of London as so obviosly intimated by your strategically placed EVAN transmission of ‘Jerusalem.’

    NATION is a great example of linguistic hocus-pocus. It’s meaning to them and to us is vastly different. National Health System, National Security which were brought into existence back in 1947.
    Our interpretation of it HAS and will be the bane of our existence until their interpretation is fully realized by the masses.

    What the Balfour con was about later provided multiple agenda’s produced through two false flag wars. wealth moneychanging the zionist federation ZF and the land grab Palestine and kingdom.
    WIZO, the womens division, played a role in developing the liberation movement through the wars. Purposeful plan during WWII to mobilize the women into the workforce and away from the children. Both these themes were greatly emphasized in this XXX theatre presentation. Did you find that odd?

    Who were the kiddies chaperones? The authorities, nurses and nannies. All demons to the family. At least in certain OMENS 😉

    NATION is Jerusalem, Washington DC, the VATICAN, CITY OF LONDON and merging the three Nations into one gigantic miltary industrial committee complex openly centered in UNITED-NATION (singular) governed from ten power centers globally to include these three and others that we will see soon enough.

    Revelations says anti-christ will emerge to take charge of these three and eventually seven more. We can follow the path and see why Syria and Turkey will be a major part of this. And why it is such a critical frequency, force and enegetic as was Libya. They represent two more kingdoms.

    They openly flaunted the EVAN network musically (R) Visible light (V) and Bluebeam ( M-I-X) from start to finish. irradiating babies climax of the large creepy infant.

    I found the five rings position with the falling sparks much like the chemtrail-chemo theme for controlling the eugenics a very nice touch. Wickerman representation as well was nice touch.

    Chilling spectacle ala spectrum Deb. Thanks for the great post. I hope to see much symbology discussed and indentified here. It is a great subject to explore.

  8. Thanks for filling in the blanks Patrick. I knew you would. You always do. I think even a sheeple might find something very strange about this opening ceremony.

    And yes, i did pick up on the “authorities” as caretakers of the children. I also noticed the blue tone to the proceedings…ha.

    I thought the sparks from the rings was just another of their light shows proving how “illuminated” they were. Fire is their signature earth sign, eh? But yea, now that you said it, chemtrails makes sense. I’m sure they are very proud of that achievement.

    I wasn’t sure where they were going with the giant infant.Your take is different than mine. I thought it was representing their control from cradle to grave with all the “authorities” gathered round ready to indoctrinate from a very early age. But yea, irradiation/poisoning by emf and vaccines etc etc could be their deal represented there as well.

  9. That photo of Romney there is revolting. A true warmonger in Mormon undergarments. The “God” is he praying to is the Horned One.

    Here you’ve got the Resident handing over $70M (Selling Out! On the books — who knows what’s under the table), while Americans are suffering under a planned economic take-down, as the fiat banks are bailed out and pumped up, etc. blah, blah, blahs.

    Just two sides of the ziocoin, these minion puppeteers. The Vatic Dude has posted an apt and timely reminder of the fomentation point for the skullduggery upon the masses. Quite good actually:

    New Song for Paul Simon — “50 Ways to Sell Out the Goyim”.

    • He and all the others that kowtow to the zionist Israel leadership are despicable. When it comes to Iran, are Amerikans that stupid to fall for the same.. they are developing nuclear weapons routine again? Did they forget about Iraq already? Oh yea, I think they did forget and I think they are that stupid.

      Handing over another 70 mil to Israel, a state which is way better off than our own country, while giving them 3-4 bil every year ? Sure, let our people lose their jobs their houses and starve to keep Israel living high off the hog (pun intended).

      • That Ken O’Keefe is awesome! Great vid, Boom. Thanks for posting.

    • I read that Israel did it piece and couildn’t stop laughing. Where do you find this stuff? Did you realize that evidcence is just a little more than hearsay, speculation, and pure guesses?

      When you hear a truther say “abosolute proof” of anytihng, it is just a wild guess they hope nobvody with reseaerch.

      It had a nice touch of blatant anti-Semitism for those that drive that route in the truther circles.

  10. Interesting post and discussion. I caught a lot of the ceremony – did somehow miss the idea of those “demons” giving the kids nightmares (I remember Matt, I think it was, saying that part of the program was about kids’ nightmares!). Strange to have a segment like that indeed. I did like the part about the cycling doves/ buterflies ( yes, I thought they were butterflies) – even though the symbolism was maybe suspect- it was still quite a sight and went well with the song. I thought I saw those pyramids with the “all-seeing” eyes – hmmm. And Mike Oldfield – tublar bells? HMMMM, indeed! And I SURE hope that there won’t be some virgin sacrifice.

    The part about lighting the flame I didn’t care for anyway. Now that I’m shall we say, over 40, I think it’s nice to have a former Olympian have the honor – to show they’re not totally forgotten. I also found it strange – and it has caused a bit of controversy – that the Olympic Flame isn’t visible outside the stadium. Any thoughts on that?

    • cinna… I’ll let Rik Clay answer that: But it’s all about establishing a zionist state (world).

  11. Gotta also post about this. The hymn referred to – Jerusalem – has words by William Blake (link to the poem:

    Maybe I’m missing something – but I don’t find anything sinister about it… It seems to me – he’s referring to making a better world (a new Jerusalem) – not necessarily something of the occult… Anyway, it is an Episcopal hymn (at least I think it’s still in the latest hymnal).

  12. “Tubular Bells’…really an exciting and original piece of music.

    I had the album back then…and played it to scritch scratches…

    Love it.


  13. Yea Will, I agree Tubular Bells is cool music but everyone I know that’s seen “the Exorcist” can only think of the horror of that movie when they hear it. That has to be the reason they played it to go with their creepy scenes during the NHS segment.

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