Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 20, 2012



  1. 71 shot 71=8 lucky?

    59 wounded – 12 dead

    Psalm 59:12 – For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their pride: and for cursing and lying which they speak.

    Isaiah 59;12 – For our transgressions are multiplied before thee, and our sins testify against us: for our transgressions are with us; and as for our iniquities, we know them;

    Shooter paints his hair red like the joker? Wrong he painted his hair red for the olympics and the final ring= transition.


  2. Puddy… i take it you believe this story?

    • Which part?

      • The shooting was a real event?

        • I posted the con in the Giffords Event, but the judge is dead. I added the Wellaware consensus that Giffords was never shot or hurt. I accept the actors as I have mentioned in other MK events and belirve that like OK City there are SPLC, FBI and BATFE there to “handle” all contingiencies. When you say real event do you think no one dies?

          • No, i don’t think nobody dies. I think they botched this one very well… i think it will not take long for that to bite them in their collectivist arses.

            I guess all we can do is put out the word, the pictures speak for themselves, and watch the fallout, if there is any… and hopefully it won’t be of the dis-arming the public variety.

            • I agree. Judge Roll was the only target. Little girl was for effect of the 2nd amendment campaign.

              All immigration judges have been threatened and the cold case posse is well aware of the Obama/Holder fast and furious program.

              As you know Judge Roll was appointed by Bush and the movie “Machete” was the “Dark Knight” for the committee CIA Mexican Cartel and Rockefeller NAU campaign.

              State Soveriegnty is the enemy, immigration the cover. Judge Roll was the enemy and Giffords was the cover. Theatre and actors? Absolutely. From Greenberg to Anderson Cooper, they are all actors and very lethal in a shakespearian play.

          • “Giffords was never shot or hurt.”

            Sorry, I just don’t buy this Puddy.

            I saw her afterwards, I have known brain trauma victims. She definitely is a brain trauma victim.


            • Okay… and not like i know… but she’s okay now.

              How do you square with the facts (i have heard/read-not personally researched) that Giffords is not the owner of her web site according ot Who Is and that there is no congressional record of Giffords… i.e. – no voting records, nothing.

              Judge Rolle was the only casualty in the Giffords shooting and he was staunchly anti gun ban… you don’t have to be too bright to figure that hit was targeted for Rolle.

              • I’ve heard them say that Giffords was pro gun and working with Rolle. If so she’d be dead. I respect Rogues knowledge but I don’t think I could tell whether Harrison Ford or Dustin Hoffman was brain challenged or acting. I don’t buy it.

                But again like 911 it is not as important to me how they brought the towers down but that they did and they will do it again.

                Mr Mustard is in the Dining Room and that’s all I need. Candlestick, Rope or knife is secondary.

  3. Take a look at these photos on the Huff Post (who are touting this shooting as real, BTW)… see how many you can spot of smiling faces… i saw two in only ten shots. Hmmmmm… is there something funny or amusing about being shot at and/or murdered at a movie theater?

  4. Lone Gunman my ass —

    Very doubtful he had the $$$ to buy all his gear, weapons, ammo, & rig his apartment to blow. The failed Underwear Bomber had “help” too, but its been played down to something the size of this period.

    Hardly could notice it, aye? .

    • Classic Handler move. Call – trigger-exit and convenient certainly.

      Just as the Pentagon shooter. Handler was there.

      Ive covered many here and pre-coto on OPED. I got many emails from editors interested in the MK Delta information.

      Remember John Patrick Bedell?

      His handler was on camera and I got the picture in archives. Geez I have been on these since Jonestown and Timothy Leary to Virginia Polytechnic.

      It’s the same M.O., the same agenda, the same insane mind cotrol alpha groupthink. If a kid wants to he can kill a dozen people with a FORD F-150. He could have plowed through the crowd with gas in the bed and killed a hundred.

      MI6 Piers Morgan and CIA Anderson Cooper couldn’t wait for the bodies to get cold before going into their dog and pony.

      If Wanda is asking about MK Ultra, I do believe 100% in the science.

      I spoke to John Kusumi about Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower shooter. I knew his baby brother Michael who knew the Military had tested Monarch program and Delta trigger in the sixties. He drank and told the stories often until the assassins killed him out front of the Big Daddy’s lounge in Lake Worth Florida where I grew up.

      They killed his other brother Patrick by giving him the AIDS virus kiss goodbye later on.

      The Military did most of the testing and they operated mostly in Texas. Jacobs Ladder was based on Texas research used in Vietnam . After the Church Committee hearings (1976) the criminal government and Military farmed the research out exclusively to the Raytheons, military corportations and Stanford Research Center [SRI]

      That’s why many of the triggers come from California or migrated there later on. Wanda my history on this subject was my opener to conspiracy and Tesla’s Woodpecker made me fall in love with the whole Bluebook.

  5. Police said the gunman had appeared at the front of the theater during the movie and released a canister which let out a hissing sound, which is believed to be tear gas.

    My guess it was laughing gas.

  6. Look at the other shots… what i see are actors milling around, smoking cigarettes, checking their phone messages and waiting for direction.

    Yeah, there was a crime committed all right… a crime against humanity by the mainstream and alternate medias.

    My personal fave is the tender mother/daughter moment where the daughter can barely contain her laughter……….

  7. It’s the same M.O., the same agenda, the same insane mind cotrol alpha groupthink. If a kid wants to he can kill a dozen people with a FORD F-150. He could have plowed through the crowd with gas in the bed and killed a hundred.

    Valid point…

    They always set these frauds up with all the latest 007 gadgets.

    • 1000 ways to kill. I saw the Huffpoop photos and you were right. The one with Mother and son look photochopped as well. His head is out of proportion and his hands are strange.

      My brother was the office called for Columbine Event. Jefferson County school district. He is on high alert as we speak again. Taxpayer waste. The War on Terror is in Chapter 11.

      I’ll be talking again with him soon. He’s coming along in the cotothink after years of my incessant blather. 🙂

  8. If you are interested in how and why the world works for the 1% {and doesn’t work for the 99% — and you appreciate investigation methodology, IT, and numbers — then you have got to read down through this revelation! Puddy — this is your bag for sure!

  9. I have to mention something else.

    I have heard dozens of these MSM monkeys say they are not going to mention the perps name as they don’t want to give them the fame or infamy. I think they don’t want the sheeple to investigate these Butterflies and determine the fraud on their own. Just another liberal/democrat shooter goes bizerk and we need to ban all cars, gas, knives, guns, bats. machetes, scissors and we can just eat our paste and play with our crayons. Put the gun down and pick up your iPAD instead.

    Holmes likely has several names and may not even know his real name. Of course he will be James Eagan Holmes from now on. The name “eagan” is of Irish origin and it means “Fiery: forceful”. It’s a name commonly given to boys.

    Let’s get this lad straitened out and in a military drone kill room where he can kill hundreds of brown people, legally. Right Mr. President?

  10. Puddy — the info on that link I put above deserves it’s own thread. Howz ’bout you put it up with a declaratory “header”?

    All this corruption runs together with these NWO thugs, and their murderer’s row which erupts into wet work provocations like this theater “event”. As was said recently, “Repent!”

    • Boomerang… i haven’t been following this closely because banking does not interest me and i have no money, BUT i do listen to the Celtic Rebel and he was talking about this in a recent podcast. He said that Barklays is owned by gentiles, has survived the great depression and two world wars and is not a jewish controlled bank and that is why it is being deconstructed. Diamond is destroying it from within. (an old and effective tactic, why change now?)

      Seems odd that agents like LilCock and the Kaiser seem to be targeting Barclays specifically. You could probably make good sense out of that podcast and i would love to link to that for you but, strangely – or not, it has not been archived yet on Oracle Broadcasting or on the Rebel’s own site.

    • Okay


    looks like they knew…but as said here, warning folks to be aware on cinemas etc would have lost the biggest money spinners a few customers..
    cant have that, rather collateral damage.

    and as a psyops to remove guns, a few dead is cheap price to gain their wishes.

  12. I found that on Infowars, but its from Dutch Sinse. Then this:

  13. Yeah, do tell…How he managed to Open the Fire doors from OUTSIDE!
    was noting the six year old killed.
    what the F!!! is a six year old doing allowed IN to such a movie anyway? let alone a parent taking such a young one there for such a show?
    plus babies?
    dont they have age related viewing laws?

    • Images of the theater show it is red… and has the number 16… that’s one 6… the girl is 6, that makes two sixes now… there is a third 6 in there somewhere, i’d reckon.

      • Also, notice a lot of red. I think the appearance of red indicates an new level of control. Ebay recently made an announcement bragging that listings with a red background induced people to buy… Ebay is a very evil organization… they now own PayPal.

  14. A person noting the “spin” by the media:

  15. Classic false-flag.

    The biggest red-flag so far is the Obama’s late-night press conference. Obama was on TV giving a statement ma ere 3-minutes after the shooting. It was after 1AM in Washington.

    How does Obama assimilate what was taking place, call a press conference, have all the reporters arrive and set-up their equipment in a half-hour? Impossible.

    The press had to have been notified beforehand to be at the White House.

    Everything about this stinks. But they’ll get away with it just like they’ve gotten away with everything else. 9/11 is still the defining moment. There have been others, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, to name just a few, but once they saw they could get away with 9/11, they knew they could start killing with impunity.

    This is the year the shit hits the fan.

    • That’s a great point Michael. Staged and with various scenes and stage settings. Where’s Matt Damon? Wheres Jamie DImon? Makeup, Makeup!!

  16. Nothing to get the focus off of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Press Conference Revelations about the pResident’s fraudulent “status”, than the hysterics generated by a mass killing. A two-fer when you factor in the upcoming 2nd Amendment “killing” to be signed by said fraudulent pResident.

    Don’t suppose too many notice aye? Its that “turn-the-channel”, quick flip built-in habit of today’s TV generation. Sleight-of-mind, turn the focus elsewhere, and don’t let a quality catastrophe go to waste to further the NWO Agenda. Bigger things are on the come, we can prophesy without too much guess work.

    Rapid Fire mind distorting (MKontrol) events to overload the sheeple’s synapses, and cause le fetal position to be the safest position to assume…

    However, COTO assumes little, as the DOTS appear SO DAMN LARGE, and connections are hard wired. Blinking Red Dots at all the hubs/nodes of Kontrol paint a picture bearing a signature we’ve seen too many times.

    • funny..I was thinling what??? was the need to deflect. and Arpaios birth doc came to mind.
      when the last time it was raised..what happened then to deflect?
      syria I think?

      re the amazing 3 mins from occurrence to soteros speech?
      yeah was he up late reading the girls a nice upside own goat story a la shrub style??
      tell me anyone could be woken get tidy, get brain in order in 3 mins let alone call the press in…

  17. I thought the shooting took place at 1:00 AM Mountain time..Wouldn’t that make it 3:00 AM in Washington D.C?

  18. What’s up with this ABC News report? They say the guys hair was “Green”? Everything else we’ve read, and his photo shows “Red”. WTF?

    • yup noted that earlier..maybe the reporters really colourblind??
      suspect they havent worked out their agreed lies properly yet, like on 911 when the building had NOT fallen yet:-)

    • JAIL HOUSE INFO: Two other just-released inmates said the concerns of Arapahoe Detention Center officials over Holmes’ life were well-founded. “All the inmates were talking about killing him,” Wayne Medley, 24, said as he left the facility. “Everyone was looking for an opportunity. It’s all they could talk about.” Freed inmate Dima Danilov, 22, said the suspect’s face was covered with a red towel when he arrived at the jail about two hours after 12 people were killed and 58 wounded inside an Aurora, Colo., multiplex. James Holmes — who had dyed his hair red — was also wearing red clothing beneath the black body armor that terrified moviegoers saw when he opened fire early Friday morning, Danilov said.

    woman from toronto shooting got killed there?
    another gabby g? made id?

  20. Folks are pointing out there’s been nil on “how” this guy was apprehended. Geared up, with weapons, fatal rampage, and all? The police routinely blow away innocent homeowners for “brandishing” (in their own home), and this guy is apprehended without a scratch? Also note, he’s “reported” to be insanely disconnected to reality, spitting and snarling at everybody in the jail. We should imagine he would have been brutally dealt with in the parking lot of the theater. As it is, it is again “reported” that the other inmates in the jail are itching to get their hands on this “child killer”. Yet, the police grabbed him without incident?

    What does his disconnected continuing psychotic state speak of? MK? How long has this been going on; as in days, weeks prior, or did he just snap with the insane murderous act?

    This is going to be another one of those bizarre events with a mass of built-in inconsistencies to muddy the waters, while the drivers of the entire debacle (handlers) snicker and clean up loose ends.

    • hmm? one report said he was picking off people trying to leave by that how many idiots would follow someone shooting em up…
      and yeah very suspicious there was NO police or anyone else filming that takedown, when the rest seems to have been very well snapped by cam phones.

    • The stars under contract with holyrood are insured. Just like a prize thoroughbred, a purebred bull or yacht. Not a scratch or tear. Just massive brain reconstruction along with a little plstic surgery, I’d guess.


    Why indeed?

  22. “By the way Amerika, this might come as a shock to many of you—but the US has been slaughtering people around the world with drones and mercenary troops every day, in the same way this attack was carried out in Colorado just a few days ago. But because the victims were not Americans, you didn’t bother to even notice that this is the way the rest of the world now lives in the shadows of the US war machine, with phosphorous shells, DU missiles, air strikes and IUD’s by the thousands around the world—and the reasons we get away with this is that most of those we continue to attack are or were unarmed nations.”~ Kirwan

  23. The 1986 BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, written and drawn by Frank Miller.

    I have the book sitting here right on my desk, and yup the half page Zen shows on his article is in there alright – pg. 33

    Does that number, 33 ring any bells here? {grin}


    • Six alarms Willie, Six alarms.

  24. Holy illuminati, batman !!!!

  25. Speaking of the Illuminati.. this vid was made before the shootings..

    • Too funny… did you catch the notice: if this make you feel bad or uncomfortable, please don’t watch the rest of the video…

      And i might add: Or go to the Olympics !!!

  26. This is rich:
    Right after surgery gunshot “victim” goes on radio to forgive shooter
    I pulled this from the freakbook comments:

    When Jesus was dying on the cross, he asked his Father to forgive the ones who put him there, even though they didn’t ask for forgiveness. I believe O’Farrill is following what Jesus did; forgiving without anyone asking for it.


    Oh, i don’t know… i think the ELite are asking you to be forgiving to them if this does not turn out well for them.

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