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James E Holmes…. oh yea Mk-Ultra’d Indeed

Ok, guys.. check out this video by abc news.  Look at what he was studying and “mentored” in.   If there were ANY doubts before, this vid evaporated them for me.  “Temporal Illusions…an illusion that allows u to change the past”….. he also studied “subjective experience

Watching him in this video, just 6 years ago makes me sad.  He looks like any normal, nerdy college kid.  Too bad, they got their hands on him.  He has a brilliant mind which could have made a difference for the good, instead of evil.  ~jg



Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

Secret Arcana

Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military  and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim)  and  the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler.  While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism.

Monarch programming is a mind-control technique comprising elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an alter persona that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery and the entertainment industry. This article will look at the origins of Monarch programming, its techniques and its symbolism.


Throughout the course of history, several accounts have been recorded describing rituals and practices resembling mind control. One of the earliest writings giving reference to the use of occultism to manipulate the mind can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is a compilation of rituals, heavily studied by today’s secret societies, which describes methods of torture and intimidation (to create trauma), the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism), ultimately resulting in the total enslavement of the initiate. Other events ascribed to black magic, sorcery and demon possession (where the victim is animated by an outside force) are also ancestors of Monarch programming.

It is, however, during the 20th century that mind control became a science in the modern sense of the term, where thousands of subjects have been systematically observed, documented and experimented on.

One of the first methodical studies on trauma-based mind control were conducted by Josef Mengele, a physician working in Nazi concentration camps. He initially gained notoriety for being one of the SS physicians who supervised the selection of arriving prisoners, determining who was to be killed and who was to become a forced labourer. However, he is mostly known for performing grisly human experiments on camp inmates, including children, for which Mengele was called the “Angel of Death”.

Mengele is infamous for his sordid human experiments on concentration camps prisoners, especially on twins. A part of his work that is rarely mentioned  however, is his research on mind control. Much of his research in this field was confiscated by the Allies and is still classified to this day.

    “DR. GREEN (Dr. Joseph Mengele): The most significant programmer, perhaps one could give him the title of the father of Monarch Programming was Joseph Mengele, an ex-Nazi Concentration Camp doctor. Thousands of Monarch mindcontrolled slaves in the U.S. had “Dr. Green” as their chief programmer. “1

“Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-based Monarch Project and the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control programs. Mengele and approximately 5, 000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of  kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the ‘training’. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele’s mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the ‘training’) would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission 2.

Mengele’s research served as a basis for the covert, illegal CIA human research program named MK-ULTRA.


THIS “EYEWITNESS” IS LYING:  She was obviously rehearsed to present this bs story before the cameras.  Watch her eyes, listen to what she says and watch her body language. 







  1. While you’re at it… watch the videos following that one where the psychiatrist talks about him probably being a schizophrenic. All bs.. 100% spin.

    • The gun range owner got a Batman type message and thought he was strange. Just like you neighbors 16 year old. I said a while back we could never believe how many TELEFONS are walking among us.

      Well we are all TELEFONS to some degree. Considering all we know, what we don’t know, I’d say we all are contagious.

      I think zero is the safest place.

      BTW Deb, I watched COintelAGION last night. What a rootsi laud smorgasbord of sublime BS. Real crap and the LIBOR ratings gave it 4our stars ****

      • You did? You are a brave and hearty soul. Patrick…. Just the previews were enough to make me want to finally throw my teevee out the window. However I do know it is our duty to watch these things so that we know what they have in store for us.

        Thanks for doing that sickening piece of homework so I don’t have to 🙂

        • It all started with Movie of the Week and Dick Tufeld giving us the news. 🙂

          • Wow, I remember the theme music from the movie of the week. …how programmed am I?

            • I loved the theme. It was Burt Bacharach’s song Nikki about his daughter who commited suicide.

              The voice is that of Dick Tufeld and I loved his voiceovers. He died in January this year.

              • Yes ! I remember that now. Loved the theme too.. Loved a lot of tv theme songs. And yes Dick Tufeld had a great voice may he r.i.p…. Juliet Prowse…wow is she dead or alive?

                • Like Sally Ride, she died of pancreatic cancer:

                  In 1994, Prowse was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In 1995, she went into remission and was well enough to tour with Mickey Rooney in Sugar Babies. The cancer subsequently returned and she died on September 14, 1996.

                  • I miss the daze of those times. Crooks and liars weren’t the heroes then. Would we say that actors and NASA careers are more dangerous to your health? EMR? We know health care seems to be. Doctors live to about 60 I think I read somewhere.

  2. “Second Operative Got Call to Open Colorado Theater Door for Shooter”

    • Yea Boomer. I had heard that and it makes sense because there is no way that guy got in through that exit door without help. I wonder if that witness’ days are numbered.

    • I think we all predicted the false flag. Congratulations COTO. No Cold Case Posse forgery and Small Arms Treaty expose goes unpunished.

  3. That’s the answer to the question. Tempoal Illusions. It’s a known fact that SPD (schizophrenia) In time-frequency analysis, subjects with SPD showed intact power but a deficit in the ITC in delta and theta frequencies.

    Schizophrenics showed reduced P300 amplitude and delayed latency for averaged ERPs, subjects with SPD did not differ from either group.

    In EEG this supports my theories that SPD like Autism are results from biological or EM assaults through multiple vectors and MK-Ultra takes them to the next levels when subjected to sensory triggered response.

    It may have been triggered by the cell phone, ring, a voice command, an exact moment of the film credits from his brain fingerprinting under the programming. Where he was during that time, why he was failing to meet the academics PHD, withdrawling, changing and fixated on the “Dark Knight” (Heath Ledger)

    His interest in Temporal Illusion is a cover for the Skinner type programming he was undergoing if it is indeed a case of Delta trigger application. I’d like to see a report on his Brain fingerprinting p300 data and blow simple SPD, right out of the water.

    Convenient though is this tidbit regarding Time Interval. It makes my “Time Predator” piece on the EVAN network sort of prophetic for this poor stooge and the twelve dead.

    I say again, there is no greater threat to human beings right now than the EM, Protein Misfolding and the mind bending pharmacological chaperones that look to control our reality, health and well being.

  4. You don’t need to convince me of that PD. I can see it and feel it.

    • I have made a commitment to go off the grid. I eat garden and my own kills only. No meds, minimal supermarket and full time monitoring of the EM spectrum and WiFi bandwidth.

      I am going to monitor for the next six months and look for data at times of these events. Look for anomalies outside NASA’s solar “scham”atics and all the other Wilcock frauds fluttering around the 20-30 Mhz range.

      1-100hz is the range we are susceptible individuals but these clowns on the bandwidth ranges do a lot of damage as well.

      • Is Wilcock a peacock, and the data dump you viewed a cockup? Its not like we need graphs and computer crunching to prove that a 1% has a Monopoly, and a headlock on they goyim, with their monopoly money and corporata spawn.

        Good 4 U on the no grid, gardening, and other health principles you’re living by. Don’t forget the Love! Hee Haw.

        How do monitor the EM spectrum and WiFi bandwith? I’d like to be reducing those waveforms to puny pinging instead of the dull roar?

        • “Is Wilcock a peacock, and the data dump you viewed a cockup? ” Both IMO.

          • I don’t seem to have that gear around…, nor know what it is? Radio Shack? It doesn’t look too pricey.

            • $500 or about. $1000 for deluxe


  6. Since this guy isn’t a forensic “anything”, and we’ll never know what’s up with this blood except what investigators say it it, I’m not sure this “evidence” can even be considered as useful. More to consider, or clutter the picture.

  7. This is so fucking obvious it should get the COTO award.

    Which drives the point I made earlier home. Since 9/11 they just don’t even bother to do anything with any degree of stealth. Like a poorly made B-movie, you can see what’s coming.

    • You all might like this little factoid time wave frequency;

      • I have that book, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.

        It’s a collectors item now…I guess the prices just went up on it…

        Anyway Frank Miller is a sick fuck. Maybe MK himself, he is so totally twisted.

        The page Zen Gardner shows part of is pg. 33 in the book. I just looked through it and found it. Hadn’t looked at this for at least ten years.

        Wanna know what happens next?


  8. A friend sent this link to me. Just happens to be written by a former coto member Scott Creighton.(willy loman)..a very excellent piece of work:

  9. This is especially for Wanda… the first eyewitness is totally unbelievable to me..sounds rehearsed and his fake tears at the end don’t match his demeanor as he’s telling his tale. the second is just as bad.. he was in her face and didn’t shoot HER as he was shooting children all around her…she was thinking why didn’t he shoot me instead of those kids….. really? death staring u in the face and that’s what she was thinking! no way… FAKE.. check them out…abc at it’s finest propaganda propulsion…
    The eyewitness’ in this video come off as rehearsed to me and not as someone that has just survived the Batman shooting… Much like those interviewed immediately after 9/11 to reinforce the official fairytale.


  11. Wily Loman’s info is excellent. So, (like the Pentagon) there were cameras documenting the rear of the building. Of course, they won’t release that info. I’m thinking DNA in a breathing apparatus like a gas mask ought to be checked to see if matches Holmes, as well as other DNA collected. Of course, who can we believe even if that comes out. All in all — Con to provide an excuse for the UN BS.

  12. I’m about done putting any more thought or energy into this latest staged caper.

    Here’s the thing — this is a “created” Event, a distraction, a “reason” for Other Things to occur that have been planned to tag onto this Event. The UN Treason upcoming would be the most Obvious, and we’ve already noted that:

    2012-07-23 “Russian & Polish Troops Training To Disarm Americans” Vatic is just one source, presenting a particular discomfiting side to the issue.

    Bro Nathaniel ( a jew who knows the difference between Jews, Khazars and Zionists ) makes it very clear:

    The Point Is — Via Bush, Jr. and his “Patriot Act” and other EO’s, and Obama and his re-upping of the Patrioto Act, the NDAA, the Resources grab EO, the Communications grab EO, and now this final straw of WAR MAKING UPON THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE United States of America; the 2nd Amendment usurpation end-around via the UN Treaty, a treasonous “international” treaty to be used to subvert National Sovereign Constitutional Law…all of this can be seen as prima facie evidence of the “Change” being Imposed by those who truly do “Hate You for Your Freedoms”!

    We must note the progressive erosion of Constitutional protections and personal Rights. The answers we come up will determine if Freedom Lives or Dies. WHO is killing it is Obvious! This must be pointed out to all police, military, etc.

    Certainly, Americans DO NOT want to give up inalienable Constitutional Rights to government agency perverts like the TSA or any others? What is Obvious is the TREND, and we can certainly see where it is heading, and who is doing it.

    I’ve yet to see ANY Americans voting for their Constitutional Rights to be removed by force of executive paper pushing power, and SS. You may ask where your “representatives” are? It doesn’t matter does it? They have all been compromised. The People have even had their Voice silenced. It is Obvious this is no longer a “Representative” government of The People. You know who it represents. Only The People can get their Rights and Voice back by whatever means necessary. They surely will not be offered back by the TrendSetters of Change.

    • Boomer, you should have posted this on it’s own. It’s the real deal and the small arms treaty and gun brab will deflect the coming war to keep our military from the homeland.

      I posted foreign troops in the US in 2003 and it got me knocked off alternative sites as a radical. Then Alex Jones started talking about it. Bill Cooper was right, AJ was wrong until he took credit for it like he did 911.

      The Mexican border and Pena Nieto will be the Obama of Central America. Chavez the wildcard will destroy America as the Capitalist Enemy. Were just colaterral.

      We’ve been paying for our funeral. The money has been a massive R.O.W. to empower the OCCU-PI movement and Spring Rebellions.

      Russian troops invited? Really? With Putin & Co. made to be the evil in Syrian key position on the global Risk board, do you think inviting them to review our defence strategy and threatening us with an air defense missile system make sense?

      -Too many foxes in the hen house-

      When the Olympic Event comes down, everyone remember slam dunk and the sequestered info on the EM weapons that had the Iraqi’s sreaming for surrender so fast that gay George Bush had to forgo his bikini wax to get into the jumpsuit and land on the USS Abraham Lincoln to announce “Mission Accomplished”

      What was accomplished was the weapon that Kruschev announced years earlier. BLUEBEAM and assorted spectrum WMD.

      Good Luck with your guns and gold. You’d better trade it in for Copper and Gold foil.

  13. Drudge posts turned into “Zombie”. You take a look! This guy has been fried by “something”, or is continuing to be cooked. He is completely out of it, and unable to process anything going on around him… MK marks the spot.

    • I feel so sorry for this kid. His parents. The whole scam makes me sick. Of the dozen so called “Lone Wolf’ targeted individuals going back to April 20, 1999 when the G6 project was started in Columbine, this kid is the most pathetic. 24 years old? He looks like a kid.

      • Patrick, I feel the same way. The poor kid was abused and used. Did you see the pix from his college days? He didn’t look like a lone wolf to me. He was smiling and joking around.. WTF? I knew loners in high school and they rarely smiled and never associated with the rest of the kids. I even had a “lone wolf” friend or two …usually writer or musician types 🙂

        • I posted the EM slam dunk scenario upstream here. I’m scared for the masses and the same kind of assault that the Iraqis were subjected to. Remember the reports of mass graves and killings. I know the Pentagon ordered their deaths even in surrender.

          I heard the shill report (face disquised) of a girl in the PHD class who said he did not want to socialize with the group. Not wanting to be identified? Please does the mystery BS ever end.

          Now we can all see the damage of the reality TV theme and televised trials. This stems from the SOAP OPERA daze of the past. TV is cancer and the frequencies are radiation. Commercials are chemo and the players are mad scientists.

  14. While watching that video I was reminded of Anna Nicole Smith.. another victim of mind control. The affect is exactly the same.. This stuff totally unnerves me.

  15. Yup…an accomplice…means a op, for certain.

    Great reporting COTO.

    Many thinks for drawing all of this together.


  16. Aurora Shooting Mirrored Training Exercise on Same Day Near Denver –‘The irony is amazing, just amazing.’ 21 Jul 2012 The tragedy that played out in an Aurora movie theater Friday was ironically paralleled as a classroom learning experience in a medical school in Parker the same day. Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the middle of holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students. Along with response to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods and terrorist attacks, one of the scenarios being used to train the students is how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater and also uses a bomb in the attack. “The irony is amazing, just amazing,” said Rocky Vista Dean Dr. Bruce Dubin.
    Same thing with 9/11, “training exercises” of planes flying into buildings that same morning.

    7/7 London train bombing, “training exercises” that same morning mirroring EXACTLY what really happened.

    Each time they say “How ironic” or “what an Amazing Coincidence”
    Such obvious bullshit.

    Witness: Someone let gunman inside Colorado movie theater20 Jul 2012 A man who was at the Colorado movie theater where a dozen people were killed this morning, says he saw the gunman. He says he thinks someone deliberately let the gunman inside once the movie started. Here’s what he told TV station KCNC this morning live on their newscast. [See also: Aurora, Colorado Shooting ‘Oddities’ by LRP.] 


    • Yea Will, isn’t it ironic that they ALWAYS have drills running during these mass killings that mimic the mass killings? I just don’t know what to make of that !!!! Sure are a lot of strange coinky dinks happenin’ ! ANd there go those tin foil hat conspiracy nuts sayin’ it’s NOT a coinky dink. hahahaha what a bunch of loonies 🙂

    • Good to see you Uncle Rogue 😉 How sales on the road?

      • Hah…sales are fine. I keep running into Uncle Fetzer, who always obliges to be my punching bag…a “professor emeritus” in “logic” and “the Philosophy of Science” {grin}.

        Kids, you simply would not believe the steaming flatulence that passes through the seat of this guys trousers – I’m just a HS graduate, and I have a firmer grasp on applied physics than this charlatan.

        So I have a party, brass knuckling this guy and his band of fruitloop followers.

        Most of y’all know my freeform kata in such ‘debates’.

        But I read through here several times a week, whether I post a comment or not – I have seen every story here.

        This one on the ‘Dark Knight’ vigilantism caught my interest right away. These things are so obvious now…blatant and grim.

        Like you I see this poor kid as the victim…I doubt that he did it. Another patsy takes the frame-up…tragic.

        ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM FFWD>> mid-ride now…



    [Authorities say Holmes is refusing to cooperate and that it could take months to learn what prompted the attack that killed 12 and injured 58 moviegoers at the premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,” a Batman film.]

    Certainly months to obtain, likely years or never as in Sirhan Sirhan.

    [Montgomery said police have told the school to not talk about Holmes. The university took down the website for its graduate neuroscience program on Saturday.]

    Aw fella’s c’mon, let em speak. It’s only the truth, what harm could it do?

    [Several thousand gathered for healing at the vigil Sunday night, where a banner said, “Angels Walk With Those Who Grieve.”]

    “And the Angles walk with those who deceive” ~ EVAN: Angels and Angles

  18. Cooperate…yea… he’s not capable of tying his own shoes right now thanks to that super duper brain zapper high tech wmd they used on him.

    Gee, wonder why the police told the school not to talk about him? Probably has something to do with those pix of him looking all happy and shit with his peers and not looking so lone wolfish.

  19. Another dead physicist: The NASA whack?–the-first-woman-american-woman-in-space–has-died-2012-7

    Pancreatic Cancer. A Blubook CIA specialty. Fast and Furious, and terminal.

  20. Ha Ha~

    Piers Morgan MI6 phone hacker had Zionists Michael Bloomberg, and Alan Dershowitz on to attack John Lott, author [More Guns, Less Crime]

    In June 2012, it was reported that Piers Morgan Tonight had the lowest ratings for a CNN primetime slot in 21 years.

    I usually do not waste time to comment but could not resist.

    • Dead on point comment on Piers, PD. I watched part of his show once or twice. I just don’t like him. No wonder his show has such low ratings.. Wonder why they keep him on…hmmm.. Only coto knows.

      Anyway I’ve seen Doomberg on tv spouting his gun control nonsense. Wonder who he has guarding his house? Does he have armed guards or is it a missle system that surrounds his precious walls? I know he doesn’t have just any adt security alarm like we the peons. And Dershoshitz… I can’t even stand to look at let alone listen too. Come to think of it, that applies to all three of those losers…Doomy, Dershoshitz & Piers… sounds like a law firm………

  21. Furioglykeros le mot peut avoir le tambourine yoni?

    Oui, faux glykeros au deuterofacious sans sinceros yoni trench.


  22. I’ll try this reply. I have found these posts on the “Batman Shooting” to be very, very interesting. After seeing some alterniative reports about these shooters being mind-controlled, it certainly seemed to me to be a distinct possibility. And now the police is telling the school not to talk about him? That rasise red flags immediately. When someone doesn’t want stuff to come out – watch out. And the investigation and court proceedings gagged? Come on!

    I would like some clarification, though. Some reports – I think it was in that one link, thought the shooting never really happened. I’m not sure what to make of that – do you think the wounded are somewhow being faked or wounded somehow otherwise? And what about those who were killed? And somethng Wanda said was interesting, but i’m not sure… She thought these people were actors? All of them? Or maybe were there actors mixed in with regular folks?

    And do you think Sally Ride was killed? I was so sad to hear of her death. But what motive would they have to kill her? She wasn’t working on anything controversial, was she?

    Anyway, take care all.

    • Hi cinnamonb,

      As far as the witnesses being actors. I don’t buy it. People can react in odd ways in crisis. I would have to be convinced with some strong empirical evidence to there being actors used in this instance.

      This was a real shooting, and real people were wounded and killed.

      It is the spin and control of the State and the Public Relations Regime that is the issue at hand. This is a psychological operation, no doubt.


    • Thanks for weighing in cinnamonb. The theory I work with is based upon research into the MK-Ultra from the science and history as far back as WWII and the Tavistock Institute.

      The theory develops with the use of televison, media control and propaganda. There is strong evidence in KM-Ultra that handlers are required not only to control the TRIGGER(the targeted Individual) but the targeted audience.

      This requires actors, players to support and provide the alpha/beta programming to the masses. These actors end up being the eyewitnesses and officials who provide false information or suggestive linguistics into the frequencies for the sheeple.

      Hybridrogue could give you examples used in 911.

      You have to stand back and look at the larger picture and determine if you see the larger target is the population. Massive amounts of money and research have gone into the tools of propaganda. It has merged now with the psychotropics (PhRMA) and psychotronics (EM)

      If you go to, they have a good collection. You could start back at Jonestown, Guyana, Heavens Gate and find theories on each one to date. Jim Jones, Kacsynski, McVeigh, Koresh, Manson, Sirhan, Oswald, to actors in holyroodland. Now the marriage of hollywood and MK-Ultra has been created.

      As far as my remark and link regarding Sally Ride, it is based upon a theory I have to eliminate any physicist who could jeapardize the master surveillance plan of the United Nations.
      You don’t have to be a christian or revelations expert to see the big picture. There is an enormous effort and project to find the elusive “GOD PARTICLE” and in this effort the secrets of life itself exist. The master weapon of control via creation itself.

      Project Bluebeam is much larger than just eliminating your freedom, independence and privacy, and the second amendment, but about controlling all matter. And the gray matter is at the top of their list.

      Most of COTO follows a tenet that is laid out best in George Orwells 1984. But I myself stretch the theory to the extreme.

      911 was false flag and controlled demolition: true
      But the EMR, and Audio/visual trauma MK programming was the iceberg under the waterline. Like Iraq, they were used in Slam Dunk as they were in dozens of lesser experiments.

      The granddaddy of all events has yet to be staged and I believe it will be one that includes multiple technologies for a transition and shift control of MIND-BODY-SOUL.

      • Thanks to and others that replied! Using some actors make sense; handlers trying to control th spin. I will have to check out – sounds like a good resource.

        What you said about Sally Ride and Project Bluebeam was quit3e interesting. Didn’t they just recently announce they may have found that ‘God’ particle? What do you think will happen now?

        Anyway – there’s much to digest.

        • Correct. I pray it’s cointel and believe it so. I expect divine intervention there.

  23. As per my little jabberpoem…

    There is a dumbfuck that harrasses me on the blog I am working who calls itself, Tamborine man, he is constantly biting at my heels like a chihuahua on crystal meth.

    This is how I would put it in straight ‘street-talk’:

    Tamborine is a vindictive little man, pretending at sweetness like a vicious cunt.

    [Pardon Jeyjee]


  24. There he goes again ……..ha

    Anyway, cina…I don’t agree with Wanda that the incident didn’t really happen. I agree with rogue up there. Yea, there was a shoot up and people were injured and killed.

    I only questioned two of the “eyewitnesses” that were interviewed on abc. I think THEY were the actors. They were there to cement the spin of the “official story” that the ptb wanted constructed. It happened after 9/11 as well. I’m pretty good at reading voice tone, body language and facial expression. It’s my one and only super power:) Anyway, to me, they witnessed nothing. They were plants for purposes of propaganda. But again, I’m just theorizing 🙂

    • Hi Jayjee,

      I haven’t taken the time to look at all the details. So you are probably correct, that there are some ‘actors’ for the purpose of ‘theater’ that are presented on MSM.

      But like 9/11, real people died, a real event occurred, and most of the PR game was just standard spin. After all, Bernaysian spin has been the mainstay of the Public Relations Regime for more than a hundred years – it’s simple, it works, and the more elaborate ‘booster’, like ‘fake witnesses’ is just an added control factor.

      I’ll have to say here too, that I don’t buy that Giffords was an actor or that she didn’t really get shot. She is partially vegetated, anyone who has seen her since her ‘recovery’ can tell at a glance. I’ve known a few head trauma victims personally, there are hallmark features, especially the sunken eyes. The appearance is only one factor, their body language and subtle tremors also give it away.


  25. The photo (with note) of the Veteran explosives expert is about ALL the People need to ask important questions regarding this murderous farce (thanks for putting that up JG). COTO and Friends have provided interested folks a “method” of inquiry representative of intelligent people who want “a clue” about reality,Truth, and the facts.

    This is a Far Different personal philosophy than the folks grazing inside the middle acreage of a Bell Curve. Yeah — WE like to know what’s really going on, behind the scenes, ’cause nothing is as it seems anymore.

    An example of the group who are mind-controlled themselves by media propaganda is this: yesterday, I turned on the local talk “news” radio as I was going somewhere in the car. I woman caller, offers her personal ideas regarding this Holmes case, and then asks the “newscaster” if he felt we had all the info on this thing. Well, he did offer that “no, probably not”. But my point is THIS! A great section of the population “looks to” the media, in whatever form, might even be pastors, or doctors, I don’t know, but they cannot seem to research, collect unbiased information, analyze it, and form opinions that make sense. This is a huge problem as you all realize.

    In fact, all of the comments on other alt web sites regarding this Batman tragedy reflect a similar section of folks unable to “think” for themselves. They’ve gotta have someone else tell them what to “think”.

    BINGO! This is why COTO exists.

    COTO IS NOT a forum to Obtain the Answers or Truth to anything. Rather, it is a forum of Information Crunching where intelligent and inquiring minds will blast your flimsy and weak conjectures to smithereens. THAT, my friends, is a Useful Tool for finding The Truth! Invaluable in fact.

    So…PEOPLE — USE IT!!!

    May we all walk away smarter, better informed, and always asking questions, and considering the information zooming at our antennae.

    Don’t flipping trust anybody, or any source of information, until it has been “vetted” by a COTO-like crucible of Heat & Pressure. That’s how you find the gold.

    • Right on Boom !

  26. China****On 24 July 2012 Typhoon Vicente made landfall near Hong Kong at approximately 0400 local time (2000 UTC). The storm downed more than 1,000 trees and caused significant flooding in at least five areas of the city. At least one landslide was reported in the Peak neighborhood. At least 60 flights were canceled and 270 flights were delayed at Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH/HKG); however, operations have since returned to normal. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange was closed early on 24 July but reopened later in the afternoon. Ferry services have been suspended. Some train and bus services have begun running at a reduced rate. At least 118 people have been injured, but there have been no immediate reports of fatalities. Vicente has weakened to a tropical storm, but has moved northwest onto the mainland, prompting officials to evacuate more than 42,000 people from the city of Maoming in the province of Guangdong due to the threat of floods and landslides.

    I had predicted earthquake but this flooding surely makes the grade for major HAARPING.

    Pakistan****A bomb exploded outside the Chinese Consulate in Karachi’s Clifton area on 23 July 2012, shattering windows and damaging vehicles near the explosion site. The bomb was placed on a motorbike near the consulate and detonated remotely. Three people suffered injuries in the blast, the motivation behind which remains unknown.

    India***Members of the Bodo indigenous tribe clashed with Muslim settlers overnight on 23-24 July 2012 in the western part of the state of Assam. Rival mobs torched at least 80 homes in the Dhubri and Chirang districts. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the fires. At least 500 people armed with stones and spears attacked a Rajdhani Express train as it tried to pass through Kokrajhar in the early morning, injuring several passengers and forcing the driver to reverse course. Police officers also opened fire on a group of at least 400 rioters in an attempt to disperse the mob, injuring several people. At least 5,000 troops have been deployed to the area with orders to shoot suspected rioters on sight.

    From: Apotheosis – 2012 predictions
    INDIA-AF/PAK is the predicted hotspot The fire will continue with a major event for India-China-Pakistan. Tensions will heighten further and war drums will sound. Serious terror staging will happen there. When shooting on sight happens it will be contagious.

    We are at war here in the US but what’s happening in the real world is massive shift to war ala City of London.

  27. Btw, Know how they reported that his mother said “you got the right guy”? BIG LIE. She never said that… they asked if he was her son and she said, yes that’s him.

    I always suspected that of being bs. I’m sure all of coto did.

    • “they asked if he was her son and she said, yes that’s him.”

      Yes, that is exactly the vile ‘spin’ of the whore media. And so many think they are getting “truth” out of that whorehouse. No, they are getting a communicable disease worse than clap or herpes, they are being brainwashed.


  28. Oops! They’ve got Americans THINKING now. That’s a dangerous proposition. The commenters on the thread at are starting to offer some “alternative” scenarios to “the story”. Folks are calling Bull Shit! Bad for Guv, Good for The Folks!. See for yourself…

  29. Salient thought-provoking piece:

    More info extremely relevant to Right Now!:

  30. “The title is ‘MY SWEET SATAN’, which is what Arnold Crimp is absolutely certain he heard when he played ‘Stairway To Heaven’ backwards.”
    ~pg.33, DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Frank Miller {1986}

    PAGE 33 – yup


    • What are you saying here Will? That page 33 of DKR makes reference to stairway to heaven played backwards??!! Can you take a photo or scan that page and post it?

      • Hey Deb,

        There is a scan of part of the page here, but the page number is cut off and the first top of the page too – but the balloon with the thoughts in the guys head is there with the Stairway to Heaven thing:


        • Thanks rogueman…look at that.. same mad googly eyes, same red hair, same stubble.. yep that’s Holmes alright. Only thing they left out was the gas mask and swat gear.

    July 26, 2012

    “We have been lied too.

    AURORA — The following is a timeline of actual events that took place just after the mass shooting was reported to 911 in a Colorado theatre during a midnight showing of the new Batman film:


    6 MIN 46 SEC… “One of the shooters is wearing white and blue clothing”



    16 MIN. 47 SEC… Cops describe one of the suspects as male, dressed in black camo, vest, gas mask, and possessing multiple long guns.


    JG — WillyLoMan is doing a great job and service at his blog. You should put up a thread highlighting that perhaps…

    • That’s truly creepy isn’t it Boom? I read that the ems/fireman didn’t show up in a timely fashion because they went to the location of the “drill” instead. The cops had to take the victims to the hospital in their police cars. The real victims that is. There are quite a few planted ones out there as I noticed and mentioned here.

      • “…they went to the location of the “drill” instead.”

        Yea, that’s what the ‘drills’ are for…

        “Is this real world or exercise?” – 9/11 jet pilot responder

        Now we got the Oklahoma parallel of John Doe’s that will never be mentioned again…

        “It’sa MK ballroom bash”


  32. You have 1,040 lbs of explosives. If you have determined you need 10 times this much for an upcoming demolition job, how many tons of this explosives do you need to add to your inventory?


  33. Will,is that one of those math word problems? haha

    • No Deb, just a math conversion problem; lbs to tons.

      A ton is 2000 lbs. This should be easy. But it IS trickier than you might think at first glance.

      1,040 lbs is 961 lbs short of one ton. Can you figure it from there?


  34. Hah…I’m sorry Deb, I can’t help but post this…it is so preposterous, but hilarious at the same time. Can you believe anyone would post this???

    Can’t he see the implications of what he is saying about himself in this?

    I didn’t respond, just left it to hang there for everyone else to see…

    But I’m thinkin’ – WHAT???? It must have been dreadful, all of these years before he met me, not knowing if he was a good person or not.

    Yea, he meant it as an insult, with no reflection on what it actually says about himself. This is the same ditz that I wrote the twat poem about…a fuckin’ lunatic:

    Tamborine man says: July 26, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    “Hi mr. rogue,

    I do love you, you know!

    I love your total dishonesty, and i love your deviousness.

    Without you, i would never have learned that i’m in fact a ‘good’ person.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.




  35. haha.. he’s funny Will. I’m assuming he is a 9/11 truth denier? He found out he’s a good person thru you? Ahh good for him. Wonder when the day will come that he finds out what an idiotic, brainwashed, programmed, pawn for the monsters, moron he is? Probably when pigs fly. But there’s hope. There’s probably a lab working on that problem right now.

  36. Hi –

    Got this link through a mailing list. Don’t know if you all have seen it or what you make of it.

    I also got this link:

    On my local news yesterday they showed a clip of Holmes’ science presentation. One thing they said (may tie in with the mentor’s comments) was that the school says he was a mediocre science student. What? So how did he obtain that grant? So to me, anyway, something is NOT making sense. (They also reported he said he doesn’t remember the shootings.)

    I also saw something that said he was taking the same drug Heath Ledger supposedly had taken when he passed away. That leads me to ask if anyone thinks there something sinister about this whole Batman trilogy. With the first one, of course, Heath Ledger passed. The third we know. But the second? And sorry for not being up on the trilogy (I can’t name the second film in it!), but their treatment was too dark for me so I don’t care to see any of the 3 films. But that’s just me 🙂

    • You can put it together with this Cin. It’s all trauma-psi. We’ll never know all the intricasies of this as 911. Each event in false flag and staged terror has three or more teams. Each team knows nothing of the others processes. That make some stagers and some players. We’ll likely never know but we know it stinks. And we know the official story is always bullshit.

      Watch the same process here until it’s wave fades into oblivion.

  37. This is Rogue1 reporting from West Palm Beach Florida {???}

    Just want to urge all COTO to check out the site Cinnamon cited in her last post…great stuff kiddo.

    John Jacobson, the person James Holmes named as his “mentor” during his science camp presentation on “temporal illusions” and “subjective experience” [1], can be seen in a video discussing the manipulation of a subject’s order of time perception. [2]
    At 1.58 in Jacobson says:
    “… it’s possible… for us to manipulate temporal order, we have loads of power over temporal order, if events happen in the order A/B, a good psycho-physicist can have the subject experience it as B/A, this is routine…”
    John Jacobson now completely denies being James Holmes’ ”mentor”, in fact he outright attacks every aspect of James Holmes life [4], from Holmes’ ability to do Flash programming as an intern (who would even dream that Flash programming abilities would be grounds to condemn the academic career of an honors graduate and prestigious grant winner [5] ), to claiming Holmes’ didn’t seem to understand “any of the basic science” [6], to claiming Holmes “just had no interest” in a high school girl Jacobson introduced. [4]
    [4] – So what maybe he didn’t find her attractive?~ww

    James Holmes received 65K grant from Bethesda based National Institutes of Health.

    ***One of only six chosen each year.



    • Thanks puddy and rogue!

  38. Patrick Could you check out the math problem I posted on July 26, 2012
    at 4:26 pm – this thread?

    Thanks, Willy

    • 4.68 tons required.

      • Thanks Puddy.



    Here are the Five Rules for Men to Follow for a Happy Life that Russell J. Larsen had inscribed on his headstone in Logan, Utah. He died not knowing that he would win the ‘Coolest Headstone’ contest.


    1. It’s important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks from time to time, cleans up, and has a job.

    2. It’s important to have a woman who can make you laugh.

    3. It’s important to have a woman who you can trust, and doesn’t lie to you.

    4. It’s important to have a woman who is good in bed, and likes to be with you.

    5. It’s very, very important that these four women do not know each other or you could end up dead like me.


    • Now that’s a math problem.

  40. “An effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible.”~Puddy

    And humans do…that’s why only wounded rogue tigers kill and eat humans; out of desperation.

    Maybe that’s why cannibals put bones in their nostrils, to mess up their sense of smell – thus taste.

    Maybe that proves the elite, who crave ‘long pork’ must be an alien race.

    “Maybe baby…ooh ooh ooh…”


  41. Here’s another post from Jack Blood’s site you may want to check out:

    There’s also another post atout his psychiatrist (sp?). I also saw an ABC news report saying she no longer works at Colorado U.

  42. Presidential Model

    At the height of her career, Marilyn got involved with the highest power figure in the world: The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. While some historians classify their relationship as an “affair”, researchers in Monarch mind control claim that she was actually a presidential model – the highest “level” of Beta Programming slaves who are used to “service” Presidents.

    If true, the existence of presidential models is quite a troubling concept, one that proves the power and the importance of Monarch Mind Control in elite circles.



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