Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 20, 2012

James Holmes “MK-Delta” and weapons derived from Fast & Furious

Eric Holder and the BATFE should scurry quickly to cover the Gunwalking and Grenadewalking that were responsible for the carnage perpetrated by the CIA Mk Delta trigger known as James MK Holmes.

As we know now over 30,000 weapons, and likely much higher have been purchased along with many other explosives and military hardware.

This is a rush job, though the criminal government have been on top to insure maximum coverage. Like the Ft. Hood, Gabby Gifford and all previous stagings back to Columbine, Virginia Tech and the DC shooter, I believe Mr. Holmes will be of military background and by design, not only target the second amendment campaign, small arms treaty and global takeover by the UN, but cast the dark knight shadows over the veterans and patriots as terrorists. Watch the flow of the information and remeber the post I did with Bloomberg who will be a regional governor for the North American Union coversion. It was not by coincidence he made the comments about the gun grab in a press conference regarding New Yorks new slum campaign.

I just love to set my watch to these events days before Obama commits treason. Though this is an error as he cannot be convicted of treason as a foreign spy for MI6 CIA intelligence and not a natural born citizen. Eric Holder and key members of the administration and Congress are and they can be tried and hung for treason. Spies and Saboteurs are shot under the framework of the Geneva Convention and US Military Law.

My name is Puddy Dunne and I approved this message.



  1. I’m not one to look behind I know that times must change
    But over there in Barrytown they do things very strange
    And though you’re not my enemy
    I like things like they used to be
    And though you’d like some company
    I’m standing by myself
    Go play with someone else

    I can see by what you carry that you come from Barrytown

    Don’t believe I’m taken in by stories I have heard
    I just read the Daily News and swear by every word
    And don’t think that I’m out of line
    For speaking out for what is mine
    I’d like to see you do just fine
    But look at what you wear
    And the way you cut your hair

    I can see by what you carry that you come from Barrytown

    In the beginning we recall that the word was hurled
    Barrytown people got to be from another world

    Leave me or I’ll be just like the others you will meet
    They won’t act as kindly if they see you on the street
    And don’t you scream or make a shout
    It’s nothing you can do about
    It was there where you came out
    It’s a special lack of grace
    I can see it in your face

    I can see by what you carry that you come from Barrytown

  2. I said the post there were clues in the Press Conference by Bloomberg.

    Agenda 21: Six feet under department

    Bloomberg demands gun action from Obama and Romney

    Who the hell does Bloomberg think he’s speaking to? He’s demanding from the PRESIDENT???

    I warned all about the 10 governors and the cancelled elections. What better way to get all the criminals out of the picture and pardon the crimes while transitioning the United Nations World Order and the new regional government. FEMA, COFFINS and BUNKERS.

    As a neuroscience student, I think I can support my EMR assault as the EVENT. And in this event all the absorbed chemtrails and nano-science will not be a fair fight with guns.


    • So…Is that the perp in the pic above “Occu-pi your mind”?

      I haven’t seen him yet..


  3. The Drudge Report is going full tilt on this, including this video taken outside the front doors, as people run out of the theater. In my opinion, the police response time is extraordinarily slow for a public place at this time of the morning. Usually, they’re patrolling the areas like this.

  4. Oh yeah, I should add…FF CNTROLL REPORTING:

    An event like this should make intelligent people do what?

    1) Lay your personal weapons down, your only defense, at the “authorities” feet, and count on Them for your security?
    2) Get thee more weapons and ammo to secure yourself, your family, and home?

  5. It should connect the dots of dozens of other timely yet facinatingly inept attempts to paint a van gogh.

    It is not real folks. It is a bigger fantasy than the “DARK KNIGHT” itself. A forgery a fraud a swindle, only this one is your life. You are already dead!

    NEUROSCIENCE? You are already dead!


    I pegged this mind-control as a Southern Poverty Law Center/ BATFE affair long ago. It just seems to always follow the Greenberg model. Morris Dees and Potokian in nature.

  7. Hello TSA at your theaters and shopping malls.

    I predict that things are going to deteriorate rapidly from this moment on.

    They took down Rady’s web-site, FoodFreedomGroup, without notice, claiming it was causing “performance problems.” (?) I’m surprised COTO is still up. We’re going to see the low-hanging fruit start to disappear.

    Everyday is a gift.

    • Amen Michael. It is so true.

  8. Great reporting investigator Dunne. Funny, when they said he was wearing a gas mask the creep in the Denver mural is exactly what I pictured he’d look like… like the illuminati cards that mural is meant to be “prophetic”.

    I agree about the military background. We should know shortly. How can anyone believe the bs story? How did he get in thru the exit door? Impossible to kick it down. Why did he wire his apt with all those explosives and then tell the cops they were there? WTF is the point in that if you really were out to do harm. What a scam..what a ruse..what a FALSE FLAG !

    • Even better eh Deb? Neuroscience PHD???? How could I not tingle at the news. See his photo above? Nice huh? Nuff said?

  9. Damn, he’s got those scary dead eyes. Yea, he’s been Mk’d alright.

  10. Yea I figured this as an MK right off. None of it makes sense on the surface.

    Can anyone say “Gun Control”???

    The whole world is a ‘Black Knight’ movie.

    Whassit about Ananda getting booted??? I tried to get on here C1 for hours last night and kept getting a message that the feed was down…???

    It’s Fast Forward >> from here on out…and out.

    Jeepers Creepers all aboard the woowoo train.


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